Peptides in bodybuilding, sports – what is it, the benefits and harms, the norm for losing weight, gaining muscle mass. List of drugs, names. Reviews

A lot of athletes who are engaged in bodybuilding, want to improve their body, without thereby causing harm to their health. And using various medications, as well as anabolic steroids, spoil your health pretty quickly. Peptides are an excellent alternative to drugs and anabolics. This is the best option for amateurs and professionals in bodybuilding.

Be careful!!! All information in the article is for informational purposes only. Before using any drugs and recommendations, a doctor’s appointment is mandatory!

What are peptides in sports and bodybuilding

Peptides are substances that are built from the remainder of amino acids, and are interconnected by peptide bonds. All such peptide bonds have a huge impact on the emotional mood, sleep, libido and the state of the human body.

So which peptide substances are best used to achieve success in bodybuilding What peptides are the most popular among athletes and bodybuilding fans Let’s figure it out together.

As for bodybuilding, here the choice falls on peptides that develop or correct the physical data of a person. These substances burn fat, improve muscle mass, stamina or local muscle growth.

Growth hormone stimulating peptides are usually divided into 2 different groups. The first group includes ghrelin. Ipamorelin, ghrp 2, haksarelin and ghrp 6 are also included in this group.

GHRH (growth hormone releasing), cjc 1295, sermorelin, and also HGH frag 176-191 belong to the second group of peptide substances. Peptides of the 2nd group cause wave-like changes in growth hormone in the blood. But the effect of these peptide substances also depends on the level of natural growth hormone. It is worth noting that at night and in the morning the level of secretion of this hormone is much higher than during the day.

To achieve maximum effect when using peptides, you need to use the table of their compatibility. Peptides in sports are quite popular, so on the Internet you can find a lot of useful information about them, including tables of their compatibility. Peptides in bodybuilding, sports - what is it, the benefits and harms, the norm for losing weight, gaining muscle mass. List of drugs, names. Reviews

When practicing bodybuilding, you should remember that the best effect is achieved when using peptides from different groups. For example, representatives of the ghrelin group and the release will be an excellent bunch. According to the combination table, the combination of ipamorelin and HGH 176-191 or HGH 176-191 with GHRP 2 are also considered optimal options.

Peptides in bodybuilding are very popular, but why is this happening What are their main advantages Firstly, peptides are cheap enough, which is very important for beginner bodybuilders. If the peptides are used correctly, it is almost impossible to get caught at the doping control.

Peptides have different mechanisms of action. With the right selection of combinations, you can achieve the desired effect. Peptides in bodybuilding are not difficult to buy, because these substances are not prohibited by law, the main thing is to be able to use them.

It is important to note that those types of peptides, which were discussed a little higher, are not unique. In sports and in everyday life, it is customary to use other types of peptide substances as well. For example, melanotan can be used for speedy tanning, Bremelanotide pt 41 can be used to increase the level of libido and sexual desire.

The most popular peptide substances are considered such samples as:

  • TB 500, which heals injuries and increases endurance;
  • delta slip, improving the body’s sleep;
  • “Peg mgf”, a peptide that allows you to quickly gain muscle mass;
  • follistatin designed to increase human strength.

Peptides can be bought in various specialized stores. The main thing is that there are high-quality steroid courses.

How to dissolve peptides correctly

To dissolve the peptides, it is recommended to use water for injection, which can be freely purchased at a regular pharmacy. In addition, peptides can be dissolved with bactericidal water. This water, of course, is much more difficult to find, and it does not cost as cheap as water for injection.

Peptides in bodybuilding, sports - what is it, the benefits and harms, the norm for losing weight, gaining muscle mass. List of drugs, names. Reviews
Peptides will help health raise immunity, as well as bring the figure to the desired result.

In the refrigerator, peptides for injection can be stored for no more than 2 weeks. These substances must be stored with special care, because if an infection gets into the peptide, it will not be suitable for use.

Peptide Injection

In some people, peptide injections cause a sensation of pain. In this case, the peptide solution should be diluted with novocaine. Ledocoin can also be used as a peptide solvent. Peptides in bodybuilding, sports - what is it, the benefits and harms, the norm for losing weight, gaining muscle mass. List of drugs, names. ReviewsThese 2 remedies will help get rid of pain when injecting. But if you do not feel pain, then you do not need to use them.

