Teeth Whitening Strips: 3d white, Blend a Med, Crest, Rigel, Advanced teeth, Oral Pro, Bright light. Prices in pharmacies

Aesthetics of teeth is directly related to their color: the whiter, the more attractive the teeth and the person’s smile. The whitening procedure in the clinic costs more than $ 272 . Those who are looking for alternative, cheaper ways to get a beautiful smile, it makes sense to think about buying whitening strips for teeth, which are easy to buy in a pharmacy or store.

The price of this tool is much lower than professional whitening in the clinic, and many are satisfied with the result of their use.

What are teeth whitening strips

Strips for teeth were invented not so long ago, and this was done by the Americans, who always especially cared about the beauty of their smile. Procter & Gamble began developing the first teeth whiteness plates since 1997. These strips are designed for independent use at home. Teeth Whitening Strips: 3d white, Blend a Med, Crest, Rigel, Advanced teeth, Oral Pro, Bright light. Prices in pharmacies

The product is a pair of thin plates (polyethylene or from another material), on which a special gel is applied.

Advantages of funds

Bleaching strips from different manufacturers differ in consumer properties.

But all of them, to a greater or lesser extent, have the advantages listed below:

  • well remove plaque from coffee, tea, nicotine, red wine and other products with strong coloring properties;
    Teeth Whitening Strips: 3d white, Blend a Med, Crest, Rigel, Advanced teeth, Oral Pro, Bright light. Prices in pharmacies
    Teeth whitening strips are a worthy alternative to methods for professional tooth whitening
  • cope with stains from special metal orthodontic systems, with a coating of medicines;
  • Designed for home use. There is no need to go to the dentist;
  • simple and convenient to use;
  • provide a fairly long (up to one and a half years) effect. This is possible if a person does not abuse too much coloring drinks and food.


Competitive brands are trying to minimize the shortcomings of their products.

But there are also disadvantages common to all whitening strips:

  • not effective enough to change the natural yellowish or grayish color of the teeth;
  • fillings and prostheses do not bleach;
  • may cause mild irritation of sensitive gums.


Children, pregnant women and people suffering from serious chronic diseases should not use this remedy. It will not be superfluous to visit a dentist before starting a whitening course.

How do whitening strips work

A gel with an active whitening component (hydrogen peroxide) is applied to the strips.

The composition of this gel also includes substances that provide hydration, fixation, taste:

  • carbomer;
  • glycerol;
  • saccharin;
  • soda;
  • water.

How to use

Strips are very easy to use, but to achieve the best result, you must follow simple rules:

  • you need to read the instructions and find out if there are allergens in the composition of the substances used for bleaching;
  • remove the protective layer from the strip for upper teeth and attach it to the outer surface of the upper teeth. Press the strip to the teeth; Teeth Whitening Strips: 3d white, Blend a Med, Crest, Rigel, Advanced teeth, Oral Pro, Bright light. Prices in pharmacies
  • do the same with a strip for the lower row of teeth;
  • maintain the recommended time. The hydrogen peroxide contained in the gel is safe if not abused. But the surface layer of gum tissue and tooth enamel can collapse from an excess of this substance;
  • Do not eat or drink during the procedure;
  • do not reuse strips;
  • at the end of the procedure, remove the plate and brush your teeth with regular toothpaste or powder;
  • carry out the procedure no more than once every 12 hours and no more than twice a day;
  • a whitening course is usually carried out for about two weeks. During the course, you should not use products with strong coloring properties (coffee, black strong tea, dark grape varieties and the like). At the end of the course, you should refrain from these products for another week;
  • a break between bleaching courses should be at least a month. But it is better to increase it to 6 months.

