The ratio of height and weight in women. Norm by age. How to tidy a figure

It was always important for women to take care of themselves. Striving for perfect beauty, they try to constantly engage in gyms and eat right. Each woman has a clear idea of what reference weight and height should be. But this ratio has always been an individual affair for everyone.

How to measure growth

To determine your own height, you must:

  • lean against the wall with your back straight;
  • touch the crown of the head and mark this place;
  • measure the resulting distance.

The following should be pressed against the wall:

  • heels;
  • calves of the legs;
  • buttocks;
  • shoulder blades;
  • the back of the head.

From the results of your growth, you can find out the following:

  • more than 5’8 foot – too high;
  • from 5’5 – 5’7 foot – high;
  • from 5’2 – 5’5 foot – medium;
  • from 5 – 5’1 foot – below average;
  • less than 4’9 foot – low.

The ratio of height and weight in women. Norm by age. How to tidy a figure

Female physique is an important parameter on which the ratio of mass to height depends.

The following types are distinguished:

  • Hypersthenic inherent in broad- bonded people.
  • Normastenic. He is the most proportional. Women with this type of physique have medium parameters and a narrow waist with slightly wide hips.
  • Asthenic is the lot of thin-boned and thin people. Their body parts are narrow and long.

Body type is determined by measuring the wrist. In asthenics, it has a size of 6’3 inch or less. In people with a normatic type, the wrist reaches a length of up to 18. 2 inch. Hypersthenics also have the thickest – more than 18. 2 inch.

What should be the normal ratio of height to weight in women: calculation according to the formulas

Such a determination of the exact correspondence of parameters takes into account various characteristics. There are several formulas for calculations, which are described below.

Brock’s Formula

It measures growth in inch, after which 110 is subtracted from the result, then multiplied by 1.15. These calculations are suitable for women with a normal physique. Broad-boned should add, and thin-bonded should be taken away from the obtained 10%.

Ketle formula

With the help of these estimates, the body mass index (BMI) is recognized: M: (P * P), where M is the mass in pounds; P – body length in m.

The ratio of height and weight in women. Norm by age. How to tidy a figure

If it turns out:

  • less than 18.5, then this is a shortage of weight;
  • up to 25 – the norm;
  • up to 30 – excess of the norm;
  • up to 35 – overweight or expectation of 1 degree;
  • up to 40 – 2 degree of obesity;
  • more than 40 – 3 degree.

The Ketle formula is not used for:

  • expecting a baby and breastfeeding ;;
  • the elderly;
  • involved in sports;
  • children.

Nagler’s formula

The ratio of height and weight for women in this index is ideal. At a height of 152. 1’6 inch, body weight should be equal to 99 pounds. If the growth is greater, then for every 2. 21’3 inch (1 inch) add 900 g and 10% of the calculation result.

McCallum formula

This method of determining the conformity of the figure to growth is considered the best. Everything here is based on the measurement of the wrist.

  • The chest girth is 6.5 times the size of the wrist.
  • The hips are 85% of the chest.
  • Waist is 70% of the chest.
  • 53% of the chest circumference is the volume of the hips, and 37% is the neck.
  • Biceps and lower leg are also calculated from the circumference of the chest. The first component is 37% of this parameter, and the second is 34%.
  • 29% of the chest circumference is the volume of the forearm.
The ratio of height and weight in women. Norm by age. How to tidy a figure
The article provides a table of the ratio of height and weight in women.

The McCallum formula with average values may have other options:

  • The figure is ideal if the hips are 9’8 inch more than the waist and are almost equal to the volume of the chest.
  • The proportional size of the waist is calculated by subtracting a hundred from a height in inch.
  • With a voluminous chest and narrow waist, hips, the female figure looks like an “apple”. The “pear” type is when the chest and waist are much smaller than the hips.
  • The waist circumference of women with average height is approximately identical to body weight in pounds.

Lorentz formula

This method is the simplest.

The application of the Lorentz algorithm is as follows:

  • X-100- (X-150) / 2; X – height in inch.
  • X / 2-25 (simplified formula).

But this method does not take into account, however, physique. Therefore, the Lorentz formula is considered not too accurate.

Breitman formula

The index is calculated using growth in inch. To do this, the measured height is multiplied by 0.7 and subtract 50 from the result. Breitman’s formula is best used for mature women.

BMI for height and weight

Body mass index is calculated in the same way as in the Ketle formula.

