Botox or lamination of eyelashes: what is better, what is it, how is it different

2 modern cosmetic procedures – botox and lamination of eyelashes, gradually replacing the extension of artificial hairs. Determining which one will be better for the girl is recommended in conjunction with the lashmaker.

A professional will appreciate the condition of natural eyelashes, their density and strength, after which he will offer the client the most suitable transformation option. Understanding the technique of performing Botox and lamination, their differences, as well as knowledge of the features of eyelash care after a cosmetology session, the girl will be able to maintain the effect of the procedures for the longest possible time.

What is lamination and botox eyelash

Botox and lamination of eyelashes (it is best to independently study the information related to their features and contraindications before these procedures) – these are wellness procedures for ciliary hairs, aimed at restoring their bend, strength and density.

The main purpose of Botox is to prevent eyelash fragility, protect them from the negative effects of external factors, and also stimulate the growth of new hairs. During the procedure, the lashmaker applies a vitamin composition to the client’s ciliary row.

Despite the fact that the components of the applied liquid vary depending on the manufacturer and the choice of the master (based on the initial state of the eyelashes), their basic ingredients are always identical:

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • vitamins of group B, E, A, P. Botox or lamination of eyelashes: what is better, what is it, how is it different

The main reason why modern girls choose botox eyelashes is the fact that there is no need to carry out additional treatment procedures after a session with a professional. The rehabilitation period, during which it is important to provide special conditions for eyelashes, is also absent after Botox.

Using lamination, you can visually increase the density of natural hairs, making them thicker and giving the entire ciliary row a strict uniform direction and bend.

After the procedure in question, it is not recommended to apply mascara to the eyelashes for 2-3 days, as well as wash with funds with oil in the composition. Otherwise, the applied substance will not be fixed on the eyelashes, which will lead to the loss of the effect achieved during the cosmetic procedure.

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Botox and lamination of eyelashes are best done by the owners:

  • long eyelashes, in which there is no bend at all or the natural bend of the hairs does not suit their owner;
  • short hairs in the ciliary row, directed towards the lower eyelid (under such circumstances, eyelashes not only visually reduce the size of the eyes, but also periodically cause discomfort to the girl, getting tips on the mucous membrane of the eye);
  • eyelashes having a different orientation (part of the natural hairs on the eyelids stick out in opposite directions, being mixed up with each other);
  • eyelashes affected by the negative effects of improperly carried out extension procedures (poor-quality material, ignoring the master of the generally accepted extension technique, the individual reaction of the girl’s body to the composition of the glue used in the extension – eyelashes may begin to fall out or become weak); Botox or lamination of eyelashes: what is better, what is it, how is it different
  • imperfect eyelashes that cannot solve their problem with the help of extensions due to the presence of allergic reactions to the components of the compounds used in the extensions.

Experienced lashmakers recommend that girls alternate eyelash extensions with restoration procedures, such as botox or lamination. Following this advice, you can not only maintain the original health of the natural hairs of the ciliary row, but also make the look more open and expressive due to the gradual change in the bend of natural eyelashes.

Comparison of Lamination and Botox Eyelashes

Before making the final decision about what to choose a particular girl (lamination or botox), she needs to study the comparative characteristics according to the main criteria of the considered cosmetic procedures.

Comparison criterion Botox Lamination
Technology The Botox eyelash procedure consists of several stages:

1. A special strip is glued to the lower ciliary row, which prevents the eyelids from sticking together, as well as the composition used in the area under the eye.

2. The lashmaker together with the client determines the size of the curler, on which the further bending of the eyelashes will depend.

3. Eyelashes are twisted on the selected roller and fixed in this position by gel.

4. A pigment is applied to natural hairs, with the help of which an increase in the volume of the ciliary row is visually achieved.

5. The vitamin composition used by the master during the Botox procedure is applied to the eyelashes and is fixed with the help of an additional layer of the drug that improves the “adhesion” Botox or lamination of eyelashes: what is better, what is it, how is it different

The master, when the client is in an upright position, determines the bending of her natural eyelashes and their general initial state.

Further from the lashmaker it is required:

1. Remove existing makeup from the eye area (if any).

2. Using a primer, degrease the natural hairs of the client (necessary to ensure the best match of the composition used with the follicles of the ciliary hair).

3. Protect the delicate skin of the eyelids with the help of a special agent that prevents the penetration of chemical components into the subcutaneous layers.

4. Comb the eyelashes upwards, having previously placed a roller of the required size at the base of the ciliary row (creates the necessary bend).