The best brands of whitening strips

The brand Model name Price, usd.)
Crest 3D White Whitestrips Professional effects About 3500
Suprime About 5000
Glamorous white About 4000
White vivid 2500-3000
1 Hour Express 2500-3000
Gentle route About 3000
Supreme FlexFit About 4000
With light About 5000
Monthlyly boost 2300-2800
Stain shield 2500-3000
Intensive Professional Effects 3000-3500
Blend a med 3D White Luxe 2600-3200
Rigel Teeth Whitening Strips 2990-4000
Purewhite Dr. White Intensive About 2000
Premium About 1500
Bright light Professional Effects Daytime About 1500
Perfect effects 1300-1400
Night Effects (nightly) About 1400
Bu-beauty Advanced teeth 200-450

Teeth whitening strips in a pharmacy (their price may be slightly higher than in online stores) can be bought on specialized sites. For example, Blend a Med cost an average of $ 38. The price of the popular Crest Professional Effects – $ 52. Teeth Whitening Strips: 3d white, Blend a Med, Crest, Rigel, Advanced teeth, Oral Pro, Bright light. Prices in pharmacies

If you buy the same strips not through an online service, but in a regular pharmacy, then the price will increase by another 10-12%. However, buying goods at the pharmacy is much safer. Pharmacies are often checked for medical and legal compliance. In the case of health products, this is especially important.

The table does not show exact prices for 2 reasons:

  1. In different pharmacies, they vary.
  2. Sometimes it makes sense to buy such a product not only in a pharmacy, which will be discussed later.

When buying through any (non-pharmacy) resource on the Internet, you have to take care of whether the purchased product is certified. Many resources provide digital copies of certificates. But upon careful consideration, these certificates turn out to be simply texts with pictures, and not documents with legal force.

Teeth whitening strips are easier to buy at the pharmacy, but at a higher price. For the sale of non-certified goods, the pharmacy chain is legally responsible. And the buyer does not have to study fake Internet “certificates”.

The pharmacy is obliged to provide a certificate for goods to any buyer upon request. Any pharmacy network has a double responsibility: to the buyer and to the Ministry of Health.


Professional Effects – the whitening strips deserve their name, because the result from their use is close to what bleaching gives in a dental clinic. 20 pairs of strips are designed for 10 days when applied twice a day. By the end of the course, you can count on lightening the teeth by 4 tones. Teeth Whitening Strips: 3d white, Blend a Med, Crest, Rigel, Advanced teeth, Oral Pro, Bright light. Prices in pharmacies

The quality of these strips has been tested over the years and by a large number of people who have used this tool.

Suprime professionally whitens teeth up to 7 tones in 3 weeks . The procedure must be carried out for 30 minutes.

Supreme Flexfit was developed in 2021 . Securely attached to the teeth. The procedure lasts 1 hour, but during the procedure you can drink and talk without fear that the strips will slide off your teeth. Soft whitening, the product does not harm the enamel of sensitive teeth. The course is calculated for 2 weeks. By the end of the course, the teeth will be 6 tones whiter. Whiteness lasts up to 1.5 years. Teeth Whitening Strips: 3d white, Blend a Med, Crest, Rigel, Advanced teeth, Oral Pro, Bright light. Prices in pharmacies

Gentle Routine is the best tool for sensitive teeth in the Crest line of strips . The strips are fixed on the teeth for only 5 minutes, the bleaching course is 28 days. As a result, the teeth brighten by 3 tones.

White Vivid is also good for use if tooth enamel is very sensitive . A course of 12 days, clarification-2 tones, 30 minutes will go to the procedure.

1-Hour Express for intensive express whitening , the duration of the course is 7 days, the duration of one procedure is 1 hour, whitening is done in 4 tones.

Stain Shield is applied for 5 minutes daily . The package contains 28 pairs of strips. They are suitable for single, non-course bleaching, which is very attractive for many people who want to quickly and without much hassle make their teeth more beautiful. A single procedure allows for 1-2 tones to make teeth whiter.

Monthly Boost is a new development for maintaining whiteness . Unlike Stain Shield, it is used only once a month, but is applied for 1 hour. The bleaching composition of these strips does not contain aggressive ingredients. The strips are comfortable, hold well on the teeth. The package contains 12 pairs of strips. This is enough to maintain whiteness throughout the year. A single whitening brightens the teeth in 2 and even 3 tones.

