MFR training. What is it, fitness for weight loss, training program, exercises

Universal training of the MFR is suitable for both professional athletes and fitness lovers who are not actively involved in sports. This is a technique aimed at muscle relaxation, normalization of blood circulation and strengthening the general condition of the body.

What is myofascial release

In the human body, all muscles are separated by a special membrane of collagen and elastin, which is called fascia. If the shell loses its tone, becomes stiff or decreases in length, then this has a detrimental effect on the functioning of the muscles (from the Greek. “Myo”). This happens due to stress or injury, incorrectly selected loads.

MFR training is such a directed effect on the muscles and their shell in the form of a set of special exercises.

They are combined with self-massage, pressure and stretching of problem areas of the body in which blood circulation is impaired, metabolism and cell nutrition are impaired. In the case when it is difficult for the muscles to move along each other, this leads to the appearance of stress points, called triggers.

MFR training. What is it, fitness for weight loss, training program, exercises
What is MFR Proper exercise.

The pain center spreads tension and gives pain throughout the body, as the muscles and their membranes are components of a complex human mechanism. Therefore, it is so important to use the MFR trainings to act on the trigger points and normalize the functioning of muscles and fascia.

Why is the MFR needed

In everyday life, a lot of stress is exerted on the muscles, especially if a person is actively involved in sports. Strength training often leads to the appearance of constant pain in the muscles, which do not go away, but intensify over time. Feeling uncomfortable with movement, a person can not perform exercises in full force.

With this technique, a manual effect occurs to release the muscles and fascial tissues from a fixed position. Myofstationary fitness is a simple and safe way to eliminate muscle tension, and also helps to achieve other results.

For instance:

  • improves blood circulation, increases flexibility and mobility of joints;
  • stretches muscles before physical strength exercises;
  • strengthens the musculoskeletal system;
  • improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • improves cerebral circulation;
  • improves the functioning of the lymphatic system, which helps the body get rid of toxins;
  • helps in the fight against excess weight;
  • promotes removal of excess fluid from tissues;

MFR training. What is it, fitness for weight loss, training program, exercises

  • strengthens the nervous system, helps relieve stress and improve sleep.

To whom and when it is possible to perform MFR, indications

MFR training is such a universal action that allows you to conduct classes even at home at any time of the day. It is especially effective when the technique is supplemented with massage. You can perform MFR to any person at any age, if there are no contraindications.

Most of all, myofacial release is used by athletes before training to warm up muscles and increase flexibility.

After strength training, MFR is performed to restore the body and eliminate muscle hypertonicity. For athletes with constant high-intensity power loads, this method of muscle relaxation is a must. Regular exercise by the MFR helps to avoid injury.

In the process of losing weight, MFR can also play an important role, the effect of training will be noticeable visually in a couple of weeks.


MFR training in some periods is not recommended. They can be divided into 2 groups. These are contraindications with which you can not perform the exercises either temporarily or not recommended at all.

MFR training. What is it, fitness for weight loss, training program, exercises
MFR training is contraindicated in thrombophlebitis
Permanent contraindications to MFR Temporarily not recommended by the IFM
Thrombophlebitis Colds accompanied by fever
Oncological diseases Open wounds
Exacerbation diseases

(infectious, skin, exacerbated chronic or that require surgical intervention)

Deviation from normal blood pressure, accompanied by poor health
Varicose veins (any degree) Pregnancy period

Features of the technique

The peculiarity of the MFR technique is that this method in combination with massage will help in the process of combating overweight, in the process of forming a toned figure, and also has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system. Training usually takes 1 hour.

Most MFR enthusiasts prefer to attend group or individual training sessions in fitness clubs, under the supervision and guidance of a trainer.

MFR training. What is it, fitness for weight loss, training program, exercises

When practicing myofascial relaxation, you can not only remove tension in the muscles and fascia, but also increase joint mobility and experience general relaxation of the body, despite the fact that some exercises are not easy. Regular training will also help get rid of migraines, back pain, restore posture, reduce irritability and overcome stress.

