Cans for vacuum facial massage with rubber, made of silicone, anti-allergenic rubber. Which is better, how to use

Jars designed for vacuum facial massage are used as one of the methods to improve the condition of the skin. They are easy to use, and they are sold in every pharmacy. It is important to choose the size and material of the cans suitable for the specific area in order to get a positive result. When mastering the technique of massage it is permissible to do it at home.

The benefits and harms of vacuum facial massage

Cans for vacuum facial massage affect the muscles due to the formation of vacuum inside the device. It is formed during aspiration from a can of air. In this case, the skin is drawn inward when the jar is applied to its surface. The therapeutic effect is achieved due to the difference between the pressure inside the can and on the skin.

Massage has several positive aspects:

  • more blood enters the skin, and this helps to improve its elasticity;
  • facial muscles become elastic;
  • the second chin and dark circles around the eyes disappear;
  • complexion refreshes;
  • the layer of deposits under the skin decreases;
  • muscle relaxation occurs, which contributes to the disappearance of small wrinkles and facial wrinkles. Goose feet, puppet wrinkles and purse-string wrinkles will disappear;
    Cans for vacuum facial massage with rubber, made of silicone, anti-allergenic rubber. Which is better, how to use
  • skin irritation disappears;
  • more collagen and elastin are produced in the cells;
  • skin cells are freed from harmful substances;
  • pores become noticeably narrower.

In addition to the cosmetic effect, such a massage is therapeutic. The condition of the skin becomes much better. Also, vessels function differently, metabolism in cells is carried out.

Thanks to massage, it has a positive effect on the skin:

  • facial muscles noticeably relax, due to which deep wrinkles are reduced;
  • lymphatic metabolism becomes better: outflow of lymph and venous blood occurs. Due to this, toxins are removed from the skin, which makes the skin younger, and swelling is also removed, especially in the area under the eyes;
  • more blood enters the skin.

This massage injures the skin in its deeper layers. Outwardly, they are not visible to the eye. An additional network of capillaries is created. This helps increase blood flow and the flow of oxygen and nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals.

Despite all the positive aspects, massage can be harmful:

  • the appearance of puffiness and bruising;
  • the occurrence of acne;
    Cans for vacuum facial massage with rubber, made of silicone, anti-allergenic rubber. Which is better, how to use
  • the appearance of stretch marks is the most unpleasant consequence.

These effects occur only with improper use of cans. If you follow all the recommendations and rules of the massage technique, then such consequences will not be. Massage is recommended for women who have crossed the 30-year line, as well as with sagging skin, sweating and deterioration of color.

Skin massage is also performed with:

  • puffiness;
  • dryness and peeling;
  • the presence of shine.

Contraindications to massage

Massage is contraindicated in the presence of the following diseases:

  • inflammation present on the skin;
  • vessels that are very close to the upper layer, since there is a high risk of injury and the appearance of spider veins;
  • oncology;
  • any diseases of the vessels of the skin;
  • pregnancy
  • infectious diseases;
  • pathology of the heart;
  • during the acute form of chronic diseases;
  • blood coagulates poorly;
  • eczema and fungal diseases;
    Cans for vacuum facial massage with rubber, made of silicone, anti-allergenic rubber. Which is better, how to use
  • colds and other diseases prohibiting an increase in blood flow.

What are the banks: description, prices

Cans for vacuum facial massage vary in diameter, as well as in the type of material from which they are made.

Glass jars

Modern glass jars have a rubber nozzle. By pressing it, a vacuum is formed.


  • they can be adjusted in the prescribed form;
  • they do not absorb the smell of creams and oils;
  • they are easy to wash.


  • the can may break or a chip may form on it;
  • cold glass in contact with skin can be unpleasant.

Rubber cans

These cans are made of high quality medical rubber. Before silicone cans appeared, they were the most popular.


  • in the set of cans there are different sizes, which allows you to massage different zones;
  • they are cheap and easy to use.

Cans for vacuum facial massage with rubber, made of silicone, anti-allergenic rubber. Which is better, how to use


  • rubber easily absorbs the smell of oils. The remaining cream on the surface is a favorable environment for the development of microorganisms.

Silicone cans

Cans for vacuum facial massage made of silicone are the most preferred for use. In shape, they resemble an arc with a ring at the base. They do not have the disadvantages of cans of glass and rubber, in connection with this they are the best option for home use.

They are cheap, hygienic and safe. They can be sold either in pairs of medium size or in a set of 4. The set has various sizes of cans. The price of jars depends on the material.

Cans for vacuum facial massage with rubber, made of silicone, anti-allergenic rubber. Which is better, how to use
Cans for vacuum facial massage made of silicone.

