Eyebrow spraying. What is it, powder technology, nano, permanent makeup, permanent makeup, pixel, velvet, hardware

Permanent spraying of eyebrows is firmly included in the list of favorite salon procedures among girls. The basis of the procedure is the introduction of a coloring pigment into the upper layer of the skin using a microneedle. However, before deciding on a tattoo, you should understand what it is.

Features of the technique of spraying eyebrows

In today’s world, women are increasingly resorting to permanent makeup. One of its types is eyebrow tattoo. It saves women from the need to dye eyebrows every day, significantly saves time.

Eyebrow spraying is such a shadow application of permanent pigment, in which the paint is introduced into the upper layers of the skin with a special needle. The technique quickly replaced the classic tattoo because of easier execution and a more natural result.

The procedure consists in the distribution of the coloring pigment in the upper layers of the skin by shading. Liquid coloring matter is sprayed with a fine needle onto a lot of microscopic droplets. The technique is performed in several layers until the desired result is achieved.

Eyebrow spraying is such an event, with the help of which it turns out:

  • natural soft eyebrow lines;
  • bright color, eyebrow volume;
    Eyebrow spraying. What is it, powder technology, nano, permanent makeup, permanent makeup, pixel, velvet, hardware
    Due to the spraying of the eyebrows, the eyebrows seem natural.
  • reduction of time for makeup;
  • lasting result without the need for correction.

Spraying from classic tattooing is different:

  1. Minor injuries. The tool does not damage the blood vessels, the procedure takes place without blood, practically without pain.
  2. A small amount of pigment. This gives naturalness and volume to the eyebrows.
  3. Reversibility. Unlike the old methods, when spraying, it is possible to change the color and pattern of the eyebrows. The result lasts 10-18 months.

The color of the pigment leaves the skin gradually, does not change to blue, green, purple.

Types of spraying

There are several types of spraying:

  • powdery;
  • pixel
  • permanent;
  • nano spraying;
  • shadow;
  • microblading;
  • velvet;
  • hardware.

These methods are not significantly different from each other.

Powder spraying

This method of tattooing is aimed at achieving maximum volume and giving thickness to thin eyebrows. Powder spraying creates the effect of light shading on the surface layer of the skin. Eyebrow spraying. What is it, powder technology, nano, permanent makeup, permanent makeup, pixel, velvet, hardware

The technique is suitable for those who want to only shade the eyebrows without bright pigment.

The procedure is performed with a permanent marker. During the session, a large number of microdots are applied, which look like applied powder. The result is a muted, shaded pigment, smooth color transitions. Eyebrows visually look like tinted shadows.

The technique is not suitable for those who want to make bright expressive eyebrows. Masters rarely recommend it to burning brunettes.


Pixel spraying is one of the most difficult types of tattooing. The technique uses several types of paint. They are combined in color, saturation. The method consists in spot-by-layer application of paint layer by layer. Result: thick eyebrows with traced hairs.

This is an eyebrow spraying that completely removes bald spots, voids in the hairline. The technique perfectly corrects the eyebrow pattern, hiding all the flaws.

The only negative – because of the complexity of the session, the session lasts up to 4 hours.


This is a type of spraying, close to the classic eyebrow tattoo. This method involves uniform distribution of paint in the upper layers of the skin. A lot of dots are applied to the entire surface of the eyebrows to achieve soft shadow shading. Eyebrow spraying. What is it, powder technology, nano, permanent makeup, permanent makeup, pixel, velvet, hardware

Result: natural eyebrows, soft pencil effect. This spraying of eyebrows allows you to tighten the color, make it saturated, more transparent and stretched. When the skin heals, the color is practically not lost, the correction is minimal. The technique is suitable for those who want to have bright eyebrows with a voluminous texture. The result lasts up to 2 years.

Nano spraying

Beauticians in the United States invented a new method of micro-spraying with drops in several layers. Nano-spraying eyebrows allows you to achieve the most natural, light shade. The pigment is introduced into the upper layers of the skin in several stages. The master individually decides how many layers to apply. After the procedure, the eyebrows are painted in a soft muted color.

The advantages of this method:

  1. Long lasting result up to 36 months.
  2. The speed of the procedure (no more than an hour). Only one correction is required.
  3. Safety. Paint is only introduced into the top layer of the skin.
  4. Naturalness. Possibility of combining colors, ombre staining, shadow shading.


This technique is not much different from the above. The difference is that the shade of paint is chosen only 1 tone darker than the natural color of the eyebrows. Muted pale colors allow you to achieve the most natural result. Eyebrow spraying. What is it, powder technology, nano, permanent makeup, permanent makeup, pixel, velvet, hardware

The technique is not suitable for brunettes, dark-skinned women. On skin with a tendency to oily content and open pores, the pigment can go away very quickly.


