How to make legs thin and slender at home: exercises, diet, yoga

The beauty of a woman is sung in many works of art. The enthusiastic looks of the fans caress the smooth skin, sophisticated figure and slim legs of women. A healthy lifestyle, exercise will not only relieve stress, but also support the health and beauty of the fair sex.

How to make legs slim in 2 weeks

Beauty criteria for the legs of the fair sex are quite simple:

  • The absence of excess body fat on them.
  • Developed and expressive muscle structure.
  • Elastic, velvety skin.

In order to become slimmer, you must perform the following steps:

  • Perform a special exercise program regularly.
  • Review the nutritional structure and strictly observe the norms of the developed regime.
  • Carry out special cosmetic procedures.

Within 2 weeks of regular training, a person develops a habit of performing these operations. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to live in a developed rhythm and enjoy the feeling of health and good mood. To please yourself and your loved ones with your own sophistication and beauty.

Most representatives of the fair half often after birth are overweight or lose weight excessively, striving for perfection. Finding a middle ground and maintaining it is much more difficult.

In order to increase the expressiveness and muscle volume of very thin legs, it is necessary to follow the following recommendations:

  1. Exercise rhythmically, without missing classes.
  2. In the exercise program, reduce the share of endurance exercises: running, cycling, brisk walking, aerobics. How to make legs thin and slender at home: exercises, diet, yoga
  3. When performing exercises, reduce the number of repetitions and increase the mass of weights. It is useful to strive, to overcome muscle fatigue, to fight with the last effort, since this is the only way to build new muscle tissue on the legs. Once a week, increase the mass of dumbbells or weights used in the classroom. Care must be taken when working with heavy weight, to feel the difference between stress pain and damage to muscles or ligaments. The best option is to engage under the supervision of an experienced mentor.
  4. Exercise should be performed more intensively – quickly and powerfully. This style contributes to the rapid increase in muscle.
  5. It is necessary to work out various muscle groups in different workouts, giving individual muscles rest for recovery and growth.
  6. It is necessary to eat properly and fully. There are fish, meat, chicken to supplement protein, fruits and vegetables to supplement vitamin and minerals. Vegetarians can use bean curd, chicken eggs and beans. Limit sugar and flour products.
  7. It is recommended to drink at least 0,5 gallon of pure water per day.

Women with full legs have the following program of action:

  1. Exercises are recommended to be performed daily, and they must be correctly selected – this is a key point for getting slender legs.
  2. Walk at least 10000 steps a day ( 3 – 4 mile) or take 15-20 minutes. jogging. Riding a bicycle will also have a beneficial effect on the desired result. Swimming tones the muscles of the body and has a healing effect on the mental state.
  3. Perform exercises on the Pilates system, focusing on stretching the muscles and tendons.
  4. Exclude fatty, sweet and rich flour products from the diet. Instead of bread, it is better to eat oatmeal.
  5. Eat more protein: fish, chicken breasts, lean meat.
  6. Include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. The dietary fiber contained in them helps to reduce body fat. How to make legs thin and slender at home: exercises, diet, yoga
  7. Drink more pure water – at least 9-10 glasses a day. The liquid intensively removes toxins from the body and provides the skin with smoothness and a healthy appearance.

In women, fat is distributed evenly throughout the body, so it is impossible to remove it from some local areas. General, uniform weight loss is necessary.

Nutrition Rules for Thin Legs

60% of the result in a set of leg muscle mass depends on nutrition.

With proper, balanced nutrition, the body receives:

  • Proteins – proteins (fish, eggs, meat, cottage cheese) – this is the material for the growth of muscle tissue.
  • Complex carbohydrates provide the body with energy for growth. Eat only complex (slow) carbohydrates – buckwheat, pasta from hard varieties, rice. Vegetable products are rich in fiber, necessary for high-quality assimilation of proteins, and trace elements.
  • Unsaturated fats allow hormones necessary for building muscle to appear. Contained in sea fish, seafood, soybeans, leafy vegetables, nuts, fish oil, sunflower and linseed oil.
  • Water removes decay products and provides the entire life cycle of the body.

You need to eat 5-6 times a day in small quantities, in the diet should be complex carbohydrates, proteins, fiber. With this nutrition cycle, metabolism is accelerated, which contributes to muscle growth. You should start the day with carbohydrates and end with protein. The last meal 2 hours before bedtime, consisting of protein and fiber.

The number of kilocalories needed per person per day to maintain the existing weight can be calculated by the formula – WEIGHT (pounds) x 30 = …….. Kcal. To increase muscle mass, you need to consume the following number of kilocalories in food – the result obtained plus 300 Kcal.

In an optimal diet, the following proportional composition is required:

  • 15-20% – fats;
  • 55-60% – complex carbohydrates;
  • 25-30% – proteins.

The content of kilocalories per 100 g of product can be found on the Internet.

Leg workout to build muscle

Slender legs – exercises to increase muscle mass are simple to perform. The main principle is the maximum power efforts when performing dynamic training and the maximum time when implementing static exercises.

