Epilation and depilation – what is the difference: sugar, wax, cream, strips for the intimate zone, laser depilation in the salon and at home

Epilation and depilation are the two most effective methods of getting rid of hair on the body and face. When choosing a method, it is important to understand what the difference is, what auxiliary means, contraindications, features, and also how to choose the most optimal and least traumatic method in each individual case.

Features of depilation

Depilation is a procedure for removing hair for cosmetic purposes. The main feature is that in the process there is no damage to the follicles, hair growth in the future is practically not disturbed. Hair removal and depilation - what is the difference: sugar, wax, cream, strips for the intimate area, laser hair removal in the salon and at home

When depilation in salon or home conditions, the visible part of the hairs – rods located on the surface of the epidermis is removed. Also in the process, the root of the hair is removed, but without damage to the hair follicle.

There are several depilation techniques, each of which is distinguished by good performance, low traumatism, and safety, but the result of such elimination of vegetation in certain areas of the body, face, is temporary. The effect can last, depending on the chosen method, mainly from 2 to 10 days.

Features of hair removal

Epilation and depilation (the difference can be found below) are the most effective modern methods. Epilation is referred to innovative methods of artificial elimination of vegetation on the body and face. Hair removal and depilation - what is the difference: sugar, wax, cream, strips for the intimate area, laser hair removal in the salon and at home

By means of one or another action directed to the treated areas, the root part is destroyed, the hair follicle is completely inhibited. After a powerful local exposure, no regrowth occurs.

Existing hardware technologies are able to influence exclusively overgrown rods, therefore, for complete removal, it is recommended to complete a full course of 4-10 sessions. The effectiveness of each technique varies depending on some aspects – the individual characteristics of the body, the stage of anagen (growth), hair color, belonging to a particular color type of appearance.

Types of depilation

Epilation, like depilation, is carried out in salon conditions or at home. What is the difference between unwanted hair removal techniques

There are several effective, affordable, safe cosmetic methods that are held in the salons:

  • Waxing, or waxing. This method of removal is suitable for both women and men, can be used in any areas. With regular waxing sessions, hair grows slower, becoming lighter, softer, thinner, invisible. It is not recommended to perform wax depilation in the presence of neoplasms, heart diseases, decompensation stage of diabetes mellitus, inflammatory processes, skin diseases. In the salon, depilation is carried out using wax heated to a warm or hot state. The preparation of the composition is carried out in special units – wax alloys, up to a working temperature of 40 to 60 degrees. Hair removal and depilation - what is the difference: sugar, wax, cream, strips for the intimate area, laser hair removal in the salon and at home
  • Shugaring, sugar depilation. To eliminate hair in professional salons, ready-made depilatory compounds are used. They have the consistency of a paste consisting of natural ingredients. On treated areas, a specialist previously applied medical talcum powder for better adhesion of hairs with a sugar composition. For effective removal, the length of the hair should be at least 3/32 – 6/32 inch. Professional pastes are classified by consistency density and composition. The specialist in the salon individually selects the optimal paste consistency for processing areas of varying sensitivity.
  • Chemical depilation. The use of safe cosmetic formulations is sometimes called “chemical blades”. The principle is to apply chemically active agents to the previously prepared epidermis. It can be gels, lotions, creams, aerosols. The exposure time is from 4 to 12 minutes, after which the product is removed with a special flat spatula. The chemical composition inhibits the protein component of the core, resulting in its separation from the epidermis. Damage to the bulb with this technique does not occur.
  • Plucking. The technique is used, as a rule, for a problem facial area, for non-extensive areas of the body. It is easy to carry it out at home with metal tweezers. Hair removal and depilation - what is the difference: sugar, wax, cream, strips for the intimate area, laser hair removal in the salon and at home
  • Shaving. The classic method of removal – is quick, easy, affordable. Significant disadvantages of the method include the risk of ingrown hairs, the possibility of mechanical damage, redness, irritation after shaving.
  • A haircut. To make the vegetation less noticeable, you can trim it carefully. In salons, the intimate haircut procedure is in demand – to give vegetation in an intimate zone of aesthetics. The procedure is carried out on a special cosmetic couch in compliance with all sanitary standards. Before the haircut, the client selects a pattern, the master performs the processing of the zone, cleaning, disinfecting and degreasing the area. To create a haircut, a combined depilation technique is used, in which excess hair is removed with wax, plucked, and the rest is trimmed gently. It can be any drawing or a classic Brazilian triangle.

