Training for the pectoral muscles for girls in the gym, at home

The pectoral muscles located in a taut state, not only increase the overall endurance and strength of the female body, but also visually improve the appearance of the girl’s neckline. This area can be trained both at home and in a specially equipped gym.

Understanding the technique of performing basic exercises for working out the breast will make classes more effective, while minimizing the risk of injury to the athlete.

Complex for home

Training for the pectoral muscles should be made taking into account the conditions in which it will be carried out, as well as the physical preparation of the athlete and the presence of diseases that can cause a number of contraindications to standard loads.

Palm squeeze

Before performing the exercise, it is recommended to warm up the muscles of the upper body, preparing them for further exercise.

To do this, you must do:

  • rotation of the head alternately to the right and left;
    Training for the pectoral muscles for girls in the gym, at home
  • tilting the head right-left-forward-backward;
  • rotation of the shoulder joints;
  • hand swings;
  • circular rotation of straight arms;
  • body tilts;
  • turns left and right.

After the blood circulation is accelerated, and the metabolic processes are achieved necessary to strengthen the muscles of speed, the athlete can begin to perform the exercise “Clutching the palms in front of you.”


  1. Arrange vertically; avoiding deformations in the spine.
  2. Pull the upper limbs forward with the palms against each other. Dilute the elbow joints in different directions so that the hands create a straight line parallel to the floor.
  3. Grip your palms with maximum effort. Hold in this position for 15 seconds.
  4. Relax, but leave your hands in the starting position.
    Training for the pectoral muscles for girls in the gym, at home
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 of the number of times provided for in the exercise schedule (preferably at least 15 times).

Emphasis on the wall

Exercise contributes not only to increasing the strength of female hands, but also makes the upper body much more prominent and slimmer. In order for the load to bring maximum results, it is recommended to strictly follow the generally accepted sequence of actions.

They are:

  1. Stand straight, facing the wall at a distance of 3’3 foot; avoiding the formation of deflections in the spine; thoracic margin slightly forward.
  2. Place the inner surfaces of the palms on the wall opposite the chest.
  3. Take a step back, moving the bulk of the body mass to the upper limbs.
  4. Bend your arms, approach the selected support.
    Training for the pectoral muscles for girls in the gym, at home
  5. Without stopping, maintaining a slow pace, straighten your arms, thus assuming the original position.

Hand walking

This exercise is for people with good physical fitness. Walking on your hands has a positive effect on the development of coordination, strengthening the muscle corset and burning excess subcutaneous fat in the upper limbs.


  1. Lie on a supporting surface, such as a floor. The total body weight of the athlete should be placed between the straight upper limbs located on the floor under the chest area and the legs placed on the socks. Deflections in the spine should not be.
  2. Shifting hands alternately, move forward.
  3. Bend your arms and drop to the floor.
  4. Without stopping, take a starting position.
  5. Repeat step 2, while moving in the opposite direction.
  6. Perform a push up from the floor.

Yoga exercises

Training on the pectoral muscles can be done through traditional yoga practices. They should be performed slowly, controlling the frequency of their breathing. Sharp movements provoke the occurrence of sprains, and also lead to the athlete getting bruises, injuries and tears.

Training for the pectoral muscles for girls in the gym, at home

The most effective yoga exercises are:

Posture name Execution technique
Pose “Warrior” 1. Spread the legs as wide as possible from each other so that they form a straight line.

2. Turn the left foot to the side, and the right foot inward. Slowly, exhale, and then smoothly bend the left leg at the knee. The right leg remains straight.

3. Raise your hands up and place them on the sides so that they form a straight line with the line of shoulders.

4. Look to the left.

5. Take the starting position.

6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 by performing mirrored movements.

Pose “Cobra” 1. Sit on your stomach on a stable supporting surface. Place the inside of the hands on a support in the area of the sternum. Lower limbs do not bend, strain the muscles of the whole body.

2. On the exhale, transfer the body weight to the hands located on the floor and lift the torso from the floor.

3. Without jerking, take the starting position.

Camel Pose 1. Take a position, sitting on his knees, placing his limbs next to each other.

2. Slowly bend backward and touch the heels with your fingers.

3. Being in this position, it is important to feel the stretching of the muscles of the chest and the expansion of the ribs. Pull your head to the floor.

4. After 40 seconds, straighten your back and, slowly, take the starting position.

Gym Activities

The pectoral muscles can be pumped as quickly as possible in the gym. Training with a variety of additional weights contributes to an intensive blood flow to the zone being worked out, which significantly speeds up the process of local muscle gain. The most commonly used equipment is a barbell, ball (or fitball) and a rubber loop.

