Facelift for the face – exercises, surgery, lifting

Facelift is the general name of a gymnastic complex or surgical intervention aimed at correcting the oval, lifting the face skin in order to rejuvenate the appearance of a person.

An operation on the soft tissues of the face and neck was first performed at the beginning of the 20th century. A century later, it is in first place in the list of popular plastic surgeries for the rejuvenation effect. Several types of procedures appeared, including without surgical intervention.

Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, lifting
Facelift is performed to rejuvenate the skin of the face and neck.

The operative method is chosen in order to rejuvenate the skin of the face . The doctor makes incisions in certain places, exfoliates the skin and tightens it. After – the extra skin is removed and everything is carefully sutured.

The skin is smoothed, wrinkles and existing sagging disappear. The relief is leveled and the face looks 5-10 years younger. The procedure is effective and almost safe.

Experts recommend correction after 40 years. However, special cases of premature aging are possible. Then the operation can be carried out after 30-35 years.

Types of facelift

There are several types of facelift. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. They also differ in execution methods, cost. The price in various clinics can vary greatly depending on the qualifications of the surgeon and the status of the medical center.

Endoscopic facelift

Endoscopic lifting is an example of minimally invasive plastic surgery. Recommended for use in the presence of an initial and middle stage of aging . When the skin has not completely lost its elasticity.

Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, lifting

The operation is performed using endoscopic devices, which significantly reduces the possibility of accidental injury to blood vessels or nerve endings. In the process of correction does not occur excision of the skin, pulling up as such. Only small incisions remain in the frontal or temporal areas of the face, as well as in the oral cavity.

A positive aspect of this type of operation is a short rehabilitation period of 10-15 days.

The cost of endoscopic facelift ranges from $ 1200 to $ 3500.

Laser facelift

Laser skin tightening – the effect of a laser on the surface or deep layers of the epidermis. It is performed without surgery , but under general anesthesia. Effective in the early stages of aging.

In the process of lifting, the laser burns dead and old cells of the connective tissue, thereby starting the skin restoration process, and activates the production of collagen and elastin.

Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, lifting

The positive aspects of laser face correction are:

  • short rehabilitation period;
  • the opportunity to conduct the procedure on an outpatient basis in the cosmetology office;
  • low invasiveness.

The negative side is the duration of the result – only 6 months. A temporary pigmentation disorder may also occur. If the patient has a dense, thick skin, then the effect will be subtle.

The cost of laser lifting, on average, is $ 500 per session.

Thread facelift

A facelift using absorbable and non-absorbable sutures is a good alternative to surgical plastics. The specialist makes micro-cuts through which thin threads are implanted into the skin. They stretch to a certain point.

In general, the procedure lasts several hours . The result appears a month later, after the connective tissue is completely fused with the threads. The rehabilitation period is as short as possible – 3-5 days.

Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, lifting

Filament lifting copes with hanging skin in the neck area, correction of nasolabial folds, fine wrinkles and other age-related defects.

Negative moments may be temporary asymmetry of the corrected areas, hematomas and soreness in the places of implantation of the threads. The cost of thread lifting one area of the face is approximately $ 700. The price may vary depending on the area of the skin and the number of threads.

Non-surgical (non-surgical) method

An option for non-surgical facelift is an ultrasonic lift. Waves of a certain frequency act on the dermis, stimulating the muscular-aponeurotic system.

Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, lifting

As a result, there is a smoothing of the nasolabial folds, a significant decrease in the second chin. The oval of the face becomes even, the skin of the cheeks does not look saggy, the corners of the lips are lifted.

It can not but rejoice the duration of the effect – up to 5 years.

The cost of ultrasonic lifting is rather high – $ 2000, but the claimed effect is worth it.

Bottom facelift

Correction of the neck and 1/3 of the face (chin, cheeks, nasolabial folds, corners of the lips) is called lower facelift.

The operation is carried out by one of the following methods:

  • Classic facelift.
  • SMAS lifting.
  • Endoscopic minimally invasive S-lifting.

The most effective is SMAS lifting, as the surgeon works not only with the skin, but also with muscle tissue. The effect persists for 4-5 years. However, the risk of complications is higher due to long incisions from the earlobe to the temple and additional fixation of the deep layers of tissues to the periosteum.

Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, lifting

S-lifting is considered the least traumatic.

