Electroepilators for home. Which is better, how to use, prices and reviews

Choosing an electroepilator for home use is not an easy task. The device is designed to quickly remove unwanted body hair. It is compact and low price. After its application, the skin becomes smooth and velvety.

Types and types of electroepilators for home use

Devices for conducting electrolysis at home are divided into tweezers and needles.


Needle epilators give the best result. During the procedure, the needle penetrates to a depth of 1/32 inch in the hair bulb. The follicles are exposed to electric shock.

Electroepilators for home. Which is better, how to use, prices and reviews
Electroepilators for home. Which is better, how to use, prices and reviewsTypically, this type of electroepilator is used in cosmetology rooms and beauty salons. It has a high cost. Simpler models are available for sale. They are designed specifically for home use.

The needle of the device is made of different materials. For people prone to allergic manifestations, they produce tools with gold dusting, and for sensitive skin – with Teflon. If a person does not have special restrictions, you can use an epilator with a needle made of medical steel.


The peculiarity of the species is that each hair is gripped with tweezers. Thus, current flows to the bulb for 1-2 minutes. The procedure for using the tweezers is safe. It does not cause pain.

Experts question the effectiveness of the device, because the hair does not have a high conductivity. So, the current does not reach the follicle and does not completely destroy it. This theory prompted scientists to create special gels to improve the conductivity of electricity. Their use helps the current to reach the hair papilla.

The principle of operation of devices

The operation of electroepilators is based on the use of electric current. The devices carry out discharges into the hair follicles through thin needles or tweezers.   Due to exposure, follicles are destroyed forever. This method is effective for any zones.

Electroepilators for home. Which is better, how to use, prices and reviewsIn one session, processing a small zone is acceptable. Each hair is treated separately. For a 100% effect, a full course of procedures is required. It lasts 1-1.5 years.


Alternately passes high-frequency current discharges into the hair. The technology contributes to the complete destruction of the follicles. Of its shortcomings, patients note the pain of use. It is not always possible to get rid of hair the first time.


A direct current acts on the hair, penetrating through the skin. The needle penetrates the epidermis, so hair removal does not cause pain. The session is held for a long time. Each hair takes 0.5-1 minutes to process.


The current supply has a reduced amplitude. The method is recognized as optimal for dealing with ingrown hair. The thermal effect arising in the process activates the rapid formation of alkali. This feature speeds up the destruction process. The exposure time is reduced to 10 seconds.


A subspecies of thermolysis. It affects the current with short flashes, but with a greater frequency. Needle electroepilators of this type have positive reviews. According to them, the procedure delivers less discomfort and is highly effective.

Sequential Blend

This is an improved version of the blend . During epilation, the amplitude of the current to destroy the bulb slowly decreases. The patient almost does not feel pain.

Sequential flash

This is a modified version of flash . Its distinguishing feature is accelerated action and a periodic change in the period of follicle treatment. The method allows you to take into account the characteristics of the patient. It makes it possible to choose a mode of operation in accordance with the thickness and structure of the hair shaft.

Device Selection Criteria

For home use, electroepilators are suitable, which eliminate hair by injuring the bulbs . Species that completely destroy follicles are designed for professional use. It is recommended to consider tweezers. They are equipped with a head with a lot of tweezers. They injure the follicle without destroying it completely.

Independently use a needle electroepilator is permissible only if the girl has learned to use it in advance. She must take responsibility for her safety and health. At cosmetology courses, you can get knowledge of the depth of needle input and the power of the current supply.

Electroepilators for home. Which is better, how to use, prices and reviewsThe parameters that are recommended to pay attention to when choosing are presented in the table:

Criterion Description
Mark It is recommended to buy devices of well-known companies. This ensures a long period of uninterrupted operation and the quality of the device.
Speed Most often, epilators have only 2 speeds. One is for thick and coarse hair, and the other is for thin hair. Experts recommend that beginners work at 1 speed.
Appearance Technical specifications – the main thing when buying equipment. But ease of use depends on the design and form. Therefore, before purchasing an epilator, I advise you to take the device in your hand.
Price Do not chase the cheapness. Such electroepilators are of poor quality. They are characterized by poor efficiency and quickly fail.

Guide to the use of different types of epilators

The electroepilator for home use is rarely used on the face, legs and bikini area. At the same time, there are a lot of positive reviews about the procedure on the Internet. Users note that mastering the technology is obtained from 6-7 sessions.

After several trainings, it is possible to find the desired current power, the depth of introduction and the exposure time. Before starting, it is important to carefully read the instructions for the device.

Electroepilators for home. Which is better, how to use, prices and reviewsStages of the procedure to be followed:

  1. Connect the epilator to the network.
  2. Insert the needle into the holder.
  3. Antiseptic surface with hair.
  4. Lower the needle to a depth of 1/32 inch at the time where the hair grows from. For the closest possible introduction into the bulb, the instrument should penetrate in the direction of hair growth.
  5. To apply current it is necessary to press the plate. As soon as the required amount of time has passed, indicated in the instructions for the device, the impulse is no longer supplied.
  6. Hair is removed with tweezers. After a properly conducted session, the hair is easily removed.
  7. Repeat manipulations with other hair. Indent from the treated area by 4/32 – 6/32 inch.

Overview, specifications and prices of the best epilators for home

On sale are many devices for the procedure. They differ from each other in principle of operation, functions, price and other parameters. By comparing the features of the models, you can choose the best electroepilator for yourself.