Depilation at home

Epilation and depilation (what is the difference it is important to find out before the procedure) is a convenient, affordable method of removing hairs not only in salons, but also independently, at home.

You can use one of the following methods:

  • Shaving. Depilation with a razor is the simplest and most budgetary type of hair removal on large areas of the body, in the armpits. It has several disadvantages, it is not recommended for use in facial areas depilation. To avoid irritation after shaving, it is previously advised to take a warm relaxing shower, it is imperative to treat the areas with a shaving aid – gel, foam or cream. After simple manipulations, a soothing cream, gel or decoction containing aloe or chamomile is applied to the areas treated with a razor.
  • The use of cream. On sale there are various chemically active compounds that contribute to the safe disposal of unaesthetic vegetation at home. Creams contain a high level of Ph, delicately dissolving the hair shaft during contact exposure. You can not use funds on the mucous membranes, with individual intolerance to the components of the composition. Delicate tissue can get severe burns, allergies can develop. The principle of application is simple: first the skin is cleaned, then the cream is applied f
    or 5-10 minutes. After the session, the composition is removed with a flat spatula, removing dead hairs with the remains of the chemical solution. Hair removal and depilation - what is the difference: sugar, wax, cream, strips for the intimate area, laser hair removal in the salon and at home
  • Electrodepilators. Special electrical appliances – assistants in home depilation procedures. The disadvantages of use include the high price of functional devices, as well as pain during the session. Hair removal and depilation - what is the difference: sugar, wax, cream, strips for the intimate area, laser hair removal in the salon and at homeThe principle of operation is to capture each hair with subsequent removal. The minimum length is at least 0. 2 inch. The device must be guided strictly against growth, not pushing it in, but sliding smoothly on the surface of the zone. The denser the rod, the lower should be the speed of the device. After treatment, the skin should be treated with an antiseptic, an ingrown and softening cream.
  • Waxing. Waxing is easy to do at home alone. For procedures, you can use ready-made kits. They include wax tapes with a wax composition already applied to them, instructions for use and wipes saturated with cosmetic oil to remove sticky residues. It is enough just to clean the skin, apply a wax tape, applying it to the hair growth. After a couple of seconds, strip the tape against growth, go to the next section. For home procedures, you can purchase film wax prepared for use, as well as an inexpensive wax wax to bring the mass to working temperatures and consistency. Removing with warm wax is less painful and more effective. Hair removal and depilation - what is the difference: sugar, wax, cream, strips for the intimate area, laser hair removal in the salon and at home
  • Sugaring. Sessions of sugar depilation can simply be carried out at home, using ready-made pasta or making a sweet composition on your own. To prepare, you need to mix cane or regular sugar, water, lemon juice or powdered citric acid in certain proportions. Cook the sugar mass in a container until a caramel shade. It is important to constantly stir the composition, do not digest the paste. When the solution cools down and thickens, pinch off a small piece, carefully knead it to elasticity. Then apply anti-growth paste to the prepared area, stretching the mass on the skin, then break the lines of hair growth. This method eliminates ingrowth, does not injure the epidermis. The smoothness effect can last from 10 to 20 days, the duration depends on the characteristics of the treatment area.

Types of hair removal

Epilation and depilation (what is the difference between the methods can be found in the article) have significant differences. Epilation is an innovative hardware-based way to get rid of unaesthetic vegetation for a long time. After passing an individual course of sessions, as well as subject to regular preventive procedures, hairs on the body and face can be eliminated forever.

All methods are based on a single principle – total destruction of hair follicles and overgrowth of the hair tubule.

Hardware exposure can be somewhat painful or not at all causing sensations. Each of the methods of hair removal has individual characteristics, minuses, advantages.

