Facial massage for wrinkles for the skin after 30, 40, 50 years. How to do it yourself at home

More than 20 different facial massage techniques for wrinkles are currently under consideration. Some types require mandatory implementation by specialists, while others are performed at home.

What facial massage technique to choose

Fatigue, stress, the first signs of aging negatively affect the appearance of the skin. These negative factors primarily affect the face. In historical documents relating to the life of the ancient Greeks, Arabs, Romans, various versions of massage procedures are mentioned.

Facial massage for wrinkles for the skin after 30, 40, 50 years. How to do it yourself at home
Classic face massage

Classic massage

The starting point for all types of massage is classic massage. It does not require special skills and the participation of cosmetologists, masseurs. A classic massage for a person from wrinkles at home, anyone can do for himself, taking a comfortable pose.

Massage is performed using various oils and fatty creams. Light rubbing, stroking, tapping are carried out along the facial massage lines:

  • forehead area;
  • eyes and eyelids;
  • nose;
  • cheeks;
  • lips and chin;
  • neckline.

Lymphatic drainage massage

It is carried out along lymphatic drainage massage lines and helps to remove excess fluid from facial tissues. The main stages of massage:

  • By rolling movements of the fingers, up and down, they pass along the lateral lines of the neck. The movements are soft, slightly pressing.
  • Next, go to the bottom of the face. The same kind of movements pass through the mandibular lymph nodes. The skin is not stretched and not shifted. Finish walking down the side contours of the neck.
  • Starting from the auricles with soft, rolling movements, they miss the middle of the cheek and the nasolabial of the face. All movements are directed upward to the lymph nodes. Finish also by walking down the side contours of the neck.
    Facial massage for wrinkles for the skin after 30, 40, 50 years. How to do it yourself at home
    Lymphatic drainage facial massage
  • From the area of the ears, moving the fingers smoothly, moving to the lower eyelid. Then they return back to the ears, because, in this zone, the parotid lymph nodes are located. The movements are repeated several times and again pass to the neck.
  • The upper eyelid is also treated. From the area of the auricles through the temple, along the bone of the upper eyelid, gradually pass to the inner corner of the eye. The skin is not pulled or squeezed. Finish on the neck.
  • Then massage the forehead area. From the ears, with quiet rolling movements of the fingers, they move to the center of the forehead and fall along the lateral lines of the neck.

The same procedure can be repeated using the tapping technique.

Japanese Tsogan (Asahi)

Translated from Japanese, the word “Tsogan” means “creating a face.” It is sometimes beautifully called “Asahi”, which means the massage of the “morning sun.” At home, any woman can perform this massage.

Touching the muscles, skin and even bones of the face, it helps smooth wrinkles and make an emergency lift. Regular treatment with Asahi resets the “visual” age of a woman by 10 years.

Japanese massage is associated with the human lymphatic drainage system. Therefore, before the procedure, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the location of the lymph nodes on the face and neck.

Facial massage for wrinkles for the skin after 30, 40, 50 years. How to do it yourself at home
Japanese face massage

Oil, moisturizer or cosmetic milk is applied to clean skin. After the procedure, you must remove this product with a napkin and wash with warm water.

The basis of this technique is extremely slow, planar pressure and sliding.

They are performed with outstretched fingers or the entire surface of the palms. Sometimes use the back surface of the third phalanx bent into a fist palm. During the session, it is recommended to sit or stand, keeping a straight back.

After working on a separate zone, the same final movement is performed. This is a slight pressure on the lymph points near the ears and the subsequent movement of the palms to the collarbones.

Spanish facial massage technique

This type of massage appeared more than 30 years ago. The founder is the Spaniard, the head of the Institute of Manual Therapy in Barcelona, Professor Enrique Garcia. His massage is based on the fusion of Western and Eastern techniques.

Spanish massage is carried out only by specialists. The author of the methodology developed a list of rules by which the procedure goes:

  • The movements are not repeated. Professor painted over 100 unique gestures.
  • Personal approach to an individual patient. The fusion of the energies of the patient and the doctor.
  • Use relaxing oriental music to achieve a sense of pleasure.
  • Deep, but painless, effect on the epidermis of the face.
    Facial massage for wrinkles for the skin after 30, 40, 50 years. How to do it yourself at home
    Spanish face massage

The procedure takes place in several stages:

  1. a neurosedative effect on the central nervous system is aimed at relaxing the client;
  2. impact on the lymphatic vessels of the face;
  3. work with the muscular system of the body;
  4. impact on the vascular and central nervous system of the patient.

Modeling massage

Modeling massage is a type of Spanish massage developed by Professor Garcia. The main objective of this procedure is to tighten the facial muscles and tone the skin. The technique is based on the enhanced effect on the deep layers of the epidermis.

