Electrolysis: reviews and effectiveness, consequences. How is it done on the face, body, bikini area, armpits

Permanently remove hair using electrolysis. This is an effective method of getting rid of hair using an electric discharge. However, according to reviews, some undesirable consequences are possible.

Electrolysis – what is it

During the procedure of electrolysis, an electric shock is applied to the hair. The impact is directed directly to the root. There is a burn of the follicle and growth zone, which guarantees the result of hair loss.

Hair Removal Methods

  • Thermolysis is a current of high purity and low voltage. The procedure is painful. Anesthesia occurs only with the help of injections. A burn may result from exposure to the electrode. On the face is not applied.
  • Galvanic electrolysis – acts by direct current on the bulbs, forming caustic alkali. The operation is considered completed when hydrogen bubbles appear on the skin and the hair is removed. This is a slow but painless way.
  • Blend method – combines thermolysis and galvanic electrolysis. The follicle is heated by thermolysis, destroyed by electrolysis. The computer in special blend epilators adjusts the frequencies individually.
  • Sequential Blend – a kind of blend method, pain is reduced by using lower pulses of current amplitude.
  • Flash method – improved thermolysis, lower pain, constant current frequency up to 2000 kHz is used. Electrolysis: reviews and effectiveness, consequences. How is it done on the face, body, bikini area, armpits
  • Siqvesialflash is a flash method, an improved version. A maneuverable and high-speed device affects hair of various thicknesses. High frequency sinusoidal alternating current is used.

Harm and Benefit

Electrolysis (reviews, effectiveness, consequences – the master should tell about this) has a number of pluses and minuses.


  • The ability to forever say goodbye to unwanted vegetation.
  • Cheaper photo hair removal.
  • It is applied on all types of hair and skin.
  • Hygiene of the method.
  • It is performed even if there are contraindications to photoepilation.
  • You can remove hairs everywhere.


  • Takes a lot of time. Electrolysis: reviews and effectiveness, consequences. How is it done on the face, body, bikini area, armpits
  • Some types of procedures can be painful.
  • One session is not enough.
  • It is necessary to process the skin after the procedure.
  • Side effects.

Electrolysis (reviews, effectiveness, consequences – this can be read in the article) is not harmful to health.

The effect is only on the hair follicle. Electrolysis can be performed for people from 18 years of age and on any part of the body.

How to choose a wizard

Before recording a procedure, the wizard needs to find out:

  • work experience;
  • education; Electrolysis: reviews and effectiveness, consequences. How is it done on the face, body, bikini area, armpits
  • model of equipment used;
  • Does he use disposable hygiene products
  • whether anesthesia is used.

During the procedure, small wounds will appear on the skin, a doctor who has received the necessary knowledge will do antiseptic treatment and talk about how to take care of the skin at home so that there are no problems.

The master must know how to help the client and restore his skin to its normal condition in case of various pathological skin reactions: allergic, irritation.

The more experience a master has, the more professionally he owns equipment. And the better the master handles his equipment, the higher the chances that the patient’s skin will not suffer during electrolysis.

Electrolysis should be carried out with high-quality equipment, since when using old or insufficiently professional equipment, the risk of unpleasant consequences for the skin increases, and the procedure itself loses its effectiveness.

The master must have certificates for his equipment, which will provide the client at his request. Also, according to reviews, the low cost of the procedure should alert. Electrolysis: reviews and effectiveness, consequences. How is it done on the face, body, bikini area, armpits

The master’s work clothes are uniforms, gloves and a mask. Procedural must be kept clean and sterile.

Available should be:

  • UV sterilizer;
  • boxes for disinfectant;
  • disposable sets of linen;
  • antiseptics for the treatment of skin and hands;
  • sterilizer for disinfecting needles.

The movements of the master must be clear and confident, regardless of the area of hair removal, the professional is required to completely control the course of the needle.


One type of anesthesia is taking a warm bath immediately before the procedure. The pores expand when steaming, which greatly facilitates hair removal. As such, this procedure will not bring pain relief, but the hair will be removed more easily and this will take less time.