Blend a med

Strips of this brand 3D White Luxe are well known in USA. The brand is owned by Procter & Gamble, which owns the Crest brand. In some European countries, funds are sold under one of these two brands, in others – under the second. Teeth Whitening Strips: 3d white, Blend a Med, Crest, Rigel, Advanced teeth, Oral Pro, Bright light. Prices in pharmacies

Blend a Med pastes have been widely known in USA for a long time. Blend a Med records are also easier to find in domestic pharmacies and stores than any other. It happened historically.

Bleaching strips for teeth in a pharmacy, the price and quality of which are closest to Crest strips, which have gained immense popularity, are strips of Blend a Med 3D White Luxe.

You can find them in many American online pharmacies. These strips are represented by only one model in comparison with the whole line of similar Crest products.

The teeth become whiter after a single use. Whitening time – daily for 1 hour for 2 weeks. The effect will continue throughout the year. The strips have an ergonomic shape, and the bleaching procedure with them is quite comfortable.

The price of Blend a Med is close, but lower than the price of crest similar in composition and effect. This, of course, is good. Worse, the manufacturer is not entirely honest with the buyer. When reading the barcode, you may find that the product is made in Germany or France, and not in the United States, as indicated on the package.

It is known that the European manufacturer cannot yet achieve the same quality of this specific product as the American one. Blend a Med 3D White Luxe is closer both in composition and packaging to an earlier generation of Crest products than to the latest innovations.


The British strip manu
facturer has created a pretty impressive product. Strips can be used not only at home, but anywhere. They are easily attached to the teeth, almost invisible on the teeth and dissolve in a few minutes. They do not contain hydrogen peroxide and urea, therefore they are safe for sensitive teeth and the human stomach. Teeth Whitening Strips: 3d white, Blend a Med, Crest, Rigel, Advanced teeth, Oral Pro, Bright light. Prices in pharmacies

The bleaching gel contains active oxygen, breath-freshening components and safe antiseptics. Plaque is removed on all teeth, including the lateral. Teeth become whiter after the first procedure.


Strips from the New Zealand company Pure White are popular in Europe. Dr.White technology has appeared recently, but is quickly exploring new markets. These stripes appeared in USA.

The tool is implemented in 2 versions:

  1. WHITE Intensive is designed for intensive whitening. The procedure lasts half an hour, the course is 2 weeks. As a result, the teeth become whiter by 3-4 tones and remain so for a year and a half. Enamel and gums are not damaged due to the gentle whitening formula.
  2. For whitening particularly sensitive teeth, it is better to use Dr. WHITE Premium to be applied daily for 2 weeks. It is possible to use strips twice a day. The result is fixed for a year. Teeth Whitening Strips: 3d white, Blend a Med, Crest, Rigel, Advanced teeth, Oral Pro, Bright light. Prices in pharmacies

Teeth whitening strips, in the pharmacy the price of which will be quite affordable – strips of the American company Dental Oral Health.

Bright light

Professional Effects should be applied 1-2 times daily for 30 minutes for 7-14 days. These strips lighten the teeth in 3 tones for 1 course.

Night Effects – night whitening strips. Apply to teeth before bedtime for 7-8 hours. Harmlessly whiten teeth by 4 tones in a 2-week course.

Perfect Effects released by the manufacturer for sensitive teeth. Attaches well to teeth. The procedure is carried out once a day for half an hour. Peroxide concentration is slightly higher than Procter & Gamble strips. Made in China.

Advanced teeth

This is one of the most popular among similar products in our country. Chinese product of the Chinese brand BU-Bauty. 2 weeks whitening course. They are used in the same way as most of the strips described. Superimposed on the teeth for half an hour once a day. Teeth Whitening Strips: 3d white, Blend a Med, Crest, Rigel, Advanced teeth, Oral Pro, Bright light. Prices in pharmacies

Repeated passage of a course cannot be begun earlier than in half a year. On Aliexpress, these strips can be purchased for a little more than $ 2,72. In a pharmacy, this product is unlikely to succeed.