Rating of the best thermolysis electroepilators

When choosing thermolysis, you need to take into account the main advantages – efficiency and speed. In a short period of time, a significant area of the skin is processed.

 Gezatone DE300

The needle-type electroepilator for home use is effective even in advanced cases. It has computer control. The use of special software helps to choose the optimal power and depth, current strength and duration of exposure. It costs about $ 340.

Electroepilators for home. Which is better, how to use, prices and reviews
The Gezatone DE300 electroepilator is one of the most effective needle-type devices designed for use at home

Operating modes:

  • Impulses act in short bursts. The process is not traumatic, gives a good result.
  • High frequency alternating current is used. When choosing a mode of operation, it is worth considering that thermolysis makes the procedure painful, but short. It is ineffective with curved hair follicles.

MTUSI EHVCh-12, EHVCh-20 and EHVCh-50

The device, depending on the power, is used not only for hair removal. So, EHVCh-20 can be operated as a coagulator and sclerosator. EHVCh-50 is equipped with a function of a fulgrator.

You need to start a session with the smallest pulse power. After completion, check how well the hair is removed. If it is difficult to remove the hairs, the power is increased gradually.

Electroepilators for home. Which is better, how to use, prices and reviewsIn the process, the needle penetrates in the direction of hair growth. Bulb processing lasts 1-2 seconds. The operation of the device is controlled by pressing the pedal. It is recommended to reduce the risks of damage to the integument by turning on the device when the needle is already inserted into the bulb. The duration of one facial procedure is 15 minutes. You can treat the skin on the body for half an hour.

Ross Kh-12 plus

This device is recognized as one of the safest. It is reliable and easy to use. Price: $ 680.

The manufacturer of the epilator offers several methods of operation of the device:

  • Monitoring the operating time of the electrode using the included timer.
  • The duration of exposure is determined by the beautician by pressing the pedal.

Rating of the best flash epilators

To reduce pain during epilation, the effect of high-frequency current pulses should be short-lived. Flash devices are suitable for treating the face and sensitive skin of the body.


The device performs several functions. In addition to hair removal, it is suitable for darsonvalization procedures. The manufacturer notes that the epilator is suitable for home use. At the same time, it is not necessary to take special courses. If you follow the rules of operation, then without difficulty you can get rid of unwanted hair forever.

Electroepilators for home. Which is better, how to use, prices and reviewsInstructions for use:

  1. First, the device is configured.
  2. The needle is inserted in the direction of hair growth until an obstacle appears.
  3. Press the key to turn on the device.

After the procedure, you need to pull out the treated hair with tweezers. If there was enough current power, they easily exit. Otherwise, it is necessary to increase the strength of the pulse and the duration of exposure. In the process, discomfort is unacceptable. Approximate cost – $ 231.


The electroepilator for home use has a combined effect. He performs not only flash hair removal, but also coagulation. The manufacturer promises that after the procedure there are no age spots and burns. In this case, you need to conduct the session correctly.

Electroepilators for home. Which is better, how to use, prices and reviewsDuring use, the pain is minimal. The device has a high power and automatic mode for setting the period of work. Cost from $ 435 – $ 517.

Biomak EP 300 and 400

The device is equipped with a convenient handle and a long wire. Simple setting of the necessary parameters makes its use at home convenient. The cost starts from $ 204.

The device is controlled in 2 ways:

  • manually;
  • automatically.

Electroepilators for home. Which is better, how to use, prices and reviewsThe latter mode requires a special approach. It is necessary to catch the rhythm of the current supply in order to have time to insert the needle. Otherwise, burns may occur. The biomack beeps, which indicates that the work is completed. This feature makes self-use of the electroepilator easier.

Rating of the best blend electric epilators

The use of sequential mixed technology involves filling the hair bulb with alkali, and then heating it with current. The technique increases the effect of electrolysis. Along with this, the risk of burns is growing.

Biomak EP 200

The device has 3 operating modes t
hat can be selected independently.
To achieve a good result, it takes more time than with a procedure using other epilators. After all, 2 technologies are used to remove hair.

Electroepilators for home. Which is better, how to use, prices and reviewsFocusing on the individual characteristics of the body, it is possible to select the ratio of electrolysis and thermolysis. This feature appeared thanks to a special built-in module. Price – $ 258.

Galatea POLLY RE

The device works according to the principle of 3 hair removal techniques: flash, blend and thermolysis. The manufacturer warns that only a person who has completed professional courses can use the device. The combination of several technologies has led to a change in the execution of the procedure.

Electroepilators for home. Which is better, how to use, prices and reviews
Electroepilators for home. Which is better, how to use, prices and reviews

Features of hair removal using Galatea:

  • Blend mode. Be sure to connect a neutral electrode to the body.
  • Thermolysis and flash. No need to connect an electrode. The output signal has less power by approximately 30%.

Severe discomfort during hair removal requires a reduction in pulse power. At the same time, the effect of current is increased. A high result can be achieved only with several courses of hair removal. The duration of each of them varies from 12 to 18 months. A large period is associated with heterogeneous hair growth and the presence of follicles in a sleeping state. The price of the device is $ 707.

The choice of electroepilators for home use should be approached with special attention. It is important to study the features of each model. This is the only way to choose the right device.

The result depends on the quality of the procedure. Therefore, before use, you must carefully read the instructions. Simple rules will help to avoid consequences.

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Choosing an electric epilator for home use:

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