During a tattoo session, each hair is painstakingly drawn. Recommended method for women who have rare eyebrows by nature. Microblading creates natural neat contours with a clear shape. Eyebrow spraying. What is it, powder technology, nano, permanent makeup, permanent makeup, pixel, velvet, hardware

Recently, this method has been combined with powder and nano-spraying:

  1. First, pigment is introduced in a continuous layer.
  2. Then thin hairs are drawn.
  3. After the first procedure, crusts of blood droplets may appear, so the color may partially disappear.

After 1-1.5 months, it is recommended to perform eyebrow correction to fix the color.


Velvet eyebrow spraying is very similar to powder. Micro-application provides the most natural shading of the shade. The procedure takes 45-60 minutes.

The paint is applied in several layers. For this technique, muted matte shades of paint are selected. Great for natural blondes, fair-haired. Using this method, the effect of nude thick expressive eyebrows is achieved.


Tattooing is performed using an automatic pen or felt-tip pen with a pigment-distributing needle. Using the apparatus, you can perform any of the previously described spraying techniques. If in the price list of a salon permanent makeup is called “hardware”, you need to clarify what techniques the master owns.

Method Advantages

Eyebrow spraying is a manual micropigmentation that allows you to achieve the most natural color and shape of the eyebrows. In recent years, the procedure has improved significantly. New techniques have appeared that allow you to adjust not only the shape but also the density, the shade of the eyebrows. Eyebrow spraying. What is it, powder technology, nano, permanent makeup, permanent makeup, pixel, velvet, hardware

Small invasiveness, painlessness, cheapness made the technique accessible to everyone. Unlike classic tattooing, where the pigment is clogged under the skin in solid color, the spraying affects only the epidermis.

Eyebrow pattern can be changed every 1-2 years.

Advantages of the spraying method:

  • painlessness, bloodlessness;
  • natural shade, volume;
  • lack of edema, crusts;
  • color remains almost 100% after the first procedure;
  • the pigment leaves the skin gradually, color change is excluded;
  • durability. The result after 2 sessions lasts up to 2 years;
  • speed of work from 15 to 50 minutes.


Of the disadvantages of the methodology distinguish:

  1. The need to visit a beautician a second time for correction. The repeated procedure consolidates the result. Correction also has its price, although it is much cheaper than the first spraying.
  2. Difficulties with finding and choosing a truly professional specialist.
  3. In a small percentage of women, the pigment leaves the skin in the first 6 months after tattooing. This is an individual body reaction to paint.

Indications and contraindications

Permanent makeup is recommended for women who have:

  • there are bald spots, voids in the eyebrows; Eyebrow spraying. What is it, powder technology, nano, permanent makeup, permanent makeup, pixel, velvet, hardware
  • faded, inexpressive color of hairs;
  • short, rare eyebrows;
  • shaggy, lack of a clear form;
  • Burning eyebrows in the summer in the sun;
  • too thin eyebrows, their absence;
  • the need for daily bright makeup.

Contraindications include:

  • large bald spots;
  • gray hair;
  • scars
  • damage, wounds;
  • acne;
  • allergy to paint;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation.

Permanent make-up for people with diseases is absolutely forbidden:

  • blood (hemophilia, coagulation disorder);
  • AIDS;
  • HIV
  • hepatitis, diabetes.

It is not recommended to spray:

  • children under 14 years old;
  • during menstruation;
  • when taking analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs.

What materials and tools are needed for tattooing

To perform the procedure, the master uses a special tool for mechanically introducing pigment under the skin. Call it a pen or felt-tip pen. The tattoo tool should be stored in special containers or cases. Before receiving the client, the cosmetologist sterilizes the pen in the container for these purposes. Pigments of various shades are used as paint.

How is the procedure: execution technique

Before the spraying procedure, you need to prepare:

  1. 12 hours before a tattoo session, it is recommended to give up coffee, alcohol, analgesics, aspirin.
  2. Women should not come to the master during menstruation. Blood loss may be more significant than on other days.
  3. A cosmetologist is required to make an allergic test for pigment.

Eyebrow spraying is such an innovation in cosmetology, which is carried out strictly according to the following steps:

  1. Eyebrows are thoroughly cleaned of makeup residues.
  2. An antiseptic is applied to avoid infection.
  3. An anesthetic cream is applied for 30 minutes.
  4. The master outlines the future eyebrow pattern with a special marker. Eyebrow spraying. What is it, powder technology, nano, permanent makeup, permanent makeup, pixel, velvet, hardware
  5. The color of the pigment is selected with the client based on their wishes and color type.
  6. Application of paint by a special device (pen).
  7. If necessary, the procedure is repeated layer by layer.
  8. Fixing the result with a special solution.

