How to pump up the press quickly girl at home. Rules, exercises, training program

If a decision is made to put the figure in order, the recommendations of fitness trainers on how in a short time (a week, two or a month) can help to pump up the press, get rid of fat in the abdomen and become slim. A major role is played by the correctness of the exercises, their intensity, the number of approaches.

Training Rules

An important nuance in planning training for girls is to coordinate it with the personal menstrual cycle. Physical activity is undesirable during the cycle, 1 day before and 2 after it.

How to pump up the press quickly girl at home. Rules, exercises, training program

The basic rules of training for girls:

  • If boys for muscle building focus on strength exercises, then for girls, the load must be alternated with stretch marks and endurance training.
  • You need to start classes no less than 2 hours after eating.
  • You should not practice training before going to bed (less than 2 hours).
  • A more difficult task is facing girls who are overweight in the abdomen. Therefore, abdominal exercises must be combined with weight loss workouts – brisk walking or jogging. A rationally selected diet and drying of the body are 2 more prerequisites to get rid of body fat.
  • The optimal mode of regular training is 2-3 for a week. For the press, they often practice daily “pumping” for 15 minutes. Especially if there is motivation for an accelerated course (for example, as quickly as possible to tighten your stomach and pump up the press).
  • Before moving on to the main complex, it is necessary to stretch, warm up the muscles. This will achieve the greatest efficiency from the swing of the press.
  • As a warm-up, you can use dance and gymnastic movements, stretching.

Organization of classes

Experienced trainers claim – pumping up the press in a short time, in a week or two, is quite possible. But do not immediately give yourself the maximum load. At home, a sports mat spread on the floor is enough.

How to pump up the press quickly girl at home. Rules, exercises, training program

The room before starting classes should be well ventilated. It is ideal to perform the complex with an open window (except when the window goes onto a gas-polluted road).

Weekly Program

It is advisable to do at the same time. Usually, experts recommend intensive training with an interval of 1-2 days, giving rest to the muscles. To see the result in a week, it is preferable to practice 10-minute exercises for the press daily.

To find a flat stomach, you need to include strength exercises in the program, including with dumbbells.

The first lesson, for beginners, with a weak level of training.

  • Warm up for warming up the muscles (jogging on the spot or dancing steps, jump rope);
  • Exercise 1. Raising the legs. Starting position – lying on your back. Approaches – 3, 10 times each.
  • Exercise 2. Straight twists. Complete 10, 3 approaches.
  • Exercise 3. Twisting the reverse. 5-10 times (depending on physical fitness) for 3 approaches.
  • Exercise 4. Half-lifts. 3 approaches. Each – 10 movements.
  • Exercise 5. Plank. 4 sets (hold for 20 seconds). Break – 1 minute. Add for 20 seconds. daily.

In the following days, add to this complex 1-2 exercises for different muscle groups. The number of exercises to bring to 10-12. Gradually increase (until burning in the muscles) the number of repetitions.

Rest between exercises should be no more than 1 minute

To pump up the press as quickly as possible, you should pay attention to other physical activity. Such regular classes will be very effective:

  • run;
  • fast walk;
  • swimming;
  • exercises with dumbbells.
How to pump up the press quickly girl at home. Rules, exercises, training program
In order to quickly pump up the press (for a week, 2 or a month), special exercises must be supplemented with such types of physical activity as running, swimming or walking

How to tighten your stomach in a month

The girls can see the real results of improving the figure after regular classes in 2 weeks, and even more so – in a month. The main thing is to persistently follow the goal and organize the work on your body correctly.

Basic rules for organizing classes:

  • You need to do at least 3 times a week. Long breaks between workouts can nullify all previously achieved results.
  • Workout on an empty stomach in the morning is ideal. In this case, the fat reserves previously accumulated by the body are burned. If another time is chosen for classes, it is important to spend them no earlier than 1 hour after a snack and 2 after a full meal.
  • The number of repetitions (the number of exercises) is advisable to increase gradually. The first day of classes should be the most sparing.
  • It is impossible to get rid of the fat layer on the stomach without the organization of a balanced diet and diet.
  • In working out the press, quick changes – within a few days – should not be expected. But if the “mechanism is running” – they will certainly be. It is important to tune in to long and hard work on your body.

Proper nutrition

Having started intensive training for the press, not everyone pays attention to nutrition. Many habitually start their day with coffee, often supplementing it with something sweet. Lunch is either carried over to the evening, or comes down to a familiar set of products.

Professional athletes know how to pump up the press in a week. It is necessary not only to go on a diet, but to switch to the correct – more rational, saturated diet.

