Carving for medium-length hair: how to do it, before and after photos: with bangs, large curls, reviews and prices

Carving is a procedure that, with a modern lifestyle, helps girls get their hair in order without daily styling. Despite the general misconception that carving is suitable only for owners of long hair, this styling looks delicious on medium-sized curls.

What is carving

According to the external result, carving can be compared with perm, whose popularity, if it has fallen, is solely due to the harmful effects on the hair. Thanks to a more modern procedure, the problem with brittleness, dryness and hair loss has been resolved.

When using carving, agents are used that include components that are more careful about the hair, protecting them from overheating.

At home, carving can be done using curlers of various sizes, while in the professional salon special tools are used: the so-called scooters or boomerangs. Carving for medium-length hair: how to do it, before and after photos: with bangs, large curls, reviews and pricesWith their help, the hair acquires the desired shape and size of curls, which are then “frozen” in this form for a long time by applying a special composition.

How is the procedure carried out in the salon and at home

In general, the carving procedure can be divided into 5 stages, which are used both at home and in salon conditions:

  1. First of all, the hair should be combed carefully so that unnecessary knots and tangles are not obtained;
  2. Then the hair is divided into thin strands that are wound on curlers. The size of the curlers depends on the size of the desired curls and their appearance (soft curls, light waves, “spirals”);
  3. A composition is applied to the fixed curls, which will fix the curls for a long time. The exposure time of the composition on the hair varies from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the composition used.
  4. At the end of time, the curlers are removed, and the hair is washed from the applied mixture. After washing your hair, you must use a special fixing balm.
  5. The completion of carving, like any other hair manipulation, is a blow dryer. Carving for medium-length hair: how to do it, before and after photos: with bangs, large curls, reviews and prices

On average, carving for medium-length hair takes no more than 1.5 hours. However, if the procedure is done at home and without proper experience, then a little more time can be spent.

The cost of this procedure depends not only on the length and density of the hair, but also on the qualifications of the master who will carry out the procedure . However, for an average hair length, the cost rarely goes beyond $ 54.

To carry out the procedure at home, you will need such funds as:

  • Curlers, various sizes. Depending on their quality, the price can be very diverse: from $ 1,36 to $ 27. However, for this procedure it is recommended to use plastic curlers, the price of which does not exceed the amount of $ 9,52.
  • Composition for carving, the average price of which is usually not more than $ 14.
  • Fixing balm, the cost of which is also about $ 14. It is important that the composition and balm for carving are of the same brand.

On average, the cost of carving at home does not exceed the figure of $ 34.

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Features of the procedure for medium hair

In carrying out the carving procedure itself, there is no difference depending on the length of the hair: medium, short and long, it is carried out exactly the same. However, from a technical point of view, carving to an average length is most convenient, since there is no risk of “twisting” hair with different intensities over the entire surface.

There is also a difference in price: the longer the hair, the more carving mixture you need for curling.

Carving for medium-length hair: how to do it, before and after photos: with bangs, large curls, reviews and prices
When carving for medium-length hair, it is worth considering that the hair after wrapping will become several inch shorter.

It is also worth considering that when curling, the hair, forming “curls”, become several inch shorter than in their usual state. And unlike short hair, any kind of carving and curls are suitable for the average length.

Differences between carving and perm

The main similarity of perm and carving is their goal – the creation of long-term curls on hair of different lengths. Also identical is the technique of creating “curls”. Carving for medium-length hair: how to do it, before and after photos: with bangs, large curls, reviews and prices

However, the differences in these procedures are much larger:

  • Thanks to the perm, stable, elastic “curls” are obtained, while carving gives the hair the appearance of voluminous, obedient curls.
  • The carving mixture is softer, and therefore the chemistry lasts a little longer, but significantly damages the hair.
  • Compositions for chemistry and carving affect various layers of the hair strand: chemistry penetrates into the internal, while carving penetrates only the external.
  • When choosing a composition for carving, a choice is given depending on the softness and thickness of the hair; in all cases, one mixture is used for perm.
  • As the hair grows back after the perm, the boundary between the regrown roots and the curled length is clearly visible, after carving, the curls gradually acquire the original hair type, which smoothes the difference.

Carving benefits


  • It is not only more gentle for the hair, but also saturates the hair with keratin, visually making it thicker and denser.
  • Hair after the procedure looks more natural and natural, unlike other types of curls.
  • Styling of this type lasts up to 12 weeks.
  • The procedure involves various types of curls.

