How to reduce calves on the legs for girls in volume. Effective exercises

A slender figure is the dream object of most girls. For some, nature gave ideal proportions, and for others – the need to work sweat to achieve them. One of the most common problems is calves on legs. Is it possible to reduce them and how to do it – a question that many want to get an answer to.

Why do caviar grow stout

The calf muscles help a person move. Walking, running and jumping are the main activities where they are involved.

They can increase in size excessively for the following reasons:

  • Overweight. If the girl is worried about the fullness, then part of the excess fat may be contained in the calf area. However, fat on the limbs is deposited last. If there is little excess weight, then the reason is most likely different.
  • Overtraining. It can occur in girls involved in sports where the strength and volume of the calf muscles are important. Cycling, bodybuilding and equestrian sports – for those engaged in these types of loads, the calf size will be very impressive.
  • Swelling. A fairly common reason for the increase in calf volume. Often occurs during pregnancy, excessive salt intake, heart disease and the circulatory system. How to reduce calves on the legs for girls in volume. Effective exercises
  • Genetics. The most basic reason. If one of the parents’ caviar is powerful and pumped up, then the child has a chance to inherit the same feature of the figure.

Both predisposition and overweight require a special approach to reduce the calf volume in girls. To solve this problem, there are special techniques that will help bring your feet in order.

Methods to reduce pumped calves

If a girl is involved in sports where a lot of calf strength is required, then over time these muscles acquire an impressive volume. If the problem of large calves bothers a person more than sports achievements, then the very first recommendation is to stop this type of training.

In this case, the eggs themselves decrease over time. However, this result will not always be enough. In this case, physical activity will come to the rescue again. Only this time the methodology of the training process will be different.

Here are its main features:

  1. Work with light weights . No record approaches for taking maximum weight. The burden should be such that a person can do at least 20 repetitions with him. At first, you can work with the weight of your own body, without additional weighting.
  2. A large number of repetitions. There is no exact quantity. It is necessary to load the muscle until a strong burning sensation is felt. Typically, this effect is achieved with 25–40 repetitions.
  3. Avoidance of explosive loads. To reduce the volume of the calf muscles, the loads should be low-intensity, but prolonged. The main task is to tire the muscle with light, but monotonous and long work.

Watching the athletes, you can notice an interesting fact. A large amount of muscle are those of them whose task is to quickly make a record volume of work. An example is sprinters. They are big and powerful.

The second example is marathon runners. They are thin and slender. Their task is to produce low-intensity, but continuous work. To reduce the volume of pumped calves, you need to make them hardy “marathon runners”.

Slimming calves with excess weight

How to reduce calves on legs – for girls this issue is extremely important. If their excessive volume is caused by excess weight, then this issue is solved by losing weight. It is impossible to get rid of fat on calves locally. Have to lose weight entirely.

It is important to limit the daily calorie intake. How to reduce calves on the legs for girls in volume. Effective exercises

How many calories to consume is an individual question, but there are approximate values:

Desired weight Recommended Daily Calories
110 pounds 1500 kcal
121 pounds 1650 kcal
132 pounds 1800 kcal
143 pounds 1950 kcal
154 pounds 2100 kcal

You need to choose a value based on the nearest desired weight. If a girl weighing 165 pounds wants to lose weight up to 132 pounds, then calorie needs to be reduced gradually. First, up to 2100 kcal per day, after reaching the level of 154 pounds – up to 1950 kcal per day, and so on.

To lose weight, just follow the amount of calories consumed. But in order for the body to become slim and elastic, it is necessary to monitor the quality of food consumed. Eat less fast food and more green vegetables. Do not overeat at night and reduce the consumption of sweets.

So that the legs do not just decrease, but become slim and seductive, it is worth adding exercises to train them.

Stretching exercises to reduce calves

Stretching calves after training helps the body quickly get rid of lactic acid in this muscle group, and also prevents cramping and cramping.

Useful stretching techniques that will allow you to effectively recover and reduce the calf muscles:

  1. Settle on the floor or any hard surface. Fold your legs in front of you. The knees are straight and do not bend. Slowly tilt the body to the knees, trying to reach the ankles with your hands. Measure for 10 seconds. Perform at least 10 times. How to reduce calves on the legs for girls in volume. Effective exercises
  2. Stand with your chest against the wall one step away from it. With any leg, take a step forward, resting your elbows on the wall. Leave the second leg straight. Gently lower the heel of the hind leg and hold it in this position for 3-5 seconds. Repeat 12 times.
  3. Located 19’7 – 27’6 inch from the vertical surface. Bend over and rest on it with your hands. The legs are perfectly straightened. Heels of both legs are slowly pressed to the floor and fixed for 2-3 seconds. Repeat at least 20 times.