Where to buy profitable tooth whitening strips

Buying strips of any brand is not difficult. You can choose a price that is not too burdensome. Before buying a product, you should consider what conditions it must satisfy.

If you need to buy good and inexpensive, then the whitening strips of the Chinese manufacturer can be purchased through Aliexpress. It will be profitable, and you can not be afraid that the product is fake if the brand is exactly Chinese.

A similar tool can be found in online pharmacies. The price there will be higher, but quite acceptable. If the buyer decides to buy the whitening strips of the European, and even more so the American brand, then he needs to be careful. There are many offers on the Internet. There are no guarantees that you will receive what you ordered.

The options for action are as follows:

  • buy goods on the official website of the manufacturer;
  • purchase goods at the pharmacy.

With a purchase on the manufacturer’s website, there may be difficulties in payment and delivery. There are many Crest sellers online who claim to be official distributors of Procter & Gamble.

A careful examination of their documents reveals that these documents are often expired. Moreover, for more than 2 years. Therefore, the buyer risks purchasing fake products. Blend a Med strips are easier to buy. The official website of Procter & Gamble trades in USA.

Teeth whitening strips in a pharmacy (the price will always be lower in an online pharmacy) are safe enough to buy if they are not found on the official website. Of course, the price will be higher than in most online stores, but the risk associated with the purchase of such products on the network is completely excluded.

Currently, the law allows you to remotely sell some pharmacy products. Of these, bleaching strips. The buyer will be able to buy them through an online pharmacy in the same way as he buys any product .

Teeth Whitening Strips: 3d white, Blend a Med, Crest, Rigel, Advanced teeth, Oral Pro, Bright light. Prices in pharmacies
The scheme for buying teeth whitening strips in an online pharmacy is quite simple

Many pharmacies and pharmacy chains have representative offices on the Internet. Among such pharmacies are “Walgreens”, “CVS/Pharmacy”, “Rite Aid”, “Planet of health”, “Accessible environment”. In a similar pharmacy, you can arrange and delivery. You can save by using virtual reference pharmacies. They present a range of products in real pharmacies.

Virtual help provides information on:

  • prices;
  • Addresses
  • possible discounts in pharmacies.

Help itself does not sell goods. In each city there are enough such convenient services. Regarding the sale of medical goods in the legislative bodies, discussions are constantly ongoing, pharmacies lack the rights for profitable trade. Therefore, the buyer may have problems finding the product of interest to him.

The range of whitening tooth strips in the well-known online pharmacy Walgreens.com is not very large. It is much wider in the online pharmacy Cvs.com. There are also strips of a domestic manufacturer.

Whitening strips Global White from the manufacturer Green Dubrava, 7 pcs. at the price of $ 8,28. and 14 pcs. at the cost of $ 15. These strips are designed for a weekly and 2-week course. Statistical conclusions: more than 90% of those who bought this product were satisfied with the bleaching result.

Dentist and customer reviews on whitening strips

The opinion of dentists is as follows: under the influence of whitening strips, a good effect arises in the surface layers of enamel. The main side effect of home whitening with stripes is an increase in tooth sensitivity.

During bleaching, you should not carry out dental treatment, since the gel acts on the marginal fit of the filling material, and it is better to postpone the treatment for 2 weeks after the end of home whitening. It is also possible irritation of the oral mucosa.

It is
necessary to carefully use the strips, make sure that they do not touch the mucous membrane and gums. If the patient has doubts about the health of his teeth and oral cavity, it is better to visit the dentist before bleaching.

Patient reviews about the strips are also mostly positive. Among the disadvantages of using whitening strips are sore gums, lack of whitening effect.

But most people who have tried such a fairly inexpensive pharmacy tool, subsequently seek to re-whiten their teeth in the same way. Sometimes other strips are chosen, but few people refuse to whiten their teeth categorically.

Video about Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening at home with 3d white stripes:

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