The operation is carried out through inch incisions, which quickly heal and become almost invisible on the skin.

The cost of a classic lift is estimated at $ 3000, SMAS lifting – from $ 4500 to $ 6000, S-lifting – from $ 3500.

Indications and contraindications

Indications for face plastic surgery are:

  • Wrinkles of various localization;
  • The appearance of swelling, “bags” on the lower eyelids;
  • Deepening nasolabial folds;
  • Deterioration of facial contours;
  • Existing double chin;
  • General flabbiness and wilting of the skin;
  • Sagging skin in the area of the cheeks, lips, eyes.
  • The presence of vertical sludge of horizontal wrinkles in the neck.

Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, lifting

Contraindications are:

  • The presence of malignant tumors at any stage;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Autoimmune diseases;
  • Pathology of the cardiovascular system;
  • Diabetes;
  • Violation of platelet function of the body;
  • Chronic diseases in the acute stage of the course;
  • The presence of severe diseases of various organs and organ systems;
  • Multiple inflammatory processes on the skin of the face.

How to do facelift at home

The main reason for age-related skin changes is the weakening of the muscles, which are a kind of facial frame. You can tone any muscle by performing a set of specific exercises.

Nasolabial folds

Experts recommend performing exercises for nasolabial folds daily Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, liftingor every other day, standing in front of a mirror. The effect will become noticeable after a month and will increase throughout the entire period of classes.

The first exercise is pouting your cheeks . It is necessary to draw as much air as possible into the mo
uth, to stay in this state for 15-30 seconds. After – slowly release the air. Repeat 10 times. An interpretation of this exercise can be rolling air from one cheek to another. The technique is similar.

The second exercise is pronouncing vowels . The oral cavity is open throughout the exercise. Perform 10-15 Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, liftingrepetitions.

The third exercise is lip extension . It is necessary to fold the lips with a tube, stretch them as far forward as possible when pronouncing the letter “y”. Hold the position for at least 20 seconds, then relax. Perform 10 repetitions.

To complicate this exercise, you can hold an empty plastic bottle between your lips. As you get used to its weight, pour a little water inside – 1,69 fluid ounce. Gradually add 0,3 – 0,5 fluid ounce.

Remove bags under the eyes

3 effective exercises will help to remove bags under the eyes:

  • Open your eyes wide for 10 seconds, then close for 10 seconds. Repeat 20-30 times.

Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, lifting

  • The face is looking straight. Rotate eyes clockwise and counterclockwise , up and down, left and right. Perform each movement at least 15 times.
  • Close eyelids tightly , and then open them sharply. Repeat 10-15 times.

The result can be seen after several months of daily training.

Remove forehead wrinkles

Doing exercises on the frontal muscle is better when sitting or lying down. They will help smooth out horizontal wrinkles, tighten the sagging skin of the superciliary arches.

First exercise . The palm completely covers the forehead to the eyebrows. It is necessary to raise the eyebrows as high as possible, simultaneously and alternately. 20 times for each eyebrow and both.

Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, lifting

Second exercise . The index and middle fingers of both hands are placed at the inner edge above the eyebrow. It is necessary to move the eyebrows, depicting anger. Repeat at least 10 times.

Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, lifting

The third exercise . To reach as far as your ears to the top of your head. The sensations should be as if the face is straightening, and the forehead tends to rise. Hold at the final point for 5-10 seconds and slowly relax the muscles. Perform 10-20 repetitions, depending on the fitness of the muscles.


Exercises on the cheeks are divided into 2 categories: for the upper and lower half of the cheeks.

Exercise for the upper half of the cheeks is quite simple – air is drawn into the mouth, and rolling movements are made from one cheek to another, up and down. Air is also released in various ways. Sharp and fast, smoothly, through the corner of the mouth (left and right). The number of repetitions should be as high as possible.

There are several exercises for the lower part of the cheeks:

  • Alternately covering the lower lip of the upper and vice versa. 20 times.
  • Pulling the lips and chin forward and simulating a kiss. At least 15 times.
  • Raising the chin with open mouth. The lower lip reaches up. Do 10-20 repetitions.

Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, lifting

For oval face

Gymnastics for the oval of the face is an assembly of several exercises for each zone, plus 2-3 general ones.

