Tubular breast – signs, correction surgery, breast lift, rehabilitation after plasty, reviews

Tubular breasts are one of the main aesthetic problems of women. Her presence often entails complexes and a desire to change this part of her appearance. That is why it is important to know what to do in such situations.

Tubular chest – which means what it looks like. Photo

The tubular breast is one of the defects of the mammary glands , in which it is stretched and it takes the form of a tube-like tube.

In this case, the nipples are flat, and do not protrude. Areoles are stretched and enlarged. Breasts are located at a great distance from each other.

The left and right breasts may differ and look asymmetrical. And although experts do not consider this a disease, girls prefer to eliminate this defect.

Causes and signs of chest tubularity. The degree of manifestation of tubularity

Specific causes of tubularity have not been established, but scientists are inclined to believe that the causes of tubular breast can be:

  • The dense connective tissue of the mammary glands, since it is not elastic, inhibits normal development. This reason leads to the fact that a woman’s breasts are quite small, as a rule, no more than 1 size.
  • The pectoral (submammary) fold is located higher.
  • The base of the mammary glands is smaller than the breast. This prevents the development of a regular conical shape of the mammary gland.

Experts call the main cause of such a defect a genetic predisposition. This pathology is diagnosed only after puberty is reached.

However, in most cases, the chest grows up and forward. Such growth of the mammary glands is determined by a rigid framework, which consists of connecting materials. An areolar hernia may occur if the glandular tissue protrudes through the areola of the nipple.

There are 3 degrees of tubular breast:

  1. At the first – the defect is slightly expressed: a slight deformation of the tissues below and inside the chest. The mammary gland protrudes slightly, the nipple looks down.
  2. In the second degree, the defect is more pronounced. On visual examination, a significant prolapse of the chest is observed, the areola reaches an even larger size, and the nipple is flat.
  3. In the third degree, the breast resembles the shape of a mushroom. Areola with a flat nipple resembles a hat, and the mammary gland resembles its leg. This form of the chest is formed due to the rather small base, as well as the connective tissue that clamps the glands in the cylinder.

Tubular breast after childbirth

After the birth of the baby and during breastfeeding, the shape of the breast is subject to change. But it cannot become tubular. This defect is not purchaseable.

Women with the first or second degrees of tubularity are not contraindicated in breastfeeding. A breast defect has no effect on the amount of milk. Owners of a tubular breast can have the same problems when feeding a child with women with a spherical shape of the breast. Tubular breast - signs, correction surgery, breast lift, rehabilitation after plasty, reviews

With asymmetry of degree 3, problems arise with the choice of posture, and it may also be inconvenient for the child to grab the nipple and areola. Therefore, you need to find a comfortable pose for both the mother and the child. Breast deformation does not affect lactation.

Tubular breast in a teenager

During puberty, signs of a tubular mammary gland may be observed.

During breast growth, the number of glands increases by 10-11 times, tubular lobules occur, which are mainly located on the periphery of the glands. But one can speak about a problem called “tubular breast” only after puberty, when the breast is fully formed.

Plastic surgery of the tubular breast – ways to correct the shape. Photos before and after. Price. Reviews

To correct the tubular breast, you should contact a plastic surgeon. A chest of a tubular form of the 1st degree is not the cause of surgery. If for a woman tubularity is the cause of psychological discomfort and an inferior sexual life, then it is worth performing plastic surgery of the form of the mammary glands.

Tubular breasts of the second and third degrees cause irreparable psychological harm. Therefore, women themselves come to the surgeons for help.

Specialists perform plastic surgery only after the diagnosis of “tubular breast”. During plastic surgery, breast correction is performed.

Surgical operations to correct the tubular breast are considered as the most difficult in plastic surgery. This is due to the unique features of each patient’s defect. For each case, plastic surgery specialists develop an individual plan for the correction of mammary tubularity.

When deciding on an operation, the psychological attitude is very important. A woman must be confident in her necessity and morally prepared for the results that may appear after the intervention.

Equally important is the choice of the clinic in which the plastic surgery is planned. And the most important thing is to make the right choice of a qualified plastic surgeon. The doctor should talk about the sequence of operations, warn about the possible consequences of surgery, to familiarize the patient with how to behave before and after the operation.

