Kate Middleton. Photos in his youth, now, before and after plastic surgery, on the beach, candid. Biography and personal life

Duchess Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William, who received the title of “People’s Princess” after her mother-in-law. Adored by Britain, the “English Rose” is considered a recognized icon of style, whose image (captured in a huge number of photos) is trying to copy fans around the world.

Short biography of Kate Middleton

Katherine Elizabeth Middleton was born on January 9, 1982 in the county of Berkshire (England) in the family of a flight attendant and pilot of British Airlines. At the age of 2 years, the future duchess and her family lived for 4 years in Jordan (due to the work of her father), where the girl first began attending an English school.

Returning to his homeland, Kate first studies at St. James’s School in Pannor, and then enters Marlborough College, located in Wiltshire. The future duchess from childhood was fond of sports, did a lot of tennis and high jumps.

Kate Middleton. Photos in his youth, now, before and after plastic surgery, on the beach, candid. Biography and personal life

After graduating from college, Kate takes a break for a year, travels a lot, visits the art college in Florence and becomes a member of the Chilean charity Raleigh International. At the beginning of 2000 Miss Middleton enters the University of St. Andrews, where she meets her future spouse in joint lectures on the history of art.

The girl caught the attention of the prince during her fashion show in a transparent dress, organized at a charity fashion show.

The young people began to meet, and later it was Kate Middleton who persuaded the prince not to give up training, which the heir to the throne did, transferring to the faculty of geography. After graduating from the institute, the girl begins to work as a marketer in the company of parents “Party Pieces”, founded in 1987 and engaged in the delivery by mail of goods for festive events.

The first mention in the press named after Kate Middleton dates back to 2003. The British publication published photos of the girl with Prince William, introducing the young people as a couple in love. Since 2004, future spouses have been traveling together, renting an apartment, and subsequently a country house where William (according to Kate) is preparing romantic dinners for her friend.

A couple is often seen together at charity evenings at Buckingham Palace. Journalists begin to hunt for every move Miss Middleton, thereby forcing the girl to break off relations with the prince in April 2007.

Unable to withstand separation, young people renew relations in the summer, and at the end of autumn 2010 announce their engagement. In an interview with reporters, Kate said that the prince made her an offer in Kenya, romantically kneeling down and giving a ring to his mother.

Kate Middleton. Photos in his youth, now, before and after plastic surgery, on the beach, candid. Biography and personal life

In April 2011, a ceremonial wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William was broadcast at Westminster Abbey, broadcast worldwide. After the marriage, the title of Dukes of Cambridge was granted.

Over 8 years of marriage, the couple gave birth to 3 children:

  • George Alexander Louis, born in 2013;
  • Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, who was born in April 2021;
  • Louis Arthur Charles, born in 2021.

Her Royal Highness lives with her family in Kensington Palace, travels a lot, is actively involved in charity work. In England, the name Katherine Elizabeth Mountbatten-Winsor is associated with the modern Cinderella fairy tale, inspiring ordinary girls to new achievements and belief in miracles.

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Kate Middleton (the latest photos posted in glossy publications emphasize the style and sophistication of the wife of the heir to the throne) is distinguished by grace and fragile physique. The smiling Duchess of Cambridge is considered a recognized icon of style and a new “people’s princess” adored by her subjects.

Parameters of Her Highness:


5’6 foot

Weight 23’6 inch
Eye color Green
Hair color Chestnut
Body parameters (chest, waist, hips) 82-61-89
Chest 1-2 size
Clothing size 2 US, 32 EU
Foot size 7 (38 EU)

Kate Middleton. Photos in his youth, now, before and after plastic surgery, on the beach, candid. Biography and personal life

From early childhood, Katherine devoted a lot of time to sports, professionally engaged in tennis, athletics. In her student years, the duchess was a member of the women’s hockey team. The wife of the heir to the throne has always been distinguished by a sports figure, which, according to the Duchess, is supported by the Ducan diet.

In her youth, Kate Middleton was far from the sophistication inherent in her after marriage. The girl preferred comfortable, athletic things, preferring the casual style. In Miss Middleton’s wardrobe, one could find short skirts, tops, romantic dresses, not peculiar to the Duchess of Cambridge.

Since childhood, the girl loved to loose her hair, applied a minimum of makeup, choosing a natural and natural style.

In her interview, the royal couple repeatedly admitted that William noticed Kate during a catwalk at a charity evening, during which she was dressed in a transparent dress, showing everyone her athletic figure in a bikini.

Plastic in appearance Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton has repeatedly improved her appearance with the help of plastic surgery.

