Deo Control Foot Cream, Kalina. Instructions, price, reviews

Known to many leg cream “Deo-control” is a real salvation for many people, because almost every person associated with such a problem as bad foot odor.

Deo Control Foot Cream, Kalina. Instructions, price, reviewsAnd all because the organic matter secreted by the pores, poor ventilation and fever are ideal for the formation of bacteria, which decompose the sweat glands and form a catchy smell.

“Deo Control” is an active foot cream. Properties and composition of the cream. Where can I buy. Price

Deo Control (foot cream) is an indispensable personal care product. This cream narrows the pores, is absorbed, saturating the cells and moisturizing the skin, leaving a thin layer on the surface that allows the legs to breathe, but warns against the appearance of harmful bacteria. Throughout the day, the skin of the feet will remain clean, fresh, and most importantly, have a pleasant, discreet smell.

Deo Control Foot Cream, Kalina. Instructions, price, reviewsDeo Control (foot cream) contains the simplest components:

  • Lavender oil and mineral oil, which soften the skin and give it a pleasant smell.
  • Shea butter, which previously eliminates unpleasant odors.
  • Cocoa butter, enveloping the skin, protects it from dryness and cracks, has nutritious and beneficial components.
  • Tea tree ether kills bacteria, disinfects, has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Oak moss acts as an aromatic additive.
    Vitamins A and E restore and strengthen the skin.
  • Talc absorbs excess moisture.
  • Zinc is an active substance that is used in the manufacture of creams and ointments for problematic, sensitive skin. Zinc salts narrow the pores, reduce perspiration, and have an antibacterial effect.

Deo Control Foot Cream, Kalina. Instructions, price, reviewsFirst of all, “Deo-control”, a cream-active for the feet, normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands , reducing pores without harming the body. The tool reduces the amount of sweat. Thanks to antibacterial ingredients, the cream prevents the decomposition of fatty acids, which cause unpleasant odors.

They also play a significant role in the prevention of fungus, the disinfecting properties of the components suppress and protect the feet from harmful microflora.

The cream has the following properties:

  • has a positive effect on the skin, softens and protects it,
  • disinfects scratches and wounds
  • promotes fast healing
  • relieves fatigue and tension of the feet after a long walk, soothes the skin.

Thanks to the various oils in the “Deo-control”, the skin does not dry out, no cracks form on it. Since the cream does not have a specific odor and does not contain components that could harm the skin and the body as a whole, it can be used regardless of gender and age after 14 years.

Despite this, doctors recommend carefully reading the composition, in particular for allergy sufferers, because the cream contains various vitamins, esters and oils, which are often allergens.

Doctors do not recommend using the Deo-Control cream asset for the legs during pregnancy. 

Deo Control Foot Cream, Kalina. Instructions, price, reviews
Deo Control foot cream is also not recommended for people with allergies to the essential oils that make up the product

Since these products are in great demand and distributed, Deo-Control, a foot cream-asset, can be found in almost every store, supermarket or pharmacy. The price is quite acceptable, usually it is $ 1,09 – $ 1,22, but in some of USA the price can exceed the mark of $ 1,36.

Products are available in two forms: in a jar with a small putty knife for application, with a volume of 1,01 fluid ounce, and in a tube with a volume of 2,71 fluid ounce.

Having examined the composition, properties and reviews of the cream “Deo-Control”, we can say with confidence that these products are truly unique. “Deo-Control” is an active foot cream that reduces sweating by 42.5%.

Deo Control Foot Cream, Kalina. Instructions, price, reviewsTo further improve the result, you must follow the advice of specialists:

  • Wear shoes and clothes made from natural fabrics (leather, cotton, etc.)
  • Have interchangeable shoes for different activities.
  • Observe hygiene.
  • Eat properly.
  • Wash your feet with soap before bedtime and after sleeping with soap, gradually lower the temperature of the water, for thermoregulation. Soap is better to take antibacterial.
  • In hot weather, if possible, wear open shoes so that the pores are saturated with air.
  • Change insoles periodically.
  • To drink “Glucanate-calcium”, often in the body there is a lack of this mineral, which can cause sweating of the legs. Do not forget to consult a doctor!

And a separate point is to highlight the combination of cream with other products of this line. Deodorant and Deo-Control gel perfectly complement each other, which ultimately gives the highest possible result.

Deodorant spray

Variant of the Deo-Control form. This is a unique tool to solve such a common problem as a strong unpleasant smell of the legs. It is very simple to use: you only need to spray the deodorant on your feet or immediately inside the shoe.

Unlike many, this deodorant is effective not only in everyday life, but also in sports. Just one second spray can be enough for the whole day, so we can safely say that Deo-Control is a budgetary tool.

Deo Control Foot Cream, Kalina. Instructions, price, reviewsIt should be noted that the spray does not cause allergic reactions . It is absorbed almost immediately, and also does not leave marks on socks and stains on shoes. Due to its beneficial qualities, the product can also be used for other areas with high sweating (palms, armpits, etc.).


Gel-deodorant, unlike other products of the Deo-Control line, keeps sweating and unpleasant odor for 48 hours.

Such a tool is perfect for long trips where there will be no opportunity to wash your feet. Due to its gel-like consistency, it is quickly absorbed, nourishing and protecting the skin from harmful bacteria.

Deo Control Foot Cream, Kalina. Instructions, price, reviewsUnlike standard cream and deodorant, the gel has a specific smell when applied, but it disappears after a while. In the budget plan, it is also pleasantly pleased, its price ranges from $ 0,68 – $ 0,95. It can be used regardless of gender, like all products in this series, but with a desired limit of 14 years.

It is not recommended to use during pregnancy. 