How to store

Peptide substances are recommended to be stored at room temperature. So they can “survive” for 2 months. If you store the peptides in the most ordinary refrigerator, then their shelf life increases to a couple of years.

As for peptides dissolved in water, their storage at room temperature is possible up to 2 days, and in the refrigerator – up to 3 weeks. These substances can also be stored frozen. In our store of steroids and peptides you can buy everything you need.

GHRP-6 (5 mg)

Price: $ 4,08.

Anabolic GHRP-6 (5mg) is a fairly effective medical peptide drug that increases the production of growth hormone in the human body. Having a positive effect on the skeleton, it strengthens bones, promotes better tissue regeneration, increases the strength of the muscle structure. Peptides in bodybuilding, sports - what is it, the benefits and harms, the norm for losing weight, gaining muscle mass. List of drugs, names. Reviews

At the same time, the steroid GHRP-6 course (5mg) has 28 amino acids that have a serial connection and very effectively affect the human body as a whole.

Based on natural components, this drug is recommended for use by many medical organizations. It was invented relatively recently, but has already managed to gain popularity and recognition among our compatriots.

Convenient bottle allows you to conveniently use it almost anywhere. Contributing to the production of secretion, the steroid GHRP-6 (5mg) at the same time qualitatively improves cell regeneration in the body.

It is interesting to note that you can buy GHRP-6 peptide (5mg) with other drugs, if used together with other growth hormones it will give a synergistic effect. Medical studies also prove that this drug has a positive effect on the human immune system as a whole. It is the safest anabolic steroid.

How to use:

The steroid GHRP-6 (5mg) is administered intramuscularly through an injection 3 times a day, approximately 1 hour before a meal. Be sure to know how to breed peptides. It is also important to calculate your own dosage of
the drug, which is based on indicators of human weight. A single fraction of the anabolic is 1 mcg per 2 pounds. weight of a person.

Possible side effects:

The drug is not recommended for use by persons who have not reached the age of 18. Do not exceed the daily dose of the stimulant, as this can lead to inhibition of the immune system.

GHRP-2 (5 mg)

Price: $ 4,08.

A good and proven steroid GHRP-2 (5 mg) belongs to the group of peptides that stimulate the production of growth hormone somatotrapin. This drug includes 6 amino acids, which contribute to the qualitative growth of muscle mass, and in the shortest possible time.

Being a good stimulant of secretion, anabolic has a positive effect on the growth of muscles, cells, bones and skin throughout the human body. Peptides in bodybuilding, sports - what is it, the benefits and harms, the norm for losing weight, gaining muscle mass. List of drugs, names. Reviews

The drug can be used both independently and in combination with other peptides of a similar nature. Together they give a synergistic effect, that is, they qualitatively enhance the influence of each other several times. The steroid GHRP-2 (5mg) has proven itself exclusively on the positive side, since it is based on natural components.

Its advantages are:

  • Stable decrease in fat mass with gradual muscle gain.
  • The effect of skin rejuvenation.
  • Good bone strengthening.
  • Reliable liver protection.
  • Lowering blood cholesterol.

It is also important to note that GHRP-2 (5 mg) moderately increases appetite, which usually does not lead to a change in diet. So this drug can and should be used. You also need to know how to properly dilute the substance.

How to take the peptide:

The duration of the first course of taking the device is 6-8 weeks, which depends on the weight of the person, as well as the goals and objectives that he sets for himself. It is administered intramuscularly by syringe injection according to the following scheme, i.e. you need to know how to prick and breed: 100 mcg – 50 minutes before training, 100 mcg – immediately after exercise, 100 mcg – before going to bed.

Side effects:

Steroid GHRP-2 (5 mg) can only be taken by healthy people who are at least 18 years old. If you exceed the dose of 1 mcg per 2 pounds. weight of a person, then the body may increase levels of cortisol and prolactin – stress hormones. Sometimes there may be trouble sleeping.

Ipamorelin (2 mg)

Price: $ 4,08.

