Exercises for slender legs, beautiful hips, elastic buttocks with dumbbells per week

For the harmony of the legs, many exercises have been developed to bring them into perfect shape. They do not require a lot of space, and you can do them both at home and in the park.

Is it possible to build and strengthen legs, hips, buttocks in a week

Exercises for slender legs are not able to change the appearance of a girl or woman in a week. It takes at least 4 weeks to bring the muscles of the legs and buttocks in order. And to give a beautiful relief it takes even more time. The time taken for a change in the appearance of a person depends on many factors.

These include:

  • The age of the trainee.
  • Physical training.
  • The presence of excess weight.
  • Genetic characteristics of a person.
  • Training intensity.

With regular training, you can notice the first changes in appearance after 2 weeks of training.

How to choose loads

Before you begin to work out the muscles of the legs and buttocks, you should correctly select the working weight. For girls, the weight of the load should be more than 7 pounds. In order to accurately determine the desired weight, it is necessary to perform a set with the selected weight. If the last repetition is difficult, the weight is selected correctly.


Exercises for slender legs as well as other fitness classes have their contraindications.

Common contraindications include:

  • spinal injuries;
    Exercises for slender legs, beautiful hips, elastic buttocks with dumbbells per week
    Exercises for slender legs are contraindicated for people with spinal injuries.
  • mental disorders;
  • organic heart lesions;
  • cancer of any localization;
  • heart attack.

Contraindications for working out the muscles of the legs include any violations in the spine and joints of the lower extremities:

  • injuries to the knees and hip joint;
  • inflammatory processes in the spine;
  • joint diseases such as arthrosis;
  • as well as overweight and the postoperative period.

Before you begin, you need to consult a therapist if pain is felt in the spine or legs.

Effective exercises with dumbbells for slim legs, elastic buttocks and beautiful hips

The muscles of the legs and buttocks work every day. They are accustomed to a constant load, so to pump them you need to use additional loads. Familiar weight training can speed up the process of volume reduction. For classes, you should choose dumbbells weighing more than 7 pounds. After the muscles get used to the load, the weight needs to be increased.

Before picking up weights, it’s important to warm up your muscles and joints. This will prevent injury.

With limited time, you can perform only 5 exercises:

  • Squats with dumbbells . From performing normal squats, they differ only in the presence of weights in the hands.
  • Plie squat with dumbbells . To perform these squats, the legs are wider than the shoulders, the toes of the feet are directed to the sides. The dumbbell is held with both hands in front of you. When performing any squats, the knees should not extend beyond the toe of the feet. Squatting down should be until the hips become parallel to the floor.
  • Lunges with dumbbells . Take dumbbells in each hand. Lunge from a standing position, straighten up. You can do it first on one leg or alternate them.
    Exercises for slender legs, beautiful hips, elastic buttocks with dumbbells per week
  • Gluteal bridge with weights . A dumbbell or pancake from the bar is placed on the stomach below the waist and perform the usual bridge.
  • Bends forward with weight . Pick up a barbell or dumbbell. Without rounding your back, lean forward, stay for 2-3 seconds. and straighten up.

In addition to these exercises with additional load, you can do the complexes described later in the article.

Warm up

Exercises for slender legs begin with a warm-up of the whole body. Classes for working out the muscles of the lower body at home can begin with a warm-up consisting of the following exercises.


  • running on the spot;
  • jumping with arms and legs to the side;
  • running in place with knees up;
  • running in place with a shin whip;
  • jumping rope.

Running is considered a good workout before starting any activity. When it begins to feel warm in the body, you can complete the warm-up and go to the main part.

Running and slender legs

Running can be not only a warm-up, but also an independent training for the legs and buttocks. It is important to carry out it not only regularly, but also in a certain way. Jogging strengthens the muscles of the whole body. It contributes to the burning of fat in problem areas of women. All this leads to toned legs and buttocks. With regular runs, a relief appears on the legs without excess volume.

Exercises for slender legs, beautiful hips, elastic buttocks with dumbbells per week

As before any workout, you need to do a warm-up before jogging. Preference should be given to stretching and warming up the muscles. During the warm-up, warmth should appear in the body, but breathing should remain calm.

However, to give harmony to the legs, it is not enough just to run:

  • During a run, accelerate sharply and run at maximum load for about 1 minute. After that you should run for at least 2 minutes. calmly. Should such alternations take up training time.
  • Cross country running. The steeper the hill on which you must run up, the more the muscles of the hips and buttocks are loaded. If there are no natural obstacles on the route, then you can run up the stairs.
  • Alternating a regular run with a run, during which the hips rise almost to the waistline.
  • In the run you need to include sections of the run with the back of the lower leg whip.

Such training should be carried out 2-3 times a week. They can be alternated with classes in the gym or at home. The duration of the run can be from 30 to 90 minutes. People who are just starting to play sports need to start with a 20-minute workout and gradually increase both the pace and their time. At the end of the workout, it is necessary to stretch the muscles of the legs.

