Face skin care products: cosmetic, folk, pharmacy, hygiene

Facial skin care products must be carefully selected, based not on individual preferences, but on what the skin needs at the moment.

Facial Care Rules

Basic rules for face care (there are only 2):

  1. Regularity.
  2. Correctness in applying funds.

Take care of your skin continuously, and not from time to time.

Minimal care – morning and evening treatments. Application of care products should be done with the fingertips rather active, but not traumatic movements. There is no need to stretch and irritate the skin, pressing hard on it. Patting and light driving in are good.

Facial Stages

There are 4 stages:

  1. Cleansing. Face skin care products: cosmetic, folk, pharmacy, hygiene
  2. Toning (or toning).
  3. Exfoliation (exfoliation, peeling).
  4. Nutrition / hydration.

The first stage is divided into the processes of makeup removal and skin cleansing from dust and particles of dirt. At the same time, various means are used. The second stage – toning – is very often excluded from regular face care. Beauticians urge not to do this, because toning is used to restore the natural acid balance of the skin after cleansing.

The third stage is designed to smooth and soften the skin by removing keratinized particles of the epidermis. This solves the problem of clogging pores.
The final stage – hydration and nutrition – is selected strictly individually, for different skin types. The two main varieties of this kind of creams are night (evening) and day (morning).

Morning creams should be applied half an hour before going out, and evening ones – 1.5 hours before bedtime.

The choice of skin care products by skin type

By its specificity, facial skin is divided into 5 types:

  • normal Face skin care products: cosmetic, folk, pharmacy, hygiene
  • mixed (combined);
  • sensitive;
  • oily
  • dry.

Owners of normal skin will not have to spend energy on multi-stage face care. They will only need to protect it well from external environmental influences, thoroughly cleanse and moisturize (moisturizing and nutrition are much less than with other types of skin).

Mixed skin is the most common type, according to statistics. It is recommended for people with this feature to have two types of facial cleansers in their cosmetic bags at once – both for oily and normal skin. Their use from time to time needs to be alternated, then the effect of care will be complete.

Sensitive skin prone to irritability. Care should be extremely careful and thorough. The composition of creams and gels should not include aggressive acids, do not use scrubs. Removal of cosmetics should be carried out with gentle movements, preferably without the use of cotton pads (skin irritation and thinning may appear).

Oily skin needs more and more active cleansing. Scrubs and peels are well suited to its structure. Dry skin needs nutrition and hydration. This problem arises due to the natural deficiency of lipids in the epidermis, or due to the accelerated evaporation of moisture. Dry skin should choose the most mild care products.

Facial care at different ages

In adolescence (up to 18 years), when the body undergoes real hormonal shakes, facial skin suffers more than ever. The appearance of a rash, acne and irritation are inevitable. Facilitate the process of puberty from a cosmetological point of view will help faithful skin care. Face skin care products: cosmetic, folk, pharmacy, hygiene

The main emphasis here is on cleansing of excess sebum (the production of which is enhanced during this period), dirt and dust and preventing clogging of pores with particles of the epidermis. Cleansing mousses with antibacterial functions, as well as creams with regenerating and regenerating effects will help get rid of inflammation faster.

You will have to move away from scrubs for a while – the skin is so irritated and injured. In the age period from 18 to 25 years, minimal skin care is sufficient. The main thing here is protection. Protection from the sun, wind, temperature changes, premature aging, damage.

There is no need to overload the skin with an abundance of care products (just 3 are enough: gel / foam, tonic and moisturizer), periodically it should be given rest (first of all, from cosmetics). In such cases, relaxing and revitalizing face masks are suitable.

From 25 to 30 years old, facial skin tends to preserve youth, but copes with this all the worse. She needs help. The appearance of dryness, facial wrinkles in the corners of the eyes and lips, dark circles under the eyes – all these are signs of early aging of the skin. At this time, you should pay attention to hydration and a healthy lifestyle.

It is too early to turn to anti-aging products, but you can already add a light moisturizer or gel to the area around the eyes. After 30 years, you can safely include serums and creams with a slight anti-aging effect in your daily care schedule. These funds will prevent rapid aging and cope with tightness, peeling and dry skin.