A good anabolic steroid, has proven itself on the positive side. The drug mimics Heraclin in the body, stimulating the production of growth hormone secretion. Structurally, it is a polypeptide having the Aib-His-D-2-Nal-D-Phe-Lys-NH2 amino acid chain.

Among the qualitative advantages of the drug, its safety should be highlighted, i.e. It is a mild steroid that has been confirmed by numerous clinical studies. Peptides in bodybuilding, sports - what is it, the benefits and harms, the norm for losing weight, gaining muscle mass. List of drugs, names. Reviews

Even with an increased dose of the hormonal apparatus, it does not harm, because it does not lead to an increased release of cortisol and prolactin into the body, which are responsible for the mood of a person.

Due to this, the drug is successfully used even by professional athletes. May be used in a course of steroids for women.

The acceptable price of the anabolic Ipamorelin (2 mg) allows us to successfully use it for all our compatriots who want to have good muscularity and shape relief.

Using a steroid along with other drugs, a synergistic effect will occur, as a result of which the results will improve by an order of magnitude. The complex peptide Ipamorelin, as described, is the latest development by leading scientists working on hormonal drugs that stimulate muscle growth in the human body.

How to use:

The drug is used by the introduction of intramuscularly or subcutaneously with an insulin syringe. The course of Ipamorelin and its dosage is 1.3 mcg. per 2 pounds. the weight of the person, which will be enough for a spectacular result. It can be used in conjunction with similar peptides.

Side effects:

There are no serious contraindications to using the device, apart from the fact that it is not advisable to use it for children and adolescents who are not yet 18 years old. Some very excitable people have a chance of minor sleep problems. In all other respects, anabolic is a proven and effective tool for stimulating muscle growth.

CJC -1295 (2 mg)

Price: $ 4,76.

The peptide hormone CJC 1295 is a special tool that athletes use. Most often it is used in bodybuilding. Regular use of the drug promotes the release of growth hormones.

The CJC 1295 peptide, entering the human body, begins to actively affect the pituitary gland. Such a turbulent process provokes an increase in the synthesis of growth hormone in an athlete, therefore this indicator becomes much higher than in an ordinary person. Peptides in bodybuilding, sports - what is it, the benefits and harms, the norm for losing weight, gaining muscle mass. List of drugs, names. Reviews

This drug has long been used in Western countries. Due to its properties, it has gained popularity and a good reputation, so in some cases it begins to be used at the end of taking anabolic steroids.

This allows you to improve the overall effect of taking anabolics and steroids, because now they are combined in the body together with peptides.

It is completely safe to use. The maximum effect of the drug is no more than 40 minutes. This tool is included in the best courses of steroids for gaining muscle mass.

Pros of regular use:

  • energy is improving;
  • bone and muscle tissues are strengthened;
  • reduced recovery time after long workouts;
  • rejuvenation of the whole organism occurs;
  • excess weight is burned;
  • cartilage is rapidly restored.

How to apply:

The daily dose is very small – about 1-2 mg per 2 pounds of a person’s weight, intake – 3 times during the day. To an ordinary person, to slow down the aging process, it is enough to take this drug once every 24 hours. This must be done before bedtime. The drug is administered intramuscularly using medical syringes. There are also special courses GHRP 6 CJC 1295 and GHRP 2 CJC 1295.

Precautionary measures:

It is not dangerous to use the drug, because there are practically no contraindications. Due to the fact that this drug only accelerates the processes in the body, it suits absolutely everyone. However, before you start taking it, you still need to consult a doctor.

Melanotan-2 (10 mg)

Price: $ 7,48.

Melanotan-2 is a synthetic peptide hormone. It is considered an analog-natural remedy for melanocortin. Melanocortin allows you to enhance the effect of tanning, because when it is taken in the body, the production of melanocytes is a melanin pigment.

The use and use of this tool is very useful, because these substances have the skin on the tan, and this in turn reduces the risk of sunburn.

A tan received in a tanning bed is artificial, and radiation causes harm to the skin and the body, but with regular use of the drug, you can get a uniform, true tan, without any harmful effects on the body.

Melanotan-2 has the effect of increasing libido. In addition, due to taking the drug in men and women, there are improvements in sexual life.

