Makeup for blue eyes and light brown, blond hair for every day and a celebration. Step-by-step instruction with photo

Make-up artists recommend always choosing one or another makeup technique, starting from the color of eyes and hair. The correct shades of contouring will help create a memorable image, make the look bottomless, bewitching. Makeup for blue eyes and light brown, blond hair for every day and a celebration. Step-by-step instruction with photo

Makeup artists have identified the most suitable shades for blue eyes and blond hair: it can be light or saturated colors. They suggest doing makeup step by step, following the instructions of professionals.

Foundation and powder

For fair-haired girls, the skin color is usually also light, so they are advised to choose tonal products with a light texture, matching or half a tone different from the natural color of the skin. The foundation should not clog pores and generally be visible on it. The powder, which also matches the color of the skin, allows you to further visually align the tone of the face and eliminate oily sheen.

Shades of shadow

Cold shades of shadows fit blue eyes and light brown hair, they emphasize blue.

A more accurate selection of the shade of makeup cosmetics will allow a step-by-step analysis of eye color:

  • In light blue eyes should be applied pastel shades watercolors eye, dry cream or shadows and complement dark arrows sufficiently bulky to create a contrast between the pupil and the eyelid.
  • Bright blue eyes should be painted with shades of saturated shades with a golden or silver tint, for example, chocolate brown, bronze, coffee.
  • For medium blue eyes , gray makeup with a gradient effect is suitable.
  • Gray-blue eyes are best emphasized by shades of gray or golden hues. Moreover, gray shadows allow you to focus on the gray component of the tone of the eyes, and golden ones on blue.
  • If the eye color goes purple , you need to choose bright shades with a pinkish tint.

If you want to emphasize paying attention to hair color, then you need to choose golden, purple or silver shades. Makeup for blue eyes and light brown, blond hair for every day and a celebration. Step-by-step instruction with photo

It also matters the purpose of creating makeup:

  1. Saturated shades such as blue or emerald help to make the look more expressive.
  2. Shades such as lavender, pearl, pale pink, pearl, lilac, pastel green, peach are suitable for creating everyday makeup.
  3. A romantic make-up will turn out if you add violet, bright pink shades in combination with dark eyeliner and the outer corner of the eye darkened with black shadows.
  4. Going to a party, you can make a Smokeys-style make-up, the use of black charcoal shades is allowed, however, for girls with a light color make-up artists recommend limiting themselves to a smokeys in brown or gray tones.

It is a misconception that blue eyes fit blue eyes. This is not true. You can achieve a better visual effect if you use contrasting shades. If you want to use this gamut, you should choose the shades of the blue palette for several tones different from the color of the eyes. For example, indigo or turquoise shades will fit blue eyes.

Important! Brown shadows are often used in blue eye makeup, but you need to choose the right shade so that your eyes do not seem swollen. Avoid reddish-brown shades, or use them in combination with black shades or shades of cold brown shades.

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Since the color type of light-haired girls is light, in daily makeup you can do without blush. So the image will look more tender. In the evening version, to make the face more expressive, you should apply a blush of peach, beige, copper shades, preferably with shining particles.


Blonde girls with blue eyes should not use lipstick that is too dark and rich in pigment in makeup. If brown hair is closer to the “brown” shade, it is permissible to use bright lipstick for evening makeup. If the shade of hair is closer to light blond, you should limit yourself to beige, peach, and coral lipsticks. Makeup for blue eyes and light brown, blond hair for every day and a celebration. Step-by-step instruction with photo

An obligatory step is “fitting”.

To do this, having already done eye and face makeup, you need to place the lipstick rod in front of the lips and try on the lipstick in good light in front of the mirror.

Eyeliner and pencil

Choosing the color of the eyeliner or pencil, we adhere to the basic rule: the brighter the hair and eyebrows, the brighter the tone of these cosmetic products should be. If the hair is medium brown or dark brown, you can use a darker eyeliner. In addition to traditional colors, it is allowed to use cosmetics in blue, brown or gray.

What mascara to use

Black mascara is a versatile makeup option for both blondes and brunettes. However, professionals advise girls with blue eyes and blond blond hair to use brown mascara. The mascara application step must not be missed, as blonde girls usually have lashes too, and after applying cosmetics (in particular shadows) they become invisible. Makeup for blue eyes and light brown, blond hair for every day and a celebration. Step-by-step instruction with photo

If makeup is created for a festive event, you can make a difference by applying eyelashes with blue or green mascara.

Everyday Peach Blue Eye Makeup

To begin with, you should consider the procedure for applying everyday makeup.

Acting according to the instructions, you can learn how to make glowing refreshing makeup for blue eyes and blond hair in a few minutes: Makeup for blue eyes and light brown, blond hair for every day and a celebration. Step-by-step instruction with photo

  1. First apply the base to hide redness.
  2. If your lips are dry, apply a moisturizer.
  3. Then apply a tonal foundation to the entire face.
  4. If visible flaws remain, they are covered by a corrector.
  5. On the area under the eyes, the chin is applied to the concealer.
  6. Then cover the face with transparent powder with a brush.
  7. The cheekbones, the upper part of the forehead, and the sides of the nose emphasize the bronzer.
  8. A blush of light pink color is applied to the cheeks.
  9. For the base of eye makeup apply light beige liquid eye shadow. They are applied to both the upper eyelid and the lower. Blend with your fingers.
  10. Chocolate shadows are applied to the crease of the eyelid and darken the outer corner of the eye a little with the same tone.
  11. The mucous membrane is emphasized with a milk-colored pencil.
  12. Ink the upper eyelashes.
  13. Apply a creamy beige lipstick.

Bright eye makeup

This makeup is suitable for both the everyday option, if you want saturated colors, and the way out:

  1. To begin with, apply the base under
    decorative cosmetics for the eyes.
  2. Using a soft brush, apply white matte shadows on the entire upper eyelid.
  3. The lateral side of a white pencil strokes a movable eyelