Exercises for biceps with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, with a barbell for girls. Program at home

Exercises that effectively train biceps are performed by athletes both at home and in the training room. It is no secret that it is this muscle in the public mind that is strongly associated with physical strength and serves as an external criterion for the athlete’s fitness. Naturally, a specialized gym will provide more opportunities for working out the muscles.

Biceps anatomy

The large biceps is clearly visible on the front of the shoulder. It consists of two muscle heads. The first one is long. Her tendon starts from a supra-articular tubercle located on the shoulder blade.

The second head is short. It has a slightly longer abdomen and is attached to the coracoid process of the scapula. Both abdomen have a common tendon. It attaches to the tuberosity of the radius. One of the tendon bundles is woven into the fascia of the forearm.

This muscle provides flexion of the forearm and, in part, turns the palm outward. Is biceps an antagonist to the triceps muscle of the shoulder extensor and compensates for its effect on the body.

What does biceps grow from

The biceps muscle, like any other muscle, grows due to the filling of micro-fractures of muscle fibers with new muscle tissue. Myofibrils are the structural unit of the striated muscle tissue, to which the biceps of the shoulder belongs.

Exercises for biceps with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, with a barbell for girls. Program at home
Exercises for biceps will help not only to pump up your arms, but also to tighten your chest!

In order to optimize the growth process of such a muscle, you need to adhere to a number of requirements:

  • Take proper nutrition. In the diet, the emphasis must be shifted towards protein and slow carbohydrates. Proteins will act as a building material for muscle tissue, and carbohydrates will saturate the body with the necessary energy. Of proteins, priority is given to eggs, chicken, cottage cheese, fish. From carbohydrates, buckwheat, flour products from flour and whole grains are selected. The calorie content of the daily diet should only slightly exceed the daily norm for days without training.
  • Provide training for the remaining large muscles. This will spur the production of testosterone, and the hormonal background will provoke masculinization.
  • Increase the training load by increasing weight, the amount of work performed, reducing rest between sets, performing negative repetitions of the exercise.
  • It is wise to combine stress and recovery period, avoiding overtraining. Follow the principles of supercompensation for prolonged exercise.
  • Perform exercises using the correct technique.

Modern sports physiology distinguishes 3 mutually reinforcing causes of muscle hypertrophy:

  • Muscle tension that lasts until the muscle begins to adapt to the load.
  • Local muscle damage. This state of muscle tissue causes inflammation in it, to which the body responds by increasing the concentration of neutrophils, macrophages, and lymphocytes. This leads to the release of myokines and stimulation of muscle tissue growth factors.
  • Metabolic stress caused by physical exertion, to which the body responds by releasing hormones and creating an anabolic environment for muscle growth. Exercises for biceps with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, with a barbell for girls. Program at home

Each of these reasons requires thoughtful analysis for proper implementation in sports training. This makes it possible to optimize the synthesis of hormones, associated biochemical and physiological processes.

Basic principles of training at home

Exercises for biceps at home are based on 4 postulates:

  • Safety. This is a whole range of measures, including a regimen of training and rest, the correct execution of exercises, a balanced diet, and control over how the body responds to training. This also includes control over the state of health, due to the deterioration of which you can “disrupt” the training macrocycle.
  • Reasonableness. Before starting the training process, it is necessary to clearly assess the initial level of physical fitness, determine short-term and long-term tasks, choose training methods taking into account your own physical condition, everyday lifestyle and the desired result.
  • Gradualness. A gradual increase in loads will provide an opportunity not only to adapt muscle tissue to exercises, but also to balance the physiology of the body. It is necessary to smoothly prepare the ligamentous apparatus, fascia and neuromuscular connections for loads.
  • Constancy. The training process must be continuous.

Breathing technique

At home, practicing exercises for training the biceps, special attention should be paid to breathing techniques. General recommendations on how to breathe during strength training come down to the fact that the force movement is exhaled. Inhalation is carried out in the relaxation phase. Exercises for biceps with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, with a barbell for girls. Program at home

Sometimes experienced athletes practice a short delay either at the “start” of the exercise, or at the point of maximum effort. When exhaling, the muscles of the body naturally tighten, which avoids injuries during the exercise and stabilizes the spinal column.

