Hoop for weight loss. Types and advantages of hoops, efficiency, exercises

In modern fitness centers there are many simulators and various sports equipment. But not all of them are suitable for studying at home. One of the unique, of its kind, the simulator is an ordinary hoop.

Slimming hoop (hula hoop) is an effective gymnastic apparatus that has a round shape (closed in a ring). It is used by man to strengthen muscles and active weight loss.

Hoop for weight loss. Types and advantages of hoops, efficiency, exercisesBy rotating around the waist, the hoop acts on the muscles and body fat, burns extra calories, which makes the figure slimmer. Regular use of the hoop will allow you to get rid of excess subcutaneous fat at the waist, and cellulite on the hips.

The sports industry gives consumers the opportunity to see aluminum, plastic or rubber hoops in specialty stores. The plastic hoop is very light, therefore it is recommended for adolescents and children of primary school age.

Aluminum hoop for weight loss and its effectiveness is proven. It is much heavier, but its service life is much longer. And, the most expensive are rubber, as they are durable.

A hoop, like a gymnastic apparatus, is selected individually. If the weight of the hoop is more than 2 pounds, then this is a “weighted” option. He will very effectively work on problem areas in the waist area, and provide an increased load on the hips.

The benefits and harms of a slimming hoop

With regular torsion of a hoop or hula hoop, the risk of developing the following diseases is reduced:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Atherosclerosis.
  3. Hypertension.
  4. Scoliosis.

Due to the high efficiency of exercising with a hoop for losing weight, such physical education will help not only to remove the symptoms of certain diseases, but also to make a beautiful waist.

Such exercises are even for beginners, since they do not require any tremendous effort. All you need to do is take a hoop, turn on the TV or music and twist it for 10 minutes a day. Under load, the skin in problem areas is smoothed, fat is eliminated.

Hoop for weight loss. Types and advantages of hoops, efficiency, exercises
Without proper preparation, the load should be gradually increased to prevent injuries.

It’s important to know! Despite the advantages of the hoop, it can also cause harm, in the form of bruises. And if the hoop was incorrectly selected, then inflict significant injuries.

Which hoop is better for weight loss and why

Hula-hoop is one of the universal exercise machines. For weight loss, any kind of it is suitable. The main thing is that the hoop for weight loss is not too light and not too heavy. Weighing approximately 4 pounds. the hoop will be as effective as possible for human occupations of 154 -176 pounds.

You need to twist it for 10-15 minutes every day. It is not necessary to set unthinkable goals – the record is achieved gradually.

In any sports store you can purchase the hoop of the following types:

  1. Aluminum hoop.
  2. Metal.
  3. Massage.
  4. Plastic.
  5. Heavy.
Hoop for weight loss. Types and advantages of hoops, efficiency, exercises
You should choose the best hoop for losing weight. The effectiveness of classes depends not only on the number of approaches and the duration of training, but also on the conformity of the hoop to the physique of a person.

Features of popular hoops for weight loss:

  • Aluminum hoop is a simple and lightweight version of a metal hoop. Great for a beginner. But there is one drawback. Such hoops, if used improperly, break down over time.
  • Metal is a classic hoop that has earned a high rating among women who have become mothers. With his help, they regained their thin waist, and tightened the skin of the abdomen.
  • Plastic is very light. Suitable for teaching children. But, for adults, experts recommend filling the hoop with sand to make it heavier. Then the result of losing weight will be.
  • Heavy – This hoop is suitable for more advanced people. Beginners are not recommended to use a heavy hoop. First you need to practice light hoops.
  • Massage – the effectiveness of losing weight, increases several times, due to massage designs built into the hoop. All kinds of rubber balls, magnets, suction cups and even spikes. With the rotation of such a hoop, these designs work out the cellulite zones efficiently, actively smoothing the skin, giving it elasticity and beauty.

Currently, manufacturers have improved the design of the hoop itself. Now in the markets you can find hoops with information technology. They calculate the number of revolutions and lost calories.

Optimum hoop weight for the waist

Most women choose bulky and heavy hoops. In their opinion, the heavier the hoop, the faster the result will come. This is the main misconception!

Remember! Fast weight loss does not exist! To see a noticeable result from a hoop for weight loss, you need to train effectively for at least a year at a moderate pace, gradually increasing the load.

For starters, you should use a hoop or hula-hoop weighing no more than 2 pounds. With good physical activity, a 4 pounds hoop is suitable. Later, when the abdominal muscles get stronger, to continue burning fat at the waist, you can already switch to a 7 pounds hula-hoop.

Hoop for weight loss. Types and advantages of hoops, efficiency, exercises
Along with the mass, the diameter of the hoop, which depends on its purpose, is of particular importance. It should correspond to the growth of a person.

It’s important to know! Hoops and weight should be changed gradually, smoothly moving from light loads to relatively more difficult exercises. If you start to sharply train on a heavy hoop, you can damage the spine and leave bruises on your body.

The most optimal weight for a beginner who does not have sufficient muscle training and physical fitness is not more than 3 pounds.

