Eyebrow microblading – what is it, how is it done, reviews, photos before and after

Microblading is a modern technology for applying eyebrows, which in other words is called manual eyebrow tattooing. The procedure is subject exclusively to skilled craftsmen, and the effect depends on the scrupulousness of the specialist and the quality of the tool used.

Eyebrow microblading - what is it, how is it done, reviews, photos before and after

Since the cost of the procedure is high, and it appeared not so long ago, many clients have questions about whether eyebrow microblading is safe and what is this

Eyebrow microblading – what is it

Microblading is the long-term pigmentation of eyebrows. The procedure is convenient in that it saves time on applying cosmetic products for coloring eyebrows. Moreover, the pigment is noticeable only with careful consideration.

How do microblading eyebrows

Having received detailed information about eyebrow microblading, what is it and how safe such a methodology is, you can proceed to its preparatory stage.

Eyebrow microblading - what is it, how is it done, reviews, photos before and after

Preparation for microblading begins 5-7 days before the session.

To do this, abandon:

  • bad habits, such as smoking, alcohol;
  • sweet, spicy, fried, fatty and pickled foods;
  • medications;
  • tanning;
  • plucking eyebrows 10-14 days before the procedure, this will make it easier for the master to choose the right shape of the eyebrows.

Eyebrow microblading - what is it, how is it done, reviews, photos before and after

Eyebrow microblading - what is it, how is it done, reviews, photos before and after

The microblading procedure takes place directly as follows:

1. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the face first.
2. The master specifies what shape, color and density of the eyebrow the client wants.
3. Then you should discuss the desire to hide any blemishes or scars on the eyebrows.
4. The specialist will offer the best option for eyebrows, suitable for the color type of the client’s face and hair.
5. Next, the work area is degreased with a special tool and anesthetized.
6. The master makes a pencil sketch of the eyebrows and removes excess hair.
7. Using a tool with a disposable blade, a pigment is applied by cutting the previously drawn lines.
8. After the end of work, there may be a swollen and reddish effect, which is eliminated by a special fixative.
9. The perfect look of the eyebrows is obtained a few days after the procedure.

Shadow microblading technique – powder spraying

Powder spraying is applied using the technique of blending pigment, due to which the brow arches acquire a gentle and voluminous appearance. To obtain the effect of natural and voluminous eyebrows, experts combine pigmentation techniques.

Microblading Hair Technology

The hair technique is done by drawing close to natural hairs. Properly selected pigment and stroke size allow you to achieve the natural effect of eyebrow arches.

Eyebrow microblading - what is it, how is it done, reviews, photos before and after

The hair technique is of oriental appearance and European.
Oriental implies a complex application of pigment: the hairs are drawn in different directions, thus simulating natural growth.

In European microblading, hairs are drawn in one direction, and they are the same size. Thus, the effect of styling eyebrows is achieved.

1 month after the first session, you need to perform additional pigmentation to achieve a uniform color. Subject to all technical standards for applying microblading, the effect will last from 6 months to 2 years.

Microblading 6D (6d)

Technique 6d is quite painstaking manual work, performed by drawing individual strokes. As a result, eyebrows acquire a natural, beautiful and voluminous appearance.

To whom which execution method is suitable

Before choosing the appropriate method of pigmentation, you need to consult a cosmetologist, he will talk about the procedure for microblading eyebrows, what it is and what technique to give your preference.

Eyebrow microblading - what is it, how is it done, reviews, photos before and after

Eyebrow microblading - what is it, how is it done, reviews, photos before and after

Most expert reviews indicate that the powdery technique for microblading eyebrows is the choice of blondes, and the hair style is suitable for owners of thinned eyebrows.

According to general indicators, microblading is suitable for everyone who wants to hide any defects on the eyebrows.

To whom microblading is contraindicated (consequences)

Microblading should be discarded during:

  • infectious, dermatological, oncological diseases, diabetes mellitus and epilepsy;
  • inflammatory processes in the working area;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • menses.
    The procedure is also contraindicated in cases:
  • increased tendency of the skin to the formation of keloid scars;
  • hypersensitivity of the epidermis;
  • an allergic reaction to dyes;
  • poor blood clotting;
    Negative consequences:
  • negative reaction of the body to a coloring matter (redness and itching);
  • purulent process after the procedure (occurs due to infection in the wound);
  • some patients may experience rapid flushing of the pigment, or even a lack of result.

Can I do during pregnancy

As for the prohibition of microblading during pregnancy, there is no unequivocal prohibition, however, due to the individual characteristics and tolerance during gestation, it is better to refrain from such procedures.