Occupation frequency

Muscles grow during the rest period after high-intensity work. Therefore, the biceps of the shoulder is recommended to be trained no more than once a week. In this case, it will be optimal to perform 1 or 2 exercises from the basic set and the same number of exercises for isolated muscle groups.

A more frequent frequency can lead to an increase in destructive catabolic processes. The muscle in these conditions works “for wear”, without having to recover at the same time.

How much weight can I lift

For muscle growth, a properly dosed load is needed.

The weight of the weighting should be selected so that you can perform from 6 to 8 repetitions of the exercise in one approach.

To select the working weight, you can use the following scheme:

  1. Taking a 11 pounds dumbbell, perform 15 repetitions of the selected exercise.
  2. If the correct execution of so many exercises was easy, then the weight is gradually increased to the norm in 8 repetitions of the exercise in the approach; Exercises for biceps with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, with a barbell for girls. Program at home
  3. If the implementation of the main movements of the biceps training required the inclusion of the body and back, the weight must be reduced.

To develop strength, the weight should allow you to perform 3 approaches of 5-8 repetitions of the exercise. If the goal increase in the volume of the biceps, then the working weight of the projectile must be selected so that it is possible to perform a maximum of 5-6 repetitions of the exercise in 3 approaches.

Should muscles hurt during and after exercise

Fasting muscle pain, known as krepatura, is almost impossible to avoid while working with weights. Such pain occurs a few hours or the next day after an intense workout. The same effect occurs when habitual loads are increased by at least 10%.

The causes of these
pains are microfractures of muscle fibers. A local inflammatory process begins, which is accompanied by physical pain. The second reason, which has long been considered dominant, is the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles.

You can reduce the severity of this phenomenon by correctly organizing the training process. We need a mandatory warm-up, a gradual “entry” into the main part of the training and recovery exercises, including self-massage, at the end of classes.

With a saturated 5-day training cycle, Saturday can be devoted to going to the sauna: the action of high temperature removes the post-training syndrome and muscle clamps. Exercises for biceps with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, with a barbell for girls. Program at homeSometimes, to reduce pain, you have to use medicines: vitamin C 1 g after training or popular NSAIDs: ibuprofen, ketorol and the like. Sports warming ointments also come to the rescue.

Warm up exercises, techniques for their implementation

A warm-up performed for the shoulders and arms does not adequately prepare the body for a full workout. In order to warm up the muscles and ligamentous-articular apparatus, to activate the work of internal organs, the warm-up should take from 15 minutes and involve all the main muscle groups.

The principles of its implementation are load dosing and controlled amplitudes of movements. The orbits along which warm-up movements are performed begin from minimum to maximum, without going beyond the anatomical limits of joint movement.

Be sure to warm up and antagonist muscles. And only after the blood flow has activated throughout the body, they go on to the local additional warm-up of the muscles of the target extremities. To prepare the biceps for work, it is necessary to warm up the shoulder girdle, including triceps and deltoid muscles, as well as the muscles of the forearms and wrists. Exercises for biceps with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, with a barbell for girls. Program at home

You can systematize a warm-up as follows: tilting and rotating from the head through the shoulders, arms, body, hips, legs to the feet. Multiplicity of exercises – 3-6 times in each direction.

Exercises for biceps at home or training in the gym begin to perform with low weight, monitoring the correct movement.

Dumbbell biceps exercises for girls

For many girls, pumping biceps is not an easy task, since their hands are naturally weaker than men. In addition, female-type fat deposition involves extra pounds on the shoulders, and many do not like it.

Performing exercises with dumbbells of different weights, you can give the biceps the desired shape and functionality: repeated repetitions of movements with weightings of small weight will make the muscle longer, drier, more prominent and more durable. Working with more weight will increase biceps and its power. Examples of some basic dumbbell exercises are given below.

