A set of exercises with dumbbells for girls at home

A set of exercises for girls with dumbbells as a home workout is a great alternative to exercising in the gym. According to fitness instructors, free weights are much more effective than stationary exercise machines, since they allow you to work out all muscle groups and burn extra calories.

The benefits of dumbbell exercises

Performing simple exercises with dumbbells, you can achieve the following effects:

  • Make the figure more sculptural and sexier . This means that with regular training with dumbbells (3 times a week), the body will begin to change for the better (the fat layer will decrease, the body will gain contour muscles, the skin will tighten in problem areas);
  • Speed up your metabolism . Strength in combination with cardio training at times increase metabolism, and the process of burning calories is more intense. This indicates a faster weight loss. Also, subject to a certain diet (for example, low carb), aimed at losing extra pounds, exercises with dumbbells (without additional physical activity) allow you to quickly find the desired shape. This method allows you to achieve good results for those girls who have any contraindications for the implementation of cardio load (jogging, jumping rope).
  • Make the skeleton more durable and hardy . This is due to an increase in the content of bone protein (osteocalcin) in the circulatory system.
    A set of exercises with dumbbells for girls at home

A complex of multidirectional exercises with dumbbells for 4 months 3 times a week (on arms and legs) will strengthen the femur by 19% (a fact proved by scientists).

  • Improve the work of the cardiovascular system and lower blood pressure . This effect is achieved by increasing the flow of arterial blood to the heart and its saturation with oxygen. Consequently, the risk of heart attack is reduced by 15% and stroke (cerebral hemorrhage) by 40%.

How to choose dumbbell weights

Before choosing dumbbells, you need to determine their purpose. If the goal is weight loss in the arms or legs, then 1-2 pairs of lightweight equipment ( 1 -4 pounds) are selected, because with them you will need to carry out active and frequent workouts under dynamic musical accompaniment. To tighten and build muscle will require a set of dumbbells (from 4 -26 pounds).

As the intensity and complexity of training increases, you will need to increase the severity of the load . Dumbbells come in two types (solid and collapsible), respectively, when you purchase may require a special stand. The advantage of whole dumbbells is their convenience (there is no need to unscrew and rearrange the disks, they change quickly during classes).

However, after several months, small weights ( 1 -2 pounds each) may no longer be required (it will be too easy to deal with). Collapsible dumbbells are more compact in storage, do not require purchase of a rack, are easily combined. But to change the load, it will take some time to unwind them and replace the disks.

A set of exercises with dumbbells for girls at home

In any case, beginners should begin to train their body with dumbbells weighing no more than 4 pounds.

Dumbbell training guidelines for girls

A set of exercises with dumbbells for beginner athletes needs to be selected, taking into account their physical fitness and health. In order not to stretch the ligaments during independent studies, and upon completion not to experience severe pain in the muscles, it is important to observe several rules.


  • Carefully study the correct technique for performing all exercises. Incorrect actions harm or stretch the ligaments.
  • Each lesson should be started with a high-quality warm-up (it will warm the muscles and prevent injury).
  • The first classes should not be long (15 minutes is enough), gradually the duration should be increased and brought to 45 minutes. This is necessary for the muscles to get used to the load.
  • Exercise 3 to 4 times a week, giving rest and a recovery period to muscle fibers to avoid the accumulation of lactic acid in them, causing pain.
  • Each exercise must be performed with a certain number of repetitions (to reduce weight, do 20-25 repetitions with light weights, to tighten and increase muscle – up to 10, but slower and with more load).
  • Choose a set of exercises, which will include diverse actions with inventory, allowing you to load comprehensive muscle groups of the arms, legs and torso (for pronounced relief).
  • Follow a diet low in fat and carbohydrates in the diet. This will accelerate the appearance of the visual effect of tightened and more slender arms, legs, a decrease in the waist (due to a decrease in the subcutaneous fat layer).

Warm up

Warm up is essential for warming up the muscles of the body, preparing it for hard work. Therefore, do not neglect it. With power loads, stretching or running is not suitable as a warm-up. Slow stretching of unheated muscles is traumatic and negatively affects strength indicators. Running does not prepare the body sufficiently for power loads.

A set of exercises with dumbbells for girls at home

The most suitable workout in this case is a few exercises that prepare the knees, shoulders and lower back (it is with these parts of the body that the most problems arise when playing sports).

