How to learn to pull up on the horizontal bar from scratch in a week to a girl and a guy. Beginner program at home

Barbell or dumbbell is not the only sports equipment that helps to build muscle. An alternative way to strengthen the body will be a regular horizontal bar. Beginners and experienced athletes are interested in how to learn how to pull up from scratch. Experts say that learning the right pull-ups is not an easy task. But using simple techniques, you can achieve tangible results in a week.

The use of pull-ups on the horizontal bar

Exercises on the bar can be beneficial if they are regular. It is naive to believe that one pull-up will immediately change the body for the better.

Systematic classes will allow:

  1. Make muscles and ligaments strong and strong.
  2. Increase Stamina.
  3. Get rid of excess weight and give the body a perfect shape.
  4. To form a correct posture, as well as to avoid diseases due to curvature of the spine in adults and children: lordosis, kyphosis, scoliosis.
    How to learn to pull up on the horizontal bar from scratch in a week to a girl and a guy. Beginner program at home
  5. Inflate the abdominal press with a special pull-up technique – lifting with a coup.
  6. Develop the muscles of the shoulders and forearms.

The horizontal bar is a safe yard simulator. You should start training with a few pull-ups, and then gradually increase the load.

Wide grip pull-up technique

How to learn to pull up on the horizontal bar from scratch – there are many ways. Wide grip is a common exercise on the bar. With this technique, you can give your back an athletic V-shape. This exercise is still one of the most effective ways to develop back muscles.

Wide grip technique looks like this:

  • When you inhale, jump up, exhale sharply and grab the bar. In this case, all actions must be performed simultaneously. The hands should be placed at a distance of 7’9 inch wider than the shoulders and direct the palms away from you.
  • After a deep inhalation and simultaneous exhalation, catch up. It is important not to press your elbows close to the body. You need to pull up until the chin is above the horizontal bar. Do not block your breath during exercise. This can result in big health problems.
  • On inspiration, gradually descend, taking its original position.

When pulling up, especially for beginners, there is a desire to ease the effort by swinging. Such a technique will not bring the desired effect.

How to learn to pull up on the horizontal bar from scratch in a week to a girl and a guy. Beginner program at home

To achieve maximum results from training on the horizontal bar, it is better to adhere to simple rules:

  1. Rise and fall smoothly.
  2. Do not swing at the expense of legs – it is better to cross them.
  3. Try to stretch your muscles widest.
  4. Being at the top point, stay for 1-2 counts so that the back muscles contract or contract.
  5. Breathing should be consistent: rise on exhalation, lower on inhalation.
  6. Keep your back straight.

Perform pull-back pull-ups

Among the classical types of pull-ups, athletes distinguish exercises on the bar with a reverse grip. Many athletes advise pulling up in this way, because several muscle groups are included in the work – elbow and shoulder joints. Also, a good load is given to the muscles of the back, neck, and press.

How to learn to pull up on the horizontal bar from scratch in a week to a girl and a guy. Beginner program at home

The reverse grip technique has its own characteristics:

  • Jump and grab the horizontal bar so that the hands are turned palms inward.
  • In this case, the position of the hands should be at shoulder height or slightly narrower. It is better to press the chin to the chest, and the legs are crossed. This will be the starting point.
  • As you exhale, start pulling the body up until the chin touches the bar
  • Then, as you inhale, slowly descend, returning to its original position.

Upper Grip Pull

The upper or regular grip is called classic.

The technique of its implementation is quite simple and well-known:

  1. Grasp the crossbar with your palms out. The distance between the hands is slightly larger than the width of the shoulders.
  2. Bend your back slightly and cross your legs.
  3. Tighten, bringing the shoulder blades.
    How to learn to pull up on the horizontal bar from scratch in a week to a girl and a guy. Beginner program at home
    How to learn to pull up on the horizontal bar with the upper grip.
  4. At the upper point, touch the crossbar with your chest, and at the lower point, fully extend your arms so that the muscles stretch better.

One-arm pull-up technique

Pulling on the horizontal bar with one hand is a high skill that you can learn from scratch. It is necessary to switch from ordinary exercises to this type if the athlete easily performs 20 or more “pure” pull-ups with direct and reverse grip without jerking and swinging.