Facial treatment according to season

In summer, you should turn to creams with SPF factors. This is a kind of barrier from sunlight (ultraviolet radiation), which negatively affects the skin of the face, causing its premature aging. The skin also needs thorough and prolonged hydration during this period of time. Face skin care products: cosmetic, folk, pharmacy, hygiene

In winter, attention switches to increasing the level of skin protection from temperature extremes (exit from the room to) and gusts of icy wind. At this time, you should refuse to use rough scrubs, so as not to injure the skin even more. They can be replaced with a peeling procedure. In winter, the skin does not need abundant hydration, which cannot be said about nutrition.

In early spring, owners of all skin types are faced with vitamin deficiency. This is a direct consequence of the experienced winter stress. In addition to it, the appearance of age spots (from the sun) and allergic reactions (from plant pollen) may occur. At this time, you should seek help from vitamins (multivitamin creams, gels, tonics, as well as complexes for oral administration).


Facial skin care products with a cleansing effect should be selected based on the type of skin and its current health. For dry and normal skin , mild cleansers (micellar water, soft cleansing gels, milk) are suitable.

For oily, combination and problematic skin, it is necessary to choose tougher products – gels, foams and mousses.

All of the above funds are applied to the skin in a small amount and distributed over it with massage movements for 1-3 minutes. These actions allow the epidermis to better absorb the beneficial substances contained in the fun
ds, as well as maintain elasticity for a longer period.

Toning up

The use of tonic in the daily care complex is a must. Wipe the skin with this product in the interval between cleansing and applying cream. In this case, tonics should not contain alcohol. Face skin care products: cosmetic, folk, pharmacy, hygiene

You can distribute the tonic over the skin either with the help of a cotton pad (the usual option for many), or by driving a small amount of it with your fingertips. The latter option also has a tightening effect due to a small massage.

Nourishing and moisturizing agents

The main task of any moisturizer (for the face, hair, body) is the introduction and retention of moisture in the cells. Skin nourishing products take care of maintaining a normal lipid balance, in other words, essential fats for the skin.

Face skin care products: cosmetic, folk, pharmacy, hygiene
Facial skin care products must be selected in accordance with age and skin type.

For each type of skin, you need to choose your own set of products developed taking into account its inherent features. It is not worth excluding any stage at your discretion or prejudice – even oily skin needs external nutrition to maintain lipid balance.

Anti-aging facial

Facial skin care products after 40 years are distinguished by the addition of one of its main functions, another – anti-aging. At this time, it becomes necessary to “sponsor” the skin with a complex of elastins and collagen, which it is no longer able to produce in the right amount. Massages also play a significant role, allowing you to maintain skin tone and prevent sagging.

Cosmetic and care products based on natural ingredients will cope much better with age-related skin changes than a synthetic composition.


Serums for the face are otherwise called active care. This is a highly concentrated product that aims to quickly solve a specific problem. Face skin care products: cosmetic, folk, pharmacy, hygiene

Serum is usually applied under the cream to enhance the effect.

Serums for the face are:

  • moisturizing (perfectly replace the moisturizer in hot weather, as it is much faster absorbed);
  • nutritious (restore dry skin);
  • whitening (indispensable for removing post-acne and age spots);
  • anti-aging (combating premature skin aging, facial and age wrinkles, the first of which appear after 30 years);
  • soothing (used after aggressive cleansing procedures like peeling).

Means for problem skin

Facial skin care products must be carefully selected based on unique features.

If a greasy shine is often noticed on the face (at any time of the year), acne and acne that do not last long are noticed, then this type of skin can be defined as problematic.

It is characterized by:

  • excessive production of sebum by the cells;
  • clogging of pores and as a result, the growth of bacteria;
  • change in skin relief, scarring from acne.

Special tools will help to cope with these difficulties. The main task of funds for problem skin is its cleansing. Therefore, such drugs usually exist in the form of a complex (cream, foam, tonic, gel, mask). Face skin care products: cosmetic, folk, pharmacy, hygiene

Facial skin care products designed to combat oily sheen should contain zinc in their composition. He gently dries the skin and takes care of maintaining the right balance of sebum production.

Facial Whitening

Particularly sensitive skin is prone to irritation, inflammation and rash. Often after improper treatment of the latter, spots remain on it. Dermatologists call them post-acne, the more common name is acne marks. In this situation, products with a whitening effect will help to even out skin color.

