How to quickly dry gel polish on nails without a hair dryer, ironing, lamps at home

Modern girls spend a lot of time on manicure. Therefore, the question of how to dry nail polish as quickly and efficiently as possible does not lose its relevance. For these purposes, both professional and folk remedies are widely used.

Types of coatings for nails and their drying speed

Among the wide variety of nail coatings, the following main types of varnishes can be distinguished:

  • Liquid nail polish is the simplest type of varnish and the most common type of coating. Ideal for fans to experiment. The liquid consistency allows you to adjust the coating, apply patterns and add decorative elements while drying takes place. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to dry completely, it remains on the nails for several days. The advantage of this type is its accessibility and rich palette.

How to quickly dry gel polish on nails without a hair dryer, ironing, lamps at home

  • Quick-drying coatings – drying time of about 1-2 minutes, a very convenient option, prevents damage to the coating while waiting for the varnish to dry completely. In terms of visual characteristics and durability, such varnishes do not differ from ordinary ones. The positive qualities of quick-drying varnishes include the speed of the procedure and the variety of the color palette. Negative – the average price segment, the appearance of a yellow tint on the coating and the inability to adjust the manicure during drying.

How to quickly dry gel polish on nails without a hair dryer, ironing, lamps at home

  • Basic colorless coatings – the basis for colored varnish, provide a more even coverage of the main tone, protect the nail plate from the effects of colored pigments of the decorative coating, and exclude the appearance of a yellow tint on the nails. There are moisturizing, leveling and color-correcting basecoats. Universal action coatings are also popular.

It is important not to forget to apply the base before each manicure.

  • Gel polish is the most practical option. When creating gel polish, the technologies for the production of gel for nail extension and ordinary varnish were combined. For complete drying, it takes only 2 minutes in a special lamp based on ultraviolet rays. The coating is strong and worn for up to 4 weeks, while maintaining its primary appearance – the main feature and dignity of such a varnish. It does not adversely affect nails.

How to quickly dry gel polish on nails without a hair dryer, ironing, lamps at home

  • Hard coating – represented by special stickers that are attached to the nail plate by heat, do not require the use of brushes. A new word in manicure has the widest palette of colors and a variety of coating options: French manicure, flower drawings and much more. The advantage of this option is ease of use, safety and harmlessness for nails. Ideal when you need a quick manicure at home.
  • Fixer – varnish, which is used to improve the quality of the coating, contributes to a longer preservation of the manicure in its original form, provides a deeper tone with a glossy shine. The advantages also include protection of the nail plate from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and other environmental influences.

General recommendations for applying varnishes for accelerated drying

How to quickly dry the nail polish, you can learn from the tips and basic recommendations of nail art specialists, with which you can significantly speed up the drying process.

How to quickly dry gel polish on nails without a hair dryer, ironing, lamps at home

They are as follows:

  • Coat as thin as possible. The thicker the varnish layer, the longer it will dry. If it is necessary to cover nails in several layers, it is recommended to completely dry one coating and only then apply the next.
  • On a smooth nail surface, the varnish dries faster. Therefore, the nails are pre-cleaned of the old coating and sanded. It is also important to degrease nails before starting work. For this, special means are used. If this is not the case, you can just wash your hands with soap.
  • It is recommended to give preference only to a high-quality quick-drying coating. Many modern manufacturers of nail polishes have a series with accelerated drying. Performing manicure with such a varnish requires a high level of skill, you need to be able to apply the coating quickly and accurately the first time.
  • The lower the concentration of color pigment in the varnish, the faster it dries. Ideal if the time for manicure is limited – a colorless or translucent coating.
  • Thick varnishes require more time to dry. Do not use old thickened varnishes if there is not enough time.
  • It is not recommended to apply varnish on wet, moistened with cream or oils nails.
  • Using a professional drying agent can reduce the time for nail polish to dry up to 2-5 minutes.

Cold water

The action of cold temperatures accelerates the drying process of nail polish. One of the most common ways is to use cold water. This method is more convenient to apply in the warm season.

How to quickly dry gel polish on nails without a hair dryer, ironing, lamps at home
How to quickly dry nail polish The easiest way is to use cold water.

How to quickly dry nail polish with cold water:

  • you need to put your hands in a container with cold water;
  • to achieve complete drying of the manicure, it is enough to wait about 4 minutes, you can add ice cubes to the water to enhance the effect;
  • It is not recommended to keep your hands under the tap, there is a chance to spoil the coating with water pressure.

Cooling varnish in the refrigerator

To ensure faster drying, the lacquer bottle is previously placed in the refrigerator for a while. It is necessary to finish all the manipulations and preparatory procedures for nails before painting, and only after that get the varnish out of the refrigerator. This method in combination with cold water can reduce the drying time of a manicure to several minutes.


The use of the freezer occurs in several variations. Before coating, put varnish in the freezer for 5 minutes. Due to the temperature contrast, the drying time is halved. Cold varnish dries in a matter of minutes on a warm nail plate.

After completing a manicure, you can hold your hands in the freezer for a couple of minutes, in this way drying the nails does not take much time.


An ordinary home fan will do the job of quickly drying a manicure at home. To save your time, you just need to hold your hands in front of the fan until the varnish dries completely. The flow of cool air will significantly speed up the drying process.