Experts came to this conclusion after comparing photographs of the wife of Prince William, taken between 2006 and 2011. Among the operations of the Duchess, the following are noted.

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According to experts, Kate performed 2 rhinoplasties, one of which was open. The 1st operation is dated 2005-2006. Perhaps Her Highness first fell under the knife immediately after graduating from college, having decided to correct her snub-nosed nose. In all likelihood, the intervention was unsuccessful, as a result of which Kate had to decide on the second operation.

During the second procedure, the surgeon:

  • corrected the tip of the nose, removing snub;

Kate Middleton. Photos in his youth, now, before and after plastic surgery, on the beach, candid. Biography and personal life

  • reduced the width due to excision of the size of the wings of the respiratory organ.

Surgical intervention was carried out very competently. The nose of the duchess has a natural shape, giving the image an aristocracy. On the face of Kate imperceptibly scars testifying to the application of the surgical procedure.

The ideal nose of the Duchess is considered a standard of beauty and takes 1st place in the preferences of women seeking to correct the appearance given by nature. A similar operation is carried out in New York clinics. The cost of the procedure starts from $ 952.


When viewing Kate’s photographs taken while studying at college, significant changes in the shape and volume of the breast become noticeable. In the pictures of the girl taken during the fashion show in a transparent dress, the mammary glands are practically absent. Photos from a joint holiday of the prince and his bride show the athletic figure of Katherine in a size 1 bikini

According to experts, the duchess twice resorted to the services of plastic surgery:

  • For the first time, Kate inserted a “B” size implant in her breast just before the marriage. The bride’s pictures show a significantly increased bust, which could not have happened on her own, since Miss Middleton was not pregnant.
  • The second time Her Highness corrected the shape of the breast after the birth of the second child. Childbirth led to an increase and ptosis of the mammary glands, as a result of which an intervention was required, accompanied by a skin tightening.

Kate Middleton. Photos in his youth, now, before and after plastic surgery, on the beach, candid. Biography and personal life

Several changes in the size of the breast of the wife of Prince William are also evidenced by the statements of stylists who note the periodic transformation of the bust of the duchess. Mammoplasty is performed by surgical clinics located in large cities of USA. The price of the operation is from $ 2040 – $ 4080.

Dental veneers

According to the English proverb, for all Britons, the presence of crooked teeth is characteristic. The Duchess of Cambridge is no exception to the rule. Before the marriage, Kate Middleton corrected her tooth shape by inserting veneers designed to create a Hollywood smile. The cost of services in dental clinics in USA varies from $ 82 – $ 680.


The presence of large bags under the eyes is a hallmark of the Middleton family. Swelling not masked by makeup can be seen in Kate’s photographs taken before the wedding. The sister of the Duchess of Pippus suffers the same problem. There is no consensus among Her Highness on blepharoplasty among surgeons.

It is known that the images of Kate, taken between 2011 and 2021, do not show the presence of bags. This effect is preserved in all photographs of the duchess, right up to the birth of a third child. Since the end of 2021, the appearance of swelling has been established.

Noting imperfections, British doctors changed their mind about the possible blepharoplasty, arguing that the reappearance of the bags is not typical after surgery.

Kate Middleton. Photos in his youth, now, before and after plastic surgery, on the beach, candid. Biography and personal life

Experts consider the changes in the face of the duchess as a result of fatigue arising from the combination of the duties of the wife of the heir to the throne and the mother of 3 babies. Blepharoplasty is performed by all plastic surgery clinics and costs from $ 680, depending on the characteristics of the intervention.

Botox and hyaluronic acid injections

Kate Middleton has a very bad heredity. All the women in her family age very early. Photos of the duchess herself indicate the presence of deep wrinkles on the face of the duchess on the forehead, near the eyes and in the nasolabial triangle. At the beginning of 2021, cosmetologists noticed the absence of wrinkles. Kate’s face suddenly took on a well-groomed and youthful look, deep folds disappeared .

This finding suggested the use of subcutaneous injections of botulinum toxin, which block skin aging. Additional subcutaneous injection of hyaluronic acid pushed wrinkles, renewing and rejuvenating the tissue (the rejuvenation procedure in USA is carried out comprehensively and costs from $ 95).

Beauty treatments

Kate Middleton loves natural makeup, attends salon skin care treatments. Her Highness entrusted her face to the famous cosmetologist Deborah Mitchell.

The specialist developed the necessary care course for the spouse of the prince, consisting of glycolic peeling and bee venom masks. Every evening, the Duchess lubricates her face with Nivea cream and uses a serum with rose oil Gertified Organic, which has an antioxidant effect.