After the procedure, the master should tell the client in detail about the proper care of the eyebrows during the recovery period.

Which is better: microblading or spraying

At its core, these are the same techniques for surface shading of pigment. The difference between one method and another is that the spraying looks like a softly distributed shade. Microblading also creates the appearance of additional hairs. Spraying is performed by the apparatus, microblading is done manually using a special manipulator.

For rare inexpressive eyebrows, microblading is suitable. He will add density due to the drawn hairs.

Those who want to only slightly emphasize the color and add volume should choose a spraying.

And one and the second method is very gentle, painless. In both cases, you can get the most natural natural eyebrows.

After powder spraying

In the early days, the skin around the eyebrows can persist:

  • edema;
  • redness; Eyebrow spraying. What is it, powder technology, nano, permanent makeup, permanent makeup, pixel, velvet, hardware
  • swelling;
  • small rashes.

These symptoms are a natural reaction of the skin to damage to the epithelium. This condition can persist for up to 2 weeks. The cosmetologist recommends gentle face care, special ointments to soften the skin.

In order for healing to occur as soon as possible without complications it is impossible:

  • touch with dirty hands;
  • moisten with water for the first 5 days;
  • remove the formed crust on your own;
  • use decorative cosmetics;
  • visit the pool, sauna, solarium.

If the swelling does not go away, there are rashes – you can suspect an allergic reaction.

A dermatologist may recommend taking medications:

  • Loratadine;
  • Suprastin;
  • Claritin.

How long does recovery take

Immediately after the procedure, you can not wet your face for a day, usd your skin with a towel.

The next 14 days are prohibited:

  • to clean the eyebrow area with tonic, milk;
  • exclude solarium, sauna;
  • refrain from sun exposure, use sunglasses, hats;
  • touch, pluck crusts;
  • conduct facial cleansing, hardware procedures.

For better healing and softening of the skin, it is recommended to use ointments:

  • Bepanten; Eyebrow spraying. What is it, powder technology, nano, permanent makeup, permanent makeup, pixel, velvet, hardware
  • Panthenol;
  • Vaseline.

To avoid infection and suppuration, Chlorhexidine, Acyclovir is used. Complete restoration of the skin takes about 3 to 4 weeks.

Method effectiveness: before and after results

The effectiveness of the spraying is obvious – after the procedure, the differences and changes are clearly visible:

  • eyebrows look brighter, more expressive;
  • the hair becomes more voluminous;
  • no spaces, empty islands;
  • soft color softens facial features, makes it younger.

When is correction necessary

Eyebrow spraying is a cosmetic procedure that is performed in 2 stages. To see the final result of the tattoo, it will take 1-1.5 months and at least 1 correction. It must be performed only after complete healing of the skin and cleansing of the crusts. Repeated correction may take the same amount of time to completely restore the skin. Eyebrow spraying. What is it, powder technology, nano, permanent makeup, permanent makeup, pixel, velvet, hardware

Eyebrow care after correction is exactly the same as the first time. The cost of the procedure most often is 50% of the first. Sometimes payment is made immediately for both visits to the beautician.

The price of hardware spraying in New York, Los Angeles,

The prices for eyebrow tattoos can vary greatly depending on the, master, salon. In large cities, the capital, the price tag for spraying services is higher only because the standard of living is higher, the rental price is high.

Approximate prices for the of the American Federation:

New York Los Angeles Regions
$ 68 – $ 136. $ 54 – $ 109. $ 41 – $ 68.

The price of the subsequent correction is already included in the initial cost of the service. Or re-work is paid at a discount of up to 70%. The cost and number of necessary sessions must be checked with the master.

Women’s reviews

According to women, spraying is an excellent alternative to decorative cosmetics. Tattooing eliminates the long drawing of eyebrows with pencils and shadows. The time spent on makeup is reduced. In our dynamic time, when women work, this is a significant bonus.

Customers who have sprayed are overwhelmingly satisfied with the final effect.

Of the advantages they distinguish:

  • a clear eyebrow shape that lasts more than a year;
  • savings on makeup;
  • An expressive look emphasized by beautiful eyebrows.

Eyebrow spraying is an ideal solution for women who want to save time on makeup. The procedure helps to even out the color of eyebrows, fill in the voids between the hairs, and increase the volume. Most who have done such permanent makeup are satisfied.

Eyebrow Spray Video

What is eyebrow spraying when it is needed:

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