Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best

You can preserve the beauty of your face using the simplest means, for example, moisturizing face masks, prepared independently at home.

Benefits of Moisturizing Face Masks

Beauticians say that moisturizing masks help maintain the water balance of the skin at the required level, nourish the epidermis with the necessary vitamins and substances.

Loss of water from the intercellular space leads to:

  • dry skin;
  • its premature aging;
  • color deterioration, peeling, or thinning;
  • the appearance of discomfort, a feeling of tightened skin on the face;
  • violation of metabolic processes in cells;
  • decrease in collagen and elastin production.

Indications and contraindications for use

Use moisturizing masks when:

  • face skin was exposed to high or low temperatures;
  • during the period of diets;
  • during the off-season (the body lacks vitamins, useful trace elements);
  • in the presence of such bad habits as smoking and the desire to treat yourself to alcohol;
  • under stress;
  • after a disease, as a result of which the human body has lost a lot of fluid (poisoning, diarrhea, fever);
  • when a feeling of tightness is felt on the face;
  • there were signs of withering of the skin, its color, elasticity worsened. Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best

It is necessary to abandon the use of masks if:

  • there is an allergic reaction to its constituent components;
  • there are wounds, inflammation on the face.

Application Rules

The effectiveness of the masks largely depends on the regularity and correctness of their use.

How often can I make masks

For people with oily skin, cosmetologists advise using a moisturizer no more than 2 times in 7 days.  Owners of the dry type can do this 2 to 4 times.  Moreover, as experts advise, the older a woman becomes, the more often she should resort to the help of nourishing and regenerating masks.

Optimal time

According to scientists studying the biorhythms of the human body, the best time period for caring face care is from 8 to 10 in the morning. The effect of applying any masks after 2 pm will be very slight. Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best

During the day, there is another favorable period for moisturizing the skin. It comes at 18.00 and will last until 20.00.

Stages of preparation and rules of use

  1. The ingredients for the moisturizer are mixed immediately before use.
  2. Prepare your skin:
    1. clean with a scrub or special tool,
    2. dry by gently applying a towel to your face. Beauticians advise using a slightly damp warm tissue, touching the skin for a short period of time, it will help expand the pores under the influence of temperature, which will improve the absorption of the active components of the composition.
  3. The resulting mask, if its consistency is very liquid, should be applied with a clean brush or with textile napkins, if the mixture is sufficiently thick with your fingertips. The product is distributed in a thin layer along the massage lines, capturing the neck, chin, decollete.
  4. After applying the mask, it is advisable to lie down and relax.
  5. Take a horizontal position of the body, relax the muscles of the face and body.
  6. If the mask has a liquid consistency, it is advisable to have a small, soft cloth on hand, a cotton disc to remove, draining from the face of the product.
  7. Be in this state for a quarter of an hour.
  8. Remove mask residues
    • wet drive;
    • plain or mineral water, a decoction of herbs.
  9. Dry your face with a cloth, apply cream or allow moisture to dry on its own, following the recommendations for the use of a cosmetic product.

Universal recipes for moisturizing

Masks used to moisturize any type of skin are universal and can be used at any age.

Aloe mask


  • 1 clean sheet of aloe, aged in the refrigerator on the lower shelf for 3 days;
  • 40 g of liquid or thick honey heated in a water bath.

Rules for the preparation of the composition:

  • Grind the sheet.
  • Mix the ingredients.
  • After removing the mask, rinse your face with warm water

Exposure time on the face: 20 minutes. Effect: moisturizing, softening, removing redness and irritation arising from exposure to sunlight or severe frost. Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best


  • 1 tablespoon finely cut leaf of a plant;
  • 1 teaspoons glycerol;
  • 3 tablespoon water of room temperature;
  • 0.5 teaspoons of ground oatmeal flour.

How to make:  Mix the ingredients. Exposure time on the face: 20 minutes. The effect is the same as the previous mask.

