Sunblock in the solarium, in the sun. Which is better to choose for fair skin, pregnant women, children

The solarium is visited by those who do not want to lag behind the bronze beauties, and there is not enough time to visit the beach. Using a cream designed for tanning in a solarium and enhancing ultraviolet rays, you can quickly get a chocolate shade that cannot be distinguished from a regular tan.

Why do I need a sunblock

Cream for tanning in a solarium should perform several tasks:

  • moisturize and give the skin a special nutrition;
  • protect from the harmful effects of UV rays;
  • prevent the appearance of burns;
  • contribute to the creation of an even tan with the desired shade;
  • stimulate the metabolism in the cells of the skin defect, as a result of which the cell is renewed.

A cream intended for tanning in a solarium has a different effect, unlike what can be seen in the hands of vacationers on the beach:

  • it does not have filters that repel UV rays, because this fiction becomes unnecessary, dumps allow a certain number of rays to pass through; Sunblock in the solarium, in the sun. Which is better to choose for fair skin, pregnant women, children
  • the protective function is simply necessary, because for many people the skin is of a light type, which is very sensitive;
  • tanning lays in even layers gradually, tanning cream “attracts” the sun’s rays to the skin;
  • the components of the cream stimulate the renewal and increase of melanin, which stimulates the darkening of the body.

Many tanning products are available:

  • a developer cream is necessary for those who have just come to the solarium; applied in the first 3 visits;
  • tanning agents give the right shade to tan;
  • bronzing creams enhance the effect of UV; This option is used by those who want to get a bronze shade of the body.

Varieties of creams depending on the purpose

In any beauty salon you can find a large assortment of cosmetics for tanning salons:

Type of cream Structure Act Recommendations
Without bronzer The main oil components and vitamins are diluted with tanning activators and stimulants. The cream first moisturizes the skin, and then begins to “work on a tan” Ideal for people with sensitive and problematic skin
With bronzers Carotene, oil squeezed from walnut, henna Promote rapid skin darkening In case of uneven application, the substance appears as spots.
With optional components Tingles Designed for skin that is hypersensitive to irritation.

The action of the cream is to increase blood circulation through microcapillaries, as a result of which the tan lays down quickly and evenly

Do not apply on face
Moisturizers Vitamin supplements, oils, panthenol Ultraviolet rays dry out all the moisture from the epidermis, which becomes dry. Means of this group restore elasticity to the skin Suitable for application on the neck, face
Pancake week group Coconut, Olive Oils As a result of application, the skin becomes soft, supple Tan with oils has a beautiful bronze tint

Tanning cream release form in the solarium

In cosmetic stores you can find a wide range of creams and lotions.

Creams in tanning salons are used to prevent the aging process of the skin, which, under the influence of ultraviolet rays, can develop rapidly.

The following creams are effective:

  • Soleo’s product is a brand among cosmetics designed for artificial tanning, thanks to subtle scents with fruity notes.
  • The Caribbean Gold brand is also loved by women, as the tan is smooth and saturated, while the skin has a healthy appearance and retains a natural shade.
  • Using Emerald Bay products, a protective film is created on the skin, which contributes to high-quality tanning. The tanning tone is determined by the composition of the selected product.

Many women prefer to use other options, because it is difficult to apply creams with an even layer, they are absorbed slowly.

  • Spray lotion is instantly distributed on the skin.
  • Serum contains a high concentration of coloring substances, it is better to add it to creams. Sunblock in the solarium, in the sun. Which is better to choose for fair skin, pregnant women, children
  • Spray – water is convenient if you need to even out the color of the tan.
  • Mousse for oily skin: well absorbed, slightly drying the skin.
  • Napkins. They are necessary if it is necessary to adjust the color of the face and hands. They are saturated with anti-tanning components.

Disadvantages of spray-protected sunscreens

Going to the beach or to the solarium, many women prefer to take a spray with them, since it is convenient to apply.