The average cost for banks for a person, depending on the type, is presented below in the table:

Type of cans Price
Glass One piece, the diameter of which is 3. 1’2 – 2 inch – $ 3,26. Set of 4 pcs. (diameter from 1. 0’4 – 2 inch) – $ 11,83.
Rubber They are sold in sets of 4 pcs. (diameters 22.35.50. 23’6 inch). The price of the set is $ 3,54.
Silicone The average price of a pair is $ 2,31, a set of 4 pcs. – $ 8,16.

Massage cans can be bought at cosmetics stores, pharmacies, and can also be ordered online.

Is it worth buying a portable facial vacuum simulator

Cans for vacuum facial massage can be replaced by a vacuum massager. It evens out the contour and significantly improves the external condition of the skin. The main essence of the work: pressure change inside the pump. The nozzle of the massager is tightly pressed to the zone, then the device alternately delivers, then pumps out air. So massage is carried out.

Advantages of the simulator:

  • blood flow improves;
  • outflow of lymph occurs;
  • muscle contraction occurs;
  • swelling;
  • cells actively produce collagen.

Cans for vacuum facial massage with rubber, made of silicone, anti-allergenic rubber. Which is better, how to use

The main advantage of the simulator is ease of use. The vacuum simulator mask is used as a massage. The mask is applied to the cheeks and chin. The device is connected to the mask using a tube that removes and delivers air. During the procedure, it is recommended to lie down.

Advantages of using this device:

  • in cells, metabolism gets better;
  • cells are fed;
  • small wrinkles disappear, and large ones decrease in size;
  • skin elasticity improves.

What to choose massage oil

You can not massage without applying oil. It provides easy gliding and is absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. It is necessary that it be natural and cold pressed. Do not use oils with additives. Deodorized, refined, hydrogenated oils are prohibited. The best oils are: hemp, rose hips and borago.

Almond oil is also suitable. It is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

Cans for vacuum facial massage with rubber, made of silicone, anti-allergenic rubber. Which is better, how to use

It is also possible to use sesame, peanut, apricot kernel oil. However, it is important to take into account the type of skin, as these oils greatly clog pores.

Black cumin oil is one of the best skin oils. However, it is heavy and it is better to dilute it with other light oils (dogrose, borago, hemp, grape seed). To make the result better, esters are added to the oil.

Preparation of facial skin for massage

Before use, disinfect cans using medical alcohol or vodka.

Preparation of skin before the session includes the following steps:

  • cleansing of cosmetics and dirt with special gels, foams, tonics;
  • face swelling. It is kept over hot water for 5-7 minutes. You can also put cotton pads dipped in hot water on your face;
  • applying oil to the face.

After a couple of minutes, the pores of the face open.

Static Massage Technique

Massage with cans can be static and dynamic. The first works out point-specific areas: the chin, nasolabial folds, etc. It is possible to use several zones at once. The most important rule of the session – you can not very close to the banks to each other so that the skin is not very stretched. This will lead to wrinkles in the treated areas.

Cans for vacuum facial massage with rubber, made of silicone, anti-allergenic rubber. Which is better, how to use

Stages of the massage:

  1. Take the jar of the required size, click on its tip and place it on the desired zone.
  2. Hold for a few seconds.
  3. Press the tip and remove the jar.

At first, the jar is held for 5 seconds. Then, gradually, the exposure time is increased to 30 seconds. It is necessary to control the pressure inside the can. In a jar, the skin should be absorbed by a few inch. Static massage is usually used for large areas: cheeks, forehead and chin.

How to perform dynamic massage

The essence of the dynamic form is the movement of the can. Sliding must be done easily and quickly along the lines. It is also necessary to control that excessive stretching of the skin does not occur and wrinkles do not form. This effect is much milder and therefore there will be less bruising and smudges.

For greater effectiveness, both types of massage are done. Regardless of the type, it is forbidden to abruptly remove the banks. First you need to squeeze the pear, and then remove the jar. First, the massage is carried out on the front of the neck with large banks. Movement is carried out from the clavicle to the jaw.

Next work out the forehead. When massaging it, movements are carried out from the base of the nose bridge to the temples, then from the nose bridge along the eyebrow line. Then cheekbones are massaged from the corners of the lips to the temples. Next, cheeks are worked out from the nose to the temples. Finish the massage on the chin, which is worked out in a circular motion.

Cans for vacuum facial massage with rubber, made of silicone, anti-allergenic rubber. Which is better, how to use

At the end of the session, the face is patted with fingertips. Then a napkin is moistened in warm water and rubbed on her face. Next, apply a nourishing cream.

Fighting nasolabial folds

This zone is being worked out by the smallest can. Its diameter is 0’4 inch.

