Eyebrow spraying. What is it, how much does it hold, before and after photos, consequences, reviews

An advanced tattoo technique – spraying eyebrows, allows you to create a natural permanent makeup. Before the procedure, you need to read reviews, find out about what may be negative consequences in the future, and also take into account a number of contraindications to the procedure.

Today, there are several techniques that differ among themselves in the technique of tattooing. Having learned about the features and differences of accomplishments, you can choose the best way for yourself.

What is eyebrow spraying

Eyebrow spraying (reviews, consequences in the future can be seen below) is a modern beauty method that allows you to make lines more clear, expressive, rich in color and voluminous.

The essence of the permanent makeup hardware technique is the subcutaneous administration of a coloring pigment. A session is conducted by an experienced master in a salon using a special device for tattooing.

Using the method of powder spraying, the effect of natural outlines and soft toning is recreated, as if the eyebrows were neatly drawn with a pencil or eyebrow shadows. The principle of application is to spray a liquid tinted pigment.

Spot spray in several layers stains the entire area between the upper and lower border of the eyebrow. Upon closer examination of the skin in the treated area, you can see many small dots of the coloring matter. As a result, the lines look more natural, naturally tinted, but not artificially drawn.

Eyebrow spraying. What is it, how much does it hold, before and after photos, consequences, reviews
Eyebrow spraying differs from tattooing by the depth of introduction of the needle of the machine

The main difference between the method and classical tattoo is the depth of introduction of the coloring pigment . When tattooed, the paint is injected deeply, filling the space of the line. Powder spraying affects only the upper layer of the epidermis, superficially filling the volume, forming a natural shape and shading the natural color of the hairs.

Powdery eyebrows are devoid of artificial contour, the technique allows you to work out the volume, emphasize the natural beauty of the shape, and also give the lines greater brightness without weighting the image. Pros and cons of powder spraying technology:

Benefits disadvantages
Minimum invasiveness of the technique and quick rehabilitation due to surface administration of pigment The high cost of the procedure compared to the classical method of tattooing
The most natural effect without weighting, a wide range of shades and the possibility of combining them The inability to radically change the natural form, color
Creating beautiful permanent makeup for a long time The lack of guarantees of the result, the difficulty in finding a true professional who has fully mastered the technique

Eyebrow spraying. What is it, how much does it hold, before and after photos, consequences, reviews

Eyebrow tattooing using powder technology is suitable:

  • owners of excessively thin and light hairs;
  • with pronounced contrast in the shade of hair and eyebrows;
  • if you want to save time on creating daily makeup;
  • with insufficient saturation of the hairs with color;
  • in case of a tendency of hairs to burn out in the open sun in summer;
  • owners of weakly expressed contours of the eyebrows.

First of all, masters recommend this method of permanent for girls with blond hair. The technique is suitable for brunettes if it is only necessary to strengthen the natural effect, make up for the missing volume and emphasize the shape without fundamentally changing the image.

Contraindications for the procedure

Eyebrow spraying is an effective and relatively safe procedure, as evidenced by reviews. But there are a number of contraindications, if not observed, negative consequences may develop in the future.

It is not recommended to use powder tattooing technique in case of:

  • individual intolerance to the components of the coloring composition, allergies to the pigmented substance;
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus; Eyebrow spraying. What is it, how much does it hold, before and after photos, consequences, reviews
  • disorders in the cardiovascular system;
  • weak blood coagulation, hemophilia;
  • skin pathologies – dermatitis, severe acne;
  • immunodeficiency virus;
  • active stage of herpetic infection;
  • viral hepatitis;
  • scarring tendency;
  • the presence of cancer;
  • neurological disorders, somatic pathologies;
  • the presence of focal inflammation, burns, scratches, wounds in the tattoo area;
  • infectious or inflammatory diseases.

Tattooing is not carried out during pregnancy and lactation. Also, masters n recommend using the technique for hairs, since they do not lend themselves to this nature of dyeing. If the lines are broken, there are bald spots or hairs too sparse, it is better to use the hair micropigmentation method instead of powder technology.

After chemical peels, ultrasonic or mechanical cleaning, plastic surgery on the face, as well as at the beginning of the menstrual cycle, it is also recommended to refrain from a tattoo session.