Nutrition rules during a tummy tuck:

  • The daily diet should be a third of proteins, another third – vegetables, 10% – fats, the rest – complex carbohydrates.
  • Divide the meals into 5-6 (of which 3 are the main ones). Special recommendation for breakfast. It is the most important of all meals, provides energy for the first half of the day. Prefer complex carbohydrates and proteins. It may be porridge, the next day – vegetables with an egg. Experts give a recommendation to start the day with a glass of water in order to efficiently and quickly start all the processes in the body after a night’s relaxation.
  • Do not forget about the correct drinking regimen during the day – 10,14 fluid ounce of water per 2 pounds of own weight.
  • Replace “harmful” products with useful ones. For example, sweet pastries – for dried fruits and nuts; fried fatty meat, sausage – for boiled chicken, veal; sweet soda – on green tea or plain water.
How to pump up the press quickly girl at home. Rules, exercises, training program
Product Compatibility Chart

Practicing separate meals is very effective for weight loss.

That is, do not consume proteins and carbohydrates (meat + porridge, meat + pasta, egg + bread, etc.) at one meal. Need: meat + vegetables, pasta + vegetables, fish with vegetables. Avoid the combination of fats and sugar (the latter must be minimized).

Press exercises for girls

Workouts for girls have their own characteristics. At the first stage, they are aimed at:

  • muscle tightening;
  • removal of fat from the abdomen;
  • giving it a beautiful shape.

These exercises are designed taking into account the characteristics of the female body, they are safer and more gentle. The complex includes training of all sections of the press – upper, lower and lateral.

For the top press

Twisting No. 1

How to pump up the press quickly girl at home. Rules, exercises, training program

Use a special mat.

  1. IP – lying on your back.
  2. The legs are bent at the knees, hands behind the head. Raising the housing to raise and hold.
  3. Slow down. Repeat 15-20 times, for a start – 2 sets.


How to pump up the press quickly girl at home. Rules, exercises, training program

Lying on my stomach.

  1. The extended legs are tense. The fingers are clasped behind the back.
  2. After inhaling, raise the body (upper part). Press firmly to the surface of the leg.
  3. Hold the torso at the top, making the maximum possible number of slowed-in breaths. Start with 10 exercises, 3 sets. Increase the number of exercises individually until burning in the muscles.

Tilts back

Perform from a sitting position.

  1. Feet need to bend at the knees, put your feet on the floor. Hands should be stretched out in front of you, palms turned up.
  2. Gently lean back to an angle of 45 degrees. The upper section of the press is tense. Arms are better to bend, fingers are clenched into a fist. Hold for 3-5 seconds.
  3. Start 8-10 times. The number of trips is 3.

Letter “T”

This exercise, in addition to the upper section, involves the remaining muscles of the body, develops balance.

How to pump up the press quickly girl at home. Rules, exercises, training program

  1. Starting position – a classic pose for push-ups. The body is emphasized on straight arms, as well as toes.
  2. It is necessary to transfer the weight to the right hand, tearing the left hand off the floor, turn around. Thus, the body, together with the hands, as if form the letter T. So linger for a few seconds.
  3. Repeat at least 8 times one way. Perform the first time 2, and then (depending on the physical form), practice 3 approaches.

For lower press

Do all exercises for 15-20 (in the first lesson – 10 -15 times, depending on well-being), 3 approaches.

Twisting No. 2

How to pump up the press quickly girl at home. Rules, exercises, training program

Lie on the floor, use a sports mat.

  1. Raise your legs and bend your knees. Keep your hands under your head.
  2. Pull the body to the bent knees, lifting it 7’9 – 11’8 inch.
  3. Stay at the top for a few seconds.

With legs up

This strength exercise is performed on the back. Slowly raise straight legs until a right angle is formed.


Sit on the floor, leaning back on bent arms.

  1. Straighten your legs. Slowly raise them by 7’9 – 11’8 inch.
  2. Hold for 3-5 seconds.
  3. Pull the legs to the chest.

Repeat the greatest number of times.

How to pump up the press quickly girl at home. Rules, exercises, training program

Lying steps

Lie on the mat, stretched out on his back, arms straightened along the torso. Raise legs 11’8 – 15’7 inch, in this position perform quick “steps”.

For the lateral muscles

This part of the muscles is responsible for the formation of the contours of the figure, waist. For beginners, it is advisable to perform these exercises 8-10 times, the first 2 approaches, then 3, with an increase in the number of exercises up to 15 or more (focus on well-being – the appearance of burning).

  1. IP – lying down, raise legs bent at the knees. Pull them alternately to the right and left shoulder.
  2. Sit on the floor, on the rug, arms raised up, legs straighten. Alternately reach for the feet. Turn the housing in the direction where the tilt is performed. How to pump up the press quickly girl at home. Rules, exercises, training program
  3. IP – standing: legs spread wide, sit a little. Hands to close on the back of the head. Perform slopes in each direction alternately. Try not to deploy the housing.

Exercise complex

The following complex will help to pump up the press for a week without outside help at home.

Repeating each of these exercises is recommended 15-20 times. For beginners, physically unprepared girls, in the first lessons should reduce the number of repetitions, focusing on their own feelings – usually this is a burning sensation in tensed muscles.