With a barbell

Performing exercises with a barbell is recommended under the supervision of a professional fitness trainer. The specialist will not only correctly select the working weight of the sports equipment, but also will monitor compliance with the technique of performing loads by an athlete.

Training for the pectoral muscles for girls in the gym, at home
Pectoral muscle training for girls: wide-grip bench press. This is the best exercise for the pectoral muscles.

The most
effective barbell exercises are:

Load name Execution method
Wide grip bench sitting on a bench 1. Fix the body on a horizontal bench. The back should be pressed against the supporting surface.

2. Position the upper limbs on the bar of the bar, moving them apart.

3. Slowly bend the upper limbs, bringing the bar closer to the solar plexus.

4. Having touched a chest with a sports apparatus, with a swift movement “squeeze” your hands to their original position.

Back straight arms 1. Squat, turning away from the horizontal bench. Hold the bar with the working weight in your hands.

2. Lean back with a bench, resting on the support part of the torso (from the neck to the shoulder blades). Do not tear off the heels from the support. Extend the upper limbs with a barbell over the chest.

3. Without bending the upper limbs, take them behind the head.

4. Without stopping, return to the original position.

Weighting bench lying on an incline bench 1. Take a semi-horizontal position on an inclined bench. In the brushes, arrange the neck with the required number of metal pancakes. Move your back to the supporting surface, put your feet on the floor.

2. Extend your arms and place the barbell over the chest area.

3. Slowly bend the upper limbs, bringing the weighting agent closer to the clavicle.

4. Holding up at the lower point for 2-3 seconds, quickly straightening your arms, take the starting position.

With a ball

Training on the pectoral muscles in the gym can also be done using fitball. The only rule of effective training for an athlete in this case is to pick up a ball that matches its height and complexion in diameter.

Training for the pectoral muscles for girls in the gym, at home

Title Execution method
Fitball curls 1. Take a semi-horizontal position. Place the brushes on the fitball parallel to each other. Lower limbs put on socks, draw in the stomach. The muscles of the whole body as much as possible to strain.

2. Slowly bend your hands without changing their original location on the gymnastic ball.

3. Touching the fitball with your chest, stretch your upper limbs and return to PI.

Focus on the ball from a kneeling position 1. Kneel facing the projectile. Move the lower extremities 5’9 inch, fix your hands on the fitball, touch the sports equipment with your chest.

2. Straighten your hands, abruptly pushing yourself away from the fitball.

3. Rising, not stopping, bend your arms again, dropping into the IP.

Sitting ball squeezed 1. Settle on a bench; lean your back on the bench; fix the fitball in your hands, clasping horizontally.

2. While exhaling, squeeze the rubber ball tightly.

3. Inhaling, slightly loosen the hand hitch, allowing the ball to return to its original position on its own.

During this exercise, it is not recommended to take a bench without a backrest as a supporting surface. This will create additional tension in the muscles, thus dispersing the narrowly focused study of the pectoral muscles.

With rubber loop

When choosing a rubber loop for pumping the pectoral muscles, it is recommended to pay attention to its indicator of resistance. For the first execution of exercises with the sports device in question, it is necessary to choose a loop with a minimum density that can be easily deformed.

Increasing the load, as in training with other sports equipment, is necessary gradually.

Training for the pectoral muscles for girls in the gym, at home

Title Execution method
Push-ups with a rubber band on the hands 1. Gum, without opening, pull in your hands and stretch it through the back. The ends of the loop are fixed in the hands.

2. Lie on the floor face down; Press the ends of the gum with your palms. The muscles of the whole body must be in tension.

3. After changing the position of the hands, touch the chest supporting surface. The gaze should be fixed on the floor.

4. Without stopping, overcoming the resistance of the rubber loop, return to IP.

Straight arms This exercise requires 2 rubber loops.

1. Tie the ends of the loops to the extreme sides of the rack used to perform the squat.

2. Keep the free ends of the elastic bands in the hands.

3. Straighten your arms and move them directly in front of you.

4. Slowly, restraining the traction of the rubber loops, part the upper limbs to the right and left.

5. Without stopping, slowly bring your hands together, bringing them to the IP.

Push ups

Training on the pectoral muscles, regardless of the conditions in which it is carried out, is impossible without the inclusion of various variations of push-ups in the complex. Due to the variety of alternative options for the usual load for pumping the pectoral muscles, people of various physical fitness will be able to perform push-ups.

Training for the pectoral muscles for girls in the gym, at home

Execution method
Bending the knees 1. Lie on a stable support.

2. The weight of the athlete is divided between the hands and knees. Look fixed on the floor. The muscles of the whole body should be tensed to the maximum.