Eyebrow microblading - what is it, how is it done, reviews, photos before and after

Here is what can negatively affect the development of the fetus, if the patient decides to microblad the eyebrows, this:

  • stress that is transmitted to the fetus from the mother during the session;
  • negative effect of anesthetics on the baby’s body.

The choice is made by the woman herself, but it is worth considering the potential risk for the child and refrain from microblading eyebrows to more favorable conditions.
Can I do with breastfeeding

Despite the simplicity and safety of the procedure, micropigmentation of the eyebrows is best avoided by nursing mothers, since pigment can have a negative effect on lactation. Also, due to the restructuring of the hormonal background during pregnancy and lactation, the coloring pigment may not at all give the desired result.

Microblading pros and
cons – reviews

In case of doubt and uncertainty about the procedure for microblading eyebrows, you should consider in more detail its pros and cons. This will help to better understand what microblading is and make a final decision.

  • resistance – the result of work lasts 6 – 18 months (individually in each case);
  • safety – slight redness after a session, disappears gallon in a few days;
  • painlessness – zones of the work area are treated with anesthesia, which allows to lower the threshold of sensitivity;
  • the effectiveness of the result – thanks to the vegetable dyes used for micropigmentation, a natural look and color of the eyebrows is achieved, which does not change with time;
  • eyebrow correction with subsequent appeal to the master (you can change the shape and color of the eyebrows to the desired result);
  • wide range of palettes;
  • complete change of eyebrows.

If we talk about the cons, they are almost nonexistent. The only thing that can stop is the price of microblading eyebrows. According to reviews, some clients are satisfied with microblading. The result is natural, it allows you to visually thick eyebrows, others note that the hairs quickly turn pale, and some have to do the correction after an unsuccessful procedure.

Microblading or tattoobrow what is the difference (which is better) – reviews

The facts below in the table are based on customer feedback. They will help to see the difference between microblading and eyebrow tattooing and make a choice.

Eyebrow microblading - what is it, how is it done, reviews, photos before and after

Characteristic Classic method 6D reconstruction
Soreness Using anesthetics Minimum discomfort
Rehabilitation Duration 1 week, final recovery in a month The consequences of the session go away after 5-6 days
Durability 2-3 years Loses color after 1-2 years
After a long period of time Color and clarity of lines change Turns pale
Contraindications Pregnancy, diabetes, oncology, dermatology, AIDS, hepatitis, cardiovascular diseases, epilepsy, hypertension Oncology in the facial zone, skin inflammation, allergic pigment, hepatitis, AIDS. During pregnancy, only with the permission of a doctor
The consequences of regular application of the procedure Scars, pits, scars Not identified
Correction In 1-1.5 years After 8 months – 1 year

Eyebrow microblading - what is it, how is it done, reviews, photos before and after

Reviews about eyebrow tattooing are very different, but they all agree on one thing, tattooing looks unnatural, which can not be said about microblading, recently the procedure is gaining popularity due to the positive feedback from satisfied clients.

What is the difference between microblading and permanent makeup

The main differences:

  1. Special machines with straight-line movement of needles and low vibration cannot achieve the effect of thin strokes, the blame is due to the thickness of the blade and the speed of the needle, but it can be achieved using a manual tattoo machine.
  2. Appearance. Thanks to manual work, you can create strokes close to natural hairs, they are almost impossible to consider even with a thorough examination, which can not be said about permanent makeup, which always looks a bit artificial.

How much does eyebrow microblading cost – price (cost)

The cost of services in USA is in the range of $ 68 – $ 340. The price depends mainly on the education of a specialist, his experience, the popularity of the salon or clinic, the quality of the tools and materials used, the use of anesthesia.
Microblading eyebrows for how long (how much is enough) – reviews

The resistance of microblading depends on the structure of the skin, the age of the client, the depth of pigment application, the quality of the paint and the subsequent care of the eyebrows. Typically, the duration of the effect lasts from a year to 2 years, but a correction will need to be carried out in the coming months.

To achieve maximum effect, it is necessary to go from 2 to 4 sessions, because during healing, the brow arches may be deformed.

How long does eyebrow healing take after microblading

The first time after microblading, slight swelling is noticeable, within a day it disappears, only a colored film remains, which peels off after 10 days and leaves a mark in the form of exfoliating skin. In the first days after microblading, a number of rules for eyebrow care must be observed.

How to care for eyebrows after microblading

Eyebrow care in the first days after the procedure:

  • Do not expose eyebrows to water procedures, UV-rays, dye them with cosmetics, touch your hands;
  • during the week it is necessary to refrain from physical exertion, steaming the face;
  • from the 3rd to the 5th day you need to process the eyebrows with special ointments;
  • crusts do not take off, they must fall off on their own.

