EMC workout for weight loss. What is it, exercises, reviews of doctors, photos before and after

To get rid of excess weight, nutritionists advise proper nutrition, regular training, healthy sleep. Proven methods for losing weight help, but quickly bother most people with obesity. Fitness clubs offer to solve the problem with the help of EMC, a specialized program that uses additional muscle stimulation using low-power currents.

What is EMC

The technique was invented by Soviet scientists in the 1970s for the rehabilitation of astronauts after a long stay in 0 gravity. She received a second life in the form of simulators-muscle stimulators, widely advertised from TV screens.

The essence of classes is the forced contraction of muscle tissue under the influence of weak impulses of electric current.

Studies claim that at the time of training with EMC, more muscle fibers are involved than with standard exercises in the gym. The combination of electrical stimulation and a set of exercises can accelerate the receipt of the results expected from cardio workouts.

Occupation principle

EMC slimming workouts are designed for:

  • weight loss;
    EMC workout for weight loss. What is it, exercises, reviews of doctors, photos before and after
  • muscle strengthening;
  • improvement of metabolic processes;
  • recovery after injury.

Under the influence of impulses, the intensity of muscle contractions increases, almost 600 muscles are involved in the process (during normal training, about 100 are involved). Classes are supervised by a trainer who works with each visitor on an individually selected program.

Sensations during and after EMS training

Athletes who first encountered electromyostimulation argue that during training they have the feeling that their muscles are contracting on their own. An unusual condition occurs due to increased activity of tissues under the influence of electrical impulses.

A short training session causes severe muscle fatigue. The feature is associated with a double load: physical activity and additional stimulation with low-frequency currents.

Are EMS training safe

Muscle electrical stimulation is recommended for use in the rehabilitation process after injuries, for patients who have been on strict bed rest for a long time, with severe atrophy of muscle tissue.

EMC workout for weight loss. What is it, exercises, reviews of doctors, photos before and after

EMC workouts for weight loss will help restore the figure after childbirth. Classes begin 3-6 months after delivery. Before training, women need to visit a local therapist and get permission to practice.

A correctly selected set of training for giving birth will help:

  • normalize body weight;
  • reduce the waist in volume;
  • restore muscle tone;
  • reduce stretch marks;
  • get rid of sagging abdomen, buttocks and legs;
  • improve skin condition.

EMC training has become popular due to the following indicators:

  • during them there are no large loads on the ligamentous-articular apparatus, which is a priority for patients with diseases of the ligaments, joints;
  • devices similar in action are successfully used for rehabilitation therapy after serious injuries;
  • for professional athletes, classes help speed up metabolic processes, improve muscle functionality, increase speed while running;
  • classes on simulators have practically no contraindications.

EMC workout for weight loss. What is it, exercises, reviews of doctors, photos before and after

Under the influence of electrical stimulation, the speed of circulation of blood flow and the intake of beneficial substances to damaged muscle tissues increase. Injured patients note that through training, rehabilitation is accelerated, takes less time, restoration of impaired functions of the musculoskeletal system is faster.

Sportswear & Equipment

For training, only sneakers are required, and special equipment is issued in the gym. Trainers advise always to take a set of spare underwear, since during training the EMC suit is wetted with water.

Equipment has the following characteristics:

  • small sizes – the standard weight of an EMC suit is 11 -15 pounds, which allows even fragile girls to engage;
  • high maneuverability – the developers took into account previous mistakes and created equipment that does not interfere with free movement;
    EMC workout for weight loss. What is it, exercises, reviews of doctors, photos before and after
  • composition of suits – they are made of specialized elastic fabric, outwardly resemble things for deep-sea diving, only without an oxygen cylinder behind;
  • manufacturers integrated liquid drainage into the system , and the suit itself is characterized by antibacterial properties.

The main control system can be wired or wireless. Through it, the intensity of electrical impulses that are applied to different parts of the body is controlled.

