How to get rid of wen on the face. Medical ointments, creams, medicines, folk recipes and remedies

A wen is a benign neoplasm that is localized under the skin. It does not pose any danger to human health, but delivers aesthetic discomfort. You can quickly and painlessly get rid of wen on the face in various ways, including and listed in our article.

What is a wen

In medical guides, it is called a lipoma. It consists only of fat cells and can appear both on the surface of the skin, and on some internal organs in the human body.

Zhirovik outwardly has a slightly yellowish tint. It is soft to the touch and does not cause pain or discomfort to a person. If you do nothing, then lipomas can remain on the skin of a person for life, but at the same time they will not bother him in any way, except that they will visually catch the eye of others. How to get rid of wen on the face. Medical ointments, creams, medicines, folk recipes and remedies

But multiple wen can form, which are localized close to each other and accumulate in one place. In this case, small tubercles may appear, which bring pain to their owner. Therefore, it is better to get rid of them at the very beginning and not to aggravate the situation.

Varieties of lipomas

How to get rid of wen on the face will help knowledge of its appearance. Thanks to this, the treatment process will not be delayed for a long time, and the person will again become the owner of a beautiful and smooth skin. How to get rid of wen on the face. Medical ointments, creams, medicines, folk recipes and remedies

Lipomas can be of 2 types:

  • milium;
  • xanthoma. How to get rid of wen on the face. Medical ointments, creams, medicines, folk recipes and remedies

If a wen type milium has formed, then it will be characterized by the presence of solid contents. The lipoma itself is white. It is very similar to simple eel, so people call this type of wen called white eel. The place of appearance usually becomes the area of the forehead, cheekbones, nose, lips. Milium begins to form as a result of clogging of the sebaceous glands.

Xanthoma has a yellowish tint and appears most often on the upper eyelids or under the eyes.

Causes that provoke the appearance of wen

A lipoma cannot manifest itself just like that; there are always certain reasons for this. Which usually lie in the malfunction of internal organs or a malfunction in one of them. In addition, pimples, rashes may appear on the face, and the skin as a whole will lose a healthy and beautiful appearance. The body is trying to show that not all systems work correctly and harmoniously.

First of all, the reason that led to their formation will tell you how to quickly get rid of wen on the face.

Among them:

  • failure of the protective function of the body, as well as impaired metabolic processes;
  • diabetes;
  • improper functions of the hormonal system;
  • sedentary work and lack of an active lifestyle;
  • thyroid dysfunction;
  • malfunction of the urinary system in general or the kidneys in particular, as well as various diseases developing in them;
  • digestive system malfunction;
  • long exposure to the open sun;
  • liver diseases that develop against a background of alcohol dependence;
  • excessive consumption of fatty and junk food;
  • non-observance of personal hygiene and improper care for oily skin. How to get rid of wen on the face. Medical ointments, creams, medicines, folk recipes and remedies

Basically, the formation of adipose tissue on the skin of the face is caused by a failure of metabolic processes, diabetes mellitus and high cholesterol. In humans, there may be not even one, but several reasons that acted as a provoking factor.

In addition, it is very important to choose the right care and cosmetics to care for oily or combination skin. It is worth remembering that they may differ in summer and winter.

How to quickly get rid of a wen

In order to do everything right and not be afraid of the development of complications or negative consequences, it is best to contact a qualified specialist. If the wen is small in size, then the doctor will quickly get rid of it with the help of injections with a special medicinal composition. How to get rid of wen on the face. Medical ointments, creams, medicines, folk recipes and remedies
How to get rid of wen on the face. Medical ointments, creams, medicines, folk recipes and remedies

A person during this procedure will not feel pain or discomfort. The injected drug will simply split the accumulated fat cells and prevent their re-formation.

How else can you get rid of wen on the face, depends on their size and the cause of the appearance. Surgery may even be necessary to remove large lipomas. During the operation, the doctor will make an incision and remove the entire contents of the wen, so that later the cells continue to function normally.

To eliminate small wen, it is not necessary to consult such doctors as a surgeon, cosmetologist or dermatologist. You can remove them yourself at home. A specialist should be consulted only in severe cases when the wen begins to grow in size or quantity, and also causes pain.

Removal at home

In order to independently remove a neoplasm from the skin, the following rules must be observed:

  1. wipe the skin of the face and hands with an alcohol solution;
  2. the site of lipoma formation must be treated with lidocaine;
  3. prepare and disinfect tweezers and a needle;
  4. fix a wen with tweezers;
  5. pierce it in the center with a needle;
  6. push so that all contents come out;
  7. wipe the puncture site with a cotton pad soaked in an alcohol solution;
  8. stick with adhesive tape to prevent bacteria and germs from getting inside. How to get rid of wen on the face. Medical ointments, creams, medicines, folk recipes and remedies

If carrying out a similar procedure at home is scary or there are obstacles for this, it is better to seek the help of qualified specialists. They will choose the best way to remove the wen from the surface of the skin in the shortest possible time.

It is worth remembering that with independent attempts to squeeze out a wen, an infection can be introduced under the skin, which will lead to complications and the development of inflammatory processes. This as a whole will only aggravate the situation.

Therefore, the extrusion of
lipomas can be entrusted only to qualified specialists, but at home it is better to use various recipes and methods of traditional medicine.

Removal by cosmetic procedures

How to quickly get rid of wen on the face with the help of modern procedures will be consulted by cosmetologists.