With clay

Masks with clay are mainly used to cleanse the skin, moisturizing is its additional effect.

The use of such masks requires knowledge of some nuances:

  • clay is diluted with water, herbal broth to the consistency of thick sour cream. It is important that the mask is thick enough and does not drain off the face after applying it;
  • the mixture is thoroughly mixed in a glass or ceramic container (metal excluded);
  • during exposure to the mask, it is necessary to avoid the expression of facial muscles of the face;
  • for oily skin type, the optimal exposure time of the composition is 15 minutes 2 times a week, for dry no more than 5 minutes 1 time per week;
  • do not allow drying of the mask on the face;
  • the mask is removed by applying moist tissue to the face for 5 minutes, after it is softened, the clay is removed with the same tissue;
  • after applying the mask with clay, the skin of the face must be lubricated with a moisturizer;
  • clay is selected by skin type. This information is usually indicated on its packaging. Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best

Clay can simply be diluted with water to the desired consistency or add various products to enhance the effect. For example, such a composition will moisturize the skin very well: one tablespoon of clay diluted with water, selected according to the type of skin (you can take white, it is universal) mixed with a teaspoon of honey and natural lemon juice.

It is enough to hold the composition on the face for only 5 minutes. Remove the mask as described above, wash with cool water, finish the procedure with a moisturizer.

Cucumber mask

This vegetable produces an excellent moisturizing facial mask. At home, it is very simple to make: chilled cucumber, wash, cut into thin mugs, lay on face for 15 minutes.

Cucumber + Sour Cream

Take in equal proportions sour cream and grated cucumber, mix. Leave a third of an hour on the face. Wash your face. Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best

The mixture can be enriched with a few drops of tocopherol (vitamin E) or retinol (vitamin A), thereby additionally nourishing mature facial skin.

Cucumber with aspirin

Dissolve 2 tablets of crushed aspirin in one teaspoon of chamomile broth or strong tea. Mix with finely chopped vegetable. Hold the composition on the face for 10 minutes, remove with a damp cloth. Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best

This tool, in addition to moisturizing, cleanses and rejuvenates the skin.

Berry fruit

Any berries, together with fruits, mashed to a mashed figurative state, will have a moisturizing effect on the skin. It should only be borne in mind that cherries or raspberries, which are part of the mask, can slightly color the skin red. Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best

Sour berries and fruits are preferable for oily skin, sweet for dry. Berry-fruit masks are kept on the skin for no more than 15 minutes, removed with warm water.

Curd cheese

Using cottage cheese as an ingredient for a moisturizing mask, you need to pay attention to its fat content. The drier the skin type, the higher the percentage of fat content should be in this dairy product. Beauticians advise using curd masks once a week for a couple of months, then taking a two-week break. Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best

All ingredients for the curd mask should be at room temperature or slightly warm. Mix cottage cheese and sour cream in equal parts, instead of sour cream, you can use milk, but take it 1.5 times more. The composition is left on the face for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse off.

If the skin is oily type, it is better to replace milk with kefir or yogurt.

Honey mask

Rules for the preparation of honey masks:

Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best

  • It is advisable to take thick honey, it is easier to apply. For liquid – it is necessary to use specially prepared fabric;
  • Before use, honey must be made warm by heating it in a water bath;
  • the product must be natural;
  • mask explication time no more than 15 minutes, twice a week, alternating additional ingredients;
  • the mask is washed off alternately first with warm then cool water;
  • you must not forget about a possible allergic reaction to honey;
  • honey masks should be avoided for persons with spider veins on their faces and dilated vessels.

With irritation

Honey diluted in warm water, in a ratio of 1 to 4, will help to quickly remove irritation and narrow the enlarged pores. Then, gauze tissue with pre-cut holes for the eyes, nose and lips should be dipped into the honey solution and squeezed slightly onto the face.

To withstand the set amount of time. Then remove the fabric, wash off the remaining moisture, gently dry your face with a towel.