The ratio of height and weight in women. Norm by age. How to tidy a figure

Women with perfect weight:

  • do not suffer from cardiovascular diseases;
  • Do not overeat;
  • have normal cholesterol;
  • less likely to get cancer;
  • have a strong body and immunity;
  • do not suffer from arthrosis and pressure drops;
  • easier to tolerate physical activity.

Table of the ideal ratio of height and weight for women by age

Height From 20 to 29 years old 30 to 39 years old 40 to 49 years old 50 to 59 years old 60 to 69 years old
3’3 foot 19’7 inch 108 pounds 119 pounds 130 pounds 123 pounds 121 pounds
3’3 foot 20’5 inch 112 pounds 121 pounds 132 pounds 128 pounds 123 pounds
3’3 foot 21’3 inch 117 pounds 132 pounds 137 pounds 132 pounds 130 pounds
3’3 foot 22 inch 123 pounds 137 pounds 146 pounds 137 pounds 135 pounds
3’3 foot 22’8 inch 128 pounds 141 pounds 150 pounds 143 pounds 137 pounds
3’3 foot 23’6 inch 132 pounds 146 pounds 154 pounds 146 pounds 143 pounds
3’3 foot 24’4 inch 137 pounds 152 pounds 159 pounds 152 pounds 148 pounds
3’3 foot 25’2 inch 141 pounds 157 pounds 163 pounds 159 pounds 157 pounds
3’3 foot 26 inch 143 pounds 159 pounds 170 pounds 163 pounds 157 pounds
3’3 foot 26’8 inch 152 pounds 163 pounds 172 pounds 165 pounds 161 pounds
3’3 foot 27’6 inch 152 pounds 168 pounds 176 pounds 170 pounds 165 pounds
3’3 foot 28’3 inch 161 pounds 170 pounds 181 pounds 172 pounds 168 pounds
3’3 foot 29’1 inch 163 pounds 174 pounds 185 pounds 174 pounds 172 pounds
3’3 foot 29’9 inch 170 pounds 176 pounds 187 pounds 179 pounds 174 pounds
3’3 foot 30’7 inch 172 pounds 181 pounds 190 pounds 181 pounds 179 pounds
3’3 foot 31’5 inch 176 pounds 185 pounds 194 pounds 185 pounds 181 pounds
3’3 foot 32’3 inch 183 pounds 194 pounds 196 pounds 192 pounds 183 pounds
3’3 foot 33’1 inch 190 pounds 196 pounds 201 pounds 192 pounds 190 pounds
3’3 foot 33’9 inch 196 pounds 201 pounds 205 pounds 198 pounds 192 pounds
3’3 foot 34’6 inch 203 pounds 207 pounds 212 pounds 203 pounds 196 pounds
3’3 foot 35’4 inch 203 pounds 212 pounds 214 pounds 212 pounds 205 pounds

The norm of weight and proportions of a figure in women, depending on the type of physique

Such a classification is more real and constructive.

Type A

It is determined by determining the ratio of the femoral girth to the chest volume. The indicator in this case is greater than 1.05. The figure in the form of the letter A is a typical “pear” or “triangle”.

In women with such a physique, there are:

  • thin waist;
  • narrow shoulders and chest;
  • rather wide hips.

Since ancient times, the feminine silhouette of a type A figure has been considered the standard of beauty. Physical complexes on the hips and buttocks will help maintain the shape of such a body.

Type X

In girls and women, when dividing the waist circumference by the volume of the hips, and then by the circumference of the chest, the indicators are the same or less than 0.75 when the body type is hourglass or type X. The ratio of height and weight is not here. For such representatives of humanity, the top is approximately equal to the bottom.

The ratio of height and weight in women. Norm by age. How to tidy a figure

An ideal body in the form of an hourglass can afford asthenics and normostenics. But for this they will have to sit on a balanced diet and properly exercise the abs and hips with physical exercises.

Type O

The “apple” physique is an indicator greater than 0.75. With the type of figure O, the legs are thin and long, and the body is full and round. A large abdomen is always present in the waist area. Busty beauties with slender legs and sloping shoulders will have to constantly engage in gyms to maintain normal proportions of a body like O.

They need to deal with:

  • the press;
  • breast;
  • back muscles.

Type H

The figure “rectangle” when dividing the size of the waist by the volume of the chest has an indicator equal to or greater than 0.75. A body type H is equal in volume to the hips and chest. Graceful and stylish H-shaped figures also need to be carefully monitored: train the buttocks and shoulder girdle.

Type v

If dividing the size of the bust by the circumference of the hips gives a result of 1.05 or more, then the physique looks like an inverted triangle or type V.

