How to push up girls from the floor in order to pump up the abs and pectoral muscles. Essentials for Beginners

Push-ups contribute to the formation of a beautiful figure: elastic buttocks and hips, a tightened abdomen. To understand how to properly push up from the floor to get the maximum effect from classes, first of all, the girl must learn to take the correct position of the body when performing exercises. As a result of systematic studies, the technique will be honed.

How to learn to push up a girl

The initial position of the body – at shoulder width or slightly wider are the arms stretched forward, the back should not bend, and the pelvis is retracted. In the process of completing the task, the muscles of the hips and abdomen should be tensed to get the best effect.

How to push up girls from the floor in order to pump up the abs and pectoral muscles. Essentials for Beginners
How to push up girls from the floor

To give the necessary load and to form a beautiful shape of the muscles of the chest, shoulders and triceps, it is important to lower your whole body as low as possible to the floor while bending your arms, however, with some types of push-ups from the floor, it is important to touch the floor covering with your chest.

For the speed of push-ups, it is necessary to simultaneously engage in strengthening the hips, back and press, performing a set of exercises for these zones.

If a girl wants to lose weight, then the chosen training program should be comprehensive. You should do push-ups regularly, on certain days and, preferably, time.

Trained athletes work out every day in the morning and in the evening, but for beginners this pace is not necessary and harmful to health, since strength and endurance must be developed gradually.

In order to learn to do push-ups correctly and with benefit for the physical form, it is necessary to observe the main rules in movements:

  • it is forbidden to stick buttocks up;
  • the stomach must be strained so that it does not sag;
  • the head should remain in place without leaning to the floor without a body;
  • the back during the exercise should be straight;
  • you must try to tilt the body as low as possible to the floor so that his chest touches.

The benefits of push-ups

The undeniable benefit of push-ups for women is the reduction of excess weight and the formation of a beautiful breast shape. As a result of push-ups, hands also train.

The standard exercise is to work with the weight of your own body, as a result of which simultaneously work such muscles as the pectoral, deltoid, biceps and triceps, as well as joints. Therefore, with 100 repetitions, 100 kcal will be spent.

How to push up girls from the floor in order to pump up the abs and pectoral muscles. Essentials for Beginners
How to push up girls from the floor

The benefits of push-ups:

  • acceleration of metabolism in the body;
  • strengthening the muscles of the abdomen;
  • development of endurance and strength;
  • corrects posture;
  • skin tightening;
  • chest becomes elastic.

To perform a complex of push-ups, it is not necessary to go to the gym, you can do it at home. Using these sports activities saves money on a fitness club, as well as the time spent on the road.

The effect of regular exercises appears after a month, provided that they are performed comprehensively and paired with balanced proper nutrition.

This is the only type of exercise performed without special equipment that simultaneously burns calories and develops the muscles of the body. 3 sets of 10 times with a minute pause burn up to 100 Kcal.

The right technique

How to push up girls from the floor knows a qualified fitness instructor. Composing a training program, he will tell you that it is important to learn the correct technique. In general, movements for women are no different from movements performed by push-ups by men.

The only difference is that the requirements for the girl in terms of quantity, lesson intensity are lower.

For women, the classic way of doing exercises is preferable, where the arms are parallel to the shoulders or slightly wider than them. Movement should be moderate speed and without a high rise of the body.

Pushing up from the floor, girls are not recommended to bend their backs, and legs should be placed shoulder width apart or narrower. Whatever the intensity of training, you should monitor your breathing: on exhalation, you need to rise, and on inspiration, lower.

How to push up girls from the floor in order to pump up the abs and pectoral muscles. Essentials for Beginners
Push-up Technique

If the main goal of the classes is losing weight, and the girl is doing it for the first time, then 8 repetitions will be enough, while at each lesson it is important to increase the norm by 1 approach. Before training, you need to warm up: do a wave of your hands, several approaches to squats and tilts the body forward and to the side.

Off the floor

How to push up on girls from the floor:

  1. Take the initial position of the body: lying on the floor face down, resting on the palms and toes of the toes; arms should be shoulder-width apart, back straight without deflection; buttocks on a level with the body, without sagging down.
  2. Bend your elbows to the level where between the forearm and the body will be 45 degrees.
  3. Lightly touch the chest of the floor and immediately push off and rise, extending the elbows.

Push-ups in the supine position on the floor is a standard way to perform this exercise, and anyone, even an unprepared novice athlete, can perform it.

Push-ups from the floor with proper execution for the figure of a girl will only benefit, since in the process of their execution all muscle groups of the body work. If a woman has previously been engaged, then the load must be increased by the number of movements, as well as using weights.

From the knees

Push ups from the knees are a female way to workout. Using the technique in which the joints are involved, the muscles of the chest and back are strengthened, as well as the arms and shoulder girdle.

How to push up girls from the floor in order to pump up the abs and pectoral muscles. Essentials for Beginners
How to learn to push up from your knees

This complex is suitable not only for young girls, but also for other age groups starting from children, as well as a group of older women with weakened muscle mass.