Only a month after microblading, you can afford to sunbathe in the sun, but only with the use of sunscreens with 30-35 SPF protection.

How to smear crusts after microblading

To stop the regeneration of the skin from damage caused to it during a microblading session, it is recommended to use special ointments and solutions.

Eyebrow microblading - what is it, how is it done, reviews, photos before and after

For instance:

  • in the first hours after the procedure, the eyebrows can be wiped with chlorhexidine;
  • To reduce redness of the skin, ointments and antiseptics prescribed by a doctor are used;
  • Panthenolili, Depanten funds are used from 3 to 5 days after the procedures.

Eyebrow correction after microblading

Experienced specialists carry out their work in such a way as to avoid the manifestation of sharp contrasts in the pigment color palette. Since the reaction of the pigment during administration proceeds differently in different people, an experienced master is in no hurry to use the entire portion of the coloring matter at once, but introduces it gradually with repeated correction.

This approach helps the master to achieve the desired result and natural effect. When it is necessary to apply for correction, the wizard informs immediately after the microblading procedure. If the master decides that the work looks good, he will not prescribe a correction.

However, it happens that after the first session of microblading, the eyebrows look unnatural, then they are corrected with a laser to achieve a natural effect. Laser correction is carried out by professionals in the field of cosmetology, only a specialist will be able to predict how long the pigment will pass.

Laser removes up to 10% of excess paint, this reduces the speed of discoloration in the future.

Correction, which is carried out at a repeated stage, is included in the price of microblading eyebrows. Payment can be made in part.

Repeated microblading with pigment restoration, after 6 months, refers to a full-fledged procedure with full payment.

Materials (tools) for microblading eyebrows

For microblading eyebrows, the master uses professional equipment and materials: a special machine, needles, pens, coloring pigments.


Professional and high-quality equipment is produced by Taiwanese and German brands.
The most affordable are Chinese-made cars, however, they have a short life.

Eyebrow microblading - what is it, how is it done, reviews, photos before and after

For long-term use, you will need the best quality equipment, for example, SYNERGIE machines costing around $ 700, with a 3-year service life. The device is easy to use, with its help you can draw small strokes without resorting to deep incisions on the skin.

The German company Purebeau produces professional equipment with a 10-year service life and with a valid one-year warranty. A high power device, this contributes to the creation of the most natural and beautiful strokes. Technical capabilities of the device eliminate errors in the wizard.

When buying professional equipment, you need to pay attention to the functionality of the device and the force of vibration of the needle. High intensity of vibration will not allow to draw even strokes and can damage the skin.


To create beautiful patterns without damaging the client’s skin, it’s important to choose the right size of the needles. Small needles are needed to draw small strokes.
A wide range of products is selected individually by skin type. A specialist with a short work experience is better to choose needles with a beveled blade, they are considered the most versatile for drawing small strokes.

Eyebrow microblading - what is it, how is it done, reviews, photos before and after

To perform a complex eyebrow design, it is best to purchase U-shaped needles. 
You should also pay attention to the number of soldered needles. To draw the smallest hairs in the spike there should be up to 12 needles. A large number of needles in the tool ensures the thickness and shading of the lines.

A pen

For manual work, craftsmen use a special pen – a manipulator. The manipulator is a reusable tool with interchangeable needles.


For work, you need about 5 of the most popular shades. Quality pigments can be mixed with others to create the desired tone.
The price of high quality pigments is up to $ 50. With a lack of funds for the purchase of pigments, the master can provide himself with a sufficient number of pigments in the probes.

Eyebrow microblading - what is it, how is it done, reviews, photos before and after

One probe is enough for several procedures.
It is better to opt for gel pigments, they are easily shaded and applied, this helps to create clear lines.

Anti-allergenic pigments designed to work with clients who suffer from various forms of allergies are gaining popularity . The price of such pigments is high, however, this reduces the risk of skin reactions.

Microblading anesthesia

Qualitatively, microblading work is possible only with good anesthesia.

Primary anesthesia is applied at the beginning of the procedure and covered with a film for 20-30 minutes.

Secondary anesthesia is applied directly during the working process with damaged areas of the skin. For instant freezing, it is recommended to use liquid anesthesia.

By type of anesthesia it happens:

  • Injection An analgesic drug is injected under the skin into the work area (an injection should be carried out by a certified medical worker). The duration of anesthesia is 1.5-2 hours. After the injection, secondary anesthesia is not needed.
  • Application. Most often used in cosmetology for applying all types of tattoos (does not require medical education). The drug does not enter the bloodstream, does not deform the muscle, acts after 10-15 minutes with a time duration of 4 hours.