Are there any contraindications

This procedure is undesirable for women with hair problems, for example, excessively split ends, brittleness and severe hair loss. Also, this type of curl is not suitable for owners of excessively thick, heavy, long and straight hair. This type of hair is extremely difficult to style, as a result of which the procedure will not have the desired result.

Experts do not advise doing carving for those who have recently stained, especially in lighter shades. Lightening is enough stress for the hair, making it more brittle and drier; do not aggravate the situation with an additional procedure.

Types of carving

Traditionally carving is divided into 3 types:

  • Classic . The essence of this type is to curl hair along its entire length, using curlers of the same shape and size. The result will be curls selected by the client width: from light waves to tight curls. Carving for medium-length hair: how to do it, before and after photos: with bangs, large curls, reviews and prices
  • Vertical . This type of carving is a twist of hair with the help of “spirals” that turn hair into elastic, voluminous curls along the entire length of the hair. This look looks most spectacular on medium-length hair, giving it the right charm.
  • Local . As the name implies, this type of carving is intended for certain areas. Initially, local carving was used to achieve the greatest volume due to the winding of hair at the root zone. Today, this type of curl is used for curling ends (it makes sense only on long hair), as well as bangs to give it a more elegant shape.

The choice of composition for curling

The composition for carving may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the hair, for example, dyed-unpainted, thick-thin, thick-liquid, etc. First of all, when choosing a composition, you should pay attention to these criteria.

There is also a huge selection of compounds according to the brand of the manufacturer. Of course, you should choose only from well-known and proven brands of drugs, without flattering yourself at lower prices. The choice between well-known brands can be made by consulting with specialists, or from personal preferences of products. In composition, most of the drugs from various manufacturers, if they differ, are slightly.

Types of curlers

The appearance of the hair from the carving procedure for the most part will depend on the curlers selected.

For medium lengths, you can use the following curling tools:

  • Whooping cough . The type of curler, which is designed to create the smallest and most elastic “curls”. With their help, you can achieve an incredible amount of hair. The most attractive curls obtained with the help of whooping cough look on medium-length hair with hairstyles of the “ladder” type. Carving for medium-length hair: how to do it, before and after photos: with bangs, large curls, reviews and prices
  • Spiral curlers . With the help of such curlers also quite small curls are created, but unlike the previous ones, they are more springy and elastic.
  • Volumetric curlers . Ideal for creating light waves, as well as for volume in the root zone.
  • Scooters . These are curlers made of foam rubber. They vary in volume, therefore, are able to create curls of different intensity: from light waves to sexual curls.

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What to do with bangs

Depending on the type and length of the bangs, there are several outputs:

  1. If the fringe is “oblique” and long, then it can be curled in accordance with the main hair. It is not recommended to leave it in its original form, as it will look untidy and “sleek” against the background of the rest of the hairstyle.
  2. Straight, short bangs can:
  • Leave in its original form.
  • Twist locally: giving volume to the roots, or twisting the tips in a style in accordance with the rest of the hair.
  • If the goal of carving was to create light waves, then the bangs can be curled in exactly the same way.

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Hair Care After Carving

To maintain the desired appearance of the hair and its neatness, you must follow the following rules:

  • After the procedure, do not wash your hair for 72 hours;
  • after washing your hair, you should not go to bed without drying your hair;
  • it is advisable to use a comb with rare cloves;
  • to improve hair, it is necessary to use various nutritional, moisturizing products with a permanent in the composition;
  • do not use the dryer too often for drying: it is better to let your hair dry in a natural way.

Carving causes a different reaction in girls. Often the result depends on the initial state of the hair: dryness, length, density, severity of hair, etc., as well as on the master who performed the procedure. So, most of the girls who made carving in professional salons are satisfied with the appearance of their hair, especially the owner of medium length.

Well, those who decided to carry out the procedure on their own at home can not always boast of a good result. Also important is the factor of the client’s own desires: the “picture” is not always true, in connection with the individual characteristics of the curls.

Carving is a great way to facilitate daily quests to give your hair the look you want. This styling is able to give owners of medium length always well-groomed, bright and attractive appearance.

Video how carving is done on medium hair

What is carving for medium-length hair, find out in the video clip:

We do carving for medium-length hair:

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