Common exercises are:

  • Throwing back the head . You need to slowly lean your head back. Then also slowly return to the starting position. The amplitude is maximum. Perform 10-15 times.
  • Turn to the shoulder . The head is looking to the left. It is necessary to lead the chin along the path of the shoulder-chest-shoulder, describing the arc. Repeat 15-20 times.
  • Take air in your mouth so your cheeks are completely swollen . With palms, lightly press on them, increasing pressure on the muscles and skin. Hold for 5 seconds. Then relax your cheeks. Repeat until mild fatigue occurs.

Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, lifting

Lower third of the face

The lower third of the face includes lips, chin and neck . Exercises in these areas will relieve the effect of a “sad” face, make the contour of the cheeks and chin clearer, even, and taut.

First exercise . It is necessary to tightly compress the lips and stretch them into a thin strip. Raise the corners of the mouth a little. Do the exercise for one minute.

Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, lifting

Second exercise . Movement left and right with the lower jaw. It is necessary to make 15 repetitions on each side.

The third exercise . It is necessary to stretch your lips forward and blow strongly, as if the candles on the cake are blown out. Blow for 5 seconds, then relax your mouth and smile broadly.


So that the neck does not give out and does not add age to the woman, it is enough to regularly perform a couple of simple exercises:

  • Stand straight, arms along the body. At the same time, try to pull the left hand down, and the head to the right up . At the same time, shaking his head slightly back and forth. Similarly done with the right hand. Thus, the lateral muscles of the neck are strengthened. 20 times on each side.
  • Similar to the first, this exercise trains the front muscle. Both arms reach down in front of you . The head at this time leans back as much as possible. 20 repetitions each.

Eye exercises

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most delicate, so wrinkles are the first to appear in this area.

To reduce them or completely get rid, a special set of exercises will help:

  • Place two fingers on the temples, slightly squeeze the skin . Next, you need to close your eyes as much as possible, but do not squint. It should be felt tension over the centuries. Perform 10-15 repetitions.

Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, lifting

  • Position one finger clearly under the brow itself . Pull the skin up, raising an eyebrow to the width of a finger. In this position, you must keep your eyes closed for 10 seconds. This exercise is performed 15-20 times. It perfectly tones the muscle fibers of the upper eyelids.

With a flabby chin

To get rid of the second chin, it is not necessary to lie down on the operating table.

To begin with, it’s worth trying to pull it
up with the help of specially designed gymnastics:

  • Tongue stretch to the nose . It is necessary to stick out the tongue as far as possible and try to reach it to the tip of the nose. Do at least 5 repetitions.

Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, lifting

  • Kiss to the sky . The chin looks up and slightly forward, the lips with a tube. It is necessary to imitate a kiss. The cervical muscles must tighten. Repeat until muscle fatigue.

Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, lifting

  • Resistance . You need to put your fist strictly under the chin. Simultaneously start resistance on both sides. The neck should tighten, not the head. Repeat for at least 5 minutes two to 3 times a day.

Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, lifting

Results – before and after photos

The regularity and accuracy of the exercises is the key to the success of a facelift and rejuvenation. Performing gymnastics daily, in a month and a half, the first improvements will appear. In the future, you can achieve good results, rejuvenate your face for at least 5-7 years.

Another positive point is the alignment of the microrelief.

Skin color, elasticity improves. The effect of classes is comparable to the result after a circular facelift.

Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, lifting

Important, according to experts, is the start time of classes. The ideal age is after 30-35 years. Then after 50, the face will look 35-40 years old. If you start after 45 years, the result will be good, but not so pronounced.

Lessons from Professional Trainers

Professional techniques will help tighten skin faster and more efficiently.

Facebook building with Eugenia Baglyk

Evgenia Baglyk is a fitness trainer who decided to use her own exercises to train her face muscles. Her methods are quite technically complicated, but the first changes can be seen after 2 weeks.

Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, lifting

She tried all the exercises on herself, choosing the most effective.

Performing her proposed gymnastics, it is even possible to adjust the shape of the lips or nose.

The vast majority of those who tried its technique were delighted. Some even managed to adjust the shape of the lips. The effectiveness of gymnastics is beyond doubt. It is completely safe and accessible to everyone.

Facelift with Galina Dubinina

Galina Dubinina is an experienced yoga trainer who, at the age of 30, began to develop a face-building technique that would prevent age-related skin changes. Her technique includes a wide variety of exercises from the popular and effective world gymnastics techniques. It is supplemented by elements of yoga, breathing exercises and your own exercises.