Arm curl

This type of training is referred to as the so-called isolated exercises, which implies the study of exclusively target muscles. It is aimed at increasing the volume of the biceps and giving it a convex shape. Most often, it is worked out by small weights with multiple repetitions of movements, for more filling this muscle with blood. Exercises for biceps with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, with a barbell for girls. Program at home

The basis of the exercise is the alternate or simultaneous lifting of weight to the shoulder due to bending of the arm in the elbow joint. Ideally, it is required to exclude the swinging of the body and the execution of the movement due to swing and inertia.

Hand grip hammer

The forearm muscles and brachialis are included here. This muscle is located under the biceps, and performs up to 67% of all work to lift the load to the shoulder. It is the developed brachialis that visually increases the volume of the biceps.

And strong forearms increase the strength of the wrist grip and help hold heavy sports equipment. This allows you to increase the intensity of the training process.

In the initial position and with the subsequent lifting of the load, the brushes are deployed to the body. In the negative phase of the exercise, we lower the dumbbells, while maintaining control. You need to raise the dumbbell for one, and lower it for two seconds.

Concentrated bench press

The bench press is performed from a sitting position. In this exercise, the body should be slightly turned inward. The working arm is located on the inner surface of the hip of the same name and is lowered down. Exercises for biceps with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, with a barbell for girls. Program at home

Her elbow joint is not completely straightened. The top point at which the movement ends is located at shoulder level. Supination is necessary, that is, turning the brush outward. When doing the exercise, only the forearm moves. This bench press allows you to get a spectacular fit biceps without training a lot of weight. This is true for many asthenic men and for girls.

Scott’s Bench

Scott’s simulator eliminates swaying and cheating, that is, give the biceps a specific target load. To start the exercise, you should sit upright, and lay their shoulders with their rear surface on the inclined bench shelf.

Place them in parallel, touching the armpit of the edge of the shelf. Hands in which are held with a dumbbell, lower down. Next, perform bending of the arms, as in all exercises for training biceps using free weights.

Bending arms through the sides while standing

At the start of the exercise, the shoulders are motionless, the elbows are pressed to the body. When raising the forearms, the hands are supinated to their position with the palms up. The amplitude of the movement all the time lies in the frontal plane. For visual control of the correctness of this exercise, the forearms should be kept in line with the front bundles of the deltoid muscles.

Incline Bench Curl

This exercise allows you to stretch the biceps head more strongly and to work out each of its heads purposefully. Exercises for biceps with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, with a barbell for girls. Program at homeThe bench is set at an angle of 50 to 70 degrees. The movements are performed smoothly and without swaying. The weight of the dumbbells should be one fifth of that which is usual in standing work.

Bending arms

xercise is a variation of the previous one. But the muscles are more stretched under the weight of the weight, seeking to bring them to the floor. Make him lying with his back on a power bench.

The most effective barbell exercises for girls

At an advanced stage of training, instead of dumbbells, you can start using the barbell. Perform training using an empty bar, Olympic bar or EZ bar. It is the work with the bar that allows you to accentuate to work out both the internal and external segments of the biceps.

Bending arms with a wide grip

The bar is taken, holding the grip from the bottom, 5’9 inch wider than the shoulders. The feet are shoulder width apart. Standing with your back straight, lift the projectile to your shoulder. Do not use back movements. Exercises for biceps with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, with a barbell for girls. Program at homeThe elbows should be pointing down and pressed against the body. The working emphasis in such training is shifted to the internal bundle of shoulder muscles.

Bending the arms with a narrow grip

The exercise is performed in the same way as the previous one. If the grip is performed while holding the bar 3’9 – 5’9 inch narrower than the shoulders, then an external biceps beam works when moving.

Arm curl standing at the floor of the amplitude

Exercises for biceps with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, with a barbell for girls. Program at home

This exercise allows you to work out stabilizers and, thanks to the concentration in the orbit of movements, to ensure the maximum saturation of the elbow with nutrients.

Bending the arms with a back grip

The grip with the palms turned back allows you to include the muscles of the forearms, but, unfortunately, does not allow you to work with large weights.

Flexion of arms while sitting on Scott’s bench

This exercise will require the use of a bar with a bent bar.