A special technique involves a phased transition to pulling up on one arm:

  1. The first step is to learn how to clamp the crossbar with your hands. Start with a grip with both hands. But one of the hands to grab the bar is not 5 fingers, but 4. The same with the other hand. Bring the performance to pull up on 1 finger.
  2. Simultaneously with the clamp, a high lift on one arm is trained. Slow down must be slow. The main thing is not to overdo it – pull up as much as you have enough.
  3. An important part of the exercise on the crossbar is when the chin should be above the horizontal bar. To do this, pull up on both hands, fall on one, freeing the second.

After preparatory classes, it’s time to move on to pull-ups on one arm:

  • It all starts with a grip from the bottom. After that, hang on a straightened arm, crossing ankles.
  • As you exhale, start pulling up with an imaginary rotation of the bar. In this phase, it is best to press your hand against the body as tightly as possible. This will help to engage the muscles of the back and arms.
  • Slow down.

Rules for breathing when pulling up

Exercising requires proper breathing techniques. With improper breathing, the athlete may experience pressure increase or completely lose consciousness. To avoid this, you need to follow a proven technique: always the difficult part of the exercises is performed on the exhale, the lung is given an easy phase. The same applies to pull-ups.

Many athletes make mistakes when they are pulled up and down in one breath. The most common mistake of novice athletes is holding their breath at high workload. Such training will not be useful: with a lack of oxygen, the number of repetitions is reduced.

How to learn to pull up on the horizontal bar from scratch in a week to a girl and a guy. Beginner program at home

After this, dizziness appears, and blood vessels may burst or pressure may rise. Therefore, holding your breath during lifts on the crossbar is not recommended.

Exercise Precautions

In any sport, safety precautions must be followed. To avoid unpleasant and dangerous consequences for health, you must follow the recommendations.

They are as follows:

  • Under no circumstances should you engage on the bar if there is muscle pain.
  • It is worth refraining from training in rain, frost and at night.
  • Avoid poorly fixed structures, do not pull on old rusted crossbars.
  • Before each workout, warm up, warm up the muscles. For warming up, running, squatting, push-ups are suitable.
  • All movements should be smooth, without sharp attacks.
  • The crossbar must match the athlete’s height so as not to jump too high.
  • In order not to damage the skin on the palms, it is better to use special gloves for fitness.

How to learn to pull up on the horizontal bar from scratch in a week to a girl and a guy. Beginner program at home

  • People suffering from diseases of spinal curvature, protrusion, spinal hernia should refrain from doing exercises on the bar.

How to learn to catch up with a girl

The crossbar for a woman is an excellent sports equipment that helps in the formation of an ideal figure. The horizontal bar helps strengthen the muscles of the back, chest and abdominals. However, it is more difficult for girls to master the pull-up technique than for men. In girls, the upper part of the body is much weaker than in men.

Before proceeding to pull-ups, it is worth stretching the muscles. A warm-up may include a jog or a group of warm-up exercises. After you can proceed to the training itself.

How to learn to pull up on a horizontal bar from scratch to a girl: the direct grip technique will tell.

This method of pull-ups is one of the easiest and safest:

  • The first step is to grasp the bar with a direct grip at a shoulder-width distance. The grip should be palms away from you, and the thumb is at the bottom.
  • Hang on the horizontal bar with your back slightly arched and legs crossed.
  • Slowly raise the body until the chin is above the bar.

How to learn to pull up on the horizontal bar from scratch in a week to a girl and a guy. Beginner program at home

  • Slowly fall down.

How to teach a child to pull up

An active lifestyle is important not only for adults, but also for the child. Not every child succeeds in mastering the pull-up technique; girls are especially difficult.

Preparatory classes that will help you learn how to pull yourself up from scratch:

  • Develop stamina. For this, running a short distance, power loads. Useful are push-ups from the floor or with emphasis on the crossbar, stretching the expander, classes in any sports section.
  • Once the child has mastered the preparatory set of exercises, you can proceed to pull-ups.
  • To begin with, a small athlete should start to pull himself up from a small height, about 19’7 – 27’6 inch from the floor. Experts believe that hanging on the crossbar will help the child get comfortable and understand the correct principle of these exercises. As for the grip width, for young athletes, the grip width depends on muscle development.

In order to teach a child to pull up correctly, one must master the technique perfectly.

It consists of the following phases:

  1. The child grabs the bar, hangs on the horizontal bar.
  2. Rises.
  3. Bends the arms at the elbows.
  4. It takes its starting position.

It is difficult to calculate exactly when a young athlete to learn pull-ups. Everything will depend on the level of training, the regularity of training and even weight. On average, it will take 3 months to master the technique.