Anesthetics for external use:

  • Creams. The cream is applied to the surface from which the hairs are to be removed, and covered with a film, since for the best result it is necessary that the skin does not come in contact with air. To do this, you can purchase linings in a pharmacy or use ordinary cling film. When the required amount of time specified in the instructions has passed, the procedure is started.
  • Sprays Most painkillers sprays are based on lidocaine. This drug can be used to remove hairs from any desired area of the skin. For best results, the desired area is treated with a spray and wrapped in cling film two hours before the procedure. Electrolysis: reviews and effectiveness, consequences. How is it done on the face, body, bikini area, armpits
  • Patches. Usually they are used in places with thin skin or in small areas – which is its minus. Only 3 of these patches can be used at a time. In cases where you should anesthetize a large area of the skin, it is better to use alternative methods.
  • Occlusive dressing. Used to block the access of oxygen to the skin when using the drug. Can be fixed with adhesive tape when applied to insensitive skin. If the skin is sensitive, as, for example, in the bikini area or armpits, it is better to do without a patch.
  • Injections and pills. They are a more effective option for pain relief, as they affect the entire body, and not just any particular area. This type of anesthesia is used with a low pain threshold and when removing hair from large areas of the skin. Any tablets that have anti-inflammatory properties (Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Ketoprofen) are used. Often when using electrolysis, Tempalgin is used.

The duration of the procedure and the number of sessions

Electrolysis (reviews, effectiveness, consequences – what you need to know first of all before the procedure) takes different time, depending on the person, since everyone has a different hairline, and from the area of the skin where removal is required.

The average time periods required for the procedure:

  • Forehead – 3-4 sessions – 20-40 minutes.
  • Eyebrows – 2-3 sessions – 10-30 minutes.
  • Antennae – 4-6 sessions – 25-40 minutes.
  • Chin – 4-6 sessions – 25-40 minutes.
  • Hands – 8-12 sessions – 100-400 minutes.
  • Armpits – 4-6 sessions – 40-60 minutes.
  • Belly – 6-8 sessions – 40-60 minutes.
  • Bikini (simple) – 6-10 sessions – 40-60 minutes.
  • Bikini (deep) – 6-10 sessions – 100-150 minutes.
  • Legs (lower leg) – 6-12 sessions – 60-150 minutes.
  • Legs (thigh) – 6-12 sessions – 60-200 minutes.

The device for electrolysis

Among the many models of machines for hair removal, 3 leaders are distinguished:

  • DepiPlus 13 is a Ross machine produced jointly with the Universe of Beauty. It works in all existing modes and is universal. There are 123 programs installed by default, and 527 for self-tuning. The device has built-in time control, which helps the beginner. Such a device will cost around $ 5400.
  • Bumblebee-1000 – manufactured by Scopula, an economical machine that is easy to operate. In the presence of instructions that will help to get comfortable. Cost starts at about $ 500.
    Electrolysis: reviews and effectiveness, consequences. How is it done on the face, body, bikini area, armpits
    Electrolysis is done by devices, with voltage regulation, the master can choose the one suitable for the client
  • AHVCH-20-MTUSI – produced under the trademark EHVCH MEDSI and used for flash epilation. Among the benefits is a customizable timer. The price of this device also starts at $ 500.

Needles for electrolysis

There are not many needles for electrolysis, there are only two types: those with a base thickness of 1/32 inch – these are K-needle and K-shank games, and having a thickness at the base of 2/32 inch: F-needles and F-shank. And only one kind of K or F, fits a specific type of needle holder. To find out which needles are needed, you need to read the instructions for the device. Electrolysis: reviews and effectiveness, consequences. How is it done on the face, body, bikini area, armpits

An already experienced master always has a set that includes needles for carrying out the procedure of various sizes. The needle should match the size of the hair to be removed. If you choose the wrong size, it can cause burns or inflammation.