The best anesthetics for primary anesthesia:

  • EMLA. The action occurs 60 minutes after application, lasting 30 minutes.
  • M-36. Reinforced concentrate of anesthetics.
  • Prepcain. Anesthetizes the working area after 15-20 minutes.
    Anesthetics for primary and secondary anesthesia:
  • Sustain Blue Gel. The cream, which includes epinephrine, reduces blood circulation in the work area, has an anti-edematous effect. Anesthesia is effective 2-5 minutes after its application.
  • X-IT. A potent substance for work in the facial zone, applicable for applying art tattoos.
  • Super Numb and Deep Numb. Gel for pain relief of any working area. Effective 30-60 minutes after application with a time duration of about 4 hours.
  • Goochie napkin No. 10. Disposable gel napkin for work in the area of lips and eyebrows. The effect of the drug is 8-15 minutes.
  • Luquidcaine. Applicable to work in the facial area with the exception of the eyes. Anesthesia lasts 90 seconds.
  • Goochie A-36 . A potent drug with a long exposure period.
    An alternative method of pain relief is cryosthesia, freezing of the area with Freon 144, 114 or Fluethyl.

Where to buy materials for microblading

Materials for microblading ar
e available on the official websites of distributors, in stores of professional equipment. Also, products can be ordered in stores online.

Is it possible to do eyebrow microblading at home

Before you start eyebrow tattooing at home, you must carefully weigh the pros and cons. It should be noted that not all specialists can be guaranteed to fulfill all the wishes of the clients perfectly.

If you violate the technology of tattooing, this can lead to a deplorable result. Therefore, it is simply impossible to do such work independently. In rare cases, they resort to independent tattooing, because the slightest deviation in movement can distort the whole picture. If there are no special skills, then you should not even think about it.

How much are the courses where eyebrow microblading training takes place

To teach the art of tattooing, special training courses are created on the basis of beauty schools or salons, where in a short time masters master the basic elements of drawing. Skills are practiced on live models.
The issue price for 2021 is from $ 680 – $ 2312 with the issuance of a diploma.

Where is it better to make eyebrow microblading

It is better to micropigment your eyebrows in popular beauty salons, where employees care about the well-being of their customers and the reputation of the salon as a whole. Attention should be paid to how practical and high-quality equipment is used by the salon, whether all sanitary standards are observed in it.

An experienced master will always share photos of previous works, fully tell you how eyebrow microblading is done, what it is.

But there are a lot of salons where masters are interested only in the financial side, and not in satisfying the wishes of customers. In order not to fall into the trap of scammers, it is worth choosing specialists for the availability of reviews.

Eyebrow microblading: removal – how to withdraw

For various reasons, experts consider it impossible to completely get rid of microblading eyebrows, that it is a fairly permanent tattoo that can not be eliminated, and conventional preparations can not cope with aggressive ones that will damage the skin. And yet, such methods exist.

Eyebrow microblading - what is it, how is it done, reviews, photos before and after
What is laser removal of microblading and eyebrow tattoo

Methods for eliminating microblading:

  • Salt dermoblasty – removal of the upper layer of the dermis using salt resurfacing. 1 teaspoons wet salt is applied to the pigment, the skin is lightly massaged until the skin becomes red. Then the zone is washed and treated with antiseptic ointment. After 3 days, the procedure should be repeated.
  • Aloe Vera Compress and Vitamin E reduce pigment saturation. The mixture is applied to the pigmented area and rubbed in a circular motion, then it is left for 10 minutes to absorb. The procedure must be repeated every day until the desired effect.
  • Daily scrubbing while taking bath treatments.
  • Lemon juice with salt. Lemon juice is added to 50 g of salt and applied to the pigment.
  • Honey pasta. For cooking, aloe vera juice, yogurt, salt and honey are used. The mixture is rubbed into the pigment for 30 minutes, then washed with water and a moisturizer is applied.
  • Laser removal is a painful and expensive procedure, eliminates all unnecessary touches.

Cosmetic means for removing mikrobleydinga

  • Exfoliating cream with 10% glycolic acid (can remove not only artificial pigment, but also natural!).
  • Whitening face cream “SD White”. To achieve the result must be used within a few weeks.

Eyebrow microblading: before and after photos

Eyebrow microblading - what is it, how is it done, reviews, photos before and after

Eyebrow microblading - what is it, how is it done, reviews, photos before and after

Unsuccessful microblading – photo

Eyebrow microblading - what is it, how is it done, reviews, photos before and after

Eyebrow microblading training – video

Microblading eyebrows – a procedure that allows you to not only adjust the shape of the eyebrows, but also draw them completely. At the same time, they will look more natural, when compared with tattooing and permanent makeup.

Eyebrow microblading videos

What is microblading eyebrows:

All about the microblading procedure:

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