However, cosmetics in this form have a number of significant drawbacks:

  • The spray is sprayed with a wide spray fountain. It is possible that its particles can enter the nasal cavity. The consequences can be very different – from sore nose, redness of the mucous membrane to asthmatic cough.
  • The substance is distributed unevenly over the skin, drains, so you have to grind it.
  • The spray consumption is quite large, and its price is much higher than conventional sunblocks.
  • Some manufacturers may supply a low-quality product that can stick, rinse off quickly and smell bad.
  • The composition of the spray to create a drying effect has alcohol. If the skin is very sensitive, then redness, itching may occur.

Composition and action of sunblock

Sun creams consist of specific and non-specific components:

  • The first group is substances that block ultraviolet rays. Thanks to these substances, the skin will be protected from the harmful effects of UV rays, which ensures an even tan.
  • The second group includes moisturizers, nutrients, microparticles that preven
    t skin aging, vitamin E, which is necessary for moisturizing, oils from various natural ingredients that nourish the skin. Sunblock in the solarium, in the sun. Which is better to choose for fair skin, pregnant women, children

The action of a tanning agent is based on blocking UV rays, so you need to apply it on the skin at home, in about 30 minutes. before the release, so that the composition has time to absorb.

What does SPF and PPD mean

Sunblock in the tanning bed has the letter SPF, which stands for sunburn protection.

Near the inscription is a number – from 2 to 50:

  • means with indicators 2-5 are suitable for people with dark skin;
  • dark-skinned people sunbathing without burns, choose a cream with the letters SPF5 – SPF10;
  • average designations suggest that such a cream is intended for children’s skin;
  • high levels of protection for people who have very sensitive skin.

To find out what time the cream saves, you need 15 (the figure defined by statistics as the safe time in the sun), multiplied by the figure next to the abbreviation. Sunblock in the solarium, in the sun. Which is better to choose for fair skin, pregnant women, children

Another designation that some manufacturers knock out on packaging with cream is PPD, an indicator of protection from sunlight. But in most cases, this index is necessary for the manufacturer to see the extent to which this tool complies with the standards. The consumer does not need these subtleties, it is enough for him to see and be able to decipher the first designation.

The difference between filters and screens

Filters and screens are special components that provide protection from sun exposure, which differ in their mechanism of action.

These differences can be represented as follows:

  • Filters are particles that penetrate the upper layer of the skin, which linger there and trap UV. – Screens remain on human skin and scatter the sun’s rays, preventing them from penetrating the subcutaneous layer.
  • Filters change UV into thermal energy. The process that has begun is indicated by increased sweat production by humans. – Screens do not produce such an action.
  • Screen microparticles are easily removed during bathing. You have to re-apply the cream on the skin. – Filters, penetrating under the skin, remain there for a long time, nourishing the skin, transforming the sun’s rays.

Types of filters used in tanning creams

In tanning creams, the manufacturer uses 2 types of filters:

  1. The physical filter (the second name is “mineral or natural”) incorporates zinc oxide and mineral components that do not penetrate the skin, but remain on the surface, reflecting the sun’s rays. Sunblock in the solarium, in the sun. Which is better to choose for fair skin, pregnant women, children
  2. Chemical filters contain UV trapping chemicals. Scientists have a double opinion regarding mexoril, cinnamate, benzophenone, camphor. Some claim the negative effect of these compounds, while others assure that these elements are absolutely harmless. However, the following information should be alerted – benzophenone, an integral element of such creams, is quickly absorbed under the skin and spreads through the arteries and capillaries throughout the body, exerting a detrimental effect on the reproductive system.

The difference between the two filters is the safety of the first, created on the basis of natural components. Such cosmetics do not cause manifestations of allergic reactions, do not provoke the appearance of rashes of a demotic nature.

The decision to use a cream that contains free radicals (a product with chemical filters) is made by each person independently.

