Beautiful gel nails. Photos, new design 2021. How to make at home

This year, beautiful gel nails are not luxury, but ordinary, because if you want, you can find a master with work that suits any desire and opportunity. It’s better to choose from a photo from social networks or personal sites – in this way, you will be able to immediately understand how well a professional is suitable for the matter.

Nail extension gels

In order for the nail extension to be of high quality, it is necessary to choose a good gel that is not a fake of the original.

You can pay attention to the following tools:

  1. Balance Basic Clear Gel. It has 2 colors. The gel is single phase.
  2. With high quality – a comfortable price. This gel can be used even at home.
  3. Virtually odorless, one of the few safe gels. Great for a 3 phase system.
  4. Irisk Professional. Holds tight to the nails, easy to apply. The top layer does not peel off. Beautiful gel nails. Photos, new design 2021. How to make at home
  5. IBD Builder Gel Natural. A rich color palette, in addition to standard shades. The consistency is optimal for application.
  6. Lady Victory by Formula Profi. Able to align nails well.

For the right choice, you should follow:

  1. Consistency. It should not be medium viscosity.
  2. By brand. To combine the composition, you need to choose the same manufacturer.
  3. UV lamp. Not all gels require drying in a lamp, but if this is necessary, it is important to clarify which technique is suitable when working with a particular brand.
  4. The smell. If the products smell sharply of chemistry, this may indicate that the gel contains harmful elements.
  5. Place of purchase. Buying coatings is best in trusted stores that don’t sell fakes. You can pre-examine customer reviews on the Internet.

Color schemes

Gel nails (photos, beautiful shapes and designs in 2021) will be discussed later, first of all, you can pay attention to color schemes. There are many designs, both restrained and bright, attracting attention.

The neutral design includes a plain coating in pastel colors:

  • light blue;
  • light pink;
  • beige;
  • cream;
  • light gray;
  • mint. Beautiful gel nails. Photos, new design 2021. How to make at home

You can also include French manicure here. For its implementation, white and beige or flesh shades will be required.

So that the manicure is bright and catchy, with a uniform coating, you should choose saturated colors:

  • blue;
  • green;
  • red;
  • yellow;
  • the black;
  • white;
  • gold;
  • silver;
  • pink.

To attract attention to the nails, you can make an interesting design using several colors and accessories for manicure.

The texture of the extended nails

Coatings for nails can be of several types:

  1. Matt
  2. Glossy.
  3. The combination of matte and glossy.
    Beautiful gel nails. Photos, new design 2021. How to make at home
    Photo of beautiful gel nails. This is the trend of 2021. Combination of grainy design with matte

It is interesting to look at the nails of various patterns made in bulk. A brick wall, knitwear, animal skin, drops of water – all of these elements, when properly executed, will look very impressive.

Some masters can not only imitate patterns due to materials intended for nails, but also offer exotic solutions in the form of butterfly wings, various insects, pieces of leather, fur and other equally interesting options. Using a special powder, you can give your nails a velvety feel.

Decor Elements

Gel nails (photo, decorative elements beautiful in 2021) will be considered further:

  1. All kinds of stencils. With their help, on the nails, you can draw anything from hearts to spirals and geometric shapes. Stencils have an advantage among other decor elements, because thanks to such stickers you can not only portray an interesting design, but also arrange everything with an interesting color scheme. A manicure can become two-tone, decorated with holographic powder or sparkles. Beautiful gel nails. Photos, new design 2021. How to make at home
  2. Round beads for nails. Due to them, it is possible to give the coating volume, to distinguish its certain zones.
  3. Textured coating – sugar. Manicure with its use is called sand or sugar. Nails become velvety and pleasant to the touch.
  4. Colored sequins. Different colors of this decor element allow you to show imagination and perform manicure in an interesting style.
  5. Melange. It looks like small multi-colored grains. With it, you can perform a “usd”, or just cover the nails on top of the top.
  6. Jewelry or jewelry. If you don’t have time to think about design, you can choose a suitable decoration and stick it to your nails. Such a design looks beautiful and unusual.
  7. Magnetic rubbing. In order to get the desired effect, you need to cover the nails with a dark color, then the base. A rubbing is applied over the base coat, which is further modified by a magnet. After the desired effect is achieved, the nails need to be dried in a lamp. Beautiful gel nails. Photos, new design 2021. How to make at home
  8. Various forms of rhinestones. Glued on top of the top.
  9. Thermal effect pigment. Such coatings are able to change color when the temperature changes. If, for example, a hand is dipped in cold or hot water, the color scheme of the nails will change.
  10. Grid with a holographic effect. Apply to colored varnish.

Building Techniques

There are 3 technologies for nail extension:

  • single phase;
  • two-phase;
  • 3 phase.

Single-phase is the use of a small amount of materials:

  • After applying the primer in one layer, it is necessary to cover the nails with a single-phase gel and dry it in a lamp.
  • Next, you need to take a drop of the gel with a brush and distribute it in a circular motion on the nail bed.
  • The two-phase technique involves applying a rubber base after the primer.
  • After this stage, it is necessary to again dip the brush into a jar of gel, and apply the resulting drop of material to the nail, stretching part of it to the free edge.
  • Dry the coating in the lamp by turning the hand with the nails down.
  • A
    fter the coating dries, you need to apply the foundation.
  • In a circular motion, camouflage gel is applied to the nails, simulating them. The final result is well dried in the lamp. Beautiful gel nails. Photos, new design 2021. How to make at home

The 3-phase technique involves the use of 3 drugs:

  • After applying the primer, it is necessary to apply a rubber base.
  • After drying it in a lamp, a gel is applied with the next layer, which also dries well.
  • Before proceeding to the next step, it is important to remove the remaining sticky layer.
  • Apply varnish or any other coating, which is subsequently fixed with a top.