Eyebrow Powder Preparation

At the stage of preparation for the micropigmentation and correction session, a number of rules should be observed:

  • Stop drinking strong coffee, alcohol, and high-caffeinated energy drinks. It is recommended to minimize the use of seafood in the diet, which slows down blood flow and lymph movement.
  • For several days, stop taking blood-thinning drugs – Aspirin and aspirin-containing drugs.
  • For 5-7 days, depending on the nature and growth rate, stop plucking hairs. This is necessary so that the master can choose the most harmonious form of lines and shade.
  • The day before the tattooing session, it is recommended to scrub the eyebrow area to remove dead skin cells and cleanse the skin. Pigment is better introduced on a thoroughly cleaned area of the epidermis. Eyebrow spraying. What is it, how much does it hold, before and after photos, consequences, reviews
  • Choose the optimal tattoo method in advance. After evaluating the initial state of the eyebrows, the growth and color of the hairs, the master will be able to choose the most successful method of spraying – powder or microblending.

It is not recommended to visit a tanning salon or sunbathe in the open sun before a tattoo session. Under the influence of UV rays, the skin coarsens, which can interfere with the c
onductivity of the pigment.

It is important not to forget when preparing that the state of the body directly affects the quality of the aesthetic result. If you do not follow the recommendations for preparation or feel unwell, there is a high probability that the pigment will be taken unevenly.

Eyebrow spraying (reviews, future consequences must be found out before the procedure) has several varieties of techniques.

The most popular and modern beauty eyebrow spraying techniques include:

  • Nano-spraying.
  • Classic tattoo.
  • Pixel way.
  • Microblading.
  • Permanent technology.
  • Shadow spraying.
  • Velvet technique.
  • Hardware spraying.

Before choosing a technique, the tattoo master talks about the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure, assesses the initial condition of the eyebrows, and then individually selects the best way to introduce pigment.

To get a good aesthetic result, it is important to responsibly approach the choice of salon and master, see examples of his work. The procedure can last up to 2 hours, depending on the complexity of the technique, the characteristics of the eyebrows, the nature of growth and shade of hairs.

The standard procedure algorithm is divided into several stages:

  1. Before starting work, the master makes a sketch, drawing the contours and outlining the shape with a cosmetic pencil. Eyebrow spraying. What is it, how much does it hold, before and after photos, consequences, reviews
  2. Before driving in the pigment, the injection area is anesthetized with a local anesthetic.
  3. The specialist selects the optimal pigment color, if necessary, can mix several shades for a more expressive effect.
  4. The pigment is introduced subcutaneously with a special apparatus, filling the entire area between the outlined contours.
  5. After the procedure, the lines are treated with a color fastener.

The choice of equipment is agreed with the client at the preparation stage. The result largely depends on the correct choice of equipment, shade of pigment and high-quality sketching.

Nano eyebrow spraying

A new procedure for permanent makeup is nano-spraying. The essence of the technique is in applying pigment using a special marker with a needle spreading the paint at the end. When the needle contacts the nebulizer, the dye composition is injected finely in the upper part of the epidermis, so the nano-spraying session is the least traumatic.

The technique allows emphasizing, correcting the natural form or creating a new one as painlessly as possible, without deep skin lesions, crusting and complex rehabilitation. Eyebrow spraying. What is it, how much does it hold, before and after photos, consequences, reviews

Several features of the nano-method:

  1. The procedure time depends on the number of layers applied.
  2. It is possible to create the effect of light shading or deep color saturation.
  3. The effect can last from 6 months to 1.5 years, depending on the color depth.

After nano-spraying, the color fades away gradually, without fading or shading, but with time passing into a translucent shadow.

Eyebrow tattooing spraying

The technique of classic tattooing with spraying allows you to change shape, focus on the eyebrows. To make the lines look more voluminous, soft and natural, the watercolor method is used. The depth of administration of the pigment subcutaneously is not more than 1/32 – 2/32 inch.

The contour with this technique is not outlined to give the eyebrows greater naturalness. In addition to experience and high qualifications, this method requires the master of artistic skills. To fill the contours, 3 shades are selected in one gamut to create the effect of a smooth color gradient.