5. Apply the composition used by a particular master in lamination, thoroughly smearing each eyelash.

6. Treat eyelashes with keratin.

7. Remove the remnants of the used formulations and pigments (with parallel staining of the ciliary row) from the eyelids

Materials Tools used by eyelash botox lashmakers include components that can not only saturate natural hairs with nutrients, but also affect their physical characteristics, such as bending or thickness. The composition of such drugs most often looks like this:
  • keratin (contributes to the soft restoration of the damaged structure of natural eyelashes);
  • panthenol (visually increases the volume of the ciliary row, promotes the growth of hairs, as well as giving them smoothness, elasticity and color saturation of the pigment);
  • hyaluronic acid (moisturizes and nourishes the eyelashes);
  • collagen (forms a bend previously selected by a girl);
  • tocopherol (saturates the skin in the eye area with nutrients, and also promotes the regeneration of natural eyelash cells)
The composition of the preparations used by cosmetologists for laminating eyelashes is not so rich. The main component (the highest concentration in the means for lamination, regardless of the manufacturer of the product) is keratin. This substance is of natural origin, in large quantities contained in the composition of human hair, nails and skin. Side components of laminating agents are usually vitamins of groups B, A, E
Duration of the procedure Botox eyelash is recommended to be done exclusively in professional beauty salons. In such places, the quality of working materials, as well as the methods and frequency of sterilization of the instruments used, are strictly controlled by the institution’s management. The procedure under consideration by the salon master is done in about 2 hours Lamination, which is done at home, not only takes much longer, but may not bring the result achieved in a beauty salon, where masters use professional equipment and tools. The average duration of lamination carried out in a specially equipped cabinet is 1.5 – 3 hours, depending on the professionalism and experience of the lashmaker
Cost Both considered methods of transforming a female face are one of the most expensive cosmetic procedures carried out using the ciliary row. This is due to the need to use high-quality premium ruler products (only such drugs can restore the structure of natural hairs without causing any negative effects on them).

Depending on the and the specific city, the cost of botox and lamination of eyelashes may vary. For example, in New York, girls will need to pay a minimum of $ 68. for carrying out such procedures in a beauty salon, in Los Angeles – $ 54 – $ 82. In, prices are slightly lower, where women pay between $ 41 – $ 54 for Botox and lamination of eyelashes.

Visual effect Despite the presence of differences in the directivity of the effects used by the masters on the client’s eyelashes, the visual effect the marketers promise is almost identical: “Increasing the expressiveness of the look, the length of the eyelashes (by half), the bending and visual appearance of the appearance while maintaining the effect up to 2 months.” In reality, after Botox and lamination, the eyelashes will get their former appearance after 4-6 weeks; Double lengthening cannot occur even theoretically, because, due to their physical properties, eyelashes can stretch, by a maximum of 1-2%. As a result of the procedures under consideration, the girl’s gaze will become wider (due to the artificial creation of the bend of the ciliary row, as well as the careful coloring of the eyelashes, visually creating a density of hairs),and the eyelashes themselves will look designed even without first applying makeup Botox or lamination of eyelashes: what is better, what is it, how is it different
Aftercare Key recommendations for home care after Botox include the following:
  • do not wet eyelashes the first 12 hours after applying the composition;
  • do not apply mascara and creamy products to the eyelashes around the eyes (within 1 day);
  • repeat the procedure in a timely manner to maintain the effect
Key recommendations for home care after lamination include the following:
  • avoid contact of eyelashes with water and any cosmetics on the first day after the procedure;
  • avoid the use of makeup during the first 2-3 days;
  • Do not mechanically affect the eyelashes (this will provoke a change in the specified bend and direction of the hairs);
  • Do not steam eyelashes and eyelid skin;
  • avoid visiting the pool or solarium in the first two days after lamination of eyelashes.
The frequency of the procedure To preserve the effect of Botox and lamination, lashmakers recommend that their clients make timely corrections at least once every 2-3 months. The specific frequency of repeated procedures depends on the characteristics of the girl’s body associated with regenerative processes. If the procedures under consideration are carried out using exclusively high-quality compounds, then the woman will notice a visible improvement in the condition of her eyelashes after 3-4 visits to a professional lashmaker
Compatibility with other procedures Lamination and Botox are compatible with other eyelash healing procedures, with the exception of those that involve applying oil formulations to the hairs. The best solution would be to carry out lamination and Botox as part of a visit to a cosmetologist.
Indications and contraindications The main indication for carrying out such kind of transformation procedures is the girl’s desire to change the natural data of her eyelashes (bend, color, thickness or thickness of each hair). This can only be done if there are no basic contraindications, including:
  • progressive infectious diseases;
  • high body temperature; Botox or lamination of eyelashes: what is better, what is it, how is it different
  • the presence of allergic reactions in the acute stage;
  • chronic pathologies of the organs of vision;
  • previous injury or surgery, provided that 6 months have not passed;
  • increased lacrimation;
  • individual intolerance to the components of the compounds used in the conduct of Botox and lamination;
  • pregnancy;
  • hormonal disruptions;
  • lactation period;
  • hypersensitivity of the organs of vision;
  • menstruation period