Such a massage causes moderate pain. Within 30 minutes, the masseur guides the patient through 4 stages of Spanish massage. The procedure begins with the neckline, gradually moving higher up to the forehead area.

Circular, sorting and stroking movements are used, directed from right to left, then in the reverse order.

A modeling massage can be performed independently, but the effect will not be as bright as if you consult a specialist.

Spot technique

Acupressure has been used in Japan and China for many centuries.

Facial massage for wrinkles for the skin after 30, 40, 50 years. How to do it yourself at home
Acupressure facial massage

It is based on knowledge of acupuncture points on the human body. Each of these points has a clear relationship with a specific internal organ. Exposure to facial points during massage promotes enhanced splash of collagen and elastin. Both components form the basis of the young epidermis of the skin.

Such a massage can be done on your own. To do this, you need to study the exact location of the points on the face.

Massage with spoons

An interesting facial massage for wrinkles at home is proposed to be made with spoons. This is the author’s technique of a cosmetologist from Germany Rene Koch.

Home massage is aimed at eliminating particularly problematic areas: deep wrinkles, morning swelling, or bruising. It is believed that a noble metal like gold, silver or cupronickel most favorably affects the skin.

Facial massage for wrinkles for the skin after 30, 40, 50 years. How to do it yourself at home
Facial massage with spoons

If a couple of spoons of these metals are in the house, then you can use them. If not, ordinary metal spoons will do. The size of the spoons varies from coffee to dessert.

The main principle of this massage is the contrast of temperatures affecting the epidermis:

  • It is necessary to prepare 2 containers with cold and hot water. A pre-cooked decoction of herbs (celandine, chamomile, mint) is also used.
  • Massage movements are performed alternately hot, then cold spoons. The devices must be dry, so they are wiped with a towel.
  • Apply cold spoons to the eyes. Cold, as you know, causes blood vessels to contract, leading to less bruising and swelling.
  • Soft, pushing, circular movements pass along the main massage lines.
  • Each movement is repeated with heated appliances, previously lubricated with cosmetic oil or honey.

Plastic Massage and Sculpture Technology

Plastic massage is a unique sculptural technique that improves face relief. This massage technique is called lifting without surgery. The procedure creates a powerful tightening effect.

This type combines the techniques of classic massage and famous oriental practices. Beauticians suggest doing it after 25 years.

Facial massage for wrinkles for the skin after 30, 40, 50 years. How to do it yourself at home
Sculptural face massage

The procedure is based on special movements of the palmar surfaces of the fingers and the base of the palms. Massage helps to smooth facial wrinkles and restore facial contours. Such a massage is done after plastic surgery during the recovery period.

This massage is performed with fast and intense movements for 20 minutes. After which a lifting mask is applied. To achieve a lasting effect, doctors recommend going from 10 to 15 sessions.


This is a low temperature massage. Beauty salons offer massages using ice or liquid nitrogen. The procedure is prescribed by a doctor for certain skin problems:

  • acne
  • rosacea;
  • demodicosis;
  • problems in the sebaceous glands;
  • inflammatory processes of the epidermis;
  • burns;
  • postoperative scars.
    Facial massage for wrinkles for the skin after 30, 40, 50 years. How to do it yourself at home
    Cryomassage of the face in the cabin

The procedure is carried out in a clinic using a cryoapparatus. Depending on the problem, the cosmetologist selects the optimal temperature regime, which ranges from 0 to -160 degrees Celsius.

The impact is carried out by the applicator along the massage lines without direct contact with the skin.

At the same time, the upper layer dries, causing peeling and renewal of the dead epidermis. Cryomassage, if desired, is done at home. To do this, use an ice bag, which consists of water or herbal infusion.

Corrective massage

Corrective massage will help with the appearance of the first facial wrinkles. This type of massage uses the entire set of classic movements. In this case, captures of problem areas are added, on which excess adipose tissue occurs.

The main stages of the procedure:

  • after washing, cosmetic oil is applied to the face and neck;
  • moving from the center of the chest, pass along the lymphatic lines to the armpits;
  • work out the area of the second chin;
  • knead muscles on the occipital side of the neck;
  • by the movement of the lymph nodes from the chin, they move along the front of the neck to the clavicles;
  • the lower part of the face and the nasolabial section are massaged;
  • soft effect on the area around the eyes;
  • stroking with a slight pressure of the superciliary arches and frontal;
  • active kneading of the excess fat layer on the cheeks;
  • final vibration strokes of the whole face and neck.
    Facial massage for wrinkles for the skin after 30, 40, 50 years. How to do it yourself at home
    Face massage technique

Shiatsu massage

This is a Japanese massage technique by Dr. Namikoshi. It is aimed at supporting tone and muscle circulation, which worsens after 30 years. In his method, Namikoshi uses finger pressure on the acupuncture points of the face to activate the energetic internal forces of the body.

