Beautician aesthetist – who it is, what it does, training without a medical education, courses

An aesthetic cosmetologist is a specialist who performs simple cosmetic procedures that are not related to skin damage. This field of activity is quite in demand in the beauty industry. Those wishing to master such work are recommended to familiarize themselves with all the details and subtleties of the profession.

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Aesthetic cosmetologist is a master who works in the beauty industry and uses an individual approach to each client. Professional cosmetics have all the knowledge in the field of cosmetology and are able to correctly apply them in practice.

They can provide customers with the following range of services:

  • facial massage;
  • cosmetic skin manipulations in accordance with the type of skin;
  • correction of various deficiencies;

Beautician aesthetist - who it is, what it does, training without a medical education, courses

  • procedures that slow down the aging process;
  • makeup and manicure;
  • eyelash and eyebrow extensions;
  • biochemistry.

A qualified specialist will emphasize all the advantages of the appearance of the client, as well as remove or hide the flaws.

Profession history

Beauticians appeared a very long time ago, they only called them healers. They treated skin diseases with various mixtures, which were spread on problem areas. When medicine became more popular and in demand, then a branch appeared – dermatology.

In the twentieth century, cosmetology separated from dermatology, specialists in this industry began to deal with skin problems, and aesthetists went from cosmetologists. In USA, the profession appeared in the 90s of the last century.

Specialist Areas

The field of activity of this specialist is directly related to the complex of works on updating and improving the skin of the face and body.

Facial care is divided into 2 main types:

  • Without violating the integrity of the skin (massage, ear piercing, various masks, unwanted hair removal, work with eyelashes and eyebrows);

Beautician aesthetist - who it is, what it does, training without a medical education, courses

  • Violating the skin (plastic (contour), various types of injections, laser procedures, chemical peeling).

An aesthetist has the right to engage in procedures that relate to the first type, that is, without violating the skin. The work of the 2nd type is carried out by a cosmetologist who has a medical education.

Professional duties

All procedures performed by an esthetician cosmetologist can be divided into 2 types: this is facial and body skin care.

Procedures carried out by a specialist in facial care:

  • massage of the front part (cosmetic, medical);
  • manual cleansing;
  • hardware cleansing;
  • preparation and application of masks;
  • removal of unwanted facial hair;
  • work with eyelashes and eyebrows;

Beautician aesthetist - who it is, what it does, training without a medical education, courses

  • permanent tattoo.

Body Treatments:

  • modeling massage (getting rid of cellulite, cosmetic and therapeutic);
  • body hair removal;
  • skin care for limbs (feet, hands);
  • various wraps;
  • body cosmetology using devices.

The specialist must also:

  • keep a record of your customers;
  • collect information about customer health and put it on cards;
  • identify the exact problem and develop together with the client the procedure for conducting the procedures;
  • Be aware of potential customer allergies.

A visiting card of a specialist is his appearance. After all, exactly what the beautician himself looks like can prove his professionalism to the client.

How to become an esthetician beautician

Aesthetic cosmetologist is a popular and sought-after profession. To master it, first of all, you need to undergo training. To do this, you can choose short-term courses, and optionally, long-term training. Courses are a pretty quick way to get your desired profession. Education takes place everywhere in different ways, but the focus is on the practical part.

Beautician aesthetist - who it is, what it does, training without a medical education, courses

For those who want to master the profession as best as possible, you should choose a longer training, where special attention is paid to all the details of cosmetology, such training is also suitable for beginners. Some courses include an extensive program in which students are provided with basic knowledge of medicine.

Before deciding to become an esthetician, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the data that are presented in the table:

Personal qualities that a specialist should possess The master, as a professional, needs to know A cosmetologist – an esthetician must be able to
cleanliness and neat appearance, this will contribute to customer confidence anatomy of the head and neck identify, without errors, skin types and offer the client all kinds of diagnostic methods
sociability features of the skin of a person (adult, child, man, woman) work with special tools (equipment)
the ability to find an individual approach to each client age-related skin changes properly cook various masks, observe all proportions
desire to help a person symptoms of skin diseases and methods for their treatment observe safety precautions
ability to restrain conflicts. methods of applying and removing cosmetics if necessary, provide first aid to the client
ability to select the necessary techniques. determine accurate indications and contraindications to procedures keep all documentation correct
pursuit of self-improvement properties and composition of all drugs used
hard work how to sanitize tools and work

Do I need a higher medical education

To build a career as a cosmetologist, you need a medical education, and higher. It is almost 7 years of hard and difficult training. When a person does not have the opportunity to receive such an education, then you can become a beautician-esthetician.

Cosmetics-aesthetists do not need a higher education of a doctor, he can work without it.

Beautician aesthetist - who it is, what it does, training without a medical education, courses
Beautician aesthetist. How to master a profession.

This specialist does not make diagnoses and especially does not treat them; he is engaged in simple beauty procedures. Cosmetics customers are people who do not have serious skin problems, or rather diseases associated with
the skin. They need only cosmetic correction.

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How long do you need to study specialties

The duration of training for an esthetician cosmetologist directly depends on the desire of a future specialist.

It could be:

  • regular courses – 3-6 months;
  • long courses – 6-12 months;
  • training in an educational institution on the course “Applied Aesthetics” – 3.5 – 4 years.

If you want to continue to carry out your activities not only at home, but also abroad, then you need to undergo additional training according to the ITEC or CIDESCO standard. Such studies will take another 3-6 months, however, you can combine basic courses and additional training at the same time.

Directions, specialties and educational institutions according to the profile of training

In order to get a job in a regular salon, it will be enough ordinary courses, but if you want to work in more prestigious institutions, you need to know that in such places they often require a medical diploma.

It will be enough to get an education in a specialty – a nurse.

This can be done in secondary specialized educational institutions, for example, at the Medical College of the First New York State University named after I.M. Sechenov, which is located in the capital. If the future specialist is from another city, then you need to look at exactly what educational institutions are in the vicinity.

Beautician aesthetist - who it is, what it does, training without a medical education, courses

Even if there is no medical education, it’s possible to unlearn aesthetic cosmetics, but for this it is also necessary to choose a suitable educational institution.

For example, it could be:

  • College of innovative technologies and service “Galaxy” . Those who wish can come here on the basis of the 9th and 11th grades. The cost of full-time study is $ 680, per year, $ 544, per year there is evening education. Admission to college is carried out according to the average mark of the certificate, special attention is paid to such a subject as chemistry. This educational institution has its own laboratory, which allows you to hone your knowledge in practical classes. The college also provides 29 weeks of practice in beauty salons.
  • New York Institute of Restorative Medicine . Here you can learn how to be an aesthetic cosmetologist, having completed aesthetic cosmetology training courses. The full course lasts 144 hours, its cost is $ 388, but it is worth noting that there are often discounts, which saves on training. Famous educators and cosmetologists conduct training in this institution. Here you can get basic knowledge to the maximum extent. Also, all cosmetics for students is provided free of charge, and while studying, students can attend various workshops of the best cosmetologists and companies.

It is necessary to choose a place of study on your own, but it is recommended to rely on the reviews and popularity of a particular institution.

In what positions can aesthetic cosmetologists work

A cosmetologist – an aesthetist is a master who can carry out their activities in SPA centers, beauty salons and even fitness clubs if they do not have a medical license.

If desired, such a specialist can easily find a sales assistant as a consultant in cosmetics stores, a sales representative for cosmetic products, as well as a distributor or manufacturer of various products. Those who do not want to work for someone, if possible, can work for themselves.

Beautician aesthetist - who it is, what it does, training without a medical education, courses

For example, at home or in the salon under the rental of a workplace, as well as open your own beauty salon. However, before starting your own business, it is better to gain experience.

How much do estheticians make

The salary of an aesthetic cosmetologist depends directly on his education and experience. If you have a medical diploma, then, accordingly, there is an opportunity to perform certain procedures that cosmetics cannot perform, which means that there is the possibility of more money. It is difficult to name the exact salary of cosmetics; in each it differs.

If you look at the statistics of salaries that employers provide in job advertisements, then the average salary of an esthetician cosmetics is $ 802.

How much do cosmetologists-aesthetics earn on average in large cities of USA per month:

  • New York, Los Angeles, Miami – $ 340 – $ 680 .;
  • Chicago – $ 340 – $ 544 .;
  • Seattle – $ 748 – $ 952.

However, these figures show the average salary of specialists who have at least a little experience and an accumulated client base. A beginner without experience will be offered a salary of $ 204 – $ 272. and maybe a percentage of the work done. Masters with extensive experience can receive large amounts.

How to build a career

You can start moving up the career ladder with an assistant cosmetologist and go to a cosmetic aesthetist. Having gained experience while working in the beauty industry, it is worth starting to think about your own business, that is, about opening your own salon or studio.

Beautician aesthetist - who it is, what it does, training without a medical education, courses

If it is not possible to open your own business, then with a great desire and quality work, you can grow up to the manager of a beauty salon or a whole network of salons. An aesthetist can also work in several directions at once, for example, eyelash extensions and face and body treatments.

Some study such areas as makeup or manicure, which ultimately allows you to achieve great results in your career. In addition to building a career in salons, aesthetists can work in various institutions of the beauty industry, for example, as a teacher in cosmetology courses or serve clients advising them on cosmetics.

If you have an additional diploma (ITEC or CIDESCO), then you can try to build a career abroad, for example, in the field of SPA procedures.

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Career prospects

The beauty industry is becoming
more and more popular every year. Women want to look well-groomed and beautiful, for this they visit all possible beauty salons. Recently, men have also begun to actively monitor their appearance, which means that there will always be work for an esthetician.

Beautician aesthetist - who it is, what it does, training without a medical education, courses

However, such a specialist should love his work, so you should weigh all the pros and cons, evaluate your desire, and only then, if you still understand that this profession is for him, begin to master the work of cosmetics.

The profession of aesthetic cosmetologist is becoming more and more popular in the modern world.

This is a type of activity that not only generates income, but also improves the appearance of clients and the master himself, making people happier. Almost any person who strives for beauty and has a great desire to make other people beautiful can master such work, with certain efforts.

Video about the profession of beautician

How to become an esthete-cosmetologist:

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