Exercises on the back of the thigh and buttocks at home in the gym. Training program

The leg muscles in the hips are made up of quadriceps and biceps. This is the front and back surface of the leg. In order for the legs to look proportional and to be tightened on both sides, you need to pay special attention to the biceps. To do this, there are more than 20 effective exercises that can be performed in the gym and at home.

How to pump the biceps of the thigh and muscles of the back of the legs: the most effective methods

With regular training, the back of the thigh will become more toned and sexy. But not all exercises are effective.

What techniques will help you see the result faster:

  • deadlift with barbell or dumbbells;
  • bending the legs while lying and standing;
  • hyperextension;
  • training on a special simulator for biceps legs.

These are the 4 main exercises that are most effective.

Training Rules, Precautions

The training technique is different for each trainer, but the safety rules are the same for everyone:

  • Before training, it is necessary to stretch the muscles, stretch, warm them up.

Exercises on the back of the thigh and buttocks at home in the gym. Training program

  • If pain is felt during the exercise, this is a signal that the biceps is overstressed. You must stop the exercise.
  • The movements should be smooth, without jerking and sudden jumps.

In 1970, scientific studies were carried out, where it turned out that people who have suffered an injury to the back of the thigh, even after full recovery, have lower strength indicators.

Therefore, do not neglect the rules, you need to prepare your legs for loads.

How often do you need to do at home, in the gym

Hip biceps should be trained once a week, provided that the training is intense. The main rule: the more weight – the less repetitions per week you need to do. Otherwise, there is a risk of overstraining the muscles. This applies to basic exercises, such as traction with a barbell or deep squats.

Exercises on the back of the thigh are performed both separately and in a comprehensive training. This means that when training the front surface, a small part of the load is distributed to the biceps.

Why Avoid Smith’s Simulator

It is believed that hip training with Smith’s simulator is less effective than free weight training. This is because the bar moves along one trajectory, and the person does not need to maintain balance, which reduces the necessary load.

Exercises on the back of the thigh and buttocks at home in the gym. Training program

Exercises on the back of the thigh on the Smith simulator are considered safe. But do not be afraid of free squats with a barbell, the main thing is to warm up your muscles. You can squat in a power frame, the effect will be more noticeable.

Classes in the gym. Exercises and techniques for their implementation for girls

The gym is more motivating than at home. There are professional trainers nearby. To pump your hip biceps, you need to know what exercises to do, and how to train correctly.

Romanian deadlift

This exercise allows you to strengthen not only the biceps on the legs, but also the muscles of the back. It differs from the classic version in that the load level increases due to the lower slope. The weight of the projectile should be less than usual, and the shin should be strictly upright.

How to properly perform Romanian cravings:

  1. Begin with a weight of not more than 55 pounds. The athlete becomes so that the bar hangs over the lower leg. The legs are spread shoulder-width apart, and the feet are opposite each other.
  2. They take on the shell with two hands, placing them a little wider than the shoulders. The palms are turned towards the body.
  3. The back should be straight, it is inadmissible to bend it in a semicircle. The arms are slightly bent at the elbows, and the legs are slightly bent at the knees. The chin should be raised.
  4. The pelvis is pulled back, the back bends slightly inward. You need to bend over straining the muscles of the buttocks and biceps of the leg. When lifting, the pelvis should give in slightly forward.
  5. The main thing is that weight lifting is carried out due to the tension of the leg, and not the spinal muscles. If the lower back hurts during the exercise, this is a sign of incorrect performance technique.
  6. Slopes are performed smoothly, without sharp jerks. After several repetitions, the shell is neatly laid on the floor.

Exercises on the back of the thigh and buttocks at home in the gym. Training program

The effectiveness of this exercise is affected by the fact that balance under free weight is achieved by transferring body weight to the heels, more than 65%. The pelvis moves back, due to this, the gluteal muscles and hips tighten.


This is the main exercise that acts on several muscle groups at once. It strengthens the abdominal muscles, the front of the thigh and the back, as well as the calves.

How to do the exercise:

  1. The necessary weight is set, the bar is placed on the neck. So that the bar does not press, you can put a rolled towel under it.
  2. The back should remain straight. Slowly, gaining air, they slowly bend their knees. You should also sit down as they sit on a chair. The movements are slow, smooth. It will stop when the back and the floor are parallel.
  3. Ascent is exhaled. You need to start from the floor with your heels. Tighten the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

You can not hunch your back, tear off your heels from the floor and bring your knees together.

Making these mistakes increases the risk of injury and exercise inefficiency.

Bulgarian split squats

The exercise is simple in execution and gives a quick and noticeable effect. The back and front surface of the thigh, as well as the gluteal and caviar muscles, are strengthened.