Partner Exercises

On the horizontal bar, you can pull yourself up or introduce a friend to the common cause. Exercises with a partner will help you learn the right technique from scratch and understand how much to pull up without outside help.

A beginner athlete and a friend must adhere to the following scheme:

  • First you should hang on the horizontal bar, firmly holding the bar. Press and arms should be tense.
  • The partner needs to come up behind and grab the legs of his partner, push him up.

How to learn to pull up on the horizontal bar from scratch in a week to a girl and a guy. Beginner program at home

  • A friend does not have to take all the burden on himself. The partner only helps and pushes, the rest of the work is done by the athlete himself.
  • Returning to the starting position is smooth, without unnecessary jerking.
  • The partner puts his hands under his knees to support the pull-up.

Insurance Exercises

For people who want to protect themselves from various injuries and falls, there are insurance. This method will help you learn the correct pull-up technique without any health risks. To do this, a strong and tight elastic band or a long expander is suitable.

Any of the two insurances is fixed on the crossbar, forming a loop. Further, the athlete must penetrate into the educated insurance so that the elastic band is under the feet or buttocks. Thus, insurance pushes up and it will be easier to pull up.

Beginner Program: 1-5 Pullups

The desire to be in shape requires considerable effort. It is not necessary to disappear in the gym, achieving results. Strengthen muscles, you can pump up on with the help of a horizontal bar. Pulling up on the horizontal bar after a week from 1 to 5 times is a real and feasible task.

To pull up more than 1 time, at the first stage you need to follow this scheme:

  1. Permanent hanging on the bar and push-ups are the first exercises that will help you pull up from scratch and increase muscle mass.
  2. Lifting weights will also be beneficial for the shoulder girdle.
  3. Once the 0 barrier is overcome, it’s time to increase the number of repetitions. To do this, you should train, pulling up 1-2 times for 10-12 approaches, resting for 20-40 seconds. If you pull up it turns out only once, it is better to increase the break time.
  4. Training with different grip will allow you to pull more with a regular grip.

How to learn to pull up on the horizontal bar from scratch in a week to a girl and a guy. Beginner program at home

After a month of regular training, most beginners can pull up 5 or more times.

The second stage – 5-10 pull-ups

When there is the skill of pulling up 5 or more times, the most important thing is not to slow down and increase the load.

This will help various grabs, as well as proven methods:

  1. The technique of “ladder” in the form of games. The point is that participants begin to pull themselves up from 1 time. With each pull-up, the number of repetitions increases until one of the players reaches the maximum figure. Thus, you can train alone, resting with a difference of 5 seconds between sets.
  2. Army technique. The main thing in this technique is to pull up the same number of times over 10-15 approaches.
  3. Exercise “1/2 + 1” This technique is used if it turns out to do no more than 10 repetitions.

In the first week, it is worth pulling up 5 times in 4 sets with your own weight. Next week, the number of pull-ups increases by 1 repeat – 6 times with 4 approaches. On the 3rd week, the number of pull-ups is repeated – 5 times in 4 sets, but with a weighting agent of 6 pounds., Suspended from the belt.

How to learn to pull up on the horizontal bar from scratch in a week to a girl and a guy. Beginner program at home

4th week – 6 repetitions of 4 sets with a weighting of 6 pounds. 5th week – 4 sets of 5 times, with a weight of 11 pounds. 6th week – 4 sets of 6 times with a weight of 11 pounds.

So you need to train until the weight of the weights reaches 22 pounds. After a workout with 5 pull-ups of 4 sets and with a weight of 22 pounds, you need to take a break for a week. And after a week’s rest, you should catch up the maximum number of times under the weight of your own body. Typically, this technique helps to increase the number of pull-ups by half more than before.

The third stage – 10-30 pull-ups

At this stage, a certain sense of self-confidence has already appeared. But the goal of the classes is to pull up 30 times. Train in the same direction – use different types of grip, trying to squeeze a maximum of repetitions. Thanks to slow pull-ups, muscles grow faster. With quick lifts, dexterity, mobility of the body and arms improves.

To pull up on the horizontal bar 30 times, you need to follow this program:

  • It is recommended that before the main exercises stretch your back, arms and shoulders.
  • After warming up, do 10 reps on the bar.
  • A break of 1.5 minutes
  • Tighten with a narrow grip 10 times.
  • Rest for 1.5 minutes.
  • Climb back 10 times.
  • Again a break, but longer – 5-7 minutes.
  • The final part is performed with the maximum number of pull-ups. Subsequently, achieve 30 repetitions in one approach.

How to learn to pull up on the horizontal bar from scratch in a week to a girl and a guy. Beginner program at home

This program is best done every other day so that the muscles relax and begin to grow.

The fourth stage – over 30 pull-ups

Pulling yourself more than 30 times is a major achievement. Special equipment is designed for several weeks. This technique involves classes every other day: Monday-Wednesday-Friday. With it, you can easily pull up to 50 times in 6 sets.

The table shows the training program:

An approach

1 2 3 4 5
Monday 5 4 5 4 3
Wednesday 6 5 5 6 4
Friday 5 6 6 5 5

It is worth noting that for the effect with the new approach it is necessary to change the grip: direct-reverse-neutral-reverse-direct.

Tips for increasing the number of pull-ups

How to learn how to pull yourself up on the horizontal bar from scratch and increase the number of repetitions, several methods will tell you:

  • Lewis Armstrong Method. I pulled myself up on the horizontal bar 5 times a week and skillfully combined this with push-ups every morning for 3 sets. According to his program, it is necessary to increase the number of pull-ups due to high loads in a short time. This technique is aimed at developing the muscles of the back and biceps. A break between trips of 5-10 minutes.
  • The “back staircase” method. The meaning of this method is that the athlete is pulled in 4 approaches with a maximum number of repetitions. With each set, pull-ups are reduced by 1 rep. Breaks between trips are 3 minutes. The effect is noticeable after a few weeks, when the number of lifts on the horizontal bar steps over the usual mark.
  • 30-week program. It has some similarities with the previous method, but there are 5 approaches. This method is designed for those who pull themselves 6 times. For 30 weeks, it is possible to achieve a result of 26 repetitions per approach. It is important that with each week, 1 repetition is added to the approach. By week 30, you can notice progress in pull-ups.

How to learn to pull up on the horizontal bar from scratch in a week to a girl and a guy. Beginner program at home

Thanks to these techniques, you can make a big breakthrough in pull-ups, increasing them to double-digit or 3-digit numbers. You can combine these methods with other methods: various types of grips, pull-ups with weights.

Effective weekly pull-up program

The weekly program is suitable for those who do not know how to pull themselves up or climb the horizontal bar up to 5 times. The program is designed for 5 days, with 2 days of rest.

It includes:

  1. 1st day. It is necessary to do a maximum of pull-ups in 5 sets. Do not chase the quantity – pull yourself as much as you have enough strength. The main thing is the right technique.
  2. 2nd day. Dedicated to the exercise called “Pyramid”. You should start with 1 lift, increasing in each set by 1 time. Breaks between sets 10 sec. After you need to do the maximum numbe
    r of repetitions.
  3. 3rd day. It consists of 9 approaches: 3 wide grip, 3 medium and 3 narrow grip. A break between sets is 1 min.
  4. 4th day. At this stage, you have to squeeze the maximum of approaches without restrictions. Every 3 approaches it is necessary to change the grip. Rest between sets no more than 1 min.
  5. 5th day. The last day of the training week is simple. Here you need to recall the most difficult workout in these 5 days and repeat it.

The remaining 2 days, it is recommended to rest from the pull-ups, replacing them with push-ups from the floor.

Types of horizontal bar exercises at home

How to learn how to pull yourself up on the horizontal bar from scratch without leaving your home is important for those who have their own gymnastic apparatus. But even if it is not there, it will not be difficult to purchase at any sports store.

You need to train according to this scheme:

  • Start with a regular grip. This type of pull-up is done by a direct grip at shoulder width without unnecessary jerking and rocking the body. It is necessary to pull up so that the chin is above the crossbar.
  • Pull back with a grip. The technique for performing this exercise is similar to the usual one, but the principle of capturing another is with palms facing you.
  • Wide grip. You need to grab the crossbar so that the distance between the hands is at least 7’9 inch. As for the technique, the grip is straight, you need to rise on the exhale, and lower yourself on the inhale.

In addition to various grips, it is worth including push-ups from the floor, lifting weights or dumbbells in the training program.

Any of the methods of pull-ups on the horizontal bar will be effective if it is actively used. Both the novice athlete and the advanced athlete will easily understand how to learn mastery from scratch. The effect of regular classes in some is already noticeable in the 2nd week, in others it stretches for several months. The main thing is to be patient and go to your goal.

Video on how to learn to pull up on the horizontal bar

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