The narrower the working grip, the more the internal heads of the biceps are developed. To transfer the work to the outside of the biceps, you need a wide grip. The bench cushion is set at an acute angle.

Horizontal bar exercises

All exercises of this type are performed in the hanging on the crossbar. Hands are straight. Shoulders laid back. The shoulder blades tend to meet each other. The legs, when doing the pull-ups, are bent at the knees and crossed at the ankles.

Pull-ups with supinated narrow grip

The narrower the grip, the more difficult the exercise. Complete the full upward movement, touching the bar with the chest.

Pull-ups with supinated mid-grip

The brushes are located slightly wider than the shoulders. Exercises for biceps with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, with a barbell for girls. Program at homeFinishing the pull-up, the touch of the crossbar is performed in the of the middle of the upper chest.

Incomplete pull-ups with supinated mid-grip

They should be performed until the middle of a full upward movement. In this case, the collarbone should be brought as close as possible to the crossbar. The pace of execution is high. This exercise is much more effective than the previous two.

How to pump biceps without dumbbells, barbells

At home, biceps exercises work out the target zones, even without the ability to train with weights. At-hand tools and simple gymnastic equipment allow you to organize a full-fledged training.

As weighting, use eggplant with water, a stack of heavy books or an office chair held by the legs. You can pump biceps, using your own body as a weighting agent. It is difficult to increase the volume of the biceps without dumbbells and barbells, but it is much easier to increase its performance at home training.

Bicep flexion without extra weights

Perform this exercise, reminiscent of the “hammers” for biceps, you can with eggplant filled with water. Many small cans have convenient handles, and the working weight can be adjusted by filling these containers in different ways.

Towel biceps flexion

A towel will help you train on the train or in the hotel room. Exercises for biceps with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, with a barbell for girls. Program at homeThis hygiene item can be passed through the handles of a hiking bag or backpack and climb to the biceps as if in the hands of a bar or weight.

Concentrated flexion with eggplant

This is a household version of working with a concentrated bench on a power bench, which is already described above.

Leg biceps flexion

Exercises for biceps at home have a rather exotic embodiment:

  1. Sitting on a chair, skip the forearm under the middle of the opposite thigh.
  2. Next, you need to pull the thigh to the highest possible height.
  3. In this case, it is necessary to exclude the work of the muscles of the legs and back.

Chin pull back

A small horizontal bar can be installed in the doorway, on the blank wall of the apartment, between two shelves in a train compartment or you can find a suitable branch on a tree in the garden. Performing a grip, the brushes need to be turned to the face. All skeletal muscles should be in good shape. This will avoid unnecessary joint injuries. Pull-ups are done without jerking and rocking the body.

Bending arms with an expander or rubber bands

Excellent results are obtained by the use of rubber tow or expander in training. Biceps with this type of training remain more elastic, acquiring specific endurance. They carry out the training similarly to the exercises adopted in working with iron.

Horizontal pull-ups

This is an interesting training option. In addition to the biceps, it involves the muscles of the back, the back bundles of the delta and the trapezium. Such pull-ups can be arranged on the lid of the kitchen or office table, or by laying the cross pipe on two chairs. Exercises for biceps with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, with a barbell for girls. Program at home

The body is horizontal, the back of the head, shoulders, lower back and hips are aligned. Reliance is on the heels. When pulling up, you need to touch the crossbar with your chest.

Biceps Workout Program for Girls

An example of weekly hand exercise exercises for girls:

Day of the week


Number of episodes

Number of exercises in a series
Monday A narrow grip bench on a power bench. 4 10
Pushups 4 10
Tuesday Pool and stretching.
Wednesday Standing barbell lift. 4 10
Pushups. 4 10
Thursday Pool and stretching. 4 10
Friday Lifting dumbbells for biceps. Perform on an inclined bench.



Pushups. 4 10
Saturday Sauna.
Sunday Full recovery.

Exercises that develop biceps can also be performed at home. Remember the lack of a gym not a reason to abandon the sport. Reasonable and safe training will certainly make the body beautiful, strong and healthy.

Biceps Exercise Video

Workout for biceps at home:

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