How to push up girls
from their knees in a simplified form:

  1. Focus on the floor with your palms and knees. The back is flat and the pelvis is at the level of the body.
  2. Arms apart shoulder width apart.
  3. Bend your elbows, lifting your feet and legs off the floor.
  4. Then straighten your arms and return to the starting position.

These movements must be repeated 15 times – this will be 1 approach.

Exercises from the knees – the choice of beginners who find it difficult to perform other methods of push-ups. The main emphasis should be on the lower back so that it is even and does not bend.

The muscles work the same as with the classical method of execution, however, with less load. Performing push-ups from the knees, the muscles of the breasts, shoulders and arms are worked out.


Push-ups from a lying position on the floor, work out various muscles of the body, including biceps. Girls interested in pumping up biceps should know which part of the body and muscle to focus on and perform this exercise correctly.

Biceps – the muscle between the joint of the elbow and forearm, which is responsible for the functioning of the elbow, provides forearm rotations to the sides.

How to push up girls from the floor in order to pump up the abs and pectoral muscles. Essentials for Beginners
Biceps Pushups

Technique of execution:

  1. Place the body horizontally on the floor with the face and stomach down, palm rest on the floor parallel to the shoulders. The legs should be placed close to each other, so the load on the body will be more. The back and neck should be in exactly the same line in a state of maximum relaxation.
  2. On inspiration, it is necessary to lower down to the floor: if there is contact with the floor, chest muscles are pumped up; if the body does not touch the floor, the press is pumped.
  3. On exhalation, it is necessary to return to the original position of the body.

Push-ups for biceps is a difficult exercise, so it is important to strictly follow the technique of implementation and recommendations.

When performing the exercise, it is necessary to ensure that the elbows are along the body, hands should be practically pressed to the body.

Palms when lowering and raising the body should be turned with your fingers to the side of the legs, while with standard push-ups, the palms are turned the other way around. A similar position in the legs allows you to increase the load on the desired muscles, biceps.

For the greatest comfort when performing this exercise, it is recommended to use auxiliary means – dumbbells. They are installed on the floor at a width of the shoulders, on the dumbbell the emphasis is on the reverse grip.

On triceps

Triceps is a muscle that has 3 heads: lateral, medial and long. Triceps extends the elbow and is located on the back of the humerus. Exercises for triceps, namely push-ups from the floor, develop the head of this muscle.

How to push up girls from the floor in order to pump up the abs and pectoral muscles. Essentials for Beginners
Triceps push ups

It is important to know that the narrow arms, the most connected palms are the most effective way to develop a long triceps head. This technique minimizes injury during class.

To ensure good stability of the body in this position, hands are placed so that the thumbs and index fingers form a “heart” shape, while the rest of the fingers can be in the form of a “fan”.

Push-up on triceps will form beautiful hands with elastic skin, without sagging areas.

On the pectoral muscles

If you push up, focusing on your own hands, respectively rise and fall, relying only on them, then the pectoral muscles will be pumped up. Leaning during the exercise is necessary on the feet and palms.

There are several options for push-ups for working out the muscles of the chest, depending on the breadth of the arms:

  1. A classic technique with medium-width hands. The palms are opposite each other. The feet should be as close to each other as possible. When lowering, do not extend your elbows to the side. To moderate exercise of the muscles of the chest, the hands are allowed not to extend in the elbow joint to the end.
  2. Technique with a wide spread of hands. To effectively train the middle muscles of the chest, it is useful to push up from the floor, arms spread 2 times wider than shoulder width. The difference between this technique and others is that with a wide arrangement of hands, the elbows should be pulled apart during push-ups.
  3. The technique with a narrow arrangement of hands. In this technique, the pectoral muscles are pumped to a lesser extent, however, it is also included in the chest pump program. As a result of such exercises, the chest will look elastic, due to the fact that the shoulder muscles are involved.

Wide arms

The wide setting of the arms during push-ups allows you to distribute the load on the pectoral muscles and shoulder girdle. For proper execution, it is important to rely on straight arms and fingertips. The palms should be 7’9 inch wider than the shoulders, the elbows should be in line with the palms.

How to push up girls from the floor in order to pump up the abs and pectoral muscles. Essentials for Beginners
Wide arm push-ups

Stages of the exercise:

  1. Restore the body. The muscles of the back and abdomen keep in tension.
  2. Lower the case down, bending your arms to an angle of 90 degrees. The chest should not touch the floor.
  3. Raise the housing upward, straightening your arms, pushing forcefully off the floor.

During upward movement, the force should be concentrated in the shoulder girdle.

Narrow arms

If the arms for push-ups are located at a distance less than the width of the shoulders, then with this method of exercise from the floor, the force is applied to the triceps:

  1. The palms should be located exactly along the line of the shoulders. While moving down, the forearms should not be torn off the body, and the elbows should be parallel to the body. For good stability, the foot must be torn apart.
    How to push up girls from the floor in order to pump up the abs and pectoral muscles. Essentials for Beginners
    Narrow arms push-ups
  2. It is necessary to lower the body to a level where the arms at the elbows form a right angle, and the chest practically does not touch the floor.
  3. It should rise, makin
    g efforts, making sure that the back was even, and the pelvis did not rise above the body. In this case, the effort is carried out from the triceps, as the narrow setting of the hands is aimed at training the triceps.