Instructions for use of cream “Deo Control”

Doctors stro
ngly recommend that: before changing the deodorant of one line to another, you must wait for two days, and only then you can start to use Deo-Control deodorants. This is necessary so that the skin is completely freed from the chemical elements of a different brand of deodorant. Means of this type can be combined only one line.

Deo Control Foot Cream, Kalina. Instructions, price, reviewsInstructions for using the cream:

  1. “Deo-Control” (foot cream) is used before bedtime, when the skin of the feet is thoroughly washed with antibacterial soap.
  2. After applying the cream on the feet, wash your hands thoroughly because it dries the epidermis and may not be suitable for delicate skin of the hands.

Instructions for use of the gel:

  1. The gel is applied in the morning, 15 minutes after the shower, when the feet are dry.
  2. It is necessary to grind the substance on the surface of the skin, but not massaging them, and wait until the gel is absorbed.
  3. After making sure that the deodorant is completely absorbed and the skin is dry, you can wear socks.

Spray deodorant is applied before leaving, one spraying on the foot or inside the shoe. The tool will provide the feet with a pleasant smell.

Attention! Do not use a deodorant every day, but only if a problem occurs.

Each in different ways, someone suffices once every two days, and someone once a week, – experts notice. An important point that should be noted – “Deo-Control” will not eliminate the smell that has already absorbed into clothes or shoes.

“Deo Control: Kalina” and “Deo Control: Rexon” – which is better. Reviews

The Deo-Control product line is produced by two companies: Rexon and Kalina.
The first, of course, is more famous and in demand. Her competitor, the American cosmetics and perfume company Kalina.

At first glance, the product series are completely no different, even the external design is almost identical. But the consumer casts his vote more than the world-famous company.

Deo Control Foot Cream, Kalina. Instructions, price, reviewsAccording to reviews, Rexon’s foot cream Deo-Kont better copes with its promises on the label. But, despite this, the Kalina company is not far behind its main rival, its products are somewhat cheaper – still, a domestic manufacturer.

The average customer rating for Deo-Control cream from Kalina is 4.2 points; Rexona knocked out all 5. From customers of Rexon’s products you can hear that the terrible smell of legs has changed to a pleasant aroma, and the manufacturer offers high quality for little money.

People who have purchased Deo-Control from Kalina, sharing their impressions, claim that the tool also does its job perfectly. Legs stop smelling unpleasantly, sweating decreases, but not as much as they promise. It is not enough for 24 hours, but quite a day. A big plus is that the purchase of these products is completely invisible on the family budget.

Analogs of foot cream “Deo Control”

If it is not possible to purchase Deo-Control, you can choose one of its analogues.

Cream “Setafil”

The tool is suitable for daily care, helps in the fight against problematic skin of the legs. Moisturization lasts 24 hours. Within a week, the result is already visible: the skin does not peel, it looks great, redness passes.

Deo Control Foot Cream, Kalina. Instructions, price, reviews“Setafil” reliably protects even from ultraviolet rays. Requires application to clean skin.

Cream “Diaderm”

Cream “Diaderm” is used to care for coarse and cracked skin of the legs. It contains moisture resistant components that help keep your feet soft and moist for as long as possible.

Deo Control Foot Cream, Kalina. Instructions, price, reviewsThe healing of microcracks and the restoration of the skin is due to the active effect of the essential oils in the composition. Some components have an effect against the growth of fungal bacteria.

Cream “Baziron Control”

Baziron-Control reliably protects against ultraviolet rays. It does not cause dry skin, but rather moisturizes and nourishes it. This product cleanses, moisturizes and heals the skin of the legs, and also retains the necessary moisture.

Deo Control Foot Cream, Kalina. Instructions, price, reviewsRequires use 2-3 times a day. It has a pleasant smell, economical to use.

Cream “Chistostop Deo”

A cream that helps to cope with high sweating, and can also be used to prevent fungal bacteria. Suitable for men and women.

Deo Control Foot Cream, Kalina. Instructions, price, reviewsThe cosmetic product does not dry the skin and cope with an unpleasant odor for a long time. Eliminates the cause of sweating, and does not mask it.

Cream-calcium “Refarm”

Cream “Refarm” relieves pain due to the action of insoluble calcium salts in the joints and soft tissues. It should be applied 2-3 times a day. Used for 2-3 weeks, and after 3-4 weeks, doctors recommend repeating the course.

Deo Control Foot Cream, Kalina. Instructions, price, reviewsThe main ingredient is biophosphonate, which replaces the regulator of calcium metabolism at the cellular level.

Cream “Sebum Control”

Cream made in Poland. Helps fight the hyperfunction of the sebaceous glands, which are responsible for the secretion of sweat. The texture is light and soft. Absorbed “Sebum Control” is good and fast. The skin is moisturized and does not tighten, the product leaves a feeling of freshness.

Deo Control Foot Cream, Kalina. Instructions, price, reviews

Means for feet – a mild antiperspirant cream, effective 24 hours, which has several advantages:

  • Helps maintain natural skin flora
  • protects against sweating;
  • eliminates the unpleasant odor of sweat;
  • regulates the action of sweat glands;
  • refreshes and prevents bacteria from developing;
  • suitable for people with sensitive skin type;
  • does not cause burning and redness;
  • does not contain alcohol;
  • has a good aroma.

After its application, the beauty and freshness of the legs will not keep you waiting.

Foot cream “Deo Control”: video

Overview of Deo Control Foot Cream:

Effect of foot deodorant cream on sweating:

Freshness, cleanliness and comfort are what your feet need. Special deodorant for feet from the Kalina cosmetic concern Deo Control will provide pleasant sensations and gentle care.

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