In women with such a figure:

  • big breasts;
  • broad shoulders;
  • narrow hips.

The natural silhouette of a V-shaped physique is also a kind of standard, and from ancient times. To save the beauty of such a figure will help dancing or cycling.

How to put a figure in order: methods and recommendations

The ratio of height and weight in women is well controlled by constant training of the body. It seems to girls that physical activity always leads to weight loss. In fact, only certain specific exercises help to get rid of excess weight. They should also be accompanied by cosmetic procedures and proper nutrition.

Physical activities

For a spectacular press, you can tilt sideways with weight. But with such an exercise, the abdomen will be wide and the waist imperceptible. It’s more correct to lean without weight at all. Such physical activity is best done once every 7 days.

The ratio of height and weight in women. Norm by age. How to tidy a figure

Squats are best started without weight. They must be repeated 20-30 times in 4 or 5 approaches. The breaks between them should be 30 or 40 seconds. Hips help to lose weight lunges with a small weight. You can strengthen your back at home without a simulator. To do this, they sit on a chair or sofa, bend over, lowering their hands with lightweight dumbbells down and resting their chest on their hips.

Next, the limbs with weight are bred to the sides and again lower them to their original position. The repetitions are the same as in the case of squats. Fans of push-ups from the floor will have to completely abandon them, since these exercises make the volume of the arms even more massive. The right alternative is a great alternative – the bar. It tightens the stomach well and strengthens the main muscles.

For weight loss you need:

  • Combine strength exercises with cardio workouts.
  • Each time, choose different training programs and new options for loading the same muscles.
  • Perform loads with the smallest weight and a large number of approaches and repetitions with insignificant interruptions.

Special training will help you quickly get rid of cellulite and sagging skin:

  1. Lying on the right side and resting on the elbow, raise the left leg to a distance of 11’8 inch from the surface. Frozen for a couple of seconds, they lower it. The same thing is done with the right foot. There should be a dozen leg lifts and 2 sets for each side.
  2. They rest on the floor with their hands, taking the same position as when pushing up. One leg bent at the knee is brought to the chest. After that, it is straightened and lifted up 7’9 inch from the surface. Similar actions are done with the left foot. In total there should be 3 approaches with 8 leg lifts.
  3. Any weighting compound is taken into hands, they stand directly with legs spread wide at shoulder width. Breathing slowly, they bend over, bending their knees. On the exhale rise. Exercise is performed 20 times in 3 sets.
  4. Picking up weighting agents, they stand directly with their feet shoulder-width apart. Then they slowly begin to lean forward with their arms hanging down freely and their back straight. Leaning as low as possible, come back. All this is done 12 times in 5 calls.
  5. Kneel down and lean on straight arms. The back should remain flat. Then produce push-ups from the floor with the raising of one leg up. Exercise is performed alternately for both legs in 2 sets of 15 repetitions.
  6. The legs are placed slightly wider than the shoulders, and the hands are placed on the back of the head. After strongly jumping up, forming from the legs and arms like a star. Landing, take the starting position. There should be 20 jumps, and 2 approaches.

To quickly get rid of cellulite, this complex is performed for 2 consecutive days, followed by a one-day break for 14 days. Losing weight needs to work out not only the hips and the press, but also the remaining problem areas. Only in this way will not be ashamed of your body during the beach season.

Together with weights for home fitness classes you can use:

  • hula hoops;
  • skipping rope;
  • fitball.

The ratio of height and weight in women. Norm by age. How to tidy a figure

With the right physical activity, you can not only get rid of body fat, but also acquire an attractive relief in the form of trained and strong muscles. It is very important not to pump them. Classes must begin with a warm-up, and end with a stretch and a hitch.

In the middle is a base consisting of:

  • strips;
  • boats;
  • slopes;
  • squats and lunges;
  • press training;
  • push ups.


Along with training, the
y begin to adhere to a strict diet. With him, they eat at approximately equal intervals of time, and the portion size is cut almost half. It is desirable that the diet was not only low-calorie, but also useful. The ratio of height and weight in women can also be regulated by special diets.

Those who want to have a slim figure for breakfast will have to eat and drink:

  • scrambled eggs (can be protein) or soft-boiled egg;
  • a sandwich of bread and cheese;
  • green tea or coffee with milk, but always without sugar.

For lunch, the following are allowed:

  • salad with fresh vegetables and vegetable oil or vinaigrette;
  • borsch on meat broth with low-fat sour cream;
  • lean stewed meat;
  • fruit drink or compote.