Since 2010, the drug has been therapeutic and is prescribed to individuals who lack sunlight. Now people can get enough sunlight without harming the body. They will not get skin cancer, because when ingested, this product stimulates the natural pigmentation of the epidermis even before exposure to ultraviolet light.

How to use:

Before use, you must learn how to inject drug injections. It is worth noting that for one 10 mg vial of Melanotan-2 accounts for 0,07 fluid ounce of sterile water. Water is needed for injection.

The dose of the drug is as follows:

  • per 220 pounds of body weight – 1 mg for 24 hours.
  • 165 pounds of body weight – 0.75 mg for 24 hours.
  • per 110 pounds of body weight – 0.5 mg per day.

Side effects:

What is harmful Melanotan-2 for the body It is not suitable for people whose total mass is less than 110 pounds, that is, it can not be administered intramuscularly to children. There are also contraindications for some components of the drug. Before using the product, consult your doctor, because the effect can affect sexual function, both in men and in women.

MGF PEG (10 mg)

Price: $ 14.

MGF is an insulin-like growth factor. MGF gallon translates as “mechanical growth factor” or simply “MFR”. The use of this tool is due to frequent loads and damage to muscle tissue.

The mechanical growth factor has a restorative effect during overloading the body. Interesting is the fact that this tool includes several types of proteins that have functional and structural similarities. Peptides in bodybuilding, sports - what is it, the benefits and harms, the norm for losing weight, gaining muscle mass. List of drugs, names. Reviews

During the intake, they are deposited in the body, and if any muscle part is damaged, they begin to be actively developed, thereby significantly accelerating the healing and recovery process. This medication is also effective during routine congestion. Its use has a positive effect on the body.


  • loss of adipose tissue occurs, and in all parts of the body;
  • rapid muscle growth;
  • human energy improves and the overall energy level rises;
  • uninterrupted functioning of the immune system is ensured;
  • positively affects sexual function, heart function and skin plastic;
  • there is a complete smoothing of wrinkles;
  • improves vision, memory and sleep;
  • rapid healing of wounds and small cuts occurs.

Instructions for use:

The dose of the drug is the same for everyone. You need to know how to chop and breed PEG MGF. The optimal dose of mechanical growth factor is from 100 to 200 mcg in 24 hours. Reception is carried out either intramuscularly, or the drug is administered subcutaneously. The duration of the course is from 5 to 6 weeks. 2 bottles per month leave. A break between admission courses is 1 month.

Side effects:

Almost everyone can use the drug, because there are practically no contraindications. Suitable for people of any age, because the mechanical growth factor responds not only to overload and muscle strain, but also to the appearance of wounds and contributes to their rapid healing. For older people it helps to stimulate performance.

Sports drugs allow an ordinary person to transform his body beyond recognition. However, you should not think that it is enough to buy anabolics, steroids and your muscles will grow on their own. You must also eat and exercise properly.

Hexarelin (2 mg)

Price: $ 2,72.

The modern steroid Hexarelin (5mg) is a proven anabolic drug aimed at stimulating the production of growth hormone – ghrelin. This substance belongs to the group of peptides that are responsible for the qualitative molecular bonds between amino acids.

The Hexarelin device (5mg) is one of the most powerful ghrelin receptor agonists, which gives full confidence in the positive effects of the drug. Peptides in bodybuilding, sports - what is it, the benefits and harms, the norm for losing weight, gaining muscle mass. List of drugs, names. Reviews

During the administration of the steroid, completely natural processes are observed in the human body, which distinguishes the drug from selective growth stimulants. There is no additional production of cortisol and prolactin – hormones that directly affect well-being and stress levels.

Due to this, taking Hexarelin is a completely safe action, so with this steroid to build muscle mass, you can achieve a qualitative increase as well as relief in the shortest possible time.

It also works well with other anabolic steroids, including the GHRP – 2 (5 mg) and GHRP – 6 (5 mg) groups. In the course of taking both drugs, a synergistic effect in the effect on the human body can be observed. So the steroid Hexarelin (5mg) will be especially useful for those who need to achieve positive results in the shortest possible time.