The choice of cream by skin type

Seeing a girl with bronze skin, you may get the impression that she is lying on the beach for days under the scorching sun and plus, she uses sunblock. This opinion is erroneous, because the color of the tan depends on the phototype and skin.

If you want to enhance the effect of tanning, you need to choose a sunscreen, focusing on your skin type:

  • For sensitive skin, milk or emulsion is suitable, the light formula of which will not cause irritation. If there is an individual intolerance to any components, then you definitely need to get acquainted with the composition of the product so as not to harm yourself.
  • For dry (normal) skin, an ideal choice would be an oil or cream of a thick consistency, without alcohol. Due to the high air temperature and hot sunlight, moisture evaporates from the skin, so it is necessary to moisturize the skin, give it nourishment.
  • Lotions, sprays, emulsions for combination skin, which is not only oily, but also problematic. It is necessary to choose a cream that will regulate the action of the sebaceous glands. Cosmetics containing various oils are contraindicated.

Rules for choosing funds for the beach

When choosing a tanning product on the beach, you need to focus on the skin phototype:

  • Owners of blond hair with a reddish tint, freckles on the face, and milky skin (Celtic type) feel uncomfortable on the beach, because their skin is completely deprived of melanin. Hot sun rays cause instant burns. Such people need to be on the beach only in the morning or in the evening, when the sun’s rays glide over the surface, or hide under an awning and always use creams with maximum protection (SPF 50).
    Sunblock in the solarium, in the sun. Which is better to choose for fair skin, pregnant women, children
    Sunblock in the solarium and on the beach should be chosen depending on the type of skin. A visual table will help with this!
  • People with European skin types also quickly burn out, but they can achieve a golden honey tan if they observe a strict beach regime: stay on the beach for 1 hour in the morning (before lunch) and in the evening, when the sun is declining. At the beginning of the vacation, they need SPF 50, until a certain amount of melanin is produced in the skin. Then you can go to the lower formula – SPF 30. The filters that make up cosmetics will protect the skin from damage and ensure even tan distribution.
  • People of a European type quickly sunbathe, but owners of dark brown hair and skin, ivory shade can also burn out if they lie for a long time in the scorching sun. Reasonable enjoyment of a beach holiday, the use of the protective formula SPF 20 will bring an even tan that will last all summer.
  • People of the Mediterranean, Asian type (dark-haired, brown-eyed with creamy or olive skin tones) are not afraid of the sun. They can sunbathe w
    ithout any cosmetics, but in order to exclude the appearance of wrinkles and age spots, you need to use oils with low protection.

Choosing a tool in the solarium

Cream for tanning in the solarium must be selected correctly, only then you can get a beautiful and even tan.

Tips for choosing such a tool can be as follows:

  1. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the price, which is determined by the following nuances:
  • constituent elements of the basic basis of the tool, because it is precisely on them that the action of the composition depends;
  • the presence of assets, the choice of which depends on the type of skin;
  • the implementation of a specific cosmetological problem, in particular, UV protection.

Do not choose formulations in the original packaging. The main thing is not beauty, but originality. Tools in glass, ceramics are of high cost, but their quality remains unchanged.

  1. The following selection criteria is the type of skin:
  • For sensitive skin, thick blends should be purchased; using cosmetics with a “tingle” can cause an allergic rash.
  • Oily skin is well lubricated with liquid consistency.
  • For the face, lips, it is necessary to use cosmetics with the highest index.
  1. Separate tubes of cosmetics after tanning are needed, because they contain components that moisturize and restore the skin after the procedures, as well as consolidate the effect of tanning, making it a little darker.

The difference between sunblock and tanning creams

Means for tanning in the sun and in the solarium vary significantly.