Proper execution:

  1. For training you will need dumbbells and a low bench. They turn their backs to the bench, and throw one leg on it. The second is pushed forward. This is the starting position. Hands are down, back is straight, face is directed forward.
  2. When exhaling, you need to lower yourself on the toga that is on the floor. When the back of the thigh and the floor reach a parallel, you need to gradually take the starting position.

Exercises on the back of the thigh and buttocks at home in the gym. Training program

You should start with a light weight dumbbell or no weight at all. When the exercise starts to be easy, the height of the bench should be increased. Thus, the lunge will become deeper, the load will increase.

Body raises (hyperextension)

Exercises on the back of the thigh are performed on the simulator with one leg. This technique gives a strong effect.

Proper execution technique:

    < li>It is necessary to settle down on the simulator, as usual, at an angle. One leg needs to be pulled out from under the support roller and take it to the side. Hands clasped on the chest or turned behind the head. The abdominal muscles are in maximum tension.
  1. Having gained air into the lungs, the body goes down. Exhaling – rises. When lowering the body, you need to reach the very bottom, maximally stretching the dorsal and gluteal muscles. When lifting, you need to linger and count 2-3 seconds, then continue the exercise.

In addition to strengthening the biceps of the thigh, this exercise helps strengthen the buttocks, and also has a relaxing effect on the lower back. Suitable for those who constantly work in sitting at the computer.

Leg curl

How to bend your legs in the simulator:

  1. It is necessary to adjust the simulator for the growth of the athlete. You should lie on a bench with your stomach pressed against it, and put your feet under special soft rollers. They should be at the level of the ankles and form parallel with them. The bend of the bench is in the waist area, and the knees canopy. Hands clamp special handrails, the face drops down.
  2. On inspiration, the cushions are pulled with legs to the buttocks. The pelvis and hips do not lift; they should be pressed firmly against the bench. The press and hips tighten. Legs fall when the athlete exhales. When lifting, the legs are fixed at the top for 3 seconds.

Exercises on the back of the thigh and buttocks at home in the gym. Training program

There are 3 techniques for this exercise. Each of them is aimed at strengthening different muscles of the posterior thigh. You can do leg bending while sitting, standing, lying with a dumbbell between your ankles. It is necessary to change the position of the feet under the rollers, for example, socks apart, and then deploy the socks to each other.

Mahi Giray

Training of several muscle groups, medium in complexity. Exercise helps maintain the tone of the hips, spinal and scapular muscles, and also helps to increase endurance.

How to do the swing of the weight:

  1. Legs spread shoulder-width apart. A weight of comfortable weight is selected. Bending your knees, you need to hold the shell with both hands. The back remains flat, the press is tense.
  2. Next, swings are performed forward and backward, between the legs. It is necessary to do the exercise, stretching the muscles of the shoulders and arms. The back of the thigh is trained with a swing forward. It is necessary to strain this part so that the weight does not come back forward with the effort of hands, but as if pushing off with biceps of the legs.
  3. You need to push the weight to the level of the head and return it back.

Exercise can be performed with two weights or to swing with one hand.

In order for the exercise to be effective for hip biceps, it is worth choosing shells weighing more than 88 pounds.

Workouts at home for girls. Best exercises for the buttocks and hips

According to surveys conducted in the magazine “Big Sport”, 50% of women in USA are not able to attend the gym. However, this is not an obstacle for a full training and maintaining muscle tone. Exercises on the back of the thigh can be performed at home. The result from classes will be similar to that achieved in the hall with shells.


Regular squats without weighting are a good exercise for the buttocks and hips. But you need to squat correctly.

Exercises on the back of the thigh and buttocks at home in the gym. Training program
Different types of squats – good exercises on the back of the thigh.

How to do it:

  1. The back should bend forward. Due to this, the load on the spine is weakened.
  2. Do not take your heels off the floor. The load should lie exactly on the heels. If it is difficult to control the feet, then it is necessary to put a block about 0’8 – 1’2 inch thick under the heels.
  3. Knees do not come together. Otherwise, 60% of the weight loads the joints, but not the muscles. Exercise loses its effectiveness and is harmful to the knee joints.
  4. Keep your face straight or lift it up. When a person looks down, the back is hunched over, and the load on the spine increases.
  5. Returning to the starting position, it is not recommended to straighten the legs completely. In this way, over-tension of the joints can be avoided and the muscles can be given extra strain.
  6. Coaches do not recommend overweight girls and beginners to squat deeply. The maximum low point is the parallel of the hip and floor. If you go down to the floor, then the load on your knees increases.