Preparation for the procedure

Skin preparation is directly related to its type:

  • If the skin is dry, it is necessary to peel the necessary parts of the body, apply a moisturizer. This will help remove dry skin particles, which will greatly facilitate the procedure. Electrolysis: reviews and effectiveness, consequences. How is it done on the face, body, bikini area, armpits
  • To prepare oily skin, it will help to clean it with a special lotion or an alternative means on the eve of electrolysis.
  • With normal skin, it is enough to take a warm shower before the upcoming procedure.

How the procedure goes – step by step

First, the wizard sets the necessary equipment settings and selects the method of the procedure. The client is given a return electrode, which must be in contact with the skin at the place of hair removal.

The master puts on special glasses and begins to introduce an electrode into the hair follicle. Chemical actions take place at the tip of the needle, and the root of the hair is “sintered”. After the hair is freely removed with tweezers. With the right procedure, hair growth no longer resumes. Electrolysis: reviews and effectiveness, consequences. How is it done on the face, body, bikini area, armpits

At the beginning, for testing, it is recommended to carry out the procedure on a small area of the skin that will not be noticeable.

Processing areas

Electrolysis (reviews, effectiveness, consequences speak in favor of this procedure) is carried out in the following areas:

  • Hands . From this zone, hair is removed more easily, since the hairs here are much thinner than in other areas. In the first session, which lasts up to two hours, you can get rid of 60% of the hair. But in order for there to be an effect, a repeated procedure needs to be done once a month. This is necessary, as some “sleeping” hairs may suddenly begin to grow.
  • Legs (legs, hips, buttocks). It is difficult to answer exactly how many sessions are needed to remove hair from the legs, however, like electrolysis of hands, this procedure must be done regularly. In a new session, the client decides how much time he has for the procedure, so the number of sessions always fluctuates. One shin will take up to two hours, on the thigh – more. You need to resort to this method of getting rid of hair in the fall, since for about another 6 months the legs will not look the best, and it is forbidden to use other methods of hair removal during the procedure.
  • Face. Facial skin must be prepared before the upcoming procedure. Sunbathing, as well as visits to saunas and pools will have to stop two weeks before the procedure. Peeling of hair removal sites is also recommended. Shaving is also prohibited, hair should be at least 3/32 inch long. Electrolysis: reviews and effectiveness, consequences. How is it done on the face, body, bikini area, armpits
  • Bikini area. It is recommended to shave the intimate area a few days before the procedure so that the length of the hairs is from 3/32 – 6/32 inch. For two weeks, it is advisable to stop visiting places such as saunas and stop taking hormone-containing products. Avoid the use of products containing abrasive particles, and before the procedure, it is necessary to clean the intimate area using hygiene products.

Electrolysis in the bikini area is contraindicated:

  • pregnant and lactating;
  • having heart and vascular diseases;
  • when using a cardiac pacemaker;
  • with hepatitis, hemophilia, diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, hormonal disorders;
  • if there are fungal and viral skin diseases or it is damaged in the places of the procedure.
  • Armpits. Do not expose your armpits to UV rays in the sun or in a solarium. Tanned skin is more sensitive, which can lead to undesirable consequences during and after the procedure. By the time of electrolysis, the hairs should be about 4/32 inch long. Removal of hair before epilation should be done with a razor, other means are prohibited, as they can damage the hair structure. If the skin is dry, it should be moistened with cream, as well as cleaned in the area of the procedure.

Before and after photos Electrolysis: reviews and effectiveness, consequences. How is it done on the face, body, bikini area, armpits Electrolysis: reviews and effectiveness, consequences. How is it done on the face, body, bikini area, armpits

Recommendations for the regime during the rehabilitation period

  1. It is forbidden to touch the skin areas on which the procedure was carried out with dirty hands.
  2. It is necessary to limit the ingress of water to the skin throughout the day.
  3. On the face for 2-3 days should not be applied various creams and cosmetics.
  4. Baths and saunas are interrupted for a week.
  5. Limit the exposure to the sun for a week or tightly close the epilation areas.
  6. For less sweat, you can not exert yourself physically.
  7. The first 7-10 days you need to ensure that the clothing does not usd the treated areas and is made of natural materials.
  8. The resulting crust in areas subjected to electrolysis is forbidden to tear off with your hands. Such a reaction can be observed in sensitive areas of the skin.