The most effective facial whitening products include:

  • cream;
  • washing gels (work best with creams);
  • serum (suitable for deeper and longer treatment).

They include active amino acids. They brighten not only acne marks, but also age spots like freckles. People who suffer from allergies are more likely to use lightening creams and gels on a natural basis. The course of using these funds is 1-3 months. It is worth noting that the first results will become noticeable only after this time, but not before.

Peeling and scrubs

Peelings and scrubs have one main goal – effective skin cleansing. But there is a significant difference between them. The scrub acts more aggressively, so it is not suitable for everyone. This is a mechanical cleansing with small, soft granules, usually on a natural basis. Such an effect in most cases is uneven (microscopic areas of the skin are not affected).

Organic scrubs include herbal ingredients like chopped apricot kernels, nuts and oat grains and other elements. They perfectly soften and refresh the skin with regular use. Daily use of scrubs is not recommended by dermatologists. Face skin care products: cosmetic, folk, pharmacy, hygiene

Peeling (for example, chemical), unlike scrub, does not work so selectively. This, as cosmetologists describe the procedure, is a uniform effect on each cell. A special composition is applied to the entire layer of skin, gently distributed and gently affects it. In addition to chemical peeling, there is also a mechanical, laser, cryo, anti-aging.

Caring for the skin around the eyes

You can begin to take care of the skin around the eyes from the age of 20. The fact is that in these areas the epidermis is very thin and delicate, and already after 30 the first wrinkles (“crow’s feet”) may appear here.

It is best to use mild moisturizing and nourishing agents, preferably based on natural ingredients, as well as enriched with vitamins A and E. at the initial stage of care (from 20 to 25 years).

Organic oils are good. After 40 years, makeup products should, in addition to moisturizing and nourishing, also renew and restore. It is worth choosing one that will contain natural oils, as well as components that contribute to the production of elastin in the cells (this will increase skin elasticity). Face skin care products: cosmetic, folk, pharmacy, hygiene

An important moment in the care of the skin around the eyes is its cleansing, including from makeup. Remove decorative cosmetics with extreme caution, with gentle movements, eliminating the possibility of mechanical damage.

Face masks < /span>

Face masks are probably the most popular among women of all ages. For some, applying such a mousse to their face is a great pleasure. Masks are loved for their effectiveness. Due to the greater content of active components in them than in mousses and creams, the result is noticed much earlier.

Face masks are:

  • clay;
  • cream;
  • jelly-like;
  • in the form of a scrub mask;
  • mineral;
  • film;
  • tissue.

Fabric masks

Face skin care products exist not only in the form of cream and gel essences. Fabric masks are very popular among young people. The best in the world market are rightfully recognized Japanese and Korean products. Face skin care products: cosmetic, folk, pharmacy, hygiene

Cosmetics that impregnate a cotton cloth (the basis of a fabric mask) are more concentrated, and therefore more effective, in comparison with conventional gels and creams.

They also contain a lower percentage of silicones. That is why such masks have a better effect on the skin of the face and have an almost instant effect. The skin after the first application becomes softer, the complexion is leveled, and the relief is smoothed.


Patches spread to the cosmetic market relatively recently – just a couple of years ago. These are small pieces of tissue impregnated with concentrated serum or a softer gel. The list of problems that patches are called to combat is very extensive.

At the moment, there are such varieties of patches as:

  • therapeutic (suitable for healing wounds, fighting inflammation);
  • moisturizing (for the skin around the eyes and lips);
  • cleansing;
  • antibacterial;
  • anti-aging (against fine wrinkles).

Pharmacy face cosmetics

Glycerin is an excellent moisturizer for all skin types. It is part of some professional care products. Ordinary pharmacy glycerin costing about $ 0,27. perfectly copes with face skin problems such as peeling (dryness) and fine wrinkles. He also successfully copes with cracks on the lips. Face skin care products: cosmetic, folk, pharmacy, hygiene

It is worth mixing it with petroleum jelly, apply on the lips and cover with a piece of cling film.

With such a compress, you should sit for 15 minutes. The result in the form of moisturized, smooth lips is provided.

Glycerin is also part of home scrubs.

If you mix it with chopped almonds in a ratio of 1 to 3, and use as intended for a month, you can see how the skin becomes smoother and softer, and inflammation gradually disappears.