After regular classes, taking into account the correct performance of squats, the legs acquire a beautiful shape. Both sides of the hips and abdominal muscles are being worked out.

One leg squats

Exercises on the back of the thigh, such as squats on one leg, has two options. The first option is called classic. The back is straight, arms extended in front of you. One leg is bent at the knees and sits on the second. They are fixed in this position for 2-3 seconds and rise to their original position.

The second option is called a gun. The bottom line is that the body must be straight completely. The leg does not bend, but stretches forward. This is an exercise of medium complexity, if at the beginning it is difficult to perform, then you need to put your outstretched leg on a chair or bench.

Bouncing lunges

Workout burns calories well, trains the muscles of the hips, buttocks, calves. In addition to the power load, lunges with jumps are considered intense cardiac load.

Technique of execution:

  1. Need to stand straight. The back is straight, legs together, hands at the seams.
  2. On exhalation, the right leg is thrown forward, the position is fixed for several seconds.
  3. When exhaling, an upward jump is made, and then an attack is made on the other leg.
  4. Alternating lunges with a jump is necessary until a sensation of tension in the muscles appears.

Exercises on the back of the thigh and buttocks at home in the gym. Training program

For beginners, it is recommended that you swing your arms up when jumping to coordinate movements. When the exercise is easy, you can lunge with dumbbells in your hands.

Leg Lift

The effectiveness of this exercise is not inferior to those. What are performed on the simulator for bending the legs. The back of the thigh is worked out and strengthened.


  1. You need to lie on your stomach. Straighten your legs and stretch down.
  2. Inhaling, the legs rise, both at on
    ce. At the same time, the pelvis should not come off the floor, but the front surface of the hips rises. On exhalation, the legs return to their original position.

When the training begins to seem easy to perform, you can purchase special weighting materials for calves.

Gluteus bridge

This is a workout for several muscle groups. Strengthens the buttocks, abs and lower back. Due to the lifting of the body, the back of the thigh is worked out as well as the front.


  1. Need to lie on your back. Feet bend and rest with feet on the floor. The body is the most dressed up.
  2. Straining the femoral muscles and lower leg, raise the pelvis and are fixed in this position for 5 seconds. The shoulder blades and hands should be pressed firmly to the floor.
  3. Exhaling, the body slowly lowers to its original position.

Exercises on the back of the thigh and buttocks at home in the gym. Training program

If the exercise seems easy, you can use a weighting agent, which is placed on the stomach.

Leg curl with tape

Exercise for biceps hips is easy to perform. Sports equipment stores sell special rubber bands for training. They vary in rigidity, so you need to select individually.

How to train with elastic bands:

  • It is not necessary to extend the leg to the end.
  • It is necessary to tighten the muscle well, bringing the bent leg almost to the buttocks.
  • The extension should be smooth and the bending more sharp.
  • At the end of the lift, you need to fix the position of the leg for 3 seconds.

The most effective is the lesson with elastic in a standing position. The biceps of the thigh tenses more than in the supine position.

Monthly Home Workout Program

To achieve beautiful reliefs and make the back of the thigh tucked up, you need a training program. To make the result noticeable, it will take about 2 months of training at home. The training program below is for beginners.

Exercise Number of repetitions The approaches Interval between sets
One leg squat 15-20 3 45 sec
Jump lunges 10-15 2 30-50 sec.
Leg curl lying on the floor 20 3 50 sec
Gluteus bridge 15 3 50 sec

Exercises on the back of the thigh and buttocks at home in the gym. Training program

The minimum time for muscle relaxation is 3 days.

Gym Workout Program

In the gym, people succeed faster. It takes a month of regular training to pull your hip biceps.

Exercise Number of repetitions The approaches Intervals between sets Projectile weight
Squats 10 2 1 min. 70% of 1PM
Bulgarian split squats 10 2 50 sec From 11 pounds
Hyperextension 10 2 50 sec              –

When the workout starts to seem easy, you need to increase the weight of the shells and the number of repetitions.

How to increase the load on the muscles

When it is felt that the muscles are no longer tense when performing exercises with the original weight, it should be increased by 4 pounds. You can’t put more weight, it increases the pic of injury and muscle overload. If with a new weight it is not possible to perform more than 3 repetitions, then the previous weight of the projectile should be returned. This means that the biceps are not ready to increase the load.

Exercises on the back of the thigh and buttocks at home in the gym. Training program

To get the relief surface of the thigh at the back, you need to follow safety rules, perform the exercises correctly, and also avoid overload.

The main thing in strength training is enough time to relax. If you feel that the muscles refuse to perform the second approach, you need to listen to your body, and then the result will appear faster.

Hip Exercise Video

5 best exercises on the back of the thigh:

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