Massage is carried out as follows:

  1. Before massage, apply oil in a thicker layer, so that the jar can easily move on the skin.
  2. First carry out a circular motion. It is necessary to move from the nose to the corners of the lips. These manipulations will actively affect facial wrinkles.
  3. Then the lip area is worked out. The jar is positioned so that the movement is directed on both sides: above the upper and under the lower lip. The impact is carried out up and down, along the folds on both sides. To prevent excessive stretching of the skin, it must be held with your fingers. Repeat movements 5-8 times.

Lower eyelid treatment

The skin around the eyelids is very thin. Strongly massaging these areas can not be, as you can touch the vessels and add wrinkles. Even if the jar is the smallest diameter, it is impossible for her to delicately massage.

To rejuvenate this area, you must:

  1. A cream of high fat content or unrefined vegetable oil is abundantly distributed to the desired area. Jojoba oil is ideal.
  2. The jar of the smallest diameter must be fixed at the highest point of the nose and make it move to the point between the eyebrows;
  3. Perform movements along the line of the cheeks from above, moving the banks from the nose to the hairline of the temples.

Cans for vacuum facial massage with rubber, made of silicone, anti-allergenic rubber. Which is better, how to use

You can also install pointwise one small jar into the area of the outer corner of the eyes. Hold for 5 seconds. It is worth acting very carefully with the least suction of the skin in a jar.

If the skin in the eye area is not elastic, then before setting the jar, the skin is slightly stretched by the fingers. You can not immediately tear off the jar, at first it is squeezed with your fingers, as during installation, and then carefully removed.

Cheek Massage

To massage the cheeks, banks are used, the diameter of which is 0’8 – 1’2 inch. Such a massage will make this area thinner. First, the massage is carried out for 5 seconds. Then the time increases to 30 seconds.

Stages of carrying out:

  1. First, cream or oil is applied to the desired area.
  2. The jar is placed in the central part of the jaw line.
  3. Movements are made to the lower part of the ear.
  4. The can is removed, and the movement is repeated from the center of the jaw to the chin.
  5. Repeat movements 3 times for both sides.

When performing a massage, do not touch the area under the eyes, nasolabial folds and skin near the lips.

Chin massage

The cans used for vacuum facial massage effectively remove the second chin, due to the reduction in the amount of fat under the chin. It will also make the skin much softer. For the considered area, take banks with a diameter of 0’8 – 1’2 inch.

Stages of carrying out:

  1. Carry out the preparatory phase.
  2. Install a jar in the central part of the chin.
  3. On the massage lines carry out easy movements.
  4. Repeat movements 4 times.

The chin and jaw muscles should not be strained during the procedure. The main goal is to relax the muscles.

Neck massage

The area of the face, located below, begins to massage from the neck.

Cans for vacuum facial massage with rubber, made of silicone, anti-allergenic rubber. Which is better, how to use

After distributing the oil or cream, do the following steps:

  1. Take a jar, medium or larger diameter ( 42/32 – 28/32 inch).
  2. Massage begins from the beginning of the neck on both sides of it. Movement is carried out to the chin.
  3. Then the jar is set in the center of the chin. Run her along the jaw from below to the earlobe.
  4. The area under the chin and under the jaw is being worked out.

The jar should slide freely. If there are sensations that the muscles do not let the jar, then you can not rush. You need to relax, open your mouth and smile. It is worthwhile to ensure that the movements are free. The lines are drawn by the bank 4 times. On average, a session lasts 10-15 minutes.

Lip area treatment

Massage of this area allows you to prevent purse-string wrinkles, puppet wrinkles, make wrinkles at the nose and lips less noticeable. For its implementation, it is worth taking a jar, the diameter of which is 28/32 inch. This area must be handled carefully, as this area is endowed with delicate skin.

For a quality study of the zone in question it is necessary:

  1. Apply oil.
  2. Place the jar in the area of the corners on both sides. Further, the lines are drawn in a circle in both directions.

The number of repetitions 2 times. The skin must be held by fingers.

How often do you need to massage the banks, the number of sessions

Each line must be carried out 4-5 times. At first, sessions are conducted without a heavy load. Then the intensity increases, bringing the time to 15 minutes. Procedures are carried out once a week. Just spend 10-15 sessions. If the skin sagged and there are deep wrinkles, then the procedure can be done 3-4 times a week. Young skin does not need this.

Cans for vacuum facial massage with rubber, made of silicone, anti-allergenic rubber. Which is better, how to use

For vacuum facial massage, special cans are used. They are produced in different sizes. They are made of glass, plastic or silicone. The choice of size is affected by which zone needs to be treated. Silicone cans are best used. During the massage, it is important to observe the technique so as not to aggravate the situation. In a different situation, stretch marks and additional wrinkles will appear.

Video about banks for vacuum facial massage

Facial massage with vacuum jars:

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