Warm up example:

  • Circular rotation with arms with increasing amplitude. To do this, you need to get up, legs apart, arms extended on opposite sides and rotate forward and backward with increasing radius. Enough will be 20 revolutions forward and backward.
  • Knee rotation. To perform stand up, put your legs together, slightly bent, put your palms on your knees. Make circular movements with your knees to the right and left.
  • Mahi hands with dumbbells to the side. Take equipment with a small mass ( 2 -4 pounds) in your hands. Legs set shoulder width apart. Exercise rhythmic swings with straight arms to the sides. Just do 20 actions.
  • Raising arms with dumbbells in front of you. Similarly, perform 20 dumbbell lifts, just ahead of you.
  • Rotation of the elbow joints. Without resting after the above exercises, in a standing position, spread your arms with the load to the side, bending at the elbows. Make a few circular movements in each direction, without lowering your shoulders.
  • Breeding dumbbells. While standing, press your elbows to your lower back, and lift your forearms at an angle of 90 degrees to the body. Holding the dumbbells in your hands, raise and lower the forearms. Make 20 sets.
  • Squats without weighting. Put your hands behind your head and put your fingers on the back of your head. Squat 20 times without lifting your heels off the floor. Make sure that your knees do not come forward.
    A set of exercises with dumbbells for girls at home
  • Exercises for the back. At home, you will need a chair or a press board. Lie with the inguinal on the chair seat, secure the heels (make behind the bed). In this case, the upper body should calmly fall below the groin level and rise. If there is a sports board, then put it at an angle and perform hyperextension 20 times.

Performing a similar warm-up before each workout, you can avoid joint pain and better prepare the muscles of the whole body.

Back exercises

Strength exercises for the spinal muscles are very stressful for the spine, so it is
important to follow the right technique to prevent damage and pinching. Moreover, the biceps and deltoid muscles are actively working, which ultimately leads to a more rapid increase in the muscles of the hands.

Girls with massive and broad shoulders should reduce the number of approaches (instead of 3-4, make 1-2 approaches) so as not to stimulate the formation of additional volume in this area.

Types of back muscle training:

  • Dumbbell barbell with a straight back . Stand up, straightening up and taking the dumbbells in your hands, which are placed in front of the hips. Tightening the press, make 15-20 inclinations, while you need to bend your knees a little and take the pelvis back. Tilt to the parallel position of the back relative to the floor. Dumbbells move along the legs. It is important to maintain a straight back and not bend in the lower back. Repeat 3 sets with a 2-minute break.
  • Tilt dumbbell bar . A challenging and yet effective exercise. To perform it is necessary to take dumbbells in your hands and lean forward a little. Bend your knees slightly. Feet should be placed at a distance of approximately 19’7 inch from each other. Then, slowly, without jerking, pull the load to the chest area, while spreading the elbows in different directions. Lower your hands, and without changing your position perform actions 20 times. Repeat 3 times with an interval of 2-3 minutes.
    A set of exercises with dumbbells for girls at home
  • “Wings in flight . To get into a position similar to the previous one (crouching slightly with an inclination forward). Bend your arms slightly in the elbow joints (dumbbells in the hands). Perform breeding hands in different directions (simulating a flap of the wings of a bird) 15 times. Make 2 – 3 approaches with a little rest.

Chest exercises

A set of exercises with dumbbells (if performed every other day and at least 2 months) allows you to strengthen the pectoral muscles and raises the mammary gland, which visually creates the effect of a more elastic and toned chest. This is an excellent solution for women after completing the feeding of the child and women over 40, when the prolapse of the gland is noticeable and its full size decreases.

It is important to carry out the complex of the proposed exercises with small weights ( 2 -4 pounds), but a large number of times (20 times, 4-5 approaches).

Training Options:

  • Breeding hands lying on the floor . To perform it is necessary to lie on the mat, bend your legs at the knees. Press the feet to the floor. Put hands with dumbbells perpendicular to the body. Slowly bring straight arms overhead and then return to the starting position. It is important not to lower your arms completely to the floor, they should not touch it. Thus, the muscles will be in constant tension. Make 20 dilutions. Rest for 2 minutes, repeat another 4 sets.
  • Dumbbell push ups . The usual push-up is performed from the floor, but one emphasis is on dumbbells, clasped by the hands, the second emphasis is the toes of the feet or knees. A more complicated embodiment is the legs are extended and the emphasis is on the toes or one leg (the second leg is lifted up or is raised behind the ankle of the other leg). A simplified option for beginner girls is an emphasis on knees, with a straight back. Push-ups are performed slowly, as many times as possible. Do not allow back bending. It is optimal to perform 15 push-ups, then 2 minutes rest and another 3 sets.
    A set of exercises with dumbbells for girls at home
  • “Skiing” . In a standing position, with a dumbbell in hand, crouch a little (with an inclination forward). To make joint or alternate movements of the hands, simulating the repulsion of sticks when skiing. Make 20 repetitions. Rest for a few minutes and duplicate another 1 – 2 approaches.

Exercises for the abs

The abdominal press is a group of multidirectional muscle layers that is difficult to adjust, so it requires a special approach and well-composed exercises. In order for a woman to achieve the desired flat stomach, it is necessary to tune in to long hard work, not forgetting about the diet.

