Pull-ups in the gravitron for girls. What muscles work, technique

Pull-ups are basic exercises that help strengthen the upper body. These exercises are performed on a horizontal bar or bar that can support body weight. Gravitron is a simulator that is in demand, due to its multifunctionality, it helps to master the pull-up technique at any level of training.

The essence and basic principles of pulling up in a gravitron for girls

Gravitron is based on a counterweight system, it is used for pull-ups and push-ups.

Pull-ups in the gravitron for girls. What muscles work, technique
Pull-ups in a gravitron for girls: execution technique and results

There are several types of gravitrons that are classified by type of use:

  • for pull-ups;
  • for push-ups on the uneven bars;
  • for comprehensive training;
  • cast constructions with a predefined weight.

For gyms, complex simulators are acquired, which consist of several parts sequentially fixed:

  • horizontal bar, suitable for pull-ups with a wide grip option;
  • handrails;
  • guides with a load located on them, which are called a counter-balance;
  • movable type platform, 2 steps.

Pull-ups in the gravitron for girls. What muscles work, techniqueThe complex simulator reaches 8’2 foot in height and takes up a lot of space during installation. Work on the gravitron begins after detailed consultations with a specialist who explains the principle of operation.

Simulators with a counterweight appeared in the second half of the 19th century, thanks to Gustav Zender, a doctor from Stockholm. He combined 27 different simulators in one territory and studied methods of working out different muscle groups.

Gravitron in its modern form was created by leading experts in the fitness area. It is suitable for both beginner athletes and professionals, as well as people who want to keep fit.

During classes on the gravitron, back muscles are pumped with simultaneous strengthening of the abdominal muscles. Pull-ups in the gravitron strengthen the muscle corset. This is achieved by regular classes, which are based on a reasonable approach.

Pull-ups in the gravitron for girls. What muscles work, technique

The advantages of training on a gravitron:

  1. The ability to learn how to pull up at any stage of preparation. It’s very difficult for girls to learn how to pull up on the horizontal bar, so the use of a simulator with a well-thought-out counterbalance system becomes popular.
  2. The ability to work out the muscles on the back in detail . Gravitron is designed to pump back muscles in the first place, but at the same time the press is tightened.
  3. Ability to increase grip strength . Thanks to daily training, endurance develops, and the ability to maintain weight increases.
  4. The formation of proper posture. Hanging on the horizontal bar, pumping muscles, increasing intervertebral space due to regular exercise leads to the alignment of the vertebrae, eliminates fatigue in the cervical spine, which is often the cause of stoop.
  5. Waistline formation. This item simulates young women. When pulling up using a wide grip, a type of figure is formed in which the waist becomes narrow by eliminating fat deposits, and the shoulders become more voluminous, which makes the waist narrow visually.

A feature of the gravitron is a competent choice of a counterweight. For those who begin to master the pull-up technique, it is recommended to install a counterweight at the border of 70-80% of their own weight. Gradually, this figure is reduced, making the load more tangible.

The pull-up technique in graviton can be different. Different muscles are worked out depending on the type of grip. Each group improves overall appearance.

Pull-ups in the gravitron for girls. What muscles work, technique

The lower part of the trapezius muscle and biceps Toning the muscles of the hands, creating a relief, eliminating sagging skin
Chest muscles Form a beautiful line, lift the chest
Large round and deltoid muscles Eliminate stoop, form correct posture
Latissimus dorsi Helps to eliminate excess fatty folds, improve the overall appearance
Abdominal muscles Create relief, are the basis for creating cubes on the stomach

Indications for the start of the use of pull-ups in the gravitron for girls

Pullups may be recommended by your doctor. Most often, the technique of performing exercises in a gravitron helps to cope with posture problems. Traction can be shown in cases where abrasion occurs between the vertebrae, which causes pain.

The movements during the complex of exercises should be smooth, without jerking or displacement in different directions.

  1. When diagnosing osteochondrosis of the lumbar or thoracic, exercises with hanging on the horizontal bar and regular pull-ups are shown. An increase in the space between the vertebrae is a preventive measure to prevent pinching of the nerve endings.
  2. With kyphosis , pull-ups in a gravitron with full or wide grip are allowed.
  3. With lordosis, classes are allowed to correct arising curvatures.

Pull-ups in a gravitron are suitable:

  • novice athletes;
  • professional athletes pumping different muscle groups;
  • people who have problems with posture;
  • those who need to strengthen the muscle corset.

Pull-ups in the gravitron are especially important for girls, because they form a beautiful tightened back and at the same time help to achieve weight loss due to thoughtful loads on different muscle groups.

Contraindications to pulling up in a gravitron for girls

Gravitron is a multifunctional simulator, for which you need to rely on the strength of your own hands.

The simulator does not fit:

  1. People with serious injuries to the elbows or shoulders. This may be the consequences of fractures, complications of diseases. When pulling up, the flexors and extensors are actively involved, so previously injured hands can provoke severe consequences in the form of sprains, cracks, gusts.
  2. Those who are diagnosed with the last stage of a herniated
    disc. At this stage, any physical activity is prohibited.