Before surgery, the patient is assigned a list of necessary tests, ultrasound of the mammary glands, as well as examination of doctors of related specialties.

Having studied the results and conclusions of specialists, the surgeon makes a decision on the operation.

The patient is advised not to eat heavy food on the eve of surgery, and in the evening light rest is required. In the morning it is forbidden to drink any liquids.

The attending doctor and anesthetist should know what drugs the woman is taking. Only with the permission of the surgeon on the day of surgery can you take something from drugs.

Tubular breast lift surgery

To eliminate the defect of the tubular breast, a lifting operation is performed. For this, periareolar mastopexy (tightening around the areola) is performed.

During the operation, the surgeon has several goals:

  • Position the nipple to the desired level;
  • Remove excess skin;
  • Eliminate asymmetry;
  • Reduce the size of the areola of the nipple;
  • Form a spherical shape of the chest.

Before performing the operation, the surgeon needs to mark. Apply it with ink in the places of cuts, at this moment the patient should be in a sitting position, arms hanging. The doctor under the breast gropes a crease, because normally the nipples are at a level with this crease. After that, the symmetry of the location of the nipples is determined, both vertically and horizontally.

The marking is carried out in advance, which reduces the time the patient is under anesthesia.

Stages of the operation:

  1. 2 cuts are performed. The first incision is made around the nipple, and the second copies the first at a short distance.
  2. Removal between cuts of the skin and sewing tissue to the nipple. In order to prevent overstretching of the joints and the areoles themselves in the recovery period, the stitching of incisions is performed using specialized equipment.
  3. Installing a drainage tube for bleeding and draining tissue fluid, which will help prevent inflammation.
  4. Sutures should be fixed with a surgical patch to reduce skin tension from different angles.

Tubular breast enlargement

Since the tubular breast rarely develops larger than the first size, most patients wish to enlarge their breasts.

During the operation, the areol of the nipple is reduced
and the implant is installed, a hernia is cut out. The implant is installed so that its upper edge is under the muscle, and the lower edge is under the gland. With an increase in breast size, correction can take place in two stages.

First of all, experts install an expander in the mammary gland. It is needed to stretch the connective tissue. In the second stage, the expander is replaced by an implant.

Installation of implants is considered the most successful option, which gives a positive result. Also, this does not interfere with further breastfeeding.

To give the breast a spherical shape, an operation in several stages is required:

  1. A periareolar incision, which opens penetration to the mammary gland. The incision is performed along the perimeter of the areola, which should result from the correction.
  2. Dissection of the gland and connective cords, thereby forming a pocket for implants. This will allow the doctor to straighten the breast tissue and close the implant with them.
  3. The shift of the chest fold to the level that will be harmonious. At this stage, excision of excess tissue will be performed.
  4. The establishment of implants, as a result, breast size increases and asymmetry is eliminated.
  5. Reducing the diameter of the areola.
  6. Suturing.

The degree of complexity of the operation affects its duration. The operation can be carried out from 2 to 3 hours.

Tubular Breast Correction

For the correction of the tubular breast, there are other methods.

One of them is mastopexy. It is used subject to the required size of the mammary glands. With mastopexy, surgeons displace tissues in the desired part of the chest. Such surgical intervention affects several parts of the chest, this leads to an increase in the recovery period and various complications.

The technique of plastic surgery is based on the borrowing of own adipose tissues. They are taken from the waist or hips.

As a result of this operation, two results are obtained: correction of a breast defect and liposuction. This fact increases the number of complications.

Correction of the tubular breast requires a change in the shape of the breast. Specialists rank such an operation as one of the most difficult in plastic surgery, which can only be trusted to be performed by a highly qualified doctor with rich experience. You can name the price of this operation only approximately. The following factors will influence the cost:

  • The level of qualification of the doctor;
  • Tubular breast implants, their quality and manufacturer;
  • The number of days the patient spent in the clinic.

On average, the cost of an operation to eliminate breast tubularity can vary from $ 1768 – $ 2448. In the capital, prices can reach 300000.