Loads increase gradually, the number of repetitions should be at least 8 and no more than 12. Do not forget to do the warm-up approach, the total number of approaches is 3-4.

1. Step on the hill. How to make legs thin and slender at home: exercises, diet, yoga

  • Stand in front of the sports bench straight, lower your arms with dumbbells or bend your elbows to increase the load on your hands.
  • Get on the bench with your right foot, then put the second, climbing onto the shell.
  • For a deeper study of the muscle, raise the right leg above the bench, simulating the climb up the stairs. Keep multiple knee bills at a 90 degree angle.
  • Perform the exercise with the other leg.

2. Static muscle training – “Stool”.

  • To stand with your back to a partition or wall and step back a little from it.
  • Take your time and sit down on the stool you are imagining. To simulate sitting on a stool from 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Press the back and head to the septum, hold 90 degrees in the knee.
  • Straighten your legs and rise. Break
    – 30 sec.

3. Squat with dumbbells.

  • Put your feet shoulder-width apart, raise your chin, arms with dumbbells lowered along the body.
  • Squat slowly until a right angle is formed in the knee. Get up.

4. Lunges with dumbbells. How to make legs thin and slender at home: exercises, diet, yoga

  • Stand straight, arms with dumbbells down along the body. Take a step with your foot, based on the entire surface of the foot.
  • Keep 90 degrees in the knee, keeping balance. The second leg is extended and the knee is on the floor.
  • Return the leg to its original position, lunging with the second leg.

Before using weighting materials, you should practice the technique of the exercise.

Special diet to make legs slim and slender

Slender legs (exercises should complement proper nutrition) can only be obtained with the right attitude and patience. Desire, motivation, plan and the will to obtain a result are the 4 components for achieving any goal.

Do not limit yourself to a small set of certain products, following the recommendation of a diet. Armed with the basic principles of creating balanced diets, everyone will be able to develop their own diet and achieve their goal.

  1. Calculate the number of kilocalories for daily intake needed to maintain today’s body weight using the above formula.
  2. Subtract 300 Kcal from the result. A norm has been obtained above which it is impossible to rise.
  3. Reduce the carbohydrate content in the total share of foods to 35% and fats to 15%, increase the proportion of proteins and fiber, respectively.
  4. Create a diet for every day of the week, using the Internet data on the energy value of products.
  5. Eat 5-6 times a day. In the morning there are more complex carbohydrates, and in the second protein with fiber.
  6. Drink at least 0,7 gallon of water per day.

With intense physical exertion, the body begins to burn its own fat and form new muscle mass. Due to the fact that fat is lighter than muscles, body weight may vary slightly. You must continue to diet and exercise.

Slim leg exercises: burning fat

Slender legs: exercises for effective burning of body fat are presented below. The main emphasis should be placed on exercises that develop endurance with a large number of repetitions without weighting.

Exercises are performed daily, the duration of each exercise is 5 minutes. on the first day, the next day add 1 min, until the end of the week bring the duration to 10 minutes. If the exercise is 10 minutes. easy to do, you can take weighting materials.

1. Squat “Plie”. How to make legs thin and slender at home: exercises, diet, yoga

  • Put your legs wider than your shoulders, open your socks, raise your chin, arms extended forward.
  • Squat slowly until a right angle is formed in the knee. Get up.

2. Lunges (described above, only without a dumbbell).

3. Rise on socks.

  • To rise on socks on a low base, heels are hanging in the air, help to maintain balance with your hands, but without focusing on them.
  • On the inhale rise as high as possible on toes.
  • On exhalation – return, do not stoop your back.

4. The rise of the pelvis (gluteal bridge). How to make legs thin and slender at home: exercises, diet, yoga

  • Lie on your back, hands positioned along the body.
  • Bend your legs 90 degrees, feet rest on the feet.
  • Raise the pelvis as high as possible, exhale completely, focus on the area of the shoulder blades and the surface of the feet. At the top, hold the body for 4 seconds.
  • On inspiration, return the body to the floor.

5. Scissors.

How to make legs thin and slender at home: exercises, diet, yoga
Exercise “scissors” will help to make your legs slim in a short time.
  • Lie on your back, raise your legs 90 degrees.
  • Lap legs together and spread as far as possible to the sides. If the load is small, reduce the angle. At the same time, strive to reduce it to 10 degrees.

6. Swing with 4 legs

  • Kneel down and rest your hands on the floor. The head is in line with the body.
  • Do the swings in turn with the straight leg up with the largest amplitude.
  • Breathe freely, without delay.

In order for the effectiveness of training not to fall, you need to include new, more complex exercises and increase the load.

Strength exercises

Slender legs – exercises for the intensive development of the relief and convexity of the muscles of the legs and buttocks are discussed below.

If you perform the exercises described above, with weighting and the maximum possible repetition of 10-12 times, overcoming muscle fatigue, the muscles will begin to grow rapidly. The next stage of working out the muscles of the legs should be carried out in the gym with an experienced mentor, since it is necessary to study and perform the correct exercise technique.