Useful training tips

Pull-ups in the gravitron for girls are effective subject to the basic rules:

Pull-ups in the gravitron for girls. What muscles work, technique

  1. At all stages of pulling up, the back is left flat, straight, avoiding deflections in the lumbar.
  2. At the lower point of movement, the arms are left slightly bent at the elbows, completely not straightening. This technique is necessary in order to minimize the risk of injury to the elbow joint.
  3. At the upper point of the movement, they hang for 1-2 seconds in order to get the maximum benefit from pulling up.
  4. Lowering down is carried out smoothly and evenly, and lifting up is performed with concentration of strength and maximum tension of the back muscles.
  5. Before the start of the lesson, they warm up and stretch their muscles, which reduces the risk of injury.
  6. When planning a lesson, the number of approaches and repetitions matters. The best option: 3-4 approaches with 12-15 repetitions.
  7. Throughout the pull-ups, they monitor the breathing technique. This is one of the components that affects the final result. On exhalation, maximum muscle tension, body lift are carried out. When inhaling, they occupy the starting position.

Fitness instructors recommend experimenting with a grip technique. This helps to choose a more comfortable grip and increases the effectiveness of pulling up, acting on different muscle groups.

On the gravitron use one of the main types of grip:

  1. Wide. Hands are placed on the crossbar with palms from themselves. The palms are parallel to the shoulders. To get a narrow waist and expand the upper back, focus on this kind of grip.
  2. Full. The palms are positioned towards themselves, while the elbows are raised forward to the maximum value. When pulling the chin should be flush with the bar. This grip option is used to fully pump the pectoral muscle.
    Pull-ups in the gravitron for girls. What muscles work, technique
  3. Back. Hands have palms towards themselves, slightly narrower than shoulder width. This approach is used for pumping biceps.

The main set of exercises in the gravitron for girls

The training program for beginner girls includes 3 times a week. The set of exercises is designed so that the counterweight will be set at 75-80% of its own weight. In this case, the initial position is taken into account.

They stand on the steps with both legs and transfer the weight of the body to the legs, this will further redistribute their own weight and get maximum benefits from the use of counterbalance.

1 day (3 sets with 10 repetitions):

  • pull-ups with the establishment of a wide grip, when the palms are located at shoulder width;
  • push-ups from the bars;
  • pull-ups using reverse grip when hands are set with palms facing you;
  • full grip pull-ups, creating maximum tension when the chin approaches the bar.

After a day, they work out the muscles of the biceps and triceps.

2 day (5 sets of 8 repetitions):

  • full-grip pull-ups;
  • push-ups on the uneven bars.

The third training session of the week is aimed at working on the muscles of the abs and legs.

3 day (4 sets of 20 repetitions):

  • they hang on the horizontal bar, straightening their back, raise their legs to indicate the right angle between the line of legs and back;
  • stand on the steps to lift the legs, rise on socks and lower to the heels.

Gravitron training program for girls who already have pull-ups and work out 3 times a week:

Monday 30 pull-ups with a wide, reverse and full grip.
Wednesday 40 pull-ups, push-ups on parallel bars
Friday 80 lifts of legs from a position of a hang on a horizontal bar, and also lifting of each leg alternately 30 times.

Result fixing

Strength training according to a specially planned program ends with exercises that consolidate the main effect.

Pull-ups in the gravitron for girls. What muscles work, technique

They are aimed at a full load of pumped muscles:

  • after 1 day, add the maximum possible number of pull-ups in the usual way;
  • after 2 and 3 days do the maximum number of push-ups.

Athletes call this approach “muscle building”. The muscles are given 1 day to rest. After the third day, the muscles relax for 2-3 days. This program is effective for girls who set themselves the goal of achieving harmony, drying the upper body.

In addition to classes, it is recommended to adhere to the rules of nutrition, make sure that the body receives a sufficient amount of liquid, as well as proteins and carbohydrates.

Opinions on pulling up in a gravitron for girls

According to fitness instructors, the gravitron is ideal for young girls in order to learn pull-ups. Most of them note that girls often underestimate the importance of this basic exercise. In fact, pull-ups form a figure with a pronounced waistline, which is especially valuable.

Pull-ups in the gravitron for girls. What muscles work, technique

Instructors notice that the gravitron is a simulator that facilitates the approach to the implementation of power systems by creating a counterweight. An experienced fitness trainer, A. Belov, believes that the main thing at the training stage for pull-ups is to avoid the basic mistake made by beginners. He calls such a mistake rounding the back during the execution of the main exercise.

When to expect an effect

The process of strength training on a gravitron for beginners is conventionally divided into stages:

  • at the first stage, it is important for beginner girls to ensure that the pull-up technique does not contain;
  • the next step will require a period during which the number of pull-ups will be brought to the amount specified by the lesson plan;
  • the final stage is regular classes in compliance with the rules.

Given that the program of pull-ups in the gravitron is designed for 3 times a weekly performance, instructors do not guarante
e quick results.

The first results will become noticeable after 7 weeks, subject to a systematic approach. First of all, biceps are formed, as well as the latissimus dorsi. At the same time take into account the change of grip, lower counterweight. The maximum indicator is a reduction in cargo up to 20%.

Gravitron is a simulator that helps to master the pull-up technique in a short time. For girls, this technique is important for the formation of a stretched back, beautiful posture. When planning classes, pay attention to the type of grip, the position of the legs on the steps and the correct position of the back.

Gravitron pull-up video tutorial for girls

How to properly pull up on a gravitron:

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