How to twist a hoop to lose weight

To start practicing the hoop as efficiently as possible, to burn excess fat on the sides and waist, the following rules must be observed:

  1. Stand up straight, straighten your shoulders, eyes look at any central point.
  2. Here, not only a straight back and a straight look are very important – you need to completely direct your thoughts to training . Still, not everyone has the patience to rotate the hoop for more than 10 minutes. or half an hour.
  3. Main position: stand straight and feet shoulder width apart. Hold the hoop at waist level.
  4. At the beginning of the rotation, we direct the hoop in any chosen direction and begin the rotation with the waist, body and hips at the same time.
  5. When the hoop rotates, we try to keep the body in good shape for as long as possible so that the hoop does not fall.

Hoop for weight loss. Types and advantages of hoops, efficiency, exercisesDo not take the maximum number of revolutions and time on the first day. Start gradually. And it’s better to develop your own program of useful exercises, observing the days of rest, during which the body is updated, restoring the muscles.

How much do you need to twist the hoop to lose weight

To achieve the desired result, the optimal training regimen is 3-4 days a week for 20-30 minutes for advanced, and 10-15 minutes for beginners.

If there is too much time, then it can be reduced by performing exercises with a hoop in 5 sets. This will save time, effort and energy. To avoid dizziness, alternate rotations – 2 minutes in one and the same amount in the other direction.

Hoop for weight loss. Types and advantages of hoops, efficiency, exercises
To increase the effectiveness of classes is possible only with a competent choice of the number of approaches and the duration of rotation of the hoop.

It’s important to know! To prevent bruising, first wrap your waist with two towels. Train for 2 weeks. Then remove one towel and twist on one. After a month, you can rotate the hoop on the clothes.

Home exercises with hoop

Exercise 1. Rotation

The exercise begins with the rotation of the hoop, alternately changing the direction of movement. When the muscles are sufficiently warmed up, you can proceed to the next exercise.

Exercise 2. Rotation with walking in place

Take the hoop, rotate it at the waist, adding walking in place and rotation with the shoulders. Exercise is accompanied by deep breathing.

Exercise 3. Rotation with legs apart

We stand straight, spread our legs shoulder-width apart, and begin the rotation of the hoop around the waist. We hold the correct posture, the gaze is directed only forward. The range of rotation of the hoop you choose. Without stopping the movement, raise the hoop just above the hips, and return to the starting position.

Exercise 4. Walking with a hula hoop

The stand is straight, as in the third exercise. We rotate the hoop, take a small step forward with the right foot, then return to the starting position. Without stopping the rotation, do the same thing with the left foot.

Repeat steps to the side and back in the same sequence. Having fixed the rotation technique with steps, try to increase the speed, moving forward and backward, as if performing dance movements. The essence of the training is to learn how to move with the hoop in different directions.

Exercise 5. Slopes with a hoop

Remove the hoop and set it in front of you. We make inclinations, pause, 1 step to the side. Stretch your back muscles as much as possible.

Exercise 6. Rotation by the body

We dress the hoop again and make turns of 45 degrees, 2 times in each direction.

Exercise 7. Sustainability development

Place your feet opposite each other at a short distance. Put your hands in front of you and lock it into the lock, slightly bend at the elbow joint. Rise on your toes and lower yourself without stopping to rotate the hoop.

In this complex, exercises and body position can be changed. Improvisation will not be superfluous. Practice in a well-ventilated, spacious room.

Sample training program for a week

Monday We calmly rotate the body for 30 minutes, make inclinations 1 approach -30 times for 30 inclinations and twists.


Training takes no more than 20 minutes. First, we perform 30 twists for the press, squats and squeeze 30 times on our knees and raise our legs 30 times, lying on the floor.
Wednesday 30 minutes, rotate the hoop around the body.


The rotation of the hoop for 10 minutes and the exercise on the abdominal muscles for 60 seconds.


We perform the same exercises as on the third day.


We rotate the hoop for 20-30 minutes.


Sunday Recreation. On this day, it is important to eat right.

In this case, you need to eat right and do not forget about physical exercises . To keep yourself in good shape, you need to exercise regularly. Subject to these conditions, beauty and youth can be preserved for a long time.

Hoop Slimming Contraindications

If there are diseases of the internal organs, it is best to consult a doctor before starting a workout with a hoop.

Such people need to undergo a medical examination. This is especially true for patients suffering from diseases of the liver, kidneys and spine. The specialist will give a conclusion on whether it is possible to lose weight in this way or whether it is better to find an alternative.

General contraindications:

  1. VSD.
  2. hypertension.
  3. hematomas, bruises.
  4. bleeding.
  5. flu.
  6. PMS, menstrual cycle.
  7. old age.
  8. pregnancy and lactation.
  9. pancreatitis, dyspeptic symptoms.
  10. phlebeurysm.
  11. scoliosis, osteochondrosis and other diseases of the spine.
  12. diseases of the liver and kidneys.
  13. hernia.
  14. flatulence, bloating.

Losing weight with a hoop is the right choice for those who want to tidy up their body , especially without burdening themselves with exhausting workouts and performing strength exercises.

A simple but effective set of exercises favorably affects the elimination of fat deposits in the abdomen. By tightening muscles by doing workouts, you can effectively waste calories and say goodbye to extra pounds in a short time.

Useful videos about the use and effectiveness of a slimming hoop

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ist a hoop for weight loss, as well as nutrition recommendations, are given in this video clip:

Hoop for weight loss. The effectiveness of its use, as well as the features of nutrition during classes, are in this video clip:

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