Inclinations to the lower leg stretch the legs and belt, strengthening the body and raising the tone of these muscle groups.

How to properly tilt the lower leg:

  1. Standing, spread your legs 2’3 – 3’3 foot. Gently tilt, trying to reach with your hands to the surface. At the extreme point, stay 1–2 seconds. Repeat 10 times. How to reduce calves on the legs for girls in volume. Effective exercises
  2. In the same position, try to lean toward each of the legs in turn. To the right leg you need to pull the left hand and vice versa. Repeat the lesson on 5 time., Making tilts left and right alternately.
  3. As flexibility increases, repeat the complex with a narrower setting of the legs. If the hands touch the floor when the legs are 11’8 – 19’7 inch wide, the result is very good. A great result is to reach the floor with your palms, keeping your feet together

Leg lift

The complex is similar to the previous one, but performed while sitting.

  1. Sit on the floor, spreading your legs as straight as possible.
  2. Put your hands behind your back, bend it forward. In the pose, you need to fix for 10-20 seconds, preparing the body for further loads.
  3. Extend your arms to the side of any of the feet, trying to reach the big toes with your brush. The head at this moment looks down and seeks to touch the knee. Fix at the bottom point for 1-3 seconds. Gently straighten up. How to reduce calves on the legs for girls in volume. Effective exercises
  4. Repeat alternately for each of the legs. Perform 10 repetitions alternately changing legs. Exercise is required to be done smoothly and without jerking.

Climbing toes

Fitness trainers know how to reduce calves on their feet for girls. They recommend that mandatory toe lifts be included in the training scheme. Subject to the correct technique, exercise is considered the best technique for reducing calf volume.

The correct technique of classes:

  1. To stand on a small elevation, gallon 3’9 – 5’9 inch. You can use the step, or put a few solid books.
  2. It is necessary to stand on socks, to keep your hand behind a wall or any stationary object. The heels should protrude beyond the level of elevation and be in the air.
  3. It is necessary to slowly lower the heels down and sharply return them to their original position. Ideally – go down within 3 seconds, return within 1 second.
  4. Repeat at least 20 times, ideally 30-50 times. After exercise, the muscles should burn. How to reduce calves on the legs for girls in volume. Effective exercises

When the exercise becomes simple, you need to start doing it for the legs in turn.


Lunges are an excellent exercise for the comprehensive strengthening of the muscles of the legs. It is useful not only for calves, but also for the hips and buttocks. How to reduce calves on the legs for girls in volume. Effective exercises

  1. To stand upright, legs at a distance of 7’9 – 11’8 inch. Hands are lowered down parallel to the body.
  2. Take a middle step forward. Hands for balance can be pulled forward. The front leg bends at an angle of 90 °. The thigh should be parallel to the surface for training. The hind leg bends at a right angle, the knee almost touches the ground.
  3. Hold in position for 1 sec. Get into the starting position, leaning on the hind leg.
  4. Repeat for the other limb. The total number of repetitions is 10 time. for each leg.

Knees to the sternum

The complex contributes to the development of the muscles of the hips and lower leg.

Perform it as follows:

  1. Lie on the floor. Legs lie together, socks extended.
  2. Bend the leg at the knee, pull it to the sternum, trying to lay the knee on the stomach as much as possible. Socks are still tight. Fix for 1-2 seconds.
  3. Without lifting your knee, try to straighten your leg. Now you need to pull the socks in the opposite direction. Lock at top for 1 second.

Abduction of the legs

The lesson is aimed at lifting the buttocks, stretching the back of the thigh and lower leg.

How to reduce calves on the legs for girls in volume. Effective exercises
To reduce the calves on the legs using the exercise “leg abduction” for girls, it is recommended to attach an expander
  1. Stand upright. You can hold onto something for sustainability.
  2. Gently without bending, alternately take your legs back. The body at this time leans forward.
  3. Fix the foot at the highest point for 1-3 seconds. Slowly lower it to its original position.
  4. Do a minimum of 10 repetitions on each side.