Cosmetics for tanning in the sun have the following goals:

  • the skin does not suffer from the rays of the sun;
  • moisturize the skin, providing it with maximum nutrition; after sunburn remedies help maintain the elasticity of the skin, smooth wrinkles;
  • the body is protected from intense solar heat. Sunblock in the solarium, in the sun. Which is better to choose for fair skin, pregnant women, children

Means for artificial sunbathing are designed to provide comfort.

Therefore, their effect and composition are different from the means used at sea:

  • contain bronzers;
  • in them is formic acid.

Rules for applying sunblock

To make the visit to the beach pleasant, you must not forget to put a tanning agent in the beach bag.

The use of cosmetics will become effective and safe if the following recommendations are observed:

  • First you should read the instructions on what can be done in the process of collecting on the beach, which will tell you how to conduct a test for an allergic reaction. You should not neglect this rule, because it is not known how problematic skin can respond to a new ointment.
  • Do not use other perfumes at this time: the reaction of completely different cosmetics is unpredictable.
  • The instruction prescribes to apply the cream one third of an hour before sun exposure. The composition should absorb and begin to act. You should be aware that oil-based products absorb quickly.
  • If you want to lie on the beach for a long time, then the SPF cream should be used at certain intervals of time and swimming. Oily skin is well protected by gels, eyelids – lotions, lips – a special balm.
  • The protective layer should be applied throughout the body, not forgetting about the neck, decollete, face (hand movements in a circle).
  • It is necessary to protect moles with sticks (waterproof). If they are not available, then a cream with a high SPF figure should be used.
  • An additional protective agent will be makeup powder containing inorganic elements that filter UV.
  • It is better not to be on the beach for more than 2-3 hours. Midday scorching rays can cause redness.
  • Do not use expired beach makeup.

Sun tanning products

Sunblock cream in a solarium has a wide range.

Not inferior to him, and means for tanning in the sun: Sunblock in the solarium, in the sun. Which is better to choose for fair skin, pregnant women, children

  • Yves Rocher Spray is intended for those who want their skin to be richly brown. As a result of exposure to a dry, non-greasy texture, the skin becomes dull, velvety to the touch, radiates the aroma of a tiare flower. The degree of protection is minimal, suitable for those who spend morning or evening hours on the beach.
  • Cream French Anthelios French brand La Roche-Posay for those with soft or dry skin. The product is at the very last place on the SPF50 security scale, not only protecting the skin from the sun, but also improving its condition thanks to water from healing sources. The cream has a soothing, calming effect, keeps the skin integrally, protecting it from inflammation.

  • Coconut aroma oil from the manufacturer Garnier attracts sun rays to the skin, allowing anyone to quickly become chocolate. The dark color is very intense, saturated. The protective level is minimal, therefore it is better to apply the cream after the adaptation to the southern sun has passed, and the skin has become dark.

Tanning products in the solarium

Tanning products in the solarium are produced by many brands. Sunblock in the solarium, in the sun. Which is better to choose for fair skin, pregnant women, children

Find the best help TOP-3:

  1. Soleo Lollipop , released by Aroma Trend – has high properties: gives the skin the necessary nutrition, is well absorbed. As a result of the application, there is no irritation; the probability of getting a sunburn is reduced to 0. The tan is perfect.
  2. Chocolate Kiss from Sol Bianca consists of a bronzer and 8 components, so the tan is a chocolate tint. Walnut oil, coconut prevents wrinkles on the skin, makes it supple.
  3. Those who used Emerald Bay Dark’n Dazed cream give only positive reviews about it. It contains oils made from hemp beans, coffee beans, coconuts. The skin becomes soft and supple. Tyrosine contributes to an even and flawless shade.

Recommendations for pregnant

Cream for tanning in the solarium and in the sun for women awaiting the appearance of the baby should be of high quality, with double protection.

