Ombre for medium brown hair, Bob haircut: colored, ashen. Coloring at home. Photo

Ombre coloring is now in fashion. There are such varieties as degrade, coloring, balayazh, shatush and blonding. Translated from French, “ombre” means “shadow.” Ombre looks especially attractive on fair-haired, medium-length hair.

What does ombre look like on medium brown hair

On brown hair, ombre looks fashionable and relevant. Color is stretched along the hairline. Often the roots are left in a natural shade. When dyeing, a smooth lightening of the hair to the bottom is carried out, due to which the appearance of the hair changes for the better. Ombre for medium brown hair, Bob haircut: colored, ashen. Coloring at home. Photo

This type of dyeing gives the hair a visual volume and density, rejuvenates, makes the image more dynamic. With the help of ombre, you can visually reduce the cheekbones, lengthen the oval of the face, hide imperfections and emphasize the correct features. Soft color transitions look natural.

Who is suitable for

Ombre on fair hair, which have medium length, can afford women of all ages. It looks beautiful and romantic on curls of various shades of light brown color. The main thing is to choose the right color for the paint.

It is necessary to refrain from staining ombre:

  • if there is too short a haircut;
  • after perming and lamination;
  • if the hair has recently been dyed along its entire length;
  • owners of very oily hair, as this will emphasize the contrast between light and dark strands;
  • there is brittle and weak hair, and the ends are split.

How to choose the right shade

It is recommended to make ombre for medium length brown hair with the use of dyes lighter by several tones of a natural color. Pure blond is best suited. Ombre for medium brown hair, Bob haircut: colored, ashen. Coloring at home. Photo

It is advisable to lighten dark blond curls before staining. The same procedure is carried out when stained in unnatural bright colors. Dark-haired representatives with pale skin and bright eyes go red, plum and red shades.

When choosing a paint you must consider:

  • initial hair color;
  • preferences and tastes of women;
  • desired hue contrast and skin color type.

Girls who are skin-colored in spring (with a peach and pink hue) are wonderfully suited for the warm colors of chocolate, copper, gold and caramel. They emphasize natural beauty.

“Summer” girls who have light hair and skin color should opt for ombre using cold tones. The best option: a soft transition from light brown to dark brown, juicy shades are also suitable. This will make the image more expressive.

“Autumn” women with golden skin and dark eyes come in warm colors: burgundy, copper, orange and coral. Ombre for medium brown hair, Bob haircut: colored, ashen. Coloring at home. Photo

Girls with a winter-like appearance (with a bright contrast in the color of hair and face) need to choose a shade of paint from a cold palette: dark ashy shades and silver. They look attractive and go well with pale skin.


Classical ombre is the most popular type of staining, characterized by a smooth transition of shades and the absence of clear boundaries.

In this case, shades such as are used:

  • beige;
  • Coffee
  • honey.

First you need to decide on the desired length of curls for staining. The mixture is kneaded strictly according to the instructions, observing the proportions. The hair is divided into 3 equal parts. The ends are smeared first in front, then back at the same level, wrapped in foil and withstand a certain time. Then the paint is washed off thoroughly. Ombre for medium brown hair, Bob haircut: colored, ashen. Coloring at home. Photo

On slightly dried curls re-apply the paint above about 2 inch from the place of staining. The exposure time is reduced so that there is a gradual transition. In the end, you need to apply nutritious oil to the hair to protect the tips from drying out and ensure a healthy shine to the hair.

Regrowth roots

The effect of regrown roots goes especially to fair-haired women. In this case, the hairstyle looks natural. The basal zone has darker shades, since it is these areas that are less susceptible to sunlight.

This type of dyeing is suitable for those who have one tone throughout their entire length. The contrast of the color of the roots and the bulk of the hair makes the look more expressive. The peculiarity of this procedure is that the roots are dyed in natural dark shades, and the rest of the hair is subjected to blondening.

Burnt strands

Universal is considered staining with the effect of faded curls. This classic look is suitable for women of all ages and types of appearance. Such dyeing is recommended for girls whose hair naturally burns out in the summer. For the hairstyle to be expressive, the length of the hair should be below the shoulders. Ombre for medium brown hair, Bob haircut: colored, ashen. Coloring at home. Photo

Smooth differences in shades are vertical and resemble natural fading in the sun. Dark roots are often combined with light tips. Only natural colors are used. This makes the hair visually voluminous and refreshes the look.

There are different staining techniques:

  1. You can divide the hair into parts and dye individual curls. It is convenient to use foil. The order of coloring of the strands does not matter.
  2. Also, the balayazh technique is used, which involves the use of a comb with rare teeth, and more frequent and uniform hair coloring is obtained.
  3. They use the shuttles technique. It is performed by gradually stretching the color from a darker to a lighter shade. This option looks great on brown hair. Large strands of hair are treated with a means for coloring lighter shades and wrapped in foil. After a certain period, the hair is washed. It is advisable to use special gentle means for hair restoration.

The most popular colors: ash, wheat, beige, gold and walnut.

Dark ombre

The lower part of the hair is sometimes dyed in dark shades. This is done by girls who like to experiment with their appearance and change dramatically. It turns out a bright and fashionable image. In this case, you can use coffee and chocolate shades. Ombre for medium brown hair, Bob haircut: colored, ashen. Coloring at home. Photo

Girls with light curls resort to staining the root zone in dark colors, the middle part – 2 tones lighter. A blond is applied to the ends. With dark roots, the tips of the color of honey combine perfectly.

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In recent years, color staining is considered popular, which helps to create an extraordinary

Color ombre looks unusual and extravagant. Painting is carried out horizontally, the color smoothly changes from one tone to another. You can start dyeing from the middle of the hair, and paint only the ends with paint. In this case, turquoise, violet, red, blue, pink and burgundy shades are used.