Leg lift

For beginners, the following option is recommended.

  1. IP – lying, back pressed to the surface, alternately raise each leg. Raise 45 degrees (minimum) and 90 (maximum).
  2. In the upper position, keep the foot 1-2 seconds. Practice 2 approaches.
  3. To complicate the exercise and make it more effective is to raise both legs at the same time, without putting them on the heels when lowering. Bring approaches to 3, each to 20 or more repetitions (to burning). How to pump up the press quickly girl at home. Rules, exercises, training program


Take a position lying on your back. In thi
s case, it is necessary to bend your legs, put your feet on the floor. Arms with dilated elbows – in front of the chest or closed behind the head. To rise, without sharp jerks, bringing the body as close as possible to the knees. Sit down on the mat. This is the easiest option for lifting the body.

How to pump up the press quickly girl at home. Rules, exercises, training program

There are more complex ones. For example, raise the body to the legs raised at an angle of 60 degrees. In this case, the legs are crossed and bent at the knees. In the gym, such an exercise is effective in the Roman chair.


This effective exercise is designed for the entire muscle corset, including the press. Having mastered his classical position, in the future they proceed to modifications, complications. You can run the bar from the palm rest or on the elbows.

  1. Straighten your legs and rest with your fingers. The back is flat, without deflection in the lower back, the pelvis does not bulge.
  2. From head to toe, the torso represents a straight line. No need to raise your head, your gaze is down.

How to pump up the press quickly girl at home. Rules, exercises, training programIt is carried out statically, it is necessary to keep as much as possible. After sinking to the floor, repeat to start again.

Half Lifts (“Spring”)

IP – lying down, bend your legs, feet are on the floor.

  1. Tear off the shoulder blades 11’8 inch from the mat, holding his hands on his legs.
  2. Then straighten your arms, straining the press.
  3. Perform springy movements with small amplitude. For one approach – at least 15 movements.


How to pump up the press quickly girl at home. Rules, exercises, training program

Lie with your back on the gym mat:

  1. Place your hands under the buttocks, palms down (for beginners) or lay your hands behind your head (a more difficult option). The loin is firmly pressed to the surface throughout the exercise.
  2. Raise your legs 11’8 – 15’7 inch.
  3. Bending one leg at the knee, bring it closer to the chest. By unbending it, at the same time bending the other leg, repeating the rotation of the bicycle pedals.


A classic option is to perform in a position on the back.

  1. Hands are pressed to the body, the stomach is pulled in, the legs are straightened.
  2. At the same time, raise the shoulders and legs to a height of 15’7 inch. Keep focus on the buttocks for 5-8 seconds.
  3. Sit down on the mat. Similarly (with the rise of the forearms and legs) they make a “Boat” on the stomach. How to pump up the press quickly girl at home. Rules, exercises, training program

Reverse twisting

Performed, lying on the mat, raise bent legs.

  1. It is necessary to tear the hips off the floor and lift them perpendicular to the floor surface.
  2. Take a breath, maximize the abdominal muscles.
  3. Then pull the knees to the chest and exhale. Do not unbend your legs at this time, the pelvis is raised completely above the floor. A complicated option is to pull the legs first to the chest, and then to the head. How to pump up the press quickly girl at home. Rules, exercises, training program

Recommendations of fitness trainers

A beautiful, flat and toned belly is the result of an integrated approach and rules that must be strictly observed.

  • Simultaneously with the organization of training (ideally – 3-5 days before they begin), it is necessary to switch to a balanced diet, limiting the use of “harmful” foods as much as possible. Exclude pastries, sugary carbonated drinks, limit alcohol.
  • You must adhere to the general requirements for the number of repetitions and take into account personal feelings. The best marker is the appearance of burning in the muscles.
  • Intense pace is a prerequisite for gaining a taut belly in a week. At the same time, they practice exercises for the entire core. It is important to work out each of the muscles. Some exercises need to be done statically or slowly, to linger in a certain position for 3-5 (and sometimes longer) seconds.
  • Do not start working on the press without warming up the muscles, warming up. You can jump on a rope for several minutes, run on the spot. Acceptable gymnastic exercises, dance steps, stretching – all that will prepare the muscles for intensive work.

In the complex, it is necessary to introduce exercises for different parts of the press: these are the upper and lower, as well as oblique muscles of the abdomen.

Perform twisting (until burning in the muscles), various options for lifting legs, bending, lifting the pelvis on one leg, “scissors”, “bicycle”. Effectively raising legs on the horizontal bar, the Swedish wall – if you have the opportunity to engage in the gym.

The main thing is how to make the complex more effective in order to pump up the press in a week – is to supplement it with other physical activities

For example, by running – you can count on weight loss and a more tangible effect for the press.

Following the advice on nutrition and organization of training, it is quite possible to achieve a beautiful figure with a flat stomach and pumped up abs in a fairly short time.

Useful videos on how to pump up the press for a week, 2 weeks or a month:

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