From an interview with a cosmetologist it is known that:

  • to remove the stratum corneum, the duchess uses a scrub made according to the recipe of Deborah Mitchell from Nutella chocolate paste, sugar and lip balm;
  • To soften the heels, a mixture of avocado and banana is used, placed under socks for 20 minutes.

Kate’s hair is in the hands of stylist Richard Ward.

On his advice, Her Highness:

  • 1 time per month passes a salon course aimed at hair restoration;
  • every day applies Kerastase brand shampoo that cleanses and strengthens the roots;
  • uses cosmetics containing only organic trace elements for staining;
  • cuts off split ends monthly.
Kate Middleton. Photos in his youth, now, before and after plastic surgery, on the beach, candid. Biography and personal life
You can see in the photo how Kate Middleton applied a minimum of makeup, because she loves minimalism in appearance.

In makeup, the Duch
ess adheres to maximum naturalness.

Favorite cosmetics Kate:

Eyeliner Long Wear Gel Eyeliner (by Bobbi Broun)
Mascara Hypnoses (by Lancome)
Eye shadow Naked Palletit 1 (from Urban Decay)
Perfume White Gardenia Petals (by IIluminie)
Concealer Touch Eclat (from Yves Saint Laurent)

Manicures and pedicures are performed only in a new range. Kate’s favorite decorative coatings are Essie gel polishes. The wife of Prince William is very fond of Italian pizza. To preserve the figure, a young woman adheres to the Ducan diet and eats fractionally (1 time in 4 hours).

According to the rules of nutrition, only low-carb foods are allowed:

  • lean fish and meat;
  • avocado;
  • nuts
  • fruits;
  • vegetables.

Every day you need to drink 0,4 gallon of clean liquid (including your favorite duchess tea with milk without adding sugar).

The wife of the heir to the throne knows a lot about beauty and advises her fans:

  • Clean your hair daily. You can wear a complex hairstyle or loose hair, but the hair in it must be clean.
  • Bet on maximum naturalness. A well-educated woman should use a minimum of decorative cosmetics not aggressive colors.
  • When choosing clothes, give preference to simple, feminine models that perfectly emphasize the curves of the figure.
  • In summer, it is imperative to wear a straw hat to protect the skin from the sun.

Kate Middleton. Photos in his youth, now, before and after plastic surgery, on the beach, candid. Biography and personal life

  • Always choose compatible bags and shoes.
  • Do not neglect perfume. Eau de toilette is the main focus of the image, relentlessly following a woman.

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Kate Middleton Now

The latest photos of Kate Middleton can be found in any British magazine. The Duchess of Catherine is a “people’s princess” who received the title after her mother-in-law, Princess Diana. Each exit of Her Highness is a demonstration of beauty, sophistication and elegance.

The Duchess’s wardrobe consists of:

  • sheath dresses, perfectly emphasizing a slim figure;
  • clothes in the style of “New Bow” with a sun flared skirt allowing a woman to demonstrate a thin waist;
  • classic boats from Jimmy Choo;
  • custom-made hats;
  • bags, matched to match the shoes.

The wife of Prince William appears in public in plain day dresses, formal suits of a classic cut. In the duchess’s wardrobe, branded clothing by Chanel, Oscar de la Renta is adjacent to democratic brands. Kate’s favorite color is turquoise.

The Duchess likes stained glass dresses of the 60s. XX century., And Alexander McQueen, who sewed a wedding dress for the wife of Prince William, was recognized as his favorite designer. Kate never allows herself to wear provocative outfits with deep cuts and a neckline. All her dresses are midi or maxi length. In rare cases, a small cut is allowed along the length of the skirt.

Kate Middleton. Photos in his youth, now, before and after plastic surgery, on the beach, candid. Biography and personal life

With jewelry, Her Highness is very neat. The only jewel constantly seen on Kate is an engagement ring with sapphire and diamonds. The love of the Duchess of Cambridge is her extravagant hats made to order. Vintage accessory allows you to make any exit Kate memorable.

The spouse of the heir to the throne adheres to minimalism.

In her outfits, a young woman tries to adhere to the style of Princess Diana. According to a sociological survey, about 40% of British people tend to copy the duchess’s outfits. The British really like the elegance and thriftiness of Prince William’s wife (the Duchess often wears dresses several times).

“People’s Princess” Kate Middleton is adored all over the world. Each photograph of the duchess testifies to the impeccable taste and beauty of the chosen one of the heir to the throne, beloved royal family and her subjects.

Video about the plastic Kate Middleton

Last photo of Kate Middleton:

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