Equipment for occupation

In order to properly perform the exercises, special devices are needed. All the necessary equipment for home training can be purchased at sports stores. When practicing with a trainer, fitness centers usually have such tools.

Attributes for MFR training:

  • the roller is a universal device. With the help of it, the relaxation of the main muscle groups occurs, when the weight of one’s own body is pressed on it. There are standard stiffness, soft, hard, and massage. Exercises wit
    h this attribute act as a deep massage aimed at tense muscles; MFR training. What is it, fitness for weight loss, training program, exercises
  • regular and double welded balls – allow to work on the shoulder joints, spine, feet and hands. Small balls have a deeper effect, balls with a larger area have a stronger effect on the surface of the plots;
  • cylinders – used to work out the lower leg, calf, thigh and buttocks, back and neck.

One of the conditions when performing exercises using equipment is closed clothing, which covers all bare skin.

Attributes for classes can not be treated with antiseptics after each training session, therefore this condition is established for hygienic reasons, as well as to avoid wrinkles in the upper part of the skin, which can lead to the opposite effect or tissue damage.

Which applicator to choose, cost

MFR training is such an activity that not only requires the availability of additional equipment for exercises, but its surface must be special. When choosing a roll for training, you should pay attention to its rigidity and relief. Rolls with medium hardness are suitable for almost everyone, regardless of the level of physical fitness.

The professional version of the clips is 50% stiffer than the standard. It is recommended for athletes with a good level of physical fitness, since the massage on this roll is more intense, which ensures the maximum level of support and stress relief. The light version of the clips is 20% softer than the standard version. They have a slight pressure on the tissue.

They are used for high pain thresholds in people, as well as for yoga and Pilates. Recommended for beginners and seniors. Mini-rollers are also used for acupressure or for connecting two other rolls to each other. It is also worth paying attention to the surface topography.

MFR training. What is it, fitness for weight loss, training program, exercises

One roll can include several types of relief, for example, a smooth area that resembles the palm of a masseur, a site similar to the fingers of a massage therapist, as well as point areas that act as fingertips. Massage with such an applicator will be much more effective than smooth.

There are also rolls with a uniform distribution of one type of applicator in the form of ridges and spikes. Classes with this type will also be effective. It is better to purchase this tool for classes in sports stores, where you can verify the availability of a certificate, see the quality and exclude the presence of a pungent odor.

The price for a quality roll can vary from $ 14. and up to $ 95., Depending on the length, stiffness and relief.

Chinese counterparts can be purchased in the range of $ 7 – $ 11.

Techniques for doing the exercises yourself

After acquiring the roller of the required density, you can start independent exercises. Some of them will be described below.

Upper Back Complex

Take a prone position, the roller is located under the shoulder blades, grab your hands by the forearms at chest level, keep your head on weight. Focus on the legs, raise the pelvis up. Slightly pushing away with your legs you need to ride your back on the roller back and forth reaching the middle of the back.

MFR training. What is it, fitness for weight loss, training program, exercises

Having found pain, you need to linger at this point for a few seconds. The pain should subside.

Hip Muscle Exercise

In this area, the most voluminous muscle tissue. It is being worked out in a prone position, belly down, raised on the elbows. Position the roll in the groin area, put the leg on the inside of the thigh. Gently start rolling. If there is a painful point, you should also linger on it until the moment the pain subsides.

Hamstring Exercise

Starting position is sitting. The roller is installed under the popliteal muscles. The emphasis on the arms and on the roller, the pelvis is raised. In this position, roll on a roll in both directions. Having felt the pain point, stop at it for a few seconds, then continue the exercise. Stop at the pain point until the pain subsides.

Quadriceps Exercise

Lying, stomach down. Emphasis on the elbow bends, roll under the quadriceps femoris. The body should form one straight line, as in the “plank” exercise.