  • Immediately after the procedure, it is necessary to apply a chlorhexidine solution to the skin, and if it is absent, usd the skin with alcohol.
  • Aloe juice will help soften the skin, it is used with further care. Electrolysis: reviews and effectiveness, consequences. How is it done on the face, body, bikini area, armpits
  • An anti-inflammation cream promotes wound healing.
  • The use of olive oil will favorably affect the condition of those areas that have undergone electrolysis.
  • Lotions, the constituent of which is calendula or chamomile, disinfect and soften the skin.
  • Do not forget about the use of funds prescribed by your doctor.

Consequences and side effects

A professional will not allow the appearance of unwanted effects.

However, they do happen. For example, spots may appear on the skin:

  • Dark spots that become larger with time are the cause of increased pigmentation. Light spots may appear after peeling off. Parsley juice is ideal for lightening and evening skin color. It is necessary to lubricate the spots with a crushed plant, and after several such procedures they will brighten. Kefir, milk or lemon juice enhance the effect.
  • Chemical peeling, which is allowed to be carried out 1 or 2 weeks after the procedure, will also remove stains well.
  • Special chemicals are also allowed to apply, they are softer than peeling.
  • Sometimes after hair removal, red spots may occur. This indicates that the mode was chosen incorrectly: the current pulses were either too long or too strong, or both together. From this, a burn is formed on the skin. Small red spots themselves pass after a couple of weeks.

Pustules can form on the skin if the equipment was used incorrectly. They pass with the use of healing agents.

  • Scars – occur with improper care after the procedure or as a result of incorrectly calculated current strength.
  • Itching is normal. However, scratching an itchy place is impossible, there is a chance of damaging the skin, which is why scars form. Electrolysis: reviews and effectiveness, consequences. How is it done on the face, body, bikini area, armpits
  • Infection – its symptoms appear when hygiene standards are violated during the procedure of electrolysis.

To prevent the occurrence of negative consequences, immediately after the procedure, you should adhere to the care recommendations described above.


Electrolysis (reviews, effectiveness, consequences are discussed in the article) has a number of contraindications. This may be a temporary ban or categorical.

Strict prohibitions:

  • cardiac pathologies;
  • epilepsy;
  • high pressure or pacemaker installed;
  • diseases of veins and blood;
  • oncological diseases;
  • infections and viruses;
  • endocrine system disorders;
  • mycoses at the site of hair removal;
  • skin diseases – neoplasms and lesions.

Electrolysis is prohibited during pregnancy – this is the so-called temporary limitation.

Also, this type of hair removal is not used to remove hair on the mucous membranes: ears, nose and others, it is effective when applied to less sensitive areas.

Neglect of contraindications can lead to fatal consequences, and due to improper skin care, burns, irritations and other damage to the skin can occur. And although, according to reviews, these manifestations disappear without a trace, it is undesirable to bring to this.

The price of the procedure

The price of one procedure can start from $ 40800 – $ 108800 and higher depending on the skin area, time and number of sessions.

Can I spend at home

At home, it is allowed to carry out electrolysis on legs, arms or in the bikini area. It is forbidden to carry out the procedure on the armpits, “antennae” and nose bridge, as it is possible to accidentally touch the lymph nodes or nerve endings.

Does it permanently eliminate hair

After electrolysis, hair can grow again (if the master is not qualified). It is likely that they will begin to grow only after 5 years. But it is also possible that unwanted hair will no longer be a cause of concern.

Among other methods of hair removal, electrolysis is distinguished by the fact that it has a small number of contraindications, and the effect of the procedure persists, if not forever, then for a very long period of time.

According to reviews, the effectiveness of the procedure can compete with photoepilation. However, in any case, one must take into account the possibility of the appearance of negative consequences as a result of an individual skin reaction or unprofessional master.

Electroepilation video



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