Heavy loads can result in serious personal injury and personal injury.

A complex of yoga asanas for slim legs: 30 minutes a day

In the philosophical tradition of yoga, strong legs – determine the connection with the present, self-confidence and awareness of one’s own actions. Weakness in the legs indicates an unstable psyche. Hatha yoga contains a large number of different static poses (asanas), they can be performed by people with different levels of training.

1. Virabhadrasana 1 (warrior pose). Strengthens the feet, tendons of the knees and buttocks muscles.

  • Stand up, legs spread wide.
  • Expand the right foot at a right angle, the left 50 degrees inward. Hands are lowered down along the body, hips are deployed towards the right knee. How to make legs thin and slender at home: exercises, diet, yoga
  • Inhaling the right leg in the knee joint, the thigh should be parallel to the floor. At the same time, raise your hands above your head, palms looking at each other. The left heel is pressed to the floor.
  • Hold the asana for 3 minutes.

2. Virabhadrasana 2. Affects the posterior area of the legs and quadriceps.

  • From the pose of a warrior, turn the body 90 degrees counterclockwise, spread your arms to the sides with your palms to the floor.
  • Keep your right foot in a bent position. Eyes look parallel to the hand.
  • Do not change posture for 3 minutes.

3. Utthita Parshvakonasana. Increases leg endurance.

How to make legs thin and slender at home: exercises, diet, yoga

  • From the asana, the posture of the warrior 2, release the forearm of the same name onto the right back leg.
  • The left hand, merging in one line with the body, reaches up.
  • Do not move for 3 minutes.

4. Vrikshasana. Develops the ability to maintain body balance.

  • Stand straight. Transfer body weight to the left foot.
  • Raise the right foot and press it to the other leg above the knee.
  • Hands in front of the chest in a prayer gesture.
  • Hold the asana for 3 minutes.

5. Utthita Hasta Padangushthasana allows you to stretch your muscles and make them stronger.

  • Stand straight. Press the right knee joint to the chest.
  • Grab your toe with your right palm and straighten your leg.
  • Keeping your balance, take your foot to the side.
  • Keep balance for 3 minutes.

Repeat the asanas complex with the left foot.

Slimming Leg Wrap

A wrap of the buttocks and hips will allow the body to absorb cellulite and restore their beautiful appearance. The principle of the effect of the procedure is similar to the processes of steam action on the body in the bath.

The pores of the skin open as much as possible, excess fluid and toxins go outside, the blood flow in the capillaries accelerates, the output of lymphatic fluid increases, and the dissolution of fats is activated. Due to this health-improving measure, not only weight loss occurs, but the skin restores its elasticity and firmness.

Program of actions during the procedure for wrapping a house:

  1. Take a warm bath, scrub the right places with a scrub.
  2. Apply to prepared areas of the body.
  3. Thoroughly wrap the hips and buttocks in a spiral wrap. It is important not to tighten the muscles, but to wind tightly in several layers.
  4. Put on woolen clothes and go to bed under a warm blanket. The procedure takes about an hour.
  5. At the end of the event, wash the medicinal composition, treat the areas of influence with a moisturizing cream with anti-cellulite effect. How to make legs thin and slender at home: exercises, diet, yoga

It is necessary to check the composition for individual allergic intolerance before starting the procedure.

Use various compositions for wrapping:

  • clay of the Dead Sea;
  • seaweed;
  • honey;
  • essential oils;
  • Apple vinegar;
  • coffee.

The compositions are made according to special recipes. To obtain the maximum effect, it is necessary to conduct 10-15 daily procedures, combined with dieting and a moving lifestyle. Eating should be no earlier than an hour before the procedure, and you must refrain from eating after it for an hour.

In chronic diseases, the procedure is dangerous to health.

Scrub peeling for thin legs

Apply the scrub after taking a bath or shower, apply on damp skin. Massage in a circular motion of the buttocks and thighs for 10 minutes. During the procedure, rejuvenation of the skin occurs, skin defects and keratinized particles are removed. How to make legs thin and slender at home: exercises, diet, yoga

Scrub composition:

  • ground coffee – 3 tablespoon;
  • olive oil – half a glass;
  • a few drops – essential oils of peppermint or citrus.

The ingredients are carefully displaced, the scrub is ready.

Hiking for slim legs

Regular walks provide natural, gentle stress on the body. The body is rejuvenated, the vascular system, bones and ligaments are strengthened. The stress depressing the person is removed and the mood improves.

When walking, the smallest impact on the joints is a natural means of processing fats and calories. It is not contraindicated in chronic diseases.

The main thing is to begin to go to the goal – slender legs, good mood, perfect figure and overcoming difficulties not to get out of the way. Performing physical exercises, eating right, a person prolongs his life and fills it with bright moments.

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2 exercises that will make your legs slim in 1 week:

3-minute workout for slim legs:

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