Hand gun for cleaning parts

The principle of operation of the device is to blow and clean parts with a directed air stream. If such a device is at hand, you can safely use it as an express drying manicure. It is important to control the strength of the air flow to avoid damage to the decorative coating.

Cooking spray

As a rule, a culinary spray contains olive oil, which has qualities that accelerate the drying of nail polish.

How to quickly dry nail polish with a cooking spray:

  • it is recommended to distribute the oil with a spray on freshly painted nails;
  • waiting time until the varnish dries completely – approximately 5 minutes;
  • wash your hands well from oil residues on the skin.

How to quickly dry gel polish on nails without a hair dryer, ironing, lamps at home

This method halves the drying time of the coating.

Vegetable oil

To quickly dry a manicure at home, you can use any kind of oil available in the kitchen. Most often it is olive or sunflower oil.

Oil is poured into a container into which hands alternately drop. It is also very convenient to use a pipette for these purposes. It turns out more economical oil consumption and no need to lubricate your hands completely. Just one drop on each nail is enough to get the desired result.

Many manufacturers produce special fixing oils with a similar principle of action.

Spray dryer

Anyone can buy drying in a spray. The components in the composition of the product are selected in a special way and provide quick drying of any nail polish. It is necessary to spray the product on the nails immediately after the completion of the manicure.

How to quickly dry gel polish on nails without a hair dryer, ironing, lamps at home

The main feature of spray-drying are the beneficial substances that make up the composition. The active ingredients of the product positively affect the condition of the nail plate, provide the nails with additional nutrition and care.

Clear nail polish

How to quickly dry nail polish using a transparent nail dryer:

  • a special coating is applied to the completed color manicure;
  • complete drying of the coating occurs within 5 minutes;
  • the product has fixing functions, manicure lasts longer and has an extra shine;
  • do not apply more than one layer of such drying.

Transparent varnish-drying is widely used both by professionals in the salon and by lovers of home manicure.

Special drops

Another popular method to save time at the final stage of manicure. The process of using special drops is absolutely identical to the use of vegetable oils for drying. Just one drop speeds up the drying process of the varnish by half. In addition, oil droplets have a positive effect on nails and cuticles when used regularly.

Manicure fan

A fan dryer is one of the most convenient ways to dry varnish. It is presented by the device of small size which is simple in use. It can work both from a network, and with the help of ordinary batteries. There are various types of fans: compact dryers for alternate use for each hand or designed to dry two hands at the same time.

How to quickly dry gel polish on nails without a hair dryer, ironing, lamps at home

The application procedure is very simple. After applying the varnish, place your hands in a dryer and turn on the air supply. The coating dries completely in just a few minutes. An important advantage of this device is its low cost. Therefore, it is worth considering purchasing it for use at home.


Professional lamps for drying manicure are a closed type design with a hole for the hand. Impact on the coating occurs with the help of several bulbs with ultraviolet rays, which are placed inside the device. Often lamps are equipped with a timer that helps control the drying time.

Drying lamps have rich functionality, convenient and easy to operate, even for home use. They are considered the first helpers for coating with gel polish, fixing ordinary varnish and for the final stage of nail extension.

How to quickly dry gel polish on nails without a hair dryer, ironing, lamps at home

What are the main types of lamps used to quickly dry nail polish:

  1. Ultraviolet lamps are the most practical lamps. Affordable, easy to operate and maintain. Do not require large energy costs, very durable. The main thing is to ensure that the lamp does not overheat and protect from power surges. It is also important not to use the drying lamp in a room with a temperature below 10 degrees.
  2. Gas-light drying lamps – the principle of operation is based on the light properties of gas. Thanks to the normalized temperature regime, the possibility of burning varnish is excluded. They do not have a negative effect on the skin, are economical lamps with low energy consumption.
  3. Ice lamps for drying manicure – have compact dimensions with a curved shape. Work on the basis of LEDs will speed up the process of completing manicure at times. The small size of the lamp allows you to freely carry the device and practically do not take up space. They are famous for their durability, resistance to overheating. Using such a lamp, it is impossible to get a burn or any other damage to the skin or eyes. The minuscule cost of the lamp can be considered a minus.
  4. Hybrid lamps – drying, combining the best qualities of other models. They are safe to operate, small in size and provide instant results.

What does not need to be done before applying manicure and during the drying process

Basic tips for a success
ful manicure and faster drying process:

  • It is not recommended to apply a moisturizer on hands and nails before manicure. If necessary, you can moisturize the skin a few hours before the procedure.
  • While the coating on the nails dries, you do not need to wave your hands. Thus, it is impossible to accelerate the drying process, on the contrary, it is possible to disrupt the uniformity of drying and deform the coating.
  • You can not continue to work with the drying lamp if there are unpleasant sensations and burning sensations on the surface of the skin. There is a chance of injury or burn.

To quickly dry the nail polish, you must choose which method will be the most acceptable and convenient. The abundance of improvised tools will allow you to finish your manicure with your own hands efficiently and efficiently, without involving specialists and without conducting expensive procedures.

Video on how to quickly dry nail polish

The easiest way to dry the varnish:

Dry the nails with a culinary spray:

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