Since the press is formed by 4 muscle groups (straight, oblique, pyramidal and transverse), you need to work them all out accordingly.

Here are examples of exercises for each press group:

  • Straight muscle training . Lie down on the floor, pick up weighting materials and cross them on your chest. Lift the body body slowly (at an angle of not more than 45 degrees), linger in this position for a few seconds, drop to the floor. Repeat 40 times. For simplification, beginners are allowed to pick up one dumbbell (hold it with two hands for thickening) and bend their knees without taking their feet off the floor.
  • Exercise for oblique muscles . In a standing position with a load in the right hand (both arms are extended along the body), you need to make 20 bends to the left side. Then grab the dumbbell in the left hand and bend to the right side as many times.
    A set of exercises with dumbbells for girls at home
  • The work of the transverse muscles . It is a difficult exercise (it may not work right away), therefore it is better to start with 2 pounds dumbbells. To do this, you need to lie on the floor, hands with weights to get behind the back of the head (without touching the floor). Perform simultaneous lifting of the body and legs (without jerking), lower to the initial position. The number of repetitions is 20 times.
  • The development of the pyramidal muscles . Lying on a rug or floor, hold one dumbbell between your feet. Put your hands on the back of your head. Raise straight legs with a weight of 2 inch from the floor, hold out for 5 seconds, lower your legs. Do it 20 times.

Arm and shoulder exercises

Hand strength training is an integral part of any set of exercises. Do not worry that round biceps will appear, similar to men’s (for this you need to do a lot of weight and eat sports nutrition).

Female exercises for arms and shoulders can strengthen muscles, tighten the skin (especially on the inner side of the shoulder), reduce the thickness of the fat layer. The features of such classes is the simplicity of their implementation, but high efficiency. And if you gradually increase the severity of the inventory, the result will b
e visually noticeable, after 2 months.

Examples of popular exercises:

  • Charge for the triceps muscle of the shoulder. To perform the exercise, you will need to take dumbbells in your hands (weight from 4 -9 pounds) and stand up, slightly bending your knees, legs together. Place both hands behind the head and bend together. Straighten your arms. Repeat 20 times.
  • Biceps muscle training . Get on one knee. Take inventory in one hand. Put the elbow on the knee and perform flexion and extension, do not use the shoulder joint. Do 15 repetitions on each hand.
A set of exercises with dumbbells for girls at home
A set of exercises with dumbbells for girls.
  • Pulling to the chin. In a standing position, take the dumbbells in your hands and place them on the front of the hips. To raise the arms, bending and raising the elbows so that the dumbbells reach the chin. Lower. Repeat 20 times.

Exercises for the legs and buttocks

Slender legs and rounded buttocks are the dream of every woman. It is possible to achieve the desired with an integrated approach to training these zones. Due to the anatomical features, the legs and buttocks have a large group of muscles and constant growth is necessary for their growth (exercises with weights and a gradual increase in weights).

Squats and running are great sports for toning and maintaining elasticity, but they are not enough.

An ideal workout is a combination of jogging ( 2 – 4 mile) in the morning, squats (about 100 times a day) and strength exercises during the day.

Leg training options:

  • Spring Squats Additionally, you need a step platform (you can replace it with a stack of books). Take weighting agents ( 7 -9 pounds) in each hand. To stand a step away from the stand, spread the feet to the width of the shoulders. Bring the right leg back, bend the knee and put the toe of the foot on the support. Squat (without touching the floor with your right knee). Straighten and repeat 20 times. Change legs and do another 20 squats.
    A set of exercises with dumbbells for girls at home
  • Plier. Legs wide apart, toes turned outwards. Take one dumbbell in your hands (weight 9 -11 pounds). Holding the dumbbell with both hands, squat down to the hips parallel to the floor. In this case, do not tear off the heels from the floor and keep your back straight. Stretching of the inner thigh muscle should be felt.
  • Deadlift. From the “standing” position, tilt forward with the torso forward without rounding the back. Hold the dumbbells in your hands, while tilting, they should slide down the hips. Slow down to a possible amplitude, feeling the back of the thigh and buttocks stretching.

Weight Loss Complex

A set of exercises with dumbbells for weight loss is made taking into account the problem areas of a woman that require adjustment. Accordingly, emphasis is placed on those exercises that make you work out the desired areas.

Any training has its own algorithm of actions, which is very important to observe:

  • start with a warm-up (5 – 10 minutes);
  • a set of actions for the harmony of the body;
  • in the end, make a stretch to consolidate the result and prevent pain in the muscles.

A set of actions for the harmony of the body:

  • choose 2 exercises to strengthen and tighten the chest (from the above);
  • do any 2 exercises for the back;
  • pump all 4 muscle groups of the abdominal muscles;
  • perform 2 exercises on the arms and legs;
  • crouch 30 – 40 times (without lifting the heel off the floor).