Design Ideas, New for 2021

  1. 3D modeling. Due to the application of the gel in several layers with the drawing on each of them of any picture or gluing a decor element, an interesting design is obtained. Beautiful gel nails. Photos, new design 2021. How to make at home
  2. Rhinestones, beads, sequins, metal threads. With their help, you can lay out any pattern from concise to catchy, attracting attention. Some women decorate their nails with Swarovski crystals.
  3. Nude tones. For light, delicate manicure, light, skin tones are used. When applying spangles of the same color over the gel, it will turn out not only a restrained image, but also a little festive, with which you can attend important meetings and social events.
  4. The ombre technique is relevant not only in the past year, but now, despite the great competition among various designs.
  5. Like ombre, the French has established itself for a very long time. It is performed not only in white and pink shades, but also in any others. For effect, some masters add sparkle. Beautiful gel nails. Photos, new design 2021. How to make at home
  6. Lunar manicure. At the base of the nail, a hole is displayed in any of the desired colors. Such a design hides well overgrown nails if performed in flesh tones.
  7. Negative space. On the nail, a certain part is allocated in the form of any desired figure. This fragment remains transparent, and the rest of the nail is covered with the desired color. Such a design looks very unusual and beautiful.

Rules for choosing a method of nail extension

Tips are plastic pads that imitate a nail. Glued on natural nails to glue, filed on top to smooth the joint between a natural nail and nail tips. The nail is given the necessary shape (square / oval / circle and so on). For better strengthening, the tips are covered with gel or acrylic. Pads are recommended for use on short nails.

Shapes are patterns that are fixed under a natural nail to work on an artificial nail. Using special marks on the molds with gel, you can immediately fashion the required length and shape.

The templates are cardboard with a coating of foil, metal or plastic. Templates can be disposable (soft) and reusable (dense). Forms on nails from 1/32 – 3/32 inch long are used. The trapezoidal shape of the nail plate also implies extension on the forms.

For wide nails, both extension options are suitable.

What you need to build nails on forms

Gel nails (photos, beautiful ideas for building in 2021, you can see later) can be built on your own, but first of all you need to decide on the basic set of necessary tools:

  1. Liquid (antiseptic) for the treatment of cuticles and nails. Beautiful gel nails. Photos, new design 2021. How to make at home
  2. A bath of water to soften the cuticle.
  3. Pusher to work on the cuticle.
  4. Special tweezers and scissors for manicure.
  5. Buffs and different stiffness nail files.
  6. Brush to get rid of dust after sawdust.
  7. Fluid (dehydrator) to degrease the nail.
  8. Special primer for nails to ensure their good adhesion to the gel.
  9. Top and base.
  10. Modeling gel.
  11. Brushes of different hardness.
  12. Varnishes (gels) of different colors.
  13. Elements for creating the necessary design.
  14. Napkins without lint.
  15. UV lamp for drying the material.
  16. Forms required for building.

Using tips: what you need

After processing the cuticle, you can proceed to the procedure of nail extension.

To do this, you will need:

  1. Tipsorez and tips, suitable for the existing shape of the nail.
  2. LED or UV lamp.
  3. Napkins are lint-free.
  4. Antiseptic.
  5. Degreaser.
  6. Gel or acrylic.

Form extension technology at home

Gel nails can be beautiful not only in the photo, but also in life, since by 2021 they had developed a high-quality technology for building them. Beautiful gel nails. Photos, new design 2021. How to make at home

  1. Hands are treated with an antiseptic.
  2. The cuticle is soaked in hot water and then cut off with the necessary tools.
  3. The free edge of the nail is processed with a file to align.
  4. The surface of the nail plate gets rid of the gloss buff.
  5. Using a special brush, all dust from sawdust is swept away from the nails.
  6. The plates are lubricated with a degreaser.
  7. Primer is applied.
  8. The base is applied in one layer, then it is dried in a lamp for 120 seconds.
  9. Selected forms are established, bends to the future nail are attached.
  10. A modeling gel forms the shape of the nail.
  11. The file removes the sticky layer. The final form is attached.
  12. Colored varnish (gel) is applied and dried in a UV lamp. It must be applied twice.
  13. The design is drawn.
  14. The nails are covered with a top, and then dried in a lamp.
  15. The sticky layer is removed.
  16. Cuticles are lubricated with oil or cream.

Instructions for beginners: building on tips

After processing and removal of the cuticle, the following occurs:

  1. The nail is treated with a file to give the required length.
  2. Buff removes gloss from the nail. Beautiful gel nails. Photos, new design 2021. How to make at home
  3. Using a brush removes all dust.
  4. Nails are degreased.
  5. Tips are selected for each finger. The width of the artificial coating must match the width of the natural nail plate.
  6. Tips are glued to the glue to each nail. 10 sec later You can stop fixing them.
  7. Wipes remove excess glue.
  8. Using tip cutter, the length of the nails is cut.
  9. The joint line between the nails and the tips is aligned with a file.
  10. The shape of the nail is formed.
  11. After getting rid of excess dust, a primer is applied.
  12. A modeling gel creates the surface of the nail.
  13. The gel is dried in UV for 2 minutes.
  14. The second layer of gel aligns the nail and dries in the lamp.
  15. Using a file eliminates all irregularities.
  16. The nails are finished and dried in UV.
  17. If necessary, a design is drawn.
  18. The cuticle is oiled.

In 2021, so that the nails are beautiful, they can be increased with the help of a gel. The desired design can be selected from photographs on the Internet. In order to please the result, you need to choose a master with good experience, or to master the build-up technology yourself – there is nothing complicated in this. The main thing is to purchase the necessary tools.

Video about gel nails

New items and trends in gel manicure 2021:

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