Main part. First level

Warm up exercises are suitable for both a novice athlete and an experienced athlete. However, the main part of the training must be divided. For a beginner, to give harmony to the legs, each exercise should be do
ne a small number of times. You can increase the number of repetitions only after the muscles no longer respond to the load.

Athlete Level Number of repetitions Number of Sets
Beginning 10-15 3
Experienced 15-20 3

Exercises for less-trained people are simple to perform and a small load on the muscles. After each set, you must take a break for 1 min. During a pause, muscles and breathing are restored.

Kicking lunges

Perform these attacks you need to kneel down. The pelvis should be on the heels. Put one foot forward, focusing on the entire foot. The knee joint must be bent at an angle of 90C. Straining the gluteal muscles you need to rise, while lifting the other bent leg to the waist. Having made movements in the opposite direction, sit on your knees. Lunges work well on the muscles of the lower body.

Gluteus bridge

Lying on your back, rest your feet on the floor, putting them slightly wider than your shoulders. Hands are located on the sides, palms down. Reducing the gluteal muscles to raise the pelvis above the floor, stretching the body in a line. Hold for 5 seconds, drop to the floor.

Exercises for slender legs, beautiful hips, elastic buttocks with dumbbells per week

The following muscles work during the execution of the bridge:

  • hips;
  • lower legs;
  • press;
  • backs.

Buttock bridge with raising legs

Exercises for slender legs capture not only the muscles of the lower body. Many exercises also strengthen the muscles of the core. One of them is the gluteal bridge with a raised leg. When performing a conventional bridge, lift each leg alternately without lowering the buttocks. Muscles must be tight.

Jumping to the sides on one leg with the body tilted forward

To complete these jumps you need to get up and sit down a little. The back is straight. Move the center of gravity to the left leg and jump to the right. Having landed on the right leg, get the left leg by the shin of the supporting leg. Repeat the other way. You need to jump out, straining the gluteal and femoral muscles. The legs, buttocks, and cortex work in this exercise.

Bounce Squats

You need a net on the edge of the chair. Hands are down, legs are shoulder-width apart, back is straight. Jump up using your leg muscles. Feet should be off the floor. During the jump, the arms rise and join in the chest area. After landing on the floor, slowly lower yourself into a chair. The thigh muscles and buttocks work here. Static load goes to the muscles of the abdomen and back.

Main part. Middle level

For trained people, more complex exercises are suitable. They can be performed both with their own weight and with additional load.

Diagonal squats

Standing to take one leg back diagonally and at the same time you need to bend it at the knee. Move the center of gravity to it. The leg in front should be straight. Become straight again, repeat the exercise on the other side.

Exercises for slender legs, beautiful hips, elastic buttocks with dumbbells per week

In this exercise, the main load is on the gluteus maximus and femoral muscle. Additionally worked out due to the static load of the muscle corset.

Gluteus bridge with raising hands

This exercise is done in the following steps:

  1. Sit on the floor, rest your hands behind your back. The legs should be bent at the knees and located 7’9 – 11’8 inch from each other.
  2. Raise the buttocks, aligning the body.
  3. Raise your right hand with a pelvic lift. The movement should go to the middle of the body.
  4. Return to starting position.
  5. Repeat with the other hand.

This exercise additionally works on the muscles of the arms and back.


Exercise is done using elevation. It can be a chair, a bench or a step. Get up right in front of the bench. The back is straight. Put your left foot on a hill. The foot should be completely at the top of the bench. Heel overhang must not be allowed.

Contraction of the muscles of the buttocks rise above the bench, pulling up the right leg. The push leg should be fully extended. To go down. This exercise works well on the front surface of the thigh, involves the muscles of the leg, buttocks and cortex.

Side lunges

The legs are wider than the shoulders, hands are joined in front of the chest. Bending the right leg to transfer support to it. In this case, the hips should be pulled back. Straightening the supporting leg, transfer the weight to the left leg. It turns out a kind of swing.

Exercises for slender legs, beautiful hips, elastic buttocks with dumbbells per week

This exercise works on the inside of your hips.

Gluteal bridge with legs bent

The exercise begins like a normal gluteal bridge. At the same time as lifting the buttocks, tear off the left leg from the floor and press it to the chest with your hands. Hold for 5 sec. Get down on the floor. After performing the required number of repetitions, perform on the other leg.

This exercise is aimed at the muscles of the buttocks and legs.

Walking from the knees

Sit in front of the chair on his knees a step away from him. Place your left leg bent at the knee in front of you. Contraction of the muscles of the legs and buttocks to rise and taking a step forward with the right foot, put it on a chair. Climb onto it while raising your left leg. The free leg rises to the level of the waist. Performing the exercise in the reverse order, sit in front of the chair.

The exercise is done smoothly, without jerking or interruption. It is carried out first on one side, then on the other. The lesson helps to develop fully leg and gluteal muscle groups. Additionally, the core muscles receive the load.

Side steps with dumbbells

For training you will need a bench and dumbbells. Get to the bench with your right side. Dumbbells in the hands. Step with the right foot on the bench, with the effort of the muscles of the thigh and buttocks to climb up. The left leg does not rest on the surface of the bench. To go down. The exercise is further developed on the inner thigh.