The classic tattoo method is suitable for those who:

  • there are flaws, scars or small scars on the eyebrows;
  • no clear contours;
  • there are bleached hairs;
  • irregular shape or desire to change it radically;
  • eyebrows with unevenly growing hairs.

The effect after classical tattooing can last 3 years, and with proper care – up to 5 years.

Eyebrow Pixel Spray

Eyebrow spraying (reviews, consequences in the future may be different) in the pixel technique allows you to get a natural cosmetic result.

Eyebrow spraying. What is it, how much does it hold, before and after photos, consequences, reviews

Eyebrows look gentle, natural, since the paint is sprayed and shaded only in the upper layer of the epidermis.

Tattooing is applied pointwise, on the principle of filling the screen with pixels, without graphic rendering, repeating the natural shape.

The advantages of this method are:

  • economical paint consumption;
  • natural effect;
  • low invasiveness (depth of introduction of paint – 1/32 inch);
  • affordable cost of the procedure.

The drawback of the pixel-based technique is poor application, so correction is often necessary to maintain the aesthetic effect.

Microblading eyebrow spraying

Microblending is a manual micropigmentation technique. Another name for the method is 6D eyebrow reconstruction. For tattoo use a hand tool-pen with a nozzle in the form of a flat brush with microscopic needles located at an angle. The thickness of one needle is not more than 0/32 inch.

With the help of such a tool, the master can apply the finest lines that do not visually differ from the hairs. To recreate the natural effect, a line drawing scheme is selected that is as close as possible to the direction of growth of your own hairs.

The advantages of this technique include the natural result and minimal soreness of the procedure. You can manually adjust the shape and color, fill the volume, hide scars and scars.

Microblending is carried out in stages:

  1. The master selects the shape, outlining the sketch with a cosmetic pencil.
  2. Performs a drawing with a tool filling the lines with pigment.
  3. Treats eyebrows with a color-fixing composition.

The microblending method can be combined with powder spraying for a more saturated color, expressive form and the effect of voluminous natural eyebrows. The duration of the procedure is 1-2 hours, depending on the nature and complexity of the work. Eyebrow spraying. What is it, how much does it hold, before and after photos, consequences, reviews

A few days after retouching, during the healing period of microranes, crusts form that cannot be torn off categorically, otherwise negative consequences may develop, and the pigment will not “take” evenly.

The paint appears a month after
the session, after which the master will evaluate the result and the need for additional correction. The effect of microblending can last for 1.5-2 years, after which it is necessary to perform a correction.

Permanent spraying of eyebrows

With permanent spraying of eyebrows, the master apparatus only affects the upper layer of the epidermis. There are no vibrations during the session, which makes the permanent method painless and less traumatic.

The advantages of the technique include:

  • simplicity of execution and guaranteed result;
  • natural effect without cardinal changes in shape;
  • minimal invasiveness;
  • short rehabilitation without crusting.

Dispersed spraying of the coloring composition allows you to create permanent makeup, the shelf life of the aesthetic result is from 6 months.

Shadow eyebrow spraying

The technique of shadow spraying is similar to a classic powder tattoo. The main difference is that with its help you can achieve the effect of a weak shadow on the eyebrows, as if the lines are slightly tinted. Eyebrow spraying. What is it, how much does it hold, before and after photos, consequences, reviews

This technique will not work:

  • owners of oily skin – the pigment will quickly evaporate along with the secretion of the sebaceous glands;
  • to the owners of porous skin – the paint will take unevenly, falling through the pores;
  • To owners of too dark hairs – the shadow effect will turn out to be invisible.

Shadow spraying is recommended for those who have naturally light eyebrows and skin, using the technique you can only slightly emphasize the natural color and shape.

Velvet eyebrow spraying

The velvet effect allows you to fill in the missing volume and add expressiveness to the lines. After the session, the eyebrows look more thick, soft, natural. With the help of a velvet technique, you can emphasize the wide and naturally thick eyebrows of the correct form.

Velvet pigment is suitable:

  • blondes
  • fair-haired girls;
  • light brown hair. Eyebrow spraying. What is it, how much does it hold, before and after photos, consequences, reviews

The process takes no more than 2 hours. Before the session, the master selects the optimal shade of pigment for coloring, outlines a sketch, and then paints the device. The pigment is sprayed layer by layer, until the tone reaches the desired depth.