Calendula tincture is an excellent ally in the fight against acne. This plant has anti-inflammatory properties. Tonics are often made on its basis. Suitable for people with problematic and oily skin. But for owners of dry and sensitive skin, it is better to look for another option – calendula insisted on alcohol dries very much. Face skin care products: cosmetic, folk, pharmacy, hygiene

Aevit is a complex of vitamins A and E. It has an antimicrobial and softening effect on the skin.

Apply it on the face better 2-3 times a week before bedtime. After a couple of months, the first results will be visible – a decrease in inflammation, softness and radiance of the skin.

Professional cosmetics

The features of professional facial cosmetics include:

  • efficiency;
  • quick achievement of the result;
  • natural composition (reducing the risk of an allergic reaction);
  • variety of tools (the ability to choose an individual);
  • safety (clinical examination);
  • attention to detail (climatic conditions, time of year and others).

Mass market cosmetics for face care

Care products from the nearest cosmetic stores are suitable for most people who do not suffer from severe irritations, allergic reactions and other problems. Owners of normal, oily and combination skin, they are quite suitable. In any case, it is necessary to monitor the composition and prevent the presence of silicones and other synthetic agents in it. Face skin care products: cosmetic, folk, pharmacy, hygiene

Preference is best given to natural ingredients. It is advisable even in the mass markets to look for complex face care products. The effect of their use will be much higher.

Luxury cosmetics

Luxury cosmetics may not be suitable for ordinary representatives of the middle class. The fact is that it is not only distinguished by its price, but also by its effectiveness, which manifests itself only after several months of continuous use.

To achieve the most positive effect, it is recommended to use a complex of non-budgetary funds (gels, tonic, cream, serum).

A two-week use of this facial treatment will not bring the desired result, but will force you to spend a decent amount. Decorative luxury cosmetics are distinguished by their structure and effect on the skin. Even the basic elements of such series, such as a makeup base or powder, can take care of the skin, and not just mask the imperfections.

Face care products are more sensitive to the skin, which means they are suitable for owners of a dry and sensitive type.

Folk recipes for face creams

You can achieve the maximum natural composition of a face cream only if you cook it yourself.

The recipe for an effective whitening and anti-aging home cream includes:

  • petroleum jelly – 1 teaspoons; Face skin care products: cosmetic, folk, pharmacy, hygiene
  • iodine – 2 drops;
  • castor oil – 1 tablespoon;
  • liquid honey – 1 tablespoon.

All ingredients (except honey) can be found in the pharmacy. The components are mixed together, the resulting cream is stored in the refrigerator. It can be used 2-3 times a week as a face mask: it should be applied for no more than 2 hours, and then washed off with water.

A saturated night cream based on lard is suitable for dry skin. For its preparation, it is necessary to melt 200 g of interior lard in a water bath, and then add 1 tablespoon to it. aloe juice and liquid honey. You can apply this cream to the skin after it has completely cooled. Apply daily.

Another anti-aging cream is based on rose water. It is sold in hypermarkets, cosmetic stores and a pharmacy. It is important that the water is natural, not perfume.

It must be mixed with aloe juice in a ratio of 1 to 2, then add 100 g of melted lard (as in the first recipe) and a little liquid honey. The resulting cream can be applied to the face daily.

DIY lotion making

A few simple recipes:

  1. Homemade camomile broth lotion has a calming and whitening effect. Regular use will also prevent acne. To prepare it, you need to pour 100 g of dried flowers (sold at the pharm
    acy) with a glass of boiling water and let it brew for half an hour. Then the broth must be filtered and can be used – in the morning and in the evening. The best way to preserve homemade tonic for a long time is its portion freezing. You can pour the broth into ice molds and place in the freezer.
  2. Rose water is an excellent way to preserve youthful skin. It is prepared according to the principle of making a decoction of chamomile: 3 tablespoons of rose petals pour a glass of boiling water and let it brew. Then filter and let cool. Face skin care products: cosmetic, folk, pharmacy, hygiene
  3. A tonic of cucumber juice mixed in half with water and diluted with a couple drops of aloe juice will remind many of the existence of a classic cucumber lotion from the end of the 20th century. Such a skin care product moisturizes well and supports its youth.

Author: Anastasia Trofimova

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The basic rules for facial skin care when using products:

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