To make   Shiatsu at home:

  1. It is necessary to study in detail the map of biologically active points of the face.
  2. Massage wrinkles with the middle or index finger. Sometimes simultaneously click on a group of points with just a few fingers.
  3.  The pressure is moderate, without additional movements, for 7 seconds.

Pinch technique Jacquet

This massage is performed according to the original technique of the French dermatologist Leonardo Jacquet. Massage has a stimulating property and promotes accelerated
regeneration processes that the skin needs after 40 years. The technique is based on tweaks, vibrations and energetic grips of the skin.

The procedure is used for dermatological problems of the face:

  • acne
  • scarring;
  • inflammatory processes of the epidermis;
  • spots after acne;
  • hyperpigmentation.

To apply this technique, massage therapists undergo a training course. Incorrect use of the plucked method exacerbates existing skin problems.

Thai massage

Thai massage is an ancient method of rejuvenation. Both women and men turn to him. It helps fight fatigue and stress.

Facial massage for wrinkles for the skin after 30, 40, 50 years. How to do it yourself at home
Thai massage with aroma oils

The massage technique is aimed at the energy points and lines of the human body.

The procedure begins with peeling and peeling, smoothly moving on to the massage itself. Soft, stroking and tapping movements with the use of aromatic oils are very pleasant and do not create discomfort.

American massage

American massage has been known since antiquity and is inextricably linked with the bath ritual. Well steamed skin is wrinkled, rubbed, stretched with vigorous and strong movements. American massage is used for the whole body or its individual parts. It is very close to the classic type of massage.

American facial massage can be done independently:

  • before the procedure, the skin is steamed with a hot damp towel;
  • then apply cream or oil, also use talc;
  • Performing classic movements along the massage lines avoid excessive pressure and stretching of the skin.

Vacuum Technology

Vacuum massage has recently appeared in cosmetology. It involves the use of special devices: a vacuum massager, or cans of silicone or rubber.

Facial massage for wrinkles for the skin after 30, 40, 50 years. How to do it yourself at home
Vacuum facial massage

All these devices are available for sale, so vacuum massage can be done independently at home:

  • cleanse the skin of the face and grease with massage gel or cream;
  • remove air from the can by clicking on it.
  • position the jar in the middle of the frontal zone, slowly moving it to the temples;
  • move the jar vertically from the superciliary arches to the hairline;
  • pass the transverse frontal fold with rotating gestures;
  • direct movement up along the nose;
  • moving along the upper border of the cheeks to the temples, the area around the eyes is massaged;
  • walk around the orbit of the eyes;
  • go to the side and back lines of the neck;
  • at each point no more than 5 seconds are delayed;
  • relieve pressure if the skin is excessively collected or stretched.

Buccal massage technique

Author’s French technique of a certified cosmetologist Joel Siocco. A “buccal” term consists of 2 words of Latin origin (cheek and mouth). The massage is based on the effect on the back and inside of the cheeks.

The essence of the buccal method is aimed at enhanced massage of the facial muscles from the outside and inside the mouth. At the same time, blood flow to the vessels improves, tissue tone increases, and the fat volume of the face decreases.

Only the lower facial area is massaged. This method is very suitable for women who are struggling with excess weight. It is also used in post-rehabilitation practice after strokes.

Facial massage for wrinkles for the skin after 30, 40, 50 years. How to do it yourself at home
Buccal massage technique

Myofascial massage

Myofascia is the muscles and connective tissue that envelops our organs, like a shield. Myofascial massage is aimed at restoring the fascia flexibility and accelerating the lymphatic flow in the body.

After 50 years during menopause, women have stagnation, a similar procedure will help to cope with them. This massage can only be done by a qualified specialist who feels sandwiched, spastic areas on the patient’s body.

Massage lasts from 30 minutes at the first meeting and gradually reaches 2 hours in subsequent sessions.

The technique of performing myofascial facial massage involves active circular and biasing movements. Apply light tweezing and stroking. With effort, they affect the area of the head, neck, and the area behind the ears.

Honey massage

Honey massage relies on the healing properties of this product. It contains vitamins of group B, zinc, polyphenols. Honey narrows the pores of the epidermis, cleanses and nourishes the skin with oxygen, tones, and eliminates wrinkles. Make facial honey massage at home.

Facial massage for wrinkles for the skin after 30, 40, 50 years. How to do it yourself at home
Honey facial massage

Honey is applied to clean, pre-steamed skin. Identifying contaminated sites is easy. These are the areas of the face on which honey is absorbed the least. Such places are worked out most intensively. Massage with fingertips along the main massage lines, using light tapping.

Chinese massage

Chinese massage has a second name, qigong, which means life energy management. The massage is based on the activation of biological points of the body. Different types of movements are used: light pressure, claps, rubbing.

Manipulations are carried out with the tips, phalanges of the fingers and palms. This massage is used at home to smooth out facial wrinkles.

Facial massage for wrinkles for the skin after 30, 40, 50 years. How to do it yourself at home
Chinese facial massage

Tibetan massage

The founder of Tibetan massage is considered the healer Chebu Trichet. He created the oldest handwritten massage source. The basis of Tibetan massage is knowledge of energy points on the human body. Click on these points with your fingers, palms and even elbows.

Tibetan facial massage is done lying on a hard surface. Active squeezing and massaging movements are used in this technique.

Rejuvenating facial massage by zones

Natural skin aging cannot
be avoided. However, anti-aging massage can slow down this process and improve the overall appearance of the face. To do the massage yourself, it is enough to follow simple rules: to know the manual techniques and learn the main massage lines:

  • from the middle between the eyebrows: up to the hairline and side to the temples;
  • along the upper eyelid, around the orbit of the eyes, to the inner corner near the nose;
  • from the middle of the eyebrows down the nose and along the cheekbones to the ears;
  • middle and ring fingers, in circular movements smooth out the nasal furrows;
  • from the corners of the lips along the cheeks to the auricles;
  • up the neckline, through the line of the second chin and down the lateral parts of the neck.
    Facial massage for wrinkles for the skin after 30, 40, 50 years. How to do it yourself at home
    Facial massage by zones

A light facial massage based on classic techniques that you can do yourself:

  • Nasolabial folds. The tips of the index and middle fingers in a circular motion push and tap the nasolabial folds.

  • Mr.
    usin feet”
    . The “moving eyelid” is tapped with finger pads, gently pressed. They move from the outer edge to the inner edge and in the opposite direction. Also pass through the motionless eyelid. You can not make circular movements capable of stretching the delicate skin around the eyes.
  • Facelift
    . It uses smoothing movements. The back of the palms up is carried out under the line of the second chin, moving to the auricles. And go down the inner side of the palms along the side contours of the neck.
  • Smoothing forehead wrinkles
    . Pass from the eyebrow folds to the temples, outlining a semicircle, using the entire surface of the hand.
  • Lip Lift
    . They move from the nasolabial fold to the middle of the chin. And from the corners of the mouth to the ears. Use all kinds of movements: pressing, tapping, sawing, finely vibrating., Rubbing. Then, the skin is stretched and pulled together between the fingers.
  • Cheeks and lower face
    . Move from nose to ears. Use movements: spiral, rubbing, circular, plucked, tapping. The skin is pulled and stretched between the phalanges of the fingers.
  • We model the neck
    . It uses smoothing movements. The back of the palms up is carried out under the line of the second chin, moving to the auricles. And they go down the inner side of the palms along the side contours of the neck.

Devices for home anti-aging massage

In addition to manual massage, various devices and specialized devices are used. There are many models on the market for adjusting the face at home:

  • devices based on laser beams, ultrasonic;
  • devices generating high-frequency pulses;
  • devices operating on microcurrents;
  • devices for cleaning the skin: exfoliating, vacuum;
  • vibratory massagers.
    Facial massage for wrinkles for the skin after 30, 40, 50 years. How to do it yourself at home
    Hardware facial massage

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Contraindications for the procedure

Face massage is contraindicated:

  • any damage to the skin;
  • infectious and viral diseases;
  • multiple moles;
  • facial hair in women (beard, mustache);
  • inflammation of the lymphatic system of the body.

How to enhance the effect of massage

In order for the massage procedure to proceed most fruitfully, the action can be strengthened by applying not complicated rules:

  • wash your face, clear of fat secretions;
  • preheat the massaged area with a hot towel or by taking a hot bath;
  • use cosmetics: creams, gels, oils. They significantly enhance the effect of massage. There is a deeper penetration of these funds into the epidermis of the skin.

The effectiveness of homemade anti-aging massage

Not everyone can afford to visit a beautician regularly. Facial massage at home is available to every woman. It will relieve deep wrinkles, form a clear outline, and improve complexion, help reduce swelling and bruising under the eyes.

The effectiveness of home massage is great. After the first procedure, there is a feeling that the skin of the face is relaxed and smoothed. Paying time to massage 2-3 times a week, you can achieve a lasting result.

Video about facial massage for wrinkles at home:

Video about the rejuvenating Japanese massage technique at home:

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