There are several effective methods of hair removal:

  • Laser hair removal. The principle of operation of the apparatus is the intense impact on the site with powerful light pulses. As a result, inhibition of the structural substance of melanin occurs. Laser energy is absorbed, followed by follicle destruction. The remaining areas are not affected, so tissue injury does not occur. To completely get rid of hairs, an individually designed course is required. The number of sessions depends on the features of the zone, the color of the hairs and the individual characteristics of the body. It is not recommended to carry out procedures for pregnant women, patients with diabetes mellitus and somatic diseases. You should be aware that laser cannons, gray or very light hairs are not removed. Hair removal and depilation - what is the difference: sugar, wax, cream, strips for the intimate area, laser hair removal in the salon and at home
  • Photoepilation. The technique, which gives a lasting effect of smooth skin, is carried out mainly in the salon. In the process of exposure to the flash, melanin is absorbed and the follicle in the active phase is subsequently destroyed. For complete removal, repeated sessions are necessary. It is applied on any zones, for all skin types and hair color. During the session, a slight burning sensation can be felt, anesthetics can be used to relieve pain. The devices are equipped with double filters to prevent burns on the skin. It is recommended to carry out procedures in the winter. Experts do not advise resorting to photoepilation on tanned skin, during pregnancy and lactation, as well as in the presence of a pacemaker and skin diseases. Hair removal and depilation - what is the difference: sugar, wax, cream, strips for the intimate area, laser hair removal in the salon and at home
  • Electrolysis. Epilation with electric currents allows you to eliminate unwanted vegetation in any zones, the technique is relevant for all color types, gray and fluffy hair. The downside is the painfulness of the procedures, before the session, application of funds with anesthetic effect is required. The method is similar to acupuncture, the thinnest sensor is inserted into the follicles, current pulses are applied, and as a result they are destroyed.
  • Electrolysis. One of the subtypes of electrolysis based on the electrochemical multi-needle technique using galvanic currents that pass between the needles, causing a chemical reaction. An alkali is formed, which depresses the bulbs. This method is less painful, one of the pluses is less chance of scarring.
  • Thermolysis. Another subtype of electrolysis, it is more effective. He is fraught with great risk, requires high qualifications and experience of a cosmetologist. A needle is inserted subcutaneously, a high-frequency current is supplied, due to the local action, the bulbs are destroyed. The advantages of the method include speed and high efficiency, subject to the technological process.
  • Blend method (Blend) – a combined technique. It is based on the principle of combining electrolysis with thermolysis. First, a needle is inserted subcutaneously with the supply of electric current. Then the cosmetologist switches the alternating current to direct. As a result, alkali is formed, the bulbs are destroyed. If technol
    ogy and antiseptic measures are not followed, there is a risk of folliculitis and scarring.
  • Flash hair removal. It is a subspecies of thermolysis, it belongs to the category of radical effective methods of getting rid of unwanted vegetation. The impact is carried out by local supply of high-frequency current. The needle electrodes are completely isolated, except for the tip, as a result of the sensation is not so painful. Efficiency depends on the accuracy of the actions of the master, it is not recommended to use to eliminate hairs on sensitive areas of the mucosa, facial areas, bikini area.

The main differences between hair removal and depilation

Epilation and depilation (the difference can be found below) are effective cosmetic procedures performed to give the skin aesthetic smoothness. They are aimed at one result, but the effect, the principle of influence of each of the existing methods is different.

The main differences between them:

  1. The degree of removal. During depilation, only the visible component of the hair shaft can be eliminated. When hair removal occurs, the complete destruction of the follicles, preventing subsequent hair growth. Hair removal and depilation - what is the difference: sugar, wax, cream, strips for the intimate area, laser hair removal in the salon and at home
  2. The effect. Depilation is temporary, while due to the course of hair removal sessions you can get rid of hair for a long period.
  3. Price. Depilation is affordable, but the most affordable and fastest way is to shave. Epilation is a fairly expensive procedure that requires a full course.
  4. The method and place of the procedures. Performing hair removal at home is difficult and unsafe. Depilatory products and devices are available for purchase in stores, but any depilatory procedures are easy to carry out at home.
  5. Training. For any of the methods of depilation does not require special training. But bioepilation (waxing, shugaring) requires experience and dexterity. To perform any of the methods of hardware hair removal requires preliminary preparation. Inadequate qualifications can lead to the risk of negative consequences.

Epilation and depilation – a set of techniques for removing unaesthetic vegetation in certain areas of the body and face. It is important to understand the difference between them before choosing one of the most convenient methods. It is also necessary to take into account a number of factors affecting the final result, a number of contraindications, as well as personal comfort and preferences.

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What is the difference between hair removal and depilation:

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