The final stretching is a set of exercises for relaxing, elasticity and muscle recovery after a stress load and improving joint mobility.

It is aimed at lowering the pulse and calming the body. Duration 10 – 15 minutes.

How to complete the workout:

  1. Stretch up, then bend on straight legs and press your head to your knees, hug your legs with your hands. Hold for 1 – 2 minutes. Relax.
  2. From the “standing” position with legs wide apart, bend forward, lower one arm to the floor. Lean on. Raise the other hand up, perpendicular to the floor. Turn your head in the direction of the hand pointing up. Hold for a few minutes and straighten up.
  3. Lie on your stomach. Lift the upper body and lean on straight arms. Bend your back, look towards the ceiling. Stretch the press for 2 – 3 minutes.
    A set of exercises with dumbbells for girls at home
  4. Stand up with legs wide apart. Socks apart. Sit deep, knees apart. Put your elbows on your knees. Turn the torso to one side, then to the other side, resting your hand on the knee.
  5. Kneel, spread legs, lower the pelvis to the calves. Put your upper body on the floor, arms extended in front of you. Relax for a few minutes with your eyes closed. This is a great exercise to relax.

A feature of training for weight loss is the active study (by several sets of different exercises) of the problem part of the body, while the exercises for other zones are omitted.

If to regular exercises with dumbbells (3 times a week) add morning run in the park (on days off from classes) and adjust the diet (reduce daily calories by 25%), then an accelerated metabolism will lead to an inevitable loss of extra pounds. Thus, it will turn out to comfortably lose 11 -15 pounds per month.

A prerequisite for this period is the use of clean still water (at least 0,5 gallon per day, not counting tea and coffee), since water will help the excretory system to cope with the decay products of fats. It will not be superfluous to take complex vitamin preparations.

Complex for a beautiful posture

A set of exercises with dumbbells to give girls a beautiful posture has its own differences from conventional strength training, as it is aimed at working out the torso, strengthening the spinal muscles, the press, and developing a smooth posture. The main exercises are performed with dumbbells, weighing no more than 4 -7 pounds, 20-30 times and in 2 sets.

Training Examples:

  1. From the “standing” position with dumbbells in hand, crouch a little, taking the pelvis back. Legs apart. Tighten the press, lower your hands. Slowly pull the dumbbells towards your ribs. Straighten your arms.
  2. Stand on one knee, leaning slightly forward. Lower your arms and load your palms back. Straighten your back. Gently pull the dumbbells to your chest, spreading your elbows. Straighten your arms. After 20 repetitions, change the leg and do the same.
    A set of exercises with dumbbells for girls at home
  3. Get on all fours. Dumbbell put in front of you. Slowly raise your right hand, take a dumbbell and straighten it, rushing forward. At the same time, lift and stretch the left leg back. Balance position and hold out for 5 seconds. Repeat, changing legs and arms. Just do 10 times. This
    exercise corrects posture.

Training program

According to the majority of fitness instructors, with a power load on the whole body, it is necessary to work out all zones qualitatively (which means 8 to 10 exercises for each part of the body, 3-4 approaches). To do this, it is recommended to distribute all exercises by day of the week.

Example (exercise options described above):

Monday Leg and abs training + 50 squats
Tuesday 3 mile jogging
Wednesday Press and back exercises + bridge (5 times)
Thursday Jump rope for 15 minutes
Friday Power load on arms and legs + 20 squats
Saturday and Sunday Recovery + Stretch

Thanks to such a system of classes, muscle fibers will have time to recover and get used to constant loads. Even if after the first training, a day later, muscle soreness appears (which is a consequence of the accumulation of lactic acid and a normal phenomenon), you should not stop training.

After several workouts, there will be no trace of soreness (this will mean that the body has begun to get used to). It remains only to move forward towards your goal – a fit athletic figure.


It is not allowed to do strength training (without a doctor’s permission) for women who have:

  • there is a spinal injury of any nature;
  • significant curvature of the spine;
    A set of exercises with dumbbells for girls at home
  • joints or ligaments restricting movement were injured;
  • there was a fracture of the extremities in the process of treatment;
  • diagnosed with arthritis (inflammation of the joints) and arthrosis (degenerative changes in the joint);
  • varicose veins and poor blood supply to the extremities develop;
  • pregnancy has occurred (in this case, training is possible with restrictions);
  • there is a chronic heart disease (defect, insufficiency) in the acute stage.

Exercises with dumbbells have great variation in performance and are suitable for women of all ages. In combination with proper nutrition, they allow you to achieve beautiful and feminine forms, regardless of where the training will take place (in the gym or at home).

Dumbbell Exercise Video

A set of exercises for girls:

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