Where are training sessions held

Athletes work out in standard fitness rooms, which are additionally equipped with several EMC simulators.

EMC effectiveness in overweight

Slimming workouts with muscle stimulants are not recognized by the US Department of Health and Human Services. A critical attitude towards EMC was caused by a study that showed that calorie consumption under the influence of electrical stimulation is minimal.

A sufficient calorie loss occurs only when performing physical exercises that simultaneously involve the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, several muscle groups. Professional athletes resort to the use of EMC simulators, but do not consider them the main help for maintaining and improving physical fitness.

EMC workout for weight loss. What is it, exercises, reviews of doctors, photos before and after

They prefer to use them as an additional source of stress. It is impossible to put on the same line electrical stimulation and classic cardio training with a variety of exercises. The latter are considered safer for the body – artificial stimulation of muscle tissue is not suitable for everyone and does not always give the expected results.

Calorie Consumption and Body Composition

Calorie loss when exercising with equipment is minimal. For half an hour of training with electrical stimulation, a person loses 15% more than with a state of absolute rest and the work of the same apparatus.

Taiwanese researchers found that calorie consumption during electromyostimulation is 5 times lower than with regular walking. EMC can not be compared with standard strength training, the latter allows you to burn about 700-800 kcal per hour.


EMC training for losing weight and restoring injured tissues is prohibited at certain rates.

EMC workout for weight loss. What is it, exercises, reviews of doctors, photos before and after
EMC workouts for weight loss can not be carried out in the presence of a pacemaker.
Contraindications presented Prior consultation and approval by a physician is required for patients with
  • metabolic disorders;
  • autoimmune pathologies;
  • heart and vascular diseases;
  • atherosclerosis, respiratory diseases;
  • epilepsy, neurological problems;
  • muscular dystrophy of a progressive course;
  • hernias in the abdominal and inguinal;
  • the use of individual drugs or food additives;
  • alcohol, drug addiction.
  • bacterial, viral diseases or inflammation – training is prohibited for patients with elevated temperatures, fever syndrome – pathogenic microflora with artificial stimulation can provoke serious diseases due to its spread through the circulatory system;
  • diseases of internal organs – a particular problem is caused by renal dysfunction, during training, metabolism is accelerated and a double load falls on paired organs;
  • hypersensitivity – direct contact with the electrodes becomes a source of allergic reactions, irritation, skin rashes;
  • malignant tumor – electrical pulses can cause accelerated growth of the neoplasm, the spread of secondary foci of pathology along adjacent tissues;
  • pacemaker – modern devices rarely fail under the influence of small electrical impulses, but the likelihood of problems with the device is always present;
  • those in the postoperative period – a certain time is needed to restore the body;
  • burns – thermal damage to the skin under the influence of electrical stimulation causing pain, the appearance of swelling in the wound surface;
  • skin wounds – an increase in the activity of blood circulation can lead to the opening of unhealed cuts;
  • diabetes mellitus – intensive training can cause hypoglycemic coma due to a sharp drop in blood glucose levels;
  • thrombophlebitis, thrombosis – the formed clots on the inner walls of the venous vessels under the influence of electrical impulses can come off and, together with the blood stream, penetrate the heart muscle, lungs, provoke a stroke, heart attack, and lead to death of a person.

Classes on the EMC simulator are not recommended for pregnant women. The equipment causes additional muscle tension in the pelvic area, abdominal cavity, can become a source of increased uterine tone. A tight belt and heat generated during training cause particular harm.

EMC workout for weight loss. What is it, exercises, reviews of doctors, photos before and after

The increased circulation of blood flow in the upper and lower extremities leads to a decrease in blood entering the abdominal cavity. Elderly patients are also not allowed to attend classes due to the high risk of problems with the functionality of internal systems and organs, impaired rhythm of heart contractions (arrhythmias).

Weight Loss Workout Program

Preliminary preparation plays a large role in obtaining the expected result.