In order to choose your cosmetic option from the proposed variety, it is necessary to take into account some nuances:

  • The composition of cosmetics should include only safe elements; without alcohol and coloring matter.
  • Many women use a baby cream that has a mild effect and protects even hypersensitive skin.
  • The product must contain a different number of filters so that you can find an option for different skin types.
  • Funds should be purchased before the start of summer, so that later you do not have to go out only in the early or late hours.
  • Before you get a few tubes of cream, you need to check whether the condition of the skin
    will change after it is lubricated with a nutrient.
  • It is better to look for hypoallergenic mixtures.

The sun cream contains filters, as well as:

  • starch;
  • zinc oxide;
  • Avobenzon.

Chemical filters are also present:

  • salicylic acid;
  • benzophenones;
  • panthenol.

Natural protection is created by the following components:

  • green tea;
  • aloe;
  • extracts from herbs and flowers;
  • vitamin E.

Sunblock creams for pregnant women

Women during the gestation period need to be on the beach when the rays of the sun are gentle, and in any case, use protective compounds.

Options may be:

  • Nivea SunCare – a popular brand that does not need advertising, is represented by a wide variety of products, which include extracts from plants and other necessary substances. The tan lies flat, problem points are excluded. Sunblock in the solarium, in the sun. Which is better to choose for fair skin, pregnant women, children
  • Biocon is considered hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. The line is presented in various forms – from baby creams and sprays to protective products for certain areas of the skin. The cream applied to the body needs to be updated constantly, but the skin should not be overabundant.
  • The Vichy collection is also diverse. Effectively affects sensitive skin, protecting it from ultraviolet radiation.

Choosing a baby sunblock

Melanin, which absorbs ultraviolet light, begins to be produced in children after the child has crossed the 3-year mark. It turns out that the skin of a small child will not be able to withstand sun exposure.

Only a sunscreen can save the baby, the choice of which has some nuances:

  • First of all, you need to consider children’s and family options. As a rule, the composition of the product has mineral filters that trap UV rays.
  • You need to pay attention to whether the tube is the word “waterproof”. Such a composition will protect the child in the water, because it is known that the body burns out faster in water than in air.
  • It is not bad if the cream is resistant to sand.
  • When rubbed, baby creams appear for a while. This is quite convenient, as you can see which part of the body remained uncovered.
  • The line of baby creams is presented in different forms, you can choose any.

An important role is played by the degree of protection. The indicator on baby creams is from 15 to 50 (calculation is made from 5 minutes. – safe time spent on the beach).

The degree of protection does not depend on age, but on the following reasons:

  • if the child’s skin has a light shade, he needs a product marked “50”;
  • dark-haired and dark-skinned, from 15 to 30 will do;
  • for daily walks, you can take the cream “20-25”, on the seashore, the degree of protection of the product should be higher.

When selecting funds, the age of the child is also taken into account:

  • A child up to a year needs a cream marked “0”. Infants 2-6 months should not be exposed to hot rays.
  • Up to 3 years, 0 marking agents are used.
  • Cream marked “baby” can be used for any age.
  • A 5-year-old child can be saved from sunlight with a cream used by adults.

Sunscreen rating for children

The sunscreen rating for children may be as follows: Sunblock in the solarium, in the sun. Which is better to choose for fair skin, pregnant women, children

  1. Badger cream from an American manufacturer is considered very effective and absolutely safe. It contains natural ingredients – oil, squeezed from sunflower, extract from tropical mandarin, bees wax. The product smells of vanilla, does not wash off into the sea for a long time.
  2. Babo Botanicals is suitable for children from a year who have very sensitive skin. Protective filter – SPF 30.
  3. At the highest point of protection (50) is the Bubchen product, which includes aloe juice, the necessary panthenol, vitamins. In such a tool there are no harmful elements. Milk can be used for children who are 6 months old or older, as well as adults.

From the cream (not only the benefits are taken into account, but also the harm) for tanning in a solarium, the sun depends on how smoothly the tan lies and how long it will last.

Video about tanning creams

How to choose the right sunscreen will tell Elena Malysheva:

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