Exercises with dumbbells for the pectoral muscles and back for women, standing, without a bench

Women are destined to continue the clan, and for this you need good physical and moral health. Both in the initial stages and for professional studies, the best assistants are sports exercises with dumbbells – they are good for increasing the tone of the pectoral muscles and the beginning of a healthy lifestyle.

The benefits of pectoral dumbbell exercises for women

Exercise with dumbbells is one of the most affordable, as the simulator can be easily replaced with improvised items (even water bottles). They do not require constant repair, do not consume electricity and do not take up much space in an apartment or gym.

The cost of such devices is also not high. There are many alternatives to dumbbells, and new types of this exercise machine are equipped with heart rate sensors, a lift counter and many others.

For girls and women who have just entered the sports path, dumbbells are a great way to work out all muscle groups. Collapsible dumbbells will be an ideal option for such a simulator. Their weight can be changed at will and without the application of effort. Thus, by purchasing one prefabricated version, you can replace several pairs of different weight. This will significantly save both the place and the finances of the future athlete.

What kind and weight of dumbbells is better for a woman

Before choosing a simulator, you should decide on the purpose of training, there are several main goals:

  1. Activities for weight loss . To reduce extra pounds, heavy dumbbells are not required. Shells must meet the following requirements: weight 3 -4 pounds, solid, rubber coated. Exercises with dumbbells for the pectoral muscles and back for women, standing, without a bench
  2. Lift and increase muscle mass. For this purpose, a whole range of shells will be required: from 4 -26 pounds.
  3. Sharpening shock movements. This technique is called a “battle with an invisible adversary.” Weighting agents will be required with a minimum weight of 1 -2 pounds. Dumbbells should be with handles strengthened and convenient in capture.

The spread of the arms to the side in a prone position

The reduction and dilution of the hands with a load in this position contributes to the deep study of the pectoral muscles.

As a result:

  • a large load on the pectoral muscles is achieved;
  • torso contours are honed;
  • lung volume increases;
  • the spine is stretched and becomes more plastic;
  • an even posture is formed. Exercises with dumbbells for the pectoral muscles and back for women, standing, without a bench

Exercise with dumbbells on the pectoral muscles is effective, but can lead to injuries if you do not follow the instructions or excessive zeal during training.

Technique: dumbbell weight – 4 pounds. Perform 2-3 approaches of 10-15 repetitions.

  1. The position of the body on the bench is horizontal, the legs are spread apart shoulder width apart and emphasis is placed on the floor.
  2. Shoulders, head and buttocks are pressed to the bench, the back should be in a flat, natural position.
  3. Hands with dumbbells raised above the chest. Dumbbells are a little in touch. The arms in the elbow area are slightly rounded, at about 140 °. Such a bend of the hands must be maintained during all workouts.
  4. Deep breath while dumbbell is moving up.
  5. When the dumbbells are on the shoulder line and lower, hold your breath, tighten the pectoral muscles. Keep your hands above your chest. Then you can exhale.
  6. At the highest point, when the dumbbells touch, tighten the muscles again. Exercises with dumbbells for the pectoral muscles and back for women, standing, without a bench

The most common mistakes made:

  1. Breeding straight arms. With this design, the joints of the hands, especially the elbow, experience excessive stress. The elbow should be rounded.
  2. At the bottom of the wiring, the elbows should be pointing down . If this is not done, then the effectiveness of the exercise is reduced, and the joints are damaged.
  3. Slope of movement from a vertical plane. If the hands do not move along the desired trajectory, then it is easy to earn stretching, and remove the load from the pectoral muscle layer.
  4. Overweight dumbbell. When performing the exercise, you must strictly watch the weight of the weighting agents. If they are too heavy, then the load from the muscles will go to the joints of the shoulders. This can lead to dislocation. And there will be no use from the exercise.
  5. Relaxed exhale on the rise. If you lift the dumbbells not in a held breath, then the stabilizer muscles relax, and the load becomes insufficient.
  6. Tear off the legs from the floor. This is a particularly important point. If the emphasis is insufficient, then you can easily lose balance and get injured when the body or dumbbell falls.

Lifting dumbbells up in an inclined position

This exercise is the basic basis for working out the spinal muscles, the load on the arms and shoulders.

The benefits of exercise:

  • maximum range of motion will lead to better muscle development;
  • due to the position of the hands during the exercise, the excess load is removed;
  • there is no big load on the spine;
  • low probability of injury during execution.

Technique: lean on the bench with your feet or kneel. The inclination of the body should be almost horizontal. With a palm turned to the thigh, take a dumbbell. The elbow should be deployed from the torso. Dumbbell weight – 1 -2 pounds. Perform 2 approaches for both sides, each with 10 lifts. Exercises with dumbbells for the pectoral muscles and back for women, standing, without a bench

Work with hands alternately. First left, then right side.

  1. Take the starting position: the right leg is in front, with the right hand focus on the plane.
  2. Raise the weighting materials up with your left hand to the waist. In the highest position, hold the hand at a right angle.
  3. Tighten the left side of the spinal muscles, with effort to tighten the muscles of the left scapular lobe.
  4. Return the lowered vertical position to the hand.
  5. During the exercise, the back should be even, shoulders – straightened.
  6. The second hand is being worked out identically.