Hardware spraying eyebrows

By hardware, any powder tattooing technique is performed. The exception is only microblending, where the pigment is introduced manually. The device is a device in the form of a felt-tip pen with a needle at the end.

In the process of tattooing from the needle, paint is sprayed in the upper layer of the epidermis, at a depth of not more than 1/32 inch. Thanks to soft shading, the effect of natural lines is created.

Eyebrow Powder Correction

Eyebrow spraying, reviews, consequences in the future after the session can be read before the procedure – this is a safe modern technique of permanent makeup. In the case of unprofessional manipulations of the device, non-compliance with septic measures or the use of pigments of inadequate quality, complications may develop:

Eyebrow spraying. What is it, how much does it hold, before and after photos, consequences, reviews

  • The development of an allergic reaction. To avoid this, it is necessary to do an allergy test before the session.
  • The formation of keloid scars. This can only happen if the body is prone to appear.
  • Distorting outlines or hue. Minor errors can be corrected for correction.
  • Infection if the beautician ignored the rules of sterility.
  • Swelling, redness of the blisters. The condition normalizes when the pigment is completely removed from the body.

When deciding on a procedure, it is worthwhile to understand that permanent makeup is an invasive technique, accompanied by damage to the skin.

Therefore, it is necessary to inform the master in advance about poor health and the presence of contraindications.

To consolidate the resulting effect, you must follow 10 simple rules during the rehabilitation period:

  1. Exclude the application of any decorative cosmetics within 3 days after the session.
  2. Do not wet your eyebrows for 2-3 days.
  3. Do not touch the treated areas with your hands.
  4. After the formation of dry crusts, do not tear them.
  5. To soften the areas, it is recommended to lubricate them with petroleum jelly, applying a thin layer along the contour.
  6. Within a month, exclude any cleansing, laser cosmetology procedures, as well as scrubbing, peeling.
  7. In the spring and summer, go out in sunglasses.
  8. In the first month after tattooing, it is not recommended to sleep face-down on a pillow, you should also exclude a visit to the sauna, bathhouse, pool. Eyebrow spraying. What is it, how much does it hold, before and after photos, consequences, reviews
  9. If the crusts are damaged and the uterus is secreted, it is necessary to treat the treated areas with a healing antiseptic.
  10. During the entire rehabilitation period, apply a healing ointment 2-3 times a day.

The recovery period is individual. The first correction is carried out a month after the first application of the pigment, when the skin is completely restored, softened.

Subsequent corrections are carried out as the pigment fades. When fulfilling the instructions during the rehabilitation period and timely correction, the effect can last from 1 to 4 years, depending on the technique and individual characteristics of the body.

Factors affecting the durability of an aesthetic result include:

  • experience and skill of a tattoo specialist;
  • proper selection and mixing of shades;
  • timely correction;
  • skin type (pigment is removed faster on oily skin);
  • the state of the immune system;
  • compliance with the rules of care.

One of the decisive factors is also age. In older clients, the bright shade of the pigment lasts longer, since metabolic processes slow down, and the pigment dissolves more slowly.

How to remove powder eyebrows

All minor flaws – uneven distribution of pigment, insufficien
tly saturated shade, distortion of the contours and shape of the master can correct in the process of correction, a month after the initial application of the permanent and rehabilitation. Eyebrow spraying. What is it, how much does it hold, before and after photos, consequences, reviews

Of all the existing techniques, microblending is most easily corrected; it is enough for the master to manually put the missing strokes. If more serious flaws are formed during powder application after healing, the permanent can be removed with a laser.

The technology is as follows:

  1. The pigment is heated by laser beams.
  2. The pigment under the influence of the laser is destroyed.
  3. Naturally, through the lymph, the coloring composition is excreted from the body.

For the complete removal of an unsuccessful powder permanent, 2-8 procedures with an interval of 1-1.5 months may be required.

Any eyebrow spraying is a safe technique, positive customer reviews testify to this. Negative consequences in the future can develop only with unprofessional tattooing, as well as ignoring the rules of care during the rehabilitation period.

Eyebrow Powder Video

How is powder spraying done:

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