The general recommendations for the training program include:

  • The need for training under the constant supervision and guidance of a professional trainer with a sufficient level of qualification. Attempts to save money and do it yourself often end up with serious health problems and the need for long-term rehabilitation.
  • The training schedule is adjusted to the needs of the trainee: his daily employment in the workplace, the availability of free time are taken into account. Before classes, the trainer takes into account height, body weight, habitual daily physical and motor activity – the information collected helps to eliminate excessive stress on the body, to avoid accidental injuries.
  • The schedule takes into account the time that the body needs to recover. Overload of weak ligaments and tendons can lead to their ruptures, sprains.

The trainer conducts at least 3 joint trainings for 1-2 weeks. During this period, he examines information about the trainee, according to the data obtained, compiles a schedule for future classes.

Lesson plan

EMC workouts for weight loss are carried out in 3 stages. Duration and loads depend on the general preparedness of the body.

Warm up or cardio

Warming up takes from 5 to 7 minutes. To properly prepare the heart for subsequent loads, a person is engaged in a warm-up on an exercise bike or an ellipsoid.

EMC workout for weight loss. What is it, exercises, reviews of doctors, photos before and after

All training takes place in full gear. Exercises are supplemented by electromyostimulation. The equipment is set up by an individual trainer.

Strength exercises

Lasts about 15 minutes.

The main part requires the following exercises:

  • squats
  • swings of arms and legs;
  • slopes;
  • twisting;
  • lunges.

Training takes place under constant stimulation of muscle tissue by weak electrical impulses. A regular visit and improvement of initial indicators allows you to introduce additions in the form of the use of dumbbells, special weights, which are fixed on the lower and upper limbs.

Lymphatic drainage massage

The final stage of training is the use of a special mode EMC-suit.

A small massage session is intended:

  • to get rid of muscle tension resulting from training;
  • accelerate the circulation of lymphatic fluid;
  • withdrawal of accumulated metabolic products and excess fluid;
  • general condition improvement.

Lymphatic drainage massage is used instead of the last muscle warming. General relaxation after exercise gives an additional surge of energy, improves mood.

When are the results visible

Regular training in the fitness room takes about 2 hours. When using electromyostimulation – no more than half an hour. Trainers claim that the visible effect occurs after the 2nd week of regular training. You can approximate the desired body shape in 2 months. ongoing workouts.

EMC workout for weight loss. What is it, exercises, reviews of doctors, photos before and after

Such statements are true subject to dietary intake, sufficient physical activity throughout the day. It is impossible to obtain relief muscles with one half-hour stimulation – the technique was developed to restore damaged tissues, rather than build muscle.

Do you need EMS workouts for weight loss or can you do without them

With a large body weight, it is difficult to engage in general conditions in the gym or fitness room. Strong loads on the joints and ligament-tendon apparatus can cause serious injuries. Such patients are rec
ommended sparing physical therapy exercises with constant monitoring of their health status, verification of heart performance, blood pressure indicators.

EMC training is similar to physiotherapy exercises and does not cause much damage to the joints. To reduce excess weight, they are not enough – over time, a person must add standard power loads to his schedule. The body is not able to instantly adapt to new conditions for it and requires a phased complication of cardio training.

For weight loss, it is not necessary to engage in EMC simulators. Persistent work on yourself in the gym, changing your usual lifestyle, counting the calories spent and received will give a reliable result, but it will require a lot of time. Most general practitioners do not trust myostimulants and believe that information about their effectiveness is an advertising trick.

EMC workout for weight loss. What is it, exercises, reviews of doctors, photos before and after

Existing contraindications do not give the opportunity to talk about them as an ideal tool for solving the problem of obesity.

EMC was developed for the rehabilitation of patients with atrophy of muscle tissue. It is impossible to use it as a basis for weight loss due to the minimal consumption of calories. Regular strength training and changes in the usual diet will give a greater effect than half-hour myostimulation.

EMC Slimming Workout Video

What is EMC training, how do they work:

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