A simple nutritious recipe

Rub one raw yolk with 1 teaspoons of honey. Using a brush, apply on face, then follow the recommendations described above to withstand the composition for about 20 minutes and rinse.

Potato mask

Peel the potatoes, boil it in milk, grind in mashed potatoes. Apply a warm mass to the face, taking a horizontal position and relaxing for 15 minutes. Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best

Remove cooled mashed potatoes from the face, wash. If desired, if there is a feeling of discomfort, lubricate the face with cream.

Masks for oily skin

Oily skin is the most problematic. Hand-made moisturizing face masks at home cleanse the skin, soothe the inflammatory process and normalize the production of sebum.

Recommendations for the use of masks for oily skin type are as follows:

  • exposure time no more than half an hour;
  • before applying the composition, the face is cleaned with special means
  • after removal, it is rinsed with water, the temperature of which does not exceed 40 degrees.

Oatmeal mask


  • honey 40 gr (heat in a water bath).
  • oatmeal or ground oatmeal 40 gr.
  • lemon juice 5 gr. Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best

How to make: Mix the ingredients. After removing the mask, wipe the skin with a degreasing lotion.  Exposure time is 15 minutes.

Kefir mask


  • honey – 20 gr,
  • protein – 1 pc.
  • kefir – 40 gr,

How to make: Mix the ingredients thoroughly. Holding time 15 minutes

Chamomile Soothing Mask


  • chamomile flowers – 1 tablespoon.
  • boiling water – 200 gr.

How to make: Brew. Insist one hour. Moisten a piece of gauze or soft cloth in the resulting broth, squeeze slightly and apply to the face. Exposure time is 15 minutes.



  • sour cream -1 part,
  • grapefruit juice -3 parts, Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best

How to make: Mix the ingredients. Apply with a brush to the face. Exposure time is 15 minutes.



  • apple juice obtained from acidic varieties (can be replaced with pulp of soaked apples) -2 tablespoon,
  • < li>protein-1 pc

  • gram flour-20 gr. Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best

How to make: Mix the ingredients.  Exposure time on the face: keep the mask on the face until it dries completely Effect: Moisturize, improve skin texture.

With parsley


  • chopped greens -1 part
  • kefir, or natural yogurt -2 parts Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best

How to make: Mix the ingredients.  Exposure time on the face: 15 minutes. Effect: Moisturizing, whitening.

Masks for dry skin

Dermatologists say that dry skin types quickly age, are prone to irritation and require particularly gentle care. Therefore, moisturizing face masks made from the usual affordable products at home, require the following rules for their application:

  • masks should be applied as often as possible, optimally 4 times a week;
  • moisturizer should always be freshly prepared, it can not be used after storage in the refrigerator;
  • Before applying masks, the skin should be slightly steamed; Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best
  • the composition is washed off with soft water, mineral water or warm herbal decoction;
  • remove the remains of the mixture, you need to wipe your face gently, without stretching the skin and without making traumatic movements;
  • in conclusion, you need to grease your face with cream or wipe with aloe juice.


To prepare a moisturizing facial mask at home from this exotic fruit, you need to take only ripe fruits, with black dots on the peel. You can grind with a fork, but it is better to use a blender. So mashed potatoes will turn out more uniform, and it can be evenly distributed on the face.


  • milk -40 gr
  • yolk – 1 pc.
  • banana – 1 pc. Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best

How to cook: knead the fruit with a fork, mix with the rest of the ingredients.  Exposure time: 15 minutes. Effect: Rejuvenates and tightens the skin of the face. The tool will give a tangible effect if you do it daily for two weeks.



  • natural tomato juice – 1 teaspoons.
  • gelatin – 10 gr.
  • vegetable oil (olive, avocado, peach) – 0,17 fluid ounce.

How to cook and use: Slightly warm the juice, add gelatin to it, add oil, mix. Apply to face, allow to dry, apply again within specified time. Then carefully remove, hooking over the edge of the resulting film. Exposure time: 30-40 minutes. Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best

Effect: improved facial contour, nutrition, hydration.