Cross lunges

Stand up straight, arms down along the body. To do a squat on the right foo
t, while simultaneously moving back and to the right the left.

Exercises for slender legs, beautiful hips, elastic buttocks with dumbbells per week

Having pushed off with the foot located behind, return to the standing position. Repeat on the right foot.

Cross lunges with throwing legs

The exercise is performed from a sitting position on your knees. Expose the left leg and use the leg muscles to rise. At the same time, the right leg is thrown forward to the level of the waist. Lower the leg and put back behind the left leg. Should get a lunge back. Kneel down. In this case, in addition to the external gluteal muscles, the internal muscles are also worked out.

Pistol squats with support

Support can be a chair, table or wall. Standing near a support, you need to grab it with your hand. The foot of the same name rises a few sentiments from the floor and is kept on weight during the exercise. From this position, a squat on one leg is performed. The raised leg at this time rises and does not touch the floor.

Such an exercise can be done without support.

The exercise is aimed at working out the front surface of the thigh.

Dead Deadlift

Standing straight you need to take one leg back. Keep your back straight. The supporting leg is slightly bent at the knee. Without bending your back, lean forward, trying to reach the floor. Straighten up. After completing the execution on one leg, repeat on the other. The main load on themselves in this exercise is taken by the buttocks and muscles of the back of the thigh.

Dead leg with insulation

This exercise will require support:

  1. Stand in front of a chair or bench. The support should be behind.
  2. Put one leg on a chair.
  3. Bend the supporting leg at the knee.
  4. Without bending your back, bend forward, without removing your foot from the support.
  5. Straighten up.
  6. Repeat for the other side.

Split squats

The left leg is on the chair, the right foot is a step away from it. Dip into a lunge, bending your right leg. Tightening the muscles of the buttocks to return to their original position. Split squats work well on the muscles of the thigh and buttocks.

Exercises for slender legs, beautiful hips, elastic buttocks with dumbbells per week

With their implementation, you can form a beautiful shape of the buttocks.

Cross lunges with hand touching the floor

This exercise is performed in the same way as simple cross attacks. During squats and legs back, the same hand stretches to the outside of the foot of the other leg. The exercise is aimed at working out the inner surface of the thighs. During the execution of this type of lunges, the muscles of the cortex and shoulder girdle get an additional load.

Farmer’s walk at a brisk pace

Exercise is performed with dumbbells or weights. Weights are on the floor. Bend the lower back slightly, bring the shoulder blades together. Sit down and take dumbbells in hand. Perform the step with your left foot. After lowering the foot to the floor, the heel should face the toe of the right foot. When performing the movement, the legs do not cross. It turns out a small step long no more than a foot.

During the exercise, the back is fixed, the hands are “at the seams” and slightly bent at the elbows.

Exercises for slender legs, beautiful hips, elastic buttocks with dumbbells per week

This exercise involves almost all the muscles of the body. The main burden falls on the buttocks, abs and lower back muscles. Due to the use of weights, the muscles of the shoulder girdle and arms receive additional load. Exercise is considered to be traumatic, therefore, when performing it, it is necessary to follow the technique and use a special belt to fix the lower back.

Weekly Training Schedule

When drawing up a training schedule, you should remember that you can not train one zone every day. It will be best to alternate leg training and full body training, or alternate between different types of exercises. It is worth noting that the muscles of the legs and buttocks are under constant stress due to the vertical position of the human body.

That is why exercises should be changed after the muscles no longer respond to them.

To bring yourself into shape, you can use the following sequence of exercises:

Day of the week Exercise Number of Sets Number of repetitions
Monday Squats 3 10
Lunges with load 3 10
Gluteus bridge 3 15
Pacing 3 15
Tuesday Running day 30-90 minutes depending on the sports form of the person.
Wednesday Deadlift 3 10
Split squats 3 10
Crossed lunges 3 15
Thursday Running day 30-90 minutes depending on the sports form of the person.
Friday Side steps 3 10
Pistol squats 3 10
Farmer walk 1 1 minute
Saturday Running day 30-90 minutes depending on the sports form of the person.

You can schedule your workouts so that there is a rest day between them. This distribution is suitable for beginners in sports.

A chart of this type may look like this:

  • Monday. Performing exercises on the legs and the whole body at home or in the gym.
  • Tuesday. Recreation.
  • Wednesday. Running training.
    Exercises for slender legs, beautiful hips, elastic buttocks with dumbbells per week
  • Thursday. Recreation.
  • Friday. Exercises on the legs at home or in the gym.
  • Saturday and Sunday – rest.

There are a lot of exercises for giving home legs harmony and elasticity at home. Having picked up the exercises and diluted them with exercises to train the muscles of the whole body, you can approach the ideal figure within a month. Depending on the goal, it is necessary to gradually increase the load on the muscles. You need to work on all muscle groups to create a beautiful, harmonious body.

Slender Leg Exercise Video

3 minute workout for slim legs:

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