For dinner you can cook:

  • a side dish with stewed green beans for a side dish;
  • green tea.

The ratio of height and weight in women. Norm by age. How to tidy a figure

At night you can indulge in:

  • kefir;
  • milk
  • sugar free yogurt.

Snacks can be:

  • apples or bananas;
  • cheese;
  • dried fruits or nuts;
  • low-calorie cottage cheese or drinking yogurt.

Allowed products during tidying up include:

  • fruits with vegetables;
  • whole grain bread;
  • protein and stews;
  • low-fat varieties of fish and meat;
  • milk;
  • dried fruits and nuts;
  • vegetable oils.

In no case should you eat:

  • roast;
  • sweet;
  • flour;
  • fast food;
  • high-calorie dishes;
  • sausages and smoked meats;
  • salty;
  • spicy.

Alcohol is possible, but in moderation and in the form of red wine.

Carbonated drinks cannot be drunk, as they will inevitably lead back to obesity and the appearance of cellulite. It is useful to supplement the diet with all kinds of dietary supplements and nutritional supplements. The main thing is that they help, not harm the body. Special sports nutrition in the form of energy bars and protein shakes can even come to the rescue.


Among losing weight, this type of weight and body correction is very popular.

The ratio of height and weight in women. Norm by age. How to tidy a figure

After all, he:

  • fights excess fluid in the body;
  • relieves edema;
  • improves blood circulation in problem areas.

To massage helped to lose weight, you must observe the following:

  • Choose a course from 3-10 procedures. Then repeat it after 4 or 6 months.
  • Make no mistake with the choice of a massage therapist to avoid injuries from procedures.
  • Visit a corrective room slightly hungry. Before the massage is allowed to eat a boiled egg or cottage cheese.

Corrective massage happens:

  • hardware
  • vacuum;
  • anti-cellulite;
  • manual;
  • lymphatic drainage;
  • honey;
  • sculpting;
  • can.

Hardware, in turn, has the following types:

  • Pressotherapy is a 40-minute relaxing procedure with air injection in a chamber suit worn on the patient. The course usually consists of 10-15 sessions. Its repeated passage – after a month.
  • Roller or LGP. With this massage, they are dressed in special underwear to protect the skin from injuries. Intense rollers effectively fight cellulite and form a figure.
  • Cryolipolysis , which is non-surgical liposuction. Problem places with such a massage are affected by low temperature. It is usually combined with the classic manual. Cryolipolysis is carried out in an amount of only one procedure.
  • Ultrasonic massage or cavitation. In this case, problem areas are worked out from 35 to 45 minutes. To maintain the effect of cavitation, you need to exercise regularly and eat properly. The course consists of 10 procedures, between which take breaks of 7 or 10 days.

Beauty treatments

The ratio of height and weight in women will certainly be ideal, if you add special body care to all of the above. Say goodbye to extra pounds and cellulite with the help of such a cosmetology service as mesotherapy.

In this case, microinjections are administered to patients under the skin:

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • amino acids;
  • mineral substances;
  • vitamins.

The course of mesotherapy to achieve the effect should consist of 5 or 10 procedures with a break of 1-2 weeks. Its action is manifested immediately and for a long time.

A procedure called Velashape combines body shaping techniques such as:

  • electric power;
  • radio waves;
  • infrared light;
  • vacuum.

The ratio of height and weight in women. Norm by age. How to tidy a figure

A special device in this process tightens the skin and destroys subcutaneous fat. Such an impact must necessarily be course, as well as other cosmetic services. Electromyostimulation also perfectly tones muscles and burns fat. It is carried out in a hardware cabinet for 10-20 sessions. The specialist places special electrodes on the patient’s body and connects them.

At home, the body is affected independently, resorting to a special device, mesoscooter and related creams. It is advisable to use them after fitness, taking a pre-shower.

Wraps from fats also help break down fats:

  • warm paraffin;
  • healing algae;
  • multi-colored cosmetic clay.

Training is better to end with a lymphatic drainage contrast shower or bath, followed by the use of scrubs and creams. Along with them, the body can be pampered with nutritious lotions and aromatic oils.

It is better to carry out such procedures as physical activity regularly so that the hated mass does not return back to its place. Peeling relieves dead skin cells, and after it moisturizes the cream and gently cares for the body, preparing it for a healing and effective massage.

The proportion of body proportions is an important factor for trying to lose weight. He helps them achieve their goals. In women, in the first place is monitoring their height and weight. The figure should be if imperfect, then at least close to normal. After all, a slim and beautiful physique is always health and youth.

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