Correction of the tubular breast will entail positive changes in the woman’s life, therefore doctors advise not to save and not to postpone breast plastic surgery.

New non-invasive techniques are emerging to correct breast tubularity, but plastic surgery experts unanimously argue that plastic surgery is the best solution. Surgery gives a lasting result. With the help of modern technologies, breast plastic surgery is performed as safely as possible for the patient’s life and health.

Rehabilitation after surgery on the tubular breast – recommendations after discharge

After the operation, the patient is under the supervision of doctors for a day. If complications do not appear, then the patient is discharged home. For another 5 days, pain in the area of surgical sutures is possible. If they become stronger, it is worth taking analgesics.

In the recovery postoperative period, you should observe peace and observe your state of health.

A woman should come for dressings at a strictly scheduled time, you should not miss a single visit. In the absence of complications, the dressing is removed after 7 days, and the sutures are removed after 2 weeks.

The most important thing is within a month after plastic surgery – the patient must wear compression underwear. You can’t shoot it at night or during the day. After 4 weeks, you can only wear it in the daytime and play sports in it.

After surgery, for a week, a woman should sleep only on her back so as not to injure her breast.

Surgical sutures can not be wet one week after surgery. Only a surgeon after examining the stitches can allow a visit to the shower. You can not go to baths, saunas, baths and take a hot shower. To avoid excessive pressure on the chest, you must exclude the use of hard washcloths.

The patient should not make sharp movements with her hands, do not overstrain the muscles in the area of surgical sutures. This eliminates the appearance of postoperative complications.

Only 2 weeks after the operation, you can perform simple work with your hands. And after a month you can start simple exercises. But excessive loads should be avoided, as they will make the scars rough.

After the operation, ultraviolet rays should be avoided for a whole year, which means less exposure to the open sun.

During recovery after surgery, you should be calm and carefully monitor your well-being.

Exercises to restore the elasticity of sagging breasts

As you know, in its composition, the breast has adipose tissue. They are located between the mammary glands and the upper ribs. You can strengthen your chest with exercise, which will help change the shape and condition of the mammary glands.

To keep your chest in top condition, it’s important to do exercises for the chest and for posture. Perform a set of exercises is necessary at least 4 times a week. But 1 day a week is worth a break from training.

When performing exercises, you need to monitor their correct implementation. To prevent even more sagging breasts during sports, you must always wear a sports bra. Tubular breast - signs, correction surgery, breast lift, rehabilitation after plasty, reviews

Exercises for good posture:

  1. Lie on your back, arms folded along the body. It is necessary to close the shoulder blades and keep them in this position for about 10 seconds. Do 10-20 times.
  2. Lie on your back, arms with dumbbells spread apart. You need to raise your hands with dumbbells for a few seconds. Also do 10-20 times.
  3. Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, close your hands in a lock under your head. Raise the upper body, freeze in this position for 5 seconds. The main thing at this time is to look upward without straining your neck.
  4. Lie on your stomach, put your hands with dumbbells along the body. Perform on 4 accounts: 1 – hands to the sides; 2 – forward; 3 – to the sides; 4 – starting position. Repeat 15 times.
  5. Put the book on your head and walk around the apartment like that. Tubular breast - signs, correction surgery, breast lift, rehabilitation after plasty, reviews

Exercises for a beautiful chest:

  1. Standing, close your palms on the chest levels, and perform pressure with your palms on each other. Pressure exercise for 30 seconds. Repeat 3 times.
  2. Perform 15 push-ups from the floor, wall, bench. Repeat 3 times.
  3. Starting position: put your feet shoulder width apart, left hand on the thigh. Perform circular rotations with your right hand. Change hands and do the same. Perform in 3 stages of 10 rotations.
  4. Starting position: stand straight, join hands behind your back. Slowly raise and lower your arms. Perform in 3 stages 10 times.

Tubular breasts complicate the lives of girls and women. Modern medicine can correct this shortcoming. After bringing the tubular form to normal, a woman begins to enjoy life, builds relationships and ceases to experience complexes due to her lack.

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Tubular breast enlargement, asymmetry correction:

Plastic surgery of the chest of the tubular breast. Before and after:

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