Cream itself is a universal moisturizer. They can simply be applied with massaging movements on the skin of the face and allow it to absorb this useful product for 15 minutes.


  • 1 egg yolk
  • cream-1 tablespoon.

How to cook and use: Mix the ingredients. Apply the mixture to the face with a brush. Exposure time: 15 minutes.



  • a pair of cabbage leaves.
  • milk 1.5 tablespoon.
  • egg 1 pc.
  • vegetable oil 1 tablespoon

How to cook and use: Wash cabbage leaves, pour milk, cook until they soften. Make mashed cabbage, add the remaining ingredients, stir. Exposure time: 20 minutes.

With olive oil


  • olive oil – 2 tablespoon
  • vitamin E 3-4 drops.

How to cook and use: Mix. Apply the product on the face with patting movements.  Exposure time: 15 minutes. Pour 1 teaspoons of tocopherol into 2 large tablespoons of warm olive oil, mix well, apply the resulting composition on the face with patting


  • cottage cheese – 1 tablespoon
  • olive oil – 1 large tablespoons Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best

How to cook and use: Mix the ingredients. After absorbing the mask, wash your face with slightly warm water. Exposure time: 20 minutes.

Masks for problem skin

For the effectiveness of the use of moisturizing masks for problem skin, prepared at home, you must follow a few rules:

  • the skin must be cleaned not only with water with a special tool, but also with a degreasing tonic;
    Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best
    Before applying a moisturizing facial mask at home, it is necessary to cleanse the skin
  • the composition is applied gently, with gentle movements, distributing the product along the massage lines;
  • the mixture is washed off with water, the temperature of which does not exceed 40 degrees;
  • At the end of the procedure, wipe the face with a tonic.

Dandelion Moisturizing Anti-inflammatory


  • yellow dandelion inflorescences, leaves – 2 tablespoon,
  • sour cream -2 tablespoon
  • ripe banana pulp -2 tablespoon Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best

How to cook and use: Rinse the leaves and yellow dandelion inflorescences, dry them with a napkin, grind on a blender. The resulting green mass is mixed with sour cream and banana pulp.  Exposure time: 15 minutes.

Acne Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a wonderful tool that not only solves the problem with acne on the face, but also perfectly tones, nourishes the skin. It is important that the oil used is of high quality: it does not have a pungent odor, a transparent color and a not very low price. Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best

Before applying oil to the face, it is necessary to clean it and steam it if possible. Then take a little oil on the finger, usd it into the pimple in a circular motion. After 15 minutes, cleanse the skin using a mild cleanser.

Mint refreshing composition


  • dry or fresh mint – 1 teaspoons,
  • water – 100 gr. Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best

How to cook and use:  pour the plant with water, wait until the broth boils over high heat, then reduce the heat to a minimum. Cook for 10 minutes. Allow the liquid to cool slightly, strain, squeeze. Wipe the face with the resulting broth after daily washing or cleansing of the skin. Effect: perfectly tones and rejuvenates the skin.

Moisturizing night mask with zucchini


  • finely chopped young zucchini-1 part,
  • vegetable oil (olive, sunflower) – 1 part. Moisturizing face mask at home. Rating 10 of the best

How to cook and use: Wash, peel, finely chop the vegetable, add oil, mix everything. Put the composition on a pre-prepared napkin, attach it to your face. Exposure time: 30 minutes.

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Is it possible to alternate different recipes

Unlike anti-aging and tightening agents, moisturizing face masks prepared at home can be used daily. They very gently act on the skin, improving its condition and appearance.

Beauticians recommend changing only their recipe. In their opinion, this will expand the range of beneficial effects of self-prepared cosmetic products. So, for example, the addition of parsley helps to whiten the skin, and clay – normalizes the secretion in the sebaceous glands, honey nourishes the epidermis with vitamins and other useful trace elements.

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