Hexarelin (5 mg) is administered intramuscularly by syringe injection with a frequency of 3-4 times a day. In this case, you should remember about the break between the reception, which should be at least 4 hours. The length of the course depends on the characteristics of the person himself, but usually lasts for 6 weeks.

Side effects:

The steroid can be used only to those whose age is at least 18 years old. Before taking it, it is advisable to undergo a medical examination and make sure of the healthy state of the body, as well as the absence of joint diseases. In all other respects, there are no contraindications, since the drug has natural ingredients and is considered a harmless steroid.

HGH -176 -191 (2 mg)

Price: $ 4,76.

The hormone HGH 176-191 is a real discovery in the world of peptide supplements in bodybuilding. Studies of the drug helped to identify the fact that its regular use and use allows you to get rid of subcutaneous fat and lose weight completely. Fragment 176-191 is a stabilized analogue of the factor, which almost completely releases growth hormone from the body.

The process of reducing and decreasing fat mass is controlled by a small area, which is located at the end of the GH molecule. At this site are amino acids 176-191. They are so few that they make up less than 10% of the total size of the growth hormone molecule.

Because of this, these amino acids cannot have any effect on growth and insulin resistance. Such studies helped to come to a single conclusion: HGH 176-191 only stimulates lipolysis, which is much more effective than growth hormone, and at the same time slows down the formation of fatty acids. Peptides in bodybuilding, sports - what is it, the benefits and harms, the norm for losing weight, gaining muscle mass. List of drugs, names. Reviews

This drug has no other effects. Its use is absolutely harmless. Blood glucose levels remain normal. Regular use of the fragment reduces the aging process of some cells.

How to use:

The fragment can be used by both professional athletes and beginners who are still only on their way to success. May come in pre-made steroid courses for beginners.

The reception scheme for beginners is simplified, but this is quite enough. Reception is carried out 1 hour before a meal, and 30 minutes before a workout and you need to know how to breed. Dosage of HGH FRAGMENT 176 191 – 200 mcg. If there is no training on this day, then the reception is carried out at night, 30 minutes before bedtime.

Side effects:

Suitable for everyone, can be used as a steroid for women to lose weight. It does not cause allergic reactions. Since the effect is achieved due to regular intake, and not due to a large dose, this peptide fragment is suitable for any age. However, the advice of the attending physician will not harm and will allow you to take the drug without fear.

TB-500 (2 mg)

Price: $ 4,08.

TB 500 is a synthesized version of the natural peptide thymosin beta 4, which consists of 44 amino acids. The hormone Timosin controls the body’s immune responses, and it is thanks to its high healing ability, several times higher than that of Growth Hormone, that it has become used in medicine.

Clinical trials and tests have shown that Timosin affects speed strength and endurance by accelerating muscle growth, improving muscle tone, preventing adhesions, maintaining the flexibility and elasticity of connective tissues and accelerating their recovery from injuries. Peptides in bodybuilding, sports - what is it, the benefits and harms, the norm for losing weight, gaining muscle mass. List of drugs, names. Reviews

It is precisely these abilities of the peptide that have led to the fact that it perfectly treats injuries and helps to recover after them, as well as to gain competitive advantages during the competition – the TB 500 peptide.

Having started taking TB-500, you will be convinced of its absolute effectiveness, incomparable with analogues. The price of Timosin in comparison with similar offers will pleasantly surprise.

How to use:

The content of the substance in one bottle is 2 mg. The manufacturer’s instructions indicate the method of application in the form of subcutaneous or intramuscular injections. Sterile water for injection ( 0,1 fluid ounce per ampoule) is used to prepare a ready-to-use solution.

The TB 500 solo course for a person weighing 176 pounds looks something like this:

  1. Starting with 2 milligrams (1 bottle) per day for 5 days – the first stage.
  2. In the second stage – 6 mg per week for 5 weeks.
  3. Then within a month of the third supporting stage – 2 mg for 7 days or 10 mg per month.

Thus, the optimal course is 2.5 months, the required amount is 24 bottles.