3. On exhalation, change the position of the hands, and touch the supporting surface with the chest.

4. Without stopping, slowly squeeze your hands and take the IP.

Dips 1. Stand vertically between sports equipment. Place the right and left limbs on the bars on the right and left, respectively.

2. Straighten your arms by lifting your legs from the supporting surface.

3. Bend your legs, cross each other and tighten.

4. Slowly change the position of the hands and lower to the formation of a right angle in the elbow joint.

5. Without stopping, take the IP.

Wide-arm push-ups The technique of push-ups from the floor is similar to the scheme of performing push-ups from the knees. The difference is only in the starting position. In this case, it is necessary:

1. Lie on a stable support.

2. Divide the body weight between the hands, placed 3’9 inch wider than the space between the shoulders, and the legs fixed on the toes.

Plyometric push ups The difference between plyometric push-ups from similar loads is the need to perform the exercise at a fast pace, applying an “explosive” force to return to its original position. The starting position in this case can be anything: kneeling, resting on a fitball or horizontal bench, and so on.
Deep push ups To perform deep push-ups, it is necessary to choose small elevations as points of support. It can be 2 benches, 2 chairs or 2 books located on the floor.

With dumbbells

By correctly selecting the working weight of the dumbbells, you can effectively strengthen the muscles of the chest in 3-4 weeks of regular training at home or in the gym. The optimal weight of a sports apparatus for girls is considered to be 15 -22 pounds.

Training for the pectoral muscles for girls in the gym, at home

Title Execution method
“Layout” of dumbbells lying on a horizontal bench 1. Take the IP lying on a horizontal bench. Take dumbbells of working weight in your hands. The back should be put to the bench, and the feet should be placed on the floor.

2. Simultaneously with the exhalation, part the upper limbs to the sides, bending them in the elbow joint.

3. Having formed a straight line consisting of the upper limbs and chest, without stopping, straighten and reduce the upper limbs, thus assuming the initial position.

Pullover 1. Sit horizontally, choosing a bench as a support (lying on the floor, this exercise will not work).

2. Hold 1 dumbbell of the working mass with both hands. Arrange your arms so that the sports equipment is directly above your face.

3. Simultaneously with the exhalation, slightly bend your arms, and take the dumbbell behind your head until the upper parts of the limbs take a parallel position in relation to the floor.

4. Without stopping, return to the original position.

Straightening arms from a vertical position 1. Take a standing position. Pick up weights. Put the legs at a distance equal to the distance between the shoulders, make a slight deflection in the thoracic spine.

2. Hands, without bending, to withdraw to the sides until the formation of a parallel in relation to the floor.

3. Simultaneously with the exhalation, without changing the actual location of the body, reduce the upper limbs so that the dumbbells are directly in front of the athlete’s chest.

4. Hold in this position for 3-5 seconds.

5. To part hands, having returned to a starting position.

Training program

The scheme of exercises for pumping the pectoral muscles, regardless of the place of employment, should be drawn up by an experienced fitness instructor who has an idea of the actual health of a particular girl.

In the absence of financial ability to use the services of a specialist, the following options can be taken as a basis for self-drawing up a training scheme. They are designed for athletes under the age of 40 years who do not have restrictions associated with sports.

In the gym:

  1. Lesson on a treadmill (or other cardio) – 15 min.
    Training for the pectoral muscles for girls in the gym, at home
  2. Breeding weights from a horizontal position – 4 sets of 10 reps (4 * 10).
  3. Squats with a barbell – 3 * 20.
  4. The reduction of straight arms with weighting from a vertical position – 2 * 35.
  5. Dumbbell bench press from the chest – 4 * 15.
  6. Exercise on a stationary bike (or other cardio) – 20 minutes.

At home:

  1. Running with high hips – 5 min.
  2. Push-ups from the floor (classic or from the knees) – 4 * 15.
  3. The emphasis on the wall is 3 * 20.
  4. Squeezing the palms in front of you – 3 * 40 sec.
  5. The pose “Warrior” from yoga – 3 * 15.
  6. Pose “Camel” – 3 * 15.
    Training for the pectoral muscles for girls in the gym, at home
  7. Walking on hands – 2 min.
  8. Jumping rope – 7 – 10 minutes (the exact amount of time is determined by the physical preparation of a particular athlete).

Successful training aimed at working out the pectoral muscles should imply a gradual increase in load. Otherwise, as the body becomes accustomed to a given level of activity intensity, the effectiveness of the exercises will rapidly decrease.

To avoid this, before starting classes, you should carefully consider the complex, which is best done together with a professional fitness trainer.

Video about training the chest muscles of a girl

Features of the training of the female breast:

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