MFR training. What is it, fitness for weight loss, training program, exercises

Roll on the roller back and forth, more emphasis, making on the lateral outer part of the hips. At the pain points, you should stop and lie down for a few seconds, then continue the exercise.

Exercise for the tibial muscles

The supine position, the emphasis on the elbow, set the roll under the thigh, slightly raising the leg above the floor. The head with the body should form one straight line. Roll on the roller up and down. At a painful point, you should stop and lie down for a few seconds.

What results to expect when losing weight

With regular MFR exercises combined with functional training and rational nutrition, tissue volume decreases. This technique enhances the lymphatic flow and helps to remove excess fluid from the body.

If you do not stop training, the effect will be noticeable after 2 weeks.

Myofascial relaxation is an important component of an effective workout for losing weight, but you need to correctly apply the technique, taking into account the individual characteristics of a person, for example, the presence of any disease and state of posture.

How often do I need to do the MFR

Miafascial release should be done shortly before weight training. In this case, this will be a warm-up. Muscles before exercise will come in the right tone, muscle cramps will be removed, the body will be prepared for stress. It will not be superfluous to relax the muscles even after hard training on a soft roller.

MFR training. What is it, fitness for weight loss, training program, exercises

Once a week, it is necessary to work out the whole body, combining exercises with self-massage. This is necessary to relax and stretch the muscles of the whole body. As a result of this, mobility is worked out, blood circulation is improved, the musculoskeletal system is strengthened, and overall health is improved.

Precautionary measures

MFR training is su
ch a safe exercise, but you should adhere to the correct technique to avoid harm.

Here are some nuances that should be considered when starting the exercises:

  • with extreme caution you need to work out the lumbar. Unlike the upper back, this section is not protected by muscles and shoulder blades;
  • work with joints also requires knowledge of a special technique, it is better to conduct classes on such parts of the body with an experienced trainer for MPF or medical staff, otherwise you can hurt yourself;
  • You should not work with areas of the body in which there is muscle inflammation;
  • the time of work with one muscle should not exceed 1 min., and the impact on the pain point should be no more than 15 seconds to avoid tissue damage;
  • Before independent studies, you should visit a couple of trainings with a professional trainer, group or personal. Having familiarized yourself with the technique of performing for different muscle groups, you can conduct sessions at home;

MFR training. What is it, fitness for weight loss, training program, exercises

  • during training in the fitness center, you should also consult with the trainer on the choice of rollers and balls. The trainer will tell you which attribute is best suited and which exercises with it will be most effective.

Possible complications

Complications during myofascial training can be in the form of renewed pain from old injuries, or repeated injuries. In this case, you should contact a professional instructor for MFR and your doctor. Also dangerous are exercises for which there are contraindications.

Classes even on a soft roll can lead to complications and activate the pathological process. If there is at least one item from the list of contraindications, then in no case can you conduct training yourself, without consulting and observing an experienced specialist.

Effects on the joints and lumbar spine can also negatively affect health . In these areas there are certain points, the pressure on which can affect the posture and even affect the area of the kidneys. Exposure to these parts of the body should only be performed by medical staff.

Common mistakes

One of the most common mistakes when performing the MPF technique is incorrectly selected equipment. Using rollers of too high a density leads to muscle cramps. Muscle tissue responds to too strong and deep effects, pain occurs.

MFR training. What is it, fitness for weight loss, training program, exercises

In this case, exposure to this part of the body is contraindicated, it can cause serious complications.

Violation of the sequence of techniques during independent training can also cause pain and deterioration of well-being.

In the formation of the complex of exercises, knowledge about the muscular-fascial interaction of tissues is required, therefore, at least the first few classes should be carried out with an experienced trainer. The regular correct use of MFR training has a beneficial effect on the health of people of any age and physique.

This is such an easy way to strengthen the body and improve the condition of the body, devoting a little time to exercise. In the absence of contraindications and correctly selected attributes, the effect will be noticeable after several workouts.

Myofascial Release Video

Contraindication to MFR:

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