Dumbbell Pullover

The best exercise for beginners and is a must for any workout.

The result of the pullover will be:

  • even posture;
  • straightened shoulders;
  • strengthened muscles of the body and arms;
  • improved condition of the spine. Exercises with dumbbells for the pectoral muscles and back for women, standing, without a bench

IMPORTANT: the exercise is prohibited for people with injuries and diseases of the spine or joints of the hands. Exercises with dumbbells for the pectoral muscles and back for women, standing, without a bench

Technique: dumbbell weight – 11 pounds. It is carried out in 2-3 approaches of 10 climbs.

  1. Take a horizontal position with your back along the bench.
  2. Keep your feet firmly on the floor.
  3. The head should be located as far as possible to the edge of the support.
  4. Starting position – arms with a weighted clamp extended over the chest.
  5. On inspiration, lower your hands behind your head, without bending, to a level below the bench.
  6. On exhalation, return to the first position.

An alternative to a bench is a fitness ball.

Leading the arms to the side in the supine position

In this exercise with dumbbells on the floor or bench, the pectoral muscles are worked out.  Engineering: dumbbells weighing 7 pounds. 3-4 sets of 10-15 climbs are performed. Exercises with dumbbells for the pectoral muscles and back for women, standing, without a bench

  1. Settle down on a horizontal level support with your head down.
  2. Weights to pick up, palms located inward.
  3. Raise your hands to the line of the chest, elbows bent and raised above the chest.
  4. From this position, lower and raise your hands to your chest.
  5. The angle of the bench is not more than 30–40 °.

Inclined bench dumbbell bench press for upper chest muscles

This exercise with dumbbells is aimed at pumping the upper pectoral muscles.

Technique: dumbbells weighing 4 -7 pounds. Perform 3-4 approaches for 10-15 climbs. Exercises with dumbbells for the pectoral muscles and back for women, standing, without a bench

Exercises with dumbbells for the pectoral muscles and back for women, standing, without a bench
Exercise bench press with dumbbells lying very effectively develops pectoral muscles
  1. Take a lying position on an inclined support. The palms are parallel. Hold dumbbells in each hand.
  2. Weights to lean on the knee. From this position, with the help of the legs, throw weighting materials on the shoulder line.
  3. When your arms are in the upper position, turn your wrists away from you. Moreover, between the shoulders and forearms is 90 °.
  4. On exhalation, smoothly, but quickly “squeeze” weighting agents from the chest upward along the arc, bringing it over the body.
  5. Hold your hands in the upper position for a second, then slowly return them to their starting position.

Hammer press

This type of bench press is used to develop biceps and shoulder muscles.

Technique: 2 dumbbells of 9 pounds are required. Perform 2 sets of 10-15 repetitions per arm.

  1. Standing – Standing. It is necessary to give a slight deflection in the lumbar and tighten the muscles.
  2. In each hand, hold the weighting compound with a neutral grip. In this case, the thumb of the fist is directed upwards.
  3. Hands freely along the body.
  4. On inspiration, we raise our arm alternately, bending the elbow to the level of the chest. The elbows are pressed to the body and do not move forward or backward when moving.
  5. On exhalation, we return the hand to its original position.

Standing arms with dumbbells

With this exercise, the muscles of the upper manual belt are actively developed. Technique: require a dumbbell pair of weights of 9 -11 pounds. Perform 4–5 sets of 8–10 lifts. Exercises with dumbbells for the pectoral muscles and back for women, standing, without a bench
Exercises with dumbbells for the pectoral muscles and back for women, standing, without a bench

  1. Take a dumbbell pair in each hand with a neutral grip.
  2. Take a standing pose, legs across the width of the pelvis, elbows slightly bent.
  3. On exhalation, dilute the weights to the sides to the shoulder line.
  4. In this position, make a delay of two seconds.
  5. On exhalation, gently lower the weighting agents into the initial position, without changing the concavity.

Proper breathing when exercising with dumbbells

Proper breathing helps during training, guarantees maximum efficiency and minimizes the risk of injury. The basic law of breathing is exhalation. During exhalation, there should be maximum muscle tension. Inhalation is done with minimal effort. Exercises with dumbbells for the pectoral muscles and back for women, standing, without a bench

Breathing at the reflex level affects muscle tension, and its delay creates the greatest point of tension.

The principle of proper breathing during bench presses:

  1. In a prone position. Squeezing dumbbells up – exhale. Lowering hands with weighting to the chest – inhale.
  2. Sitting or standing – while moving away from yourself – exhale.

The principle of proper breathing during
biceps exercises:

  • with muscle contraction – exhalation;
  • straightening hands, drooping breasts – inhalation.

Comprehensive program for training chest muscles with dumbbells for women

For beautiful breasts, workouts are good regardless of age. Performing a series of simple exercises, you can achieve amazing results with a small budget. The weight of the dumbbell should be selected by experiment. If without excessive efforts you can perform 15 lifts with this weight, then it is suitable for exercise.