Table and training program

A frequently used training method, increasing the number of repetitions, is not universal. This method works on each organism in different ways, bringing not the same results. When developing a training program, this must be taken into account.

Incentive programs:

  • during the training it is necessary to push out 50 times using a different number of approaches; progress is important to record in order to subsequently track the reduction in time to complete the task;
  • Strength gain program – push out every 60 seconds 3 times for 30 minutes; if there is not enough strength, then you should start from 10 minutes, gradually increasing the time;
  • endurance training program – do 1 exercise every 60 seconds, adding 1 repetition each time.

Pushing up on the selected specific program, from the floor or by another method, girls should not try to immediately come to the maximum effect, as the average result will change 2 times a month.

It is important that any exercise begins with a general warm-up to warm the muscles, and that the training does not bring injuries. The training program is designed for classes that are performed 3 times a week, however, it can be changed and supplemented taking into account the individual characteristics of the body and age.

How to push up girls from the floor in order to pump up the abs and pectoral muscles. Essentials for Beginners
Training program

The training program shown in the table is an effective example for high-quality results.


A break between sets – 1 minute (more if necessary)
Approach 1 3 to 8 push ups
Approach 2 5 to 12 push ups
Approach 3 from 7 to 16 push ups
Approach 4 6 to 13 push ups
Approach 5 3 to 8 push ups


A break between sets – 1 minute (more if necessary)
Approach 1 4 to 10 push ups
Approach 2 6 to 12 push ups
Approach 3 8 to 18 push ups
Approach 4 from 7 to 16 push ups
Approach 5 4 to 10 push ups


A break between sets – 1 minute (more if necessary)
Approach 1 3 to 8 push ups
Approach 2 from 7 to 13 push ups
Approach 3 from 9 to 16 push ups
Approach 4 8 to 14 push ups
Approach 5 3 to 8 push ups

When performing exercises, it is important to monitor breathing. Inhalation should occur when the elbows are bent and the body is lowered down, and exhalation should occur when the body is unbent and raised.

Since when push-ups, a large load falls on the hands, before classes it is necessary to warm them up and knead. It is forbidden to bring oneself to the limit of physical effort, physical activity should be moderate and feasible without compromising overall well-being.

If there is no strength for the next approach, it is recommended to increase the break by a few more minutes, and then continue.

Training Stages:

  1. Do a warm-up, including for the hands.
  2. Make the maximum possible number of push-ups in a classic way.
  3. Proceed to the tasks of the program.

For those athletes who are wrung out less than 5 times, classes should start from the stop on a sofa or other stable support, performing 4-5 sets of 10 times. At the end of the active month of training, you should again try to push up from the floor: if it turns out to do this more than 5 times, then further classes are conducted in accordance with the program from the floor.

If the goal of the classes is to fight overweight, it is forbidden to rest between sets for more than 1.5 minutes.

How to push up girls from the floor in order to pump up the abs and pectoral muscles. Essentials for Beginners
Dumbbell push ups

It should be done every other day, since the method of daily classes in the morning and in the evening is suitable for those who are wrung out more than 25 times for the approach. Learning how to push up correctly, a woman gets the most useful effect without the use of additional sports equipment.

Trainers Recommendations

Push-ups from the floor give the maximum load on the body, forcing the muscles to work as actively as possible. If a girl-athlete engages in good faith, clearly observing the implementation technique, and does it regularly with all the requirements fulfilled, then this program can replace the results of a set of gymnastic exercises.

The main advantage of any method of push-ups is that these exercises de
velop all major muscle groups, the functionality of push-ups is comparable to classes in the gym on simulators.

When carrying out a particular program for push-ups from the floor, it is important to follow the recommendations:

  • the pace of the exercises for the girl should be average with a small range of movements;
  • the number of approaches should be increased gradually, so that for the body the increasing load is natural and invisible;
  • for beginners, one set of 10 push-ups will be enough;
  • the advanced level is 3 sets of 30 push-ups with a break of no more than a minute;
  • during the push-ups, it is not recommended to push the buttocks up;
  • head and legs should be on one line, one level;
  • It is strictly forbidden to train for injuries to the legs and arms.

The maximum benefit from classes will be achieved if the program is designed correctly and in accordance with the individual characteristics of the body. To do this, you need to seek help from an instructor who will calculate the correct load depending on the physical preparation of the girl and follow the implementation technique.

Do push-ups, observing all the recommendations of professionals, in order to avoid injuries and not cause harm to health. Girls can perform tasks, both from the floor, and in another convenient way, the main goal of classes is continuous improvement. It is always important to remember that the lower the level of inclination, the greater the load on the muscles and the more effective the result.

Video on how to push up on the floor for girls:

Video about push-up technique:

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