They usually prescribe one of the following:

  1. Facial cleansing. During its implementation, all existing wen are opened. The doctor thoroughly cleanses each of them of accumulated subcutaneous fat. Thanks to this procedure, lipomas will no longer form in this person.
  2. Method of aspiration or puncture. The doctor prescribes the procedure in cases if the wen is still young and not fully ripe. The method is performed using a very thin needle, which is inserted into the middle of the lipoma. Through it, all contents are removed and the shell is not broken. A person during the procedure will not feel any pain or discomfort, but there is a risk of re-formation of the wen in the same place.
  3. Laser treatment . The most modern and fastest way to get rid of a wen. Only a qualified and experienced specialist can perform the laser procedure. How to get rid of wen on the face. Medical ointments, creams, medicines, folk recipes and remedies
  4. Coagulation. This method has proven itself to be reliable and effective. Thanks to him, the risk of re-formation of lipoma is practically reduced to 0, but a person may experience pain during its implementation. It will last about 2 minutes.
  5. Chemical peeling. This procedure directs its action not only to eliminate wen from the skin, but also in general to improve and cleanse other problems.

Ointments for the treatment of education

The most effective and convenient way to cleanse the skin on the face of lipomas with the help of therapeutic ointments. They are sold in every pharmacy. Ready-made formulations will quickly stretch and dissolve subcutaneous fat from the neoplasm, preventing the development of inflammatory processes.

These include:

  1. Vishnevsky ointment. It contains birch tar, so it has a specific smell. The ointment has such actions as antiseptic and irritating, and also helps to normalize blood circulation at the site of the formation of the wen. The tool contributes to the rapid release of subcutaneous fat outward, while not leaving a scar or scar. To achieve the maximum effect, it is necessary to apply the ointment to the gauze folded several times and attach to the place where the wen appeared. Seal the resulting compress with adhesive tape and leave for 12 hours. Then remove and let the skin breathe for 12 hours. Then repeat the procedure again. After a few days from the wen and no trace left.
    How to get rid of wen on the face. Medical ointments, creams, medicines, folk recipes and remedies
    With the help of Vishnevsky ointment, you can quickly get rid of a wen on the face
  2. Ichthyol ointment. Its main purpose is to combat various infections that, for various reasons, appear on the skin. The therapeutic effect of the ointment is to improve metabolic processes, disinfection and reduce inflammatory processes. In addition, the ointment will ensure proper blood circulation and establish the process of cell regeneration in the place where the lipoma appeared. The drug is best used as a lotion or just usd into a wen. How to get rid of wen on the face. Medical ointments, creams, medicines, folk recipes and remedies
  3. Ointment Weidestim . The composition contains retinol, which has established itself as an effective tool in the fight against various types of dermatitis, eczema, as well as skin cracks. The ointment will enhance protein synthesis and help to break down fats faster, which clog the cells. After applying the ointment, the lipoma is dried and disappears. To achieve this, the drug must be applied to the sore spot with a thin layer twice a day. How to get rid of wen on the face. Medical ointments, creams, medicines, folk recipes and remedies
  4. Balm Vitaon. Thanks to plant extracts and such an active component as camphor, it quickly removes inflammation and has an antiexudative effect. The medicine helps relieve itching and pull the contents of the wen outward in the shortest possible time. It is recommended to smear the product with a thick layer at the place of formation with a wen, and then apply a sterile dressing on top. The course of treatment averages about 5 days.

Each of these tools is effective for removing wen from the surface of the skin at home. But also they may have a number of contraindications. Therefore, before applying it is best to read the instructions.

Compresses and masks

Folk remedies are distinguished by their effectiveness, and also have virtually no side effects. They contain exclusively natural components. These funds will help normalize lipid metabolism and blood circulation, as well as remove small defects from the surface of the skin.

Among folk recipes, the following can be distinguished:

  1. Baked onion. To use getting rid of wen on the face, you need to bake 1 onion in foil. After that, let it cool, knead to a mushy state. A compress is made from it on the problem area of the skin and aged there for about half an hour. How to get rid of wen on the face. Medical ointments, creams, medicines, folk recipes and remedies
  2. Garlic. Take 1 clove and grate it. After which, add a few drops of vegetable oil to it and mix. Apply the composition to the wen and seal with adhesive tape for half an hour. In people with sensitive skin, the area after the compress may turn a little red.
  3. Salt and honey. Take both ingredients in equal proportions and mix thoroughly. The resulting mask should be applied to the face and left there until the skin begins to slightly pinch or blush. After that, the product must be carefully washed off under a stream of warm water.

In addition, during the period of active struggle with wen on the face, you can’t eat harmful, badly seasoned and oily. The diet should consist of foods rich in fiber, as well as fresh vegetables and fruits. It is also very important to observe personal hygiene so that
lipomas do not return to their previous places.

Folk remedies

There are several proven, by more than one generation of people, traditional medicine remedies that will help you quickly and painlessly get rid of lipomas on your face.

Among them:

  1. Aloe juice. From the leaf of the plant, you need to extract the pulp and attach it to the area of the skin where the lipoma formed. For reliability and a better effect, it is better to fix it with a band-aid and leave it overnight. To completely get rid of the problem on the skin, you need to apply the product for 1 week.
  2. Kalanchoe. The sheet must be cut into 2 parts and the pulp of one of them applied to the formed lipoma, and then fixed with adhesive tape. The course of treatment is about 7 days.
  3. Laundry soap and onions. Both components must be grated and mixed together. The ingredients are taken in equal proportions. The resulting composition must be placed in a container and boil over low heat. Allow to cool and attach to the desired place for half an hour. If the wen is large enough, then the composition can be left for 45 minutes. After this time, the composition is washed off with warm water.

How to properly and quickly get rid of wen on the face will help determine only a beautician. But without observing the rules of personal hygiene and proper nutrition, this is simply impossible. Therefore, if a decision is made to put the skin on your face and make it clean and healthy, you need to reconsider your lifestyle in general.

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