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What’s better

Botox and lamination of eyelashes are best chosen from the preferences of the girl, based on financial capabilities and the result that must be achieved as a result of the procedure.

If we summarize all the known information about the manipulations under consideration, we can conclude that it is advisable to choose the lamination for those who seek to change only the external component of their eyelashes – to make them more expressive, giving the necessary volume and bending.

Botox or lamination of eyelashes: what is better, what is it, how is it different
Botox and lamination of eyelashes can improve the structure of hair

Botox is suitable for girls whose eyelashes need full restoration of their structure.

It will saturate the hair follicles with the necessary amount of nutrients, and also smooth out the “scales” that have broken out of the main row due to mechanical damage to the hairs.

Regardless of the choice, you should not expect from Botox or laminating a result similar to that that gives eyelash extensions. If a girl seeks to achieve just such an appearance, then she is recommended to alternate building with recovery complexes.

It is important to take into account that at least 4 months should pass between lamination and building, since the film applied during the healing process will interfere with the adhesion of the glue with natural hairs.

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Botox and lamination of eyelashes at the same time

Botox and lamination of eyelashes are best done in one session with a lashmaker.

Usually, a professional master spends on this no more than 2 hours, subject to the main stages of the procedure:

  1. Degrease the natural eyelashes of the client.
  2. Apply a special composition used for Botox.
  3. Allow the eyelashes to dry by first fixing the ciliary row on the roller creating the necessary bend.
  4. Apply pigment to the hair, the shade of which the client chooses at her discretion.
  5. Fasten a reducing agent (for Botox) on the eyelashes by applying a preparation with keratin for lamination. Botox or lamination of eyelashes: what is better, what is it, how is it different

A complex procedure cannot be cheap, as its price depends on:

  • quality of the materials used;
  • professionalism of the master;
  • the presence of additional care products used by the lashmaker as part of Botox and lamination of eyelashes;
  • status of a beauty salon in which it is proposed to provide the service in question.

These manipulations with eyelashes are absolutely safe and painless, which makes them at the same time carrying out in a beauty salon tireless and even relaxing.

Eyelash Care After Session

Botox and lamination of eyelashes, when carried out jointly, also implies that the girl follows the basic recommendations for self-care to maintain the effect of the procedure for the longest possible time.

Lashmakers recommend avoiding:

  • mechanical effects on the eyelashes themselves, and best of all on the eye area as a whole;
  • the use of cotton pads and sponges when removing makeup; Botox or lamination of eyelashes: what is better, what is it, how is it different
  • coarse rubbing of the face (for example, with a towel after washing);
  • applying to the skin in the eyelid of cosmetics having oils in the composition;
  • the use of alcohol-containing care products;
  • the use of liquid eyeliner, eyelash gel.

To minimize the risk of disturbances in the direction of growth of hairs, you should comb them in the morning, giving them a formal look after a long stay in a chaotic position during sleep. It is recommended to do this with a special brush, avoiding sudden movements and excessive exposure to the eyelashes.

When washing, it is important to ensure that the temperature of the water is at room temperature. This will help to avoid premature removal of the compounds from the eyelashes under the influence of high and low temperatures.

Despite the fact that Botox and lamination of eyelashes are considered the procedures of the “new generation”, they have a number of disadvantages and contraindications for use.

In order not to provoke the occurrence of allergic reactions or the development of diseases of the organs of vision, a girl, before deciding whether it is advisable to carry out this kind of care manipulation, is best to consult a professional cosmetologist.

The specialist is able not only to assess the current state of health of the client, but also to tell her about possible complications after the upcoming procedures.

Video on Botox and Eyelash Lamination

Expert Advice on Laminating and Botox Eyelashes:

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