Foot massage technique: rules and video tutorials. Training in pictures with explanations: Thai, Chinese, spot

Not only to relax and provide a therapeutic effect, they do foot massage. It is also useful for improving the general condition of the body. You can learn foot massage using the video yourself.

The benefits of foot massage

Regular foot massage has a beneficial effect on various body systems and its general condition.


  • normalization of sleep patterns;
  • improved blood circulation;
  • elimination of stress and nervousness, gradual complete relaxation;
  • a significant decrease in blood pressure, a drop in the level of triglycerides in the blood;
  • elimination of the problem of constant migraines;
  • improvement of indicators during the rehabilitation period after injuries of the musculoskeletal system;
  • positive effect with mild neurological disorders, anxiety;
  • analgesic effect with the correct effect on the reflex points located on the foot;
  • direct improvement of the condition of the legs, skin and nails, removal of edema and cramping, treatment of fungal infections (in conjunction with local antifungal drugs);
  • improvement in arthritis, arthrosis and flat feet;
  • relaxation, relieving pain and discomfort with plantar fasciitis.

Foot reflexology (zones)

Foot and foot massage (training – see video – which should include studying the location of bioactive points and their relationship with the body systems) is effective due to the large accumulation of nerve endings in this zone. A clear outline of the zones allows you to act on specific organs without affecting the rest.

During the massage, beginners can take advantage of stop maps compiled by reflexologists, in which the relationship points are indicated in detail.

Examples of location of zones on the foot:

  1. A little higher than the base of the calcaneus is the genital gland. In women, the zones on both legs are directly related to the work of the ovaries. Foot massage technique: rules and video tutorials. Training in pictures with explanations: Thai, Chinese, spot
  2. At the tips of the fingers of both legs are areas of the frontal sinuses.
  3. On the longitudinal part of the foot from the inner side and in its central part are located the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. The area in which the zone of the heart is located is on the left foot, in front of it.
  5. The eye area is located on both legs, on the bends of 2 and 3 fingers.
  6. In the bends of 4 and 5 fingers is the area of the ears.
  7. In the center of the pads of the thumbs are the points associated with the brain.

Important! When palpating the foot in some places, a feeling of discomfort or pain is possible. This is the first signal that the internal organ (for which this zone or point is responsible) is out of order. With timely medical attention, it is possible to prevent serious diseases.

Reflexology Technique

Massage of the foot and feet (training – see video – helps to master the correct technique for its implementation) technically consists in exposing the fingers to pressure on a specific area of the foot (which is considered problematic after primary palpation).

In this case, during a reflex massage, you must adhere to several rules:

  1. The nature of pressure on different zones is different. Some areas should only be stroked, while others require intense exposure.
    Foot massage technique: rules and video tutorials. Training in pictures with explanations: Thai, Chinese, spot
    Massage of the foot includes pressing, stroking, rubbing.
  2. Do not press sharply and strongly on zones or points. It is important to do this smoothly, slowly increasing the pressure force.
  3. As soon as severe pain appears, stop pressure. If the pain is minor, then the pressure can only be weakened.
  4. The first massage session should be carried out at a slow pace and, in the absence of severe pain, last for 45-60 minutes.

Important! The therapeutic effect of reflex massage is achieved by improving the nutrition and blood circulation of the specific organ to which the effect was directed.


A relaxing massage does not have a significant therapeutic effect. It aims to eliminate signs of fatigue, swelling and discomfort. Before the start of the session, it is necessary to prepare the feet: clean them from dirt, wipe dry. A person is located in a position convenient for him. Under the knee and ankle, it is advisable to put a pillow or roller. Foot massage technique: rules and video tutorials. Training in pictures with explanations: Thai, Chinese, spot

The masseur puts massage oil on his hands and begins the session with stroking. Gradually, the intensity of movements increases, the foot is rubbed from the fingers to the heel with the pads of the fingers. Special attention is paid to the fingers. They need to knead, stretch, scroll.

Do not forget about the heel zone, as it accounts for a significant load during the day. She is kneaded in a circular motion. A relaxing massage should not be excessively harsh, quick. Finishing the procedure, it is necessary to make a few strokes.

After the massage, it is recommended to remain in the same relaxed position for another 10-15 minutes to achieve maximum effect. This procedure can be performed both in the cabin and at home. The cost of one session with a specialist is estimated at $ 5 – $ 14.


Massage of the foot and legs (training – the video below is possible by video) using the Chinese method helps in healing the body. By acting on the feet with the edge of the palm, its back and knuckles for half an hour, you can achieve positive results.


  • prevention of stagnation of lymph;
  • muscle relaxation;
  • body cleansing;
  • prevention of diseases of various organs and organ systems;
  • increased blood circulation of internal organs.

The main techniques of Chinese massage are:

  1. Stroking. They begin and end the session. Foot massage technique: rules and video tutorials. Training in pictures with explanations: Thai, Chinese, spot
  2. Trituration. With one hand you need to hold the leg by the fingers, and with the other, with the back of your hand, press, slowly moving to the heel. Rubbing can also be done with knuckles, then the study of the surface of the foot will be more detailed.
  3. Vibration. The thumb and middle fingers capture the same points on both legs. It is necessary to “shake” the feet, simulating vibrating
  4. An injection. Rapid and intense pressure on certain points with the index or thumb. The injection lasts a few seconds.

The Chinese massage technique is complicated, because you need to know the reflex card of the feet well. The best solution is to find a competent specialist, rather than self-medication.

The cost of one session is from $ 14.


High-quality Thai foot massage activates the protective functions of the body, affects the energy flows of the body, relaxes and gives strength.
The procedure begins with a bath with aromatic oils and scrubbing the skin of the legs to completely soften it. Special creams or massage oils are applied to the dried feet.