Precautionary measures:

In terms of effectiveness, the TB 500 peptide has no analogues among medical preparations. According to the results of studies when taking the drug, toxic and serious side effects were not detected even at a dose of more than 1000 mg. It is the absence of non-drug prohibited doping substances in its composition that explains its popularity. Reviews speak of the high potential of the TV 500.

PT-141 (10 mg)

Price: $ 5,44.

PT-141 is a bremelanotide that also contains the only synthetically adapted aphrodisiac to date. Its important unique and distinctive feature, is that it is indicated for use by both men and women, regardless of the physiological parameters of the body.

The active ingredient “Bremelanotide” is a peptide hormone used primarily to increase sexual desire or enhance erection, and has a positive effect on the human mind, making you tremble with pleasure.

Peptides in bodybuilding, sports - what is it, the benefits and harms, the norm for losing weight, gaining muscle mass. List of drugs, names. Reviews

Studies have shown the potency of RT-141 in the prevention and treatment of impotence in men and sexual arousal disorders in women.

Unlike analogues (for example, Viagra), RT-141 10 mg directly affects the increase in libido, affecting the nervous system, but without affecting the cardiovascular system.

However, the most positive effect is achieved with the joint use of RT-141 and Viagra. In addition, studies of the drug have proven its ability to produce melanin (as the peptide agent Melanotan II) and thereby stimulate a sharp increase in tanning.

Customer reviews talk about maintaining the effect of the drug for 8 to 10 hours. Moreover, the maximum effect is achieved at the fourth hour after its introduction and then gradually decreases.


PT-141 is used by subcutaneous (or intramuscular) injection into the abdomen. Why is it better to use insulin syringes. A single dose of the drug varies from 0.5 mg to 1.5 mg. The RT-141 peptide is recommended to be started with the minimum dose, gradually increasing the dosage if the previous one is ineffective, until the desired effect on the body is achieved.

Precautionary measures:

Doctors do not recommend the intronasal route of administration, since with this technique there is a risk of side effects in the form of a rise in blood pressure. The RT-141 bottle of 10 mg on average is designed for 10 doses. The solution prepared using water for injection can be stored in the refrigerator for 14-20 days.

Selank (5mg)

Price: $ 4,76.

Selank is a regulatory peptide recommended for use to relieve internal stress, control emotions, and eliminate anxiety-asthenic disorders.

This is a synthesized analogue of the drug Tafticin, which is able to naturally regulate the central nervous system. However, in terms of speed, effectiveness, power and swiftness of the pharmacological action, there are no equal Selank preparations. Peptides in bodybuilding, sports - what is it, the benefits and harms, the norm for losing weight, gaining muscle mass. List of drugs, names. Reviews

Among the features of its impact, it is possible to single out the ability to improve attention and memory, activate the process of learning and perception of information, develop motivational stability, stimulate activity in confronting increased anxiety and increase the adequacy of adaptive behavior.

Effects: rapid elimination of stress, anxiety, depression.

It is shown to people whose activities are, to one degree or another, related to intense information and muscle loads, and require increased attention and coordination of movements, for example, to schoolchildren or students during exams, athletes or the military.


The administration form of the Selank preparation is unique – intranasally, using a dropper bottle. Reception is carried out by instillation of the nasal passages, while in a sitting position, slightly throwing his head back. Once in each nasal passage, 2-3 drops of Selank (or 300 mg of the active substance) are injected.

It is possible to increase the dosage to a maximum of 900 mcg, then the procedure for administering the drug should be divided into several doses with an interval of 10-15 minutes. The daily dose is optimally 12-36
drops (900-2700 mcg) in 3 divided doses. The course of treatment is from 10 to 14 days.

Precautionary measures:

The Selank peptide does not cause side effects inherent in drugs of a similar pharmacological category, for example, allergic reactions, drowsiness, addiction, or withdrawal syndrome.

Unpleasant taste sensations are possible when droplets get into the oral cavity. Manifestations of allergies are possible only with individual intolerance. There is no incompatibility with other drugs.

Why the price of Selank should not become an obstacle if there is an urgent need to purchase a peptide:

  • the proven mechanism of action indicates its obvious superiority in the fight against psychological problems and the treatment of nervous disorders,
  • You can buy Selank at times cheaper than its counterparts.

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What are peptides:

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