This staining procedure can be carried out at home. You must first get a haircut.

You will need:

  • glass container;
  • foil;
  • gloves
  • hairbrush;
  • brush for coloring.

It is necessary to tie the tail high and comb it for a smooth transition of the shade. Paint is prepared immediately before application. Under the hair, put a foil, coat the hair with a coloring agent and wrap it in foil.

The exposure time should not exceed the time specified in the instructions. Then use shampoo to wash your hair. After use, it is advisable to use conditioner to nourish and strengthen hair.

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Pink ombre

Confident and strong personalities who want to attract the attention of others can venture to such an ombre. Romantic girls can also opt for pale pink. Ombre for medium brown hair, Bob haircut: colored, ashen. Coloring at home. Photo

The pink ombre is most suitable for women with blond hair and gray, blue eyes. It blends equally well with both dark and light shades of hair. But it’s important to choose the right tone.

There is a large selection of pink shades:

  • tea rose;
  • saturated pink;
  • salmon;
  • light pink;
  • lilac;
  • Crimson.

When choosing paint, you must take into account skin color. Delicate pink tones (caramel, peach) are ideally combined with peach and dark skin, with ashen cold shades, with olive – coral and fuchsia.  Older women are not recommended to dye their hair bright pink.

Ash Ombre

Ombre for medium length brown hair using ashy shades is especially suitable for blue-eyed and gray-eyed girls. At the same time, it is convenient to apply coloring in a classic style. The smooth flowing of a natural shade of light brown hair into an ashy shade naturally looks. It is better to use just 3 shades of paint.

For women with dark hair and dark skin, darker ashen shades are suitable. In this case, add pink, blue or blue notes.

How to perform dyeing on medium hair at home

Ombre for brown hair of medium length is performed in the following sequence:

  • The strands are divided into 4 parts.
  • The prepared composition is applied to the color transition zone. Processing must be carried out from top to bottom, slightly touching the upper areas and abundantly applying paint to the ends.
  • For color saturation of 2 inch of hair length from below, the dye is additionally held for 10-15 minutes.
    Ombre for medium brown hair, Bob haircut: colored, ashen. Coloring at home. Photo
    Ombre for brown hair can be made at home using foil, so that only the necessary areas of hair are painted
  • The next 2 inch in length, located above, are also painted.
  • Rinse off the composition after the period specified in the instructions.
  • A restorative balm must be applied to the hair, which is then washed off.

How to make ombre on a square

Kare is a classic haircut that is versatile. To make such a hairstyle fashionable and relevant, use dyeing, combining several tones of paint. The bottom of the hair lightens or darkens.

There are 2 ways to stain:

  1. Smooth flowing color. It looks romantic. Staining is performed from the middle of the strands. The natural color gently turns into brighter shades.
  2. Abrupt transition. It has strict lines, looks unusual and stylish.
  3. It is recommended that girls with a bob haircut make a gradual color transition, this will give the hairstyle lightness.
  4. With an extended Bob haircut, staining is carried out from top to bottom, gradually changing the palette and using brighter shades. Ombre for medium brown hair, Bob haircut: colored, ashen. Coloring at home. Photo
  5. A barber with a lengthening in front will look equally good with a clear and smooth transition. In this case, strands near the face should begin to be painted at a level below the middle.

Do bangs bang

To create a holistic image, it is desirable to tint the fringe. It will refresh the face. Hair is divided into two equal parts. First they paint the bottom, then the top, retreating from the roots. No foil is used.

Tips for New Technicians

You can make an ombre at home. Before dyeing, you need to cut your hair and shape your hair. Paint is applied to dirty hair to reduce the negative effects of chemicals.

Before the procedure, it is necessary to moisten the hair slightly and divide them with partings into 4 parts. Then make the tails so that the elastic was in line with the chin or cheekbones.

Paint must be applied quickly. Then the strands are wrapped in foil. After 20-30 minutes, you need to rinse your head. The second time they paint over the area a few inch below, the paint is kept for 10 minutes.

Last time, only the ends are painted. After 10 minutes, wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo. During staining, they try to achieve an uneven color, small strands should differ in tone.

After the procedure, it is advisable to apply a restoring balm or mask to the hair. The first 2 weeks you can not use a hairdryer to avoid overdrying the hair structure.

Medium Hair Care After Ombre Dyeing

The ombre procedure is one of the most gentle methods of dyeing, but the hair after the procedure still needs special care. Ombre for medium brown hair, Bob haircut: colored, ashen. Coloring at home. Photo

It is not recommended to subject ringlets to high temperatures. This overdries the tips, makes them brittle. Styling with a hairdryer is best done at a minimum temperature, using special means of thermal protection. It is recommended to dry the head in a natural way. If you cannot do without a hair dryer, it is advisable to dry your hair a little with a towel first.

It is advisable to wash your hair no more than 3 times a week. This will help to avoid dehydration and leaching of color.

Regularly it is necessary to nourish and moisturize the hair with the help of restoring masks, balms and oils.

Particular attention is paid to tips that are most exposed to the harmful effects of chemicals. Olive oil has a beneficial effect on the ha
ir. You can apply a few drops to the ends 20 minutes before washing your hair.

To prevent hair from fading, grease the stained areas with lemon juice and leave for about 10 minutes. Proper staining makes a woman irresistible and stylish. Observing the simple rules, you can make an ombre for medium length brown hair at home, without spending a lot of money on changing the image.

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Ombre video for fair hair

Ombre on brown hair:

Ash ombre on light brown:

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