Each exercise is performed in 4-5 sets of 12-15 lifts. Between sets of 30 seconds of rest.

  • Exercise 1. Settle down on a bench while lying down. With a direct grip, take weighting agents in your hands and straighten your arms vertically upwards. Fixing the position for 2 seconds, then returning to the starting point.
  • Exercise 2. The starting position and action are identical to the previous ones. The tilt of the bench must be at an angle of 30-40 °.
  • Exercise 3. Take a lying position on the bench. Dumbbells take a neutral grip at chest level. At shoulder width, straighten your arms up, fix the position for 2-4 seconds, lower it down.
  • Exercise 4. Performing an exercise is identical to the previous one . The angle of the bench 30 – 45 °.
  • Exercise 5. Take a lying position on the floor or bench. With a neutral grip, raise the dumbbells, keep your hands upright. Then smoothly spread your arms to the sides to the chest level. They should be bent at the elbows at right angles. Return to starting position. When performing the exercise, monitor the technique and breathing. Focus on quality, not speed.
  • Exercise 6. The technique is identical to the previous one. The angle of the bench – 45 °.
  • Exercise 7. Take a horizontal position on the bench. With both hands, lift the weights above the head. Gently, slowly, lower your hands behind your head to body level. The elbows should be bent in the process.

Frequent mistakes of women during training with dumbbells

Beginners often make mistakes during class:

  1. Daily repetition of the same set of exercises with dumbbells. The pectoral muscles need rest. Regular loading on the same areas only contributes to rapid physical exhaustion and does not bring any benefits. Training is best alternated every other day.
  2. Dumbbell Fear. Almost all women are subject to fears of lifting weights. A common mistake is the drive of weight lifting to highly developed muscles. As a result, the supposedly female body takes on a masculine shape. This is absolutely untrue. With a reasonable selection of the weight of the dumbbell and correctly planned weight and the alternation of training, the woman’s body receives a relief, but does not overload it with muscles.
  3. Performing exercises “on the machine.” You must not lose control of the body and breathing during training. The emphasis should be on quality, not speed and frequency of execution.
  4. Excessive body tension. When performing exercises, only a specific muscle group should be strained. The rest of the body should be relaxed.
  5. The use of balanced dumbbells when performing various exercises . Weighting weight is important. For each exercise, you need to choose your weight category. As you move from beginner level to professional level, the weight of the dumbbell should increase evenly.
  6. Performing a workout without pre-warming up. A 10-minute warm-up is required before each workout. For better muscle performance and injury prevention, you need to warm up and stretch. Exercises with dumbbells for the pectoral muscles and back for women, standing, without a bench
  7. Constrained sweat. Girls try to look aesthetically pleasing when working with simulators, so they use deodorant as much as possible. However, the process of sweating is one of the foundations of training. Excess moisture comes out through the sweat glands, and the body regulates the temperature. If you close all the pores, you will overheat the body, which will lead to fainting and other unpleasant consequences.

Top 5 effective exercises without dumbbells on the pectoral muscles at home

Exercise 1: push ups. The action familiar from physical education lessons is a great way to maintain body tone. Hands shoulder-width apart firmly rest on the floor. Legs are straight. Daily do 3 sets of 15 repetitions. Between the approaches needed half a minute of rest. Exercises with dumbbells for the pectoral muscles and back for women, standing, without a bench

Exercise 2: complicated push-ups . To the standard method is added rapprochement of hands. Alternately with each press put his hand to the opposite. The number of approaches is identical to simple push-ups. Exercises with dumbbells for the pectoral muscles and back for women, standing, without a bench

Exercise 3. Standing – standing, back straight. Stand on your toes, alternately throw your arms up as far as possible. The principle is similar to when a person tries to get something from the top shelf of the cabinet. It takes 2 sets of 10 reps per arm.

Exercise 4. You will need a chair without rollers. Sit in it, stretch your legs forward and lean on the floor. Rest your hands on the handles of the chair and raise the body. The top point is a fully straightened body. The exercise is performed in 2 sets of 10 times. Exercises with dumbbells for the pectoral muscles and back for women, standing, without a bench

Exercise 5: squeezing the ball. Standing – standing, straight posture. Clamp the gymnastic ball between the palms at chest level. In spring movements, try, as if through the ball, to connect the palms. The muscles of the arms, back and chest should be tensed. Perform 3 sets of 10 bench presses.

Tips from professionals: how to increase the effectiveness of classes

  1. Motivation. It’s worth starting the exercises with a positive attitude. The goal and
    future result of the training should be clearly understood.
  2. Proper breathing. Compliance with breathing techniques will help you lose weight and minimize poor health during exercise.
  3. Water balance. Drinking 10,14 fluid ounce of water after a workout can restore balance and increase muscle tone.
  4. Proper nutrition. When training, you can not starve. But also on a full stomach, exercise is also prohibited.
  5. Recreation. Without proper rest, there will be no results from classes. The right balance of exercises with dumbbells on the pectoral muscles and rest is the key to the effectiveness of training.

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How to build pectoral muscles with dumbbells at home:

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