The complex at home

How to reduce calves on legs – for girls at home, this question is not easy. But the task is doable. The set of measures will consist of stretching and exercises that do not require sports equipment.

With a stretch, everything is clear – what and how to pull was discussed above. It remains to list the exercises that you can do at home.

Rope classes

The most affordable type of exercise. Isolates caviar in work, effectively loading them. How to reduce calves on the legs for girls in volume. Effective exercises

To jumps brought effect, you need to follow the technique of the exercise:

  • The jump should be low. Literally 0’8 – 1’2 inch to jump the rope.
  • Rotate the rope with your hands. The forearms and shoulders are completely excluded from this process.
  • The back should be straight and the legs slightly bent.
  • Jumps are performed exclusively on the toes in order to accentuate the load on the calves and exclude the effect on the spine.

Alternate toe-up

Spread one and a half shoulder widths, turn the socks outward and crouch slightly. The pose is similar to the one occupied by sumo wrestlers before the fight. Keep your back straight.

Without changing your posture, you need to alternately climb the socks, first with one foot, then the other. This exercise statically loads the hips and trains the calf muscles.


Squats “gun” – a powerful tool for a comprehensive training of legs. How to reduce calveson the legs for girls in volume. Effective exercises

Technique of execution:

  1. Get up straight, feet together. Hand hold on to any emphasis.
  2. Squat on one leg, stretching the other leg forward. The free foot does not touch the ground.
  3. At the lower point, the heel of the supporting leg on the ground should be kept.

The exercise is repeated 3-5 times with alternating legs. Gradually, you need to bring the number of repetitions to 10.

Gym workout

Classes at home are good, but gym classes are more effective. This happens because the fitness club has the opportunity to use additional shells and weights. They increase the effectiveness of training, allowing you to quickly achieve the desired result. Here are examples of working exercises.

Leg press

Exercise in a special simulator. How to reduce calves on the legs for girls in volume. Effective exercises

Unlike the usual press technique on this projectile, to reduce the calf muscles, you must use the following technique:

  • Set your feet below the platform. Heels should be in the air.
  • The legs are slightly bent and do not change their position. All work is done exclusively by socks.
  • Extra weight is not installed on the platform. She squeezes up only with her toes. The execution speed is high, the amplitude is small. The number of repetitions – until a strong burning sensation. Not less than 20-30.

Dumbbell Socks

The exercise is similar to the previously discussed climb on toes. For best performance, you need to take dumbbells in each hand. Weight – individual, but such that you can perform 15-20 repetitions. Technique of execution – smooth lowering and quick rise.

Exercises for weight loss pumped calf legs

In addition to the considered methods, it will be effective to add cardio load. This will help to comprehensively affect the muscles of the lower leg and systematically reduce their volume.

High-intensity cardio must be avoided – no weight training and extra weight jumping. It is also necessary to control the diet so that excess calories do not go into unnecessary building material.


One of the best ways to reduce calves. The fastest long-distance running is most effective. It is best to run in the fresh air – oxygen saturation of the blood contributes to better results. How to reduce calves on the legs for girls in volume. Effective exercises

To reduce the size of calves, sprints should not be run – with such a load, they can only grow.

Elliptical trainer

Sometimes there is no physical ability to run. With flat feet, running is contraindicated, and often there is simply no suitable landscape around. In this case, an elliptical trainer will help.

The principle of working with it is the same as when running – minimum intensity and maximum duration.


Swimming does not focus specifically on calves. Its advantage is the combined strengthening of body muscles and improved blood flow. Due to this, metabolism is improved and fat burning is stimulated.

Swimming alone will not help reduce calf size. But it can increase the effect of other exercises.

Exercise bike

Effective tool only when working with low intensity. How to reduce calves on the legs for girls in volume. Effective exercisesNo interval programs, only monotonous pedaling with a low level of complexity. To achieve the effect you need to do at least 40-60 minutes in a row.

Professional Tips

For girls who want to learn how to reduce calves on their legs, the following professional tips will be helpful: follow a diet, stretch your muscles after each workout, exercise regularly and not skip workouts. Under these conditions, any result is achievable. The main thing is discipline and perseverance.

Video on how to reduce calf on legs

Exercises to help reduce calf on legs:

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