The massage itself consists of alternating slow and intense effects. These are classic stroking, squeezing, rubbing, stretching.
A distinctive feature of the technique is the use of a wooden stick for a more detailed study of the feet and a pleasant relaxing tingling in the legs. Foot massage technique: rules and video tutorials. Training in pictures with explanations: Thai, Chinese, spot

Important! Thai massage, despite its sufficient intensity, with a highly qualified specialist does not cause discomfort or pain. It promotes maximum relaxation of the whole body.

The cost of this type of massage starts from $ 20.

Therapeutic for flat feet

Foot massage with flat feet stimulates blood circulation, tones the ligaments and muscles of the legs. With each subsequent session, the intensity of pain at the end of the day becomes less. Having mastered the techniques of massage using video training and performing it in conjunction with special gymnastics, you can positively affect the pathology and minimize the severity of its manifestations. Foot massage technique: rules and video tutorials. Training in pictures with explanations: Thai, Chinese, spot

Massage should begin with stroking the feet and legs to the middle of the calf. Thus, warming up and preparation directly for massage occurs. First, time is given to the fingers. Starting with the little finger, they must be lowered and raised alternately. The action is carried out for 3-5 minutes. Manipulation should be smooth and not cause discomfort or pain.

In the end, it is necessary to raise and lower all the fingers at once, grabbing them with the palm of your hand. The next action is rubbing in the direction from the fingers to the heel and above, up to the knee. They need to be alternated – from the back and the outer side 5-7 times. The action lasts for 15-20 minutes.

Each finger, one at a time, the upper and lower surfaces, is rubbed with fingertips. They should be given 4-5 minutes. The last action is kneading. With both hands you need to grab the foot and smoothly knead it with a little pressure for 3-5 minutes. At the end of the massage, stroking is performed, starting from the foot upwards, up to the knee or mid-thigh.

For arthritis

Arthritis is accompanied by inflammation of the joints and severe pain in their area. During the acute course of the disease, massage is not recommended, as it can additionally injure muscles and blood vessels.

In the chronic course of the disease, massage is carried out around the affected areas.

It begins with the calf muscles, gradually descending to the foot. The main massage movements for arthritis are stroking, light rubbing and tingling around the inflamed areas. Foot massage technique: rules and video tutorials. Training in pictures with explanations: Thai, Chinese, spot

Important! Foot massage with arthritis should exclude strong pressure and should not bring pain, only then it will give a positive result.

With arthrosis

Arthrosis is manifested by severe pain in the joints and limitation of their mobility.

Foot massage allows you to:

  • eliminate muscle hypertrophy;
  • improve lymph flow in the legs;
  • eliminate pain during movement;
  • increase the amplitude of flexion-extension of the feet;
  • improve trophic tissue.

Foot massage is performed in a supine position (on the back). For greater relaxation of the limbs, a pillow is placed under the knee. Begin with the least painful areas of the feet. Special attention is paid to the fingers: they are stroked, rubbed in a circular motion with the thumb and forefinger, bent and unbent. The strength of the pressure depends on the sensations and stage of the disease.

The main techniques for massaging the foot are as follows:

  1. The knuckles of the index and middle fingers are pressed and led down from the fingers to the heel on the inside of the sole. In the opposite direction, a stroking movement is made. Foot massage technique: rules and video tutorials. Training in pictures with explanations: Thai, Chinese, spot
  2. On the outside of the sole, static pressure is produced (5-7 seconds) from the toes to the heel and light stroking in the opposite direction.
  3. In the central part of the heel deep and smooth indentations are made with fingers or knuckles.
  4. Circular rubbing is performed with fingers closed in a ring (large, index and middle).
  5. Pinch techniques are used on the outside of the foot and tendons.
  6. The final massage technique is relaxing stroking the legs to the knee.

Foot massage for back pain

Massage of the foot and legs (training – see video – helps to master the technique and get rid of pain not only in the legs, but also in the back) helps after the first session from pain in the spine. The back area on the foot is located along the inside of the sole, starting with the thumb and ending in the middle of the heel.

Massaging and relaxing this area along the nerve endings, relieve spasms of the back, the pain goes away.

The main methods of such massage are:

  1. Rubbing. The back of the palm is held from the fingers to the heel strictly along the inner edge of the foot. You should alternately change the degree of pressure from mild to more intense.
  2. Punching . With the thumbs of both hands, you need to slowly walk along the line of the spinal zone with the same degree of pressure. The step of pressure is 0. 2 inch.
  3. Spiral strokes. With thumbs, it is necessary to smooth the area of the spine in a spiral starting from the thumb and ending with the heel.

How to do self massage

For self-massage of the feet in the absence of knowledge of reflexology, you can use a rel
axing technique.

Features of self-massage are:

  1. Position. Massage is carried out in a sitting position. The foot is located on the opposite knee.
  2. Training. Wash your hands thoroughly and make a relaxing foot bath with aromatic or essential oils.
  3. Receptions Classical rubbing, stroking and stretching will not be able to hurt, but will help relieve the feeling of fatigue and tension in the legs. Foot massage technique: rules and video tutorials. Training in pictures with explanations: Thai, Chinese, spot
  4. Completion. After the procedure, it is necessary to remove the cosmetic product used for massage (oil, massage cream) from the skin and smear the feet with a moisturizing and nourishing cream.
  5. Time. The best massage option is in the evening. After the session, a calm pastime is recommended.

It is useful to learn the technique of foot and foot massage in order to independently use the techniques for muscle relaxation and treatment of diseases. Video materials will help to consider the features of technology in great detail.

Foot massage video

Reflexology technique:

How to massage the lower extremities:

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