It includes complexes of a very different orientation. From massage of bioenergy centers to morning or evening gymnastics of various facial zones.

The exercises are quite simple, giving them just 20 minutes a day is enough.

Facelift with Galina Dubinina, see in the video clip:

Based on many positive reviews of facelift from Galina Dubinina, we can safely say that he is an effective, time-tested way to combat age-related changes for women of all ages.

Facelift with Carol Maggio

Carol Maggio is a cosmetologist who has tried all her life in different ways to prolong the youthfulness of the skin. She tried hardware cosmetology, various types of massage and much more. But the most effective was gymnastics for the facial muscles.

Her exercises were carried out on a variety of male and female faces. In the early 2000s, she wrote the book How to Overcome the Signs of Aging Without Turning to a Plastic Surgeon. Classes from Carol Maggio are divided into a regular course and advanced . She also developed a separate course for men.

Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, lifting

Reviews on the methodology are mostly positive. But there are those with whom she was not on the shoulder. Due to improperly performed exercises, wrinkles can be added. That is why the main recommendation is to fulfill them in front of the mirror.

Facelift with Anastasia Bourdyug

Anastasia Bourdyug is the only official representative of the American Carol Maggio technique in the CIS countries. But she not only blindly promotes American gymnastics, she improves it and modernizes.

As a result, facelift from Anastasia Bordyug is 13 exercises that must be performed all together in order to achieve maximum effect. Within a week you can get rid of puffiness of the face, and after completing the full course – forget about wrinkles and sagging skin.

Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, lifting

Opinions on the activities of Anastasia Bourdyug are only good. She is undoubtedly very talented and does not have a blind imitation in her activities. The technique proposed by Anastasia is very effective and takes a record short in time – only 8 minutes per session.

Mini facelift – what is it Scarless Tightening Results

The name of the procedure speaks for itself – this is a partial lift of specific facial areas. Mostly the middle third of the face. Miniature incisions are made through which the correction is carried out.

Facelift for the face - exercises, surgery, lifting

Such an operation is indicated in 35-40 years. At an older age, it is possible, but ineffective.

It copes with the initial stage of aging. It has a short rehabilitation period – only a week. It is quite effective in the fight against small wrinkles, nasolabial folds of moderate severity.

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Facial massage according to the Japanese doctor Asahi Zogan.

Face plastic – cost and reviews

Plastic surgery for a facelift takes place in several stages:

  1. Preparation . All tests are submitted, on the basis of which the doctor makes a decision on the need for surgery.
  2. Operation . The surgeon makes incisions in strictly designated areas, tightens the skin and muscles. Excrets excess and sutures.
  3. Rehabilitation . The recovery period is very individual, for everyone a different amount of time lasts.

Based on the reviews, we can judge the great effectiveness of this operation. But only the first or second time. Subsequently, the skin coarsen, and repeated plastic surgery leads the face to the effect of a mask.

The cost of the suspender varies between $ 3500-9000.

Rehabilitation after surgery

The recovery period after a circular tightening is quite short, given the fact that surgery is performed.

The first few days, the patient is under the supervision of the clinic’s medical staff.

After – he is allowed to go home, and the next few weeks should strictly adhere to the doctor’s recommendations. Do not eat a lot of salty foods, give up spicy foods. Then there will not be any complications in the form of hematomas and inflammations.

After 2-3 weeks, the swelling will subside and it will be possible to return to everyday, measured life with a new updated face.

Opinions and reviews of patients, doctors, cosmetologists

Opinions on the facelift procedure are twofold. Patients who are lucky with the doctor do not stop praising this medical procedure. Those who come across an unskilled specialist are ready to give any money to return everything back.

Surgical professionals say that the procedure is quite popular and effective, especially at the age of 55 and more. It helps to cope with pronounced age-related changes that cosmetic procedures do not help. Performing a lift yourself, the main thing is to know the measure and strictly follow the recommendations of professionals.

Facelift is the main procedure in many clinics of aesthetic surgery. No wonder she is in such demand. You want to be beautiful at any age, and if possible, then why not try.

Useful videos on facelift

Top exercises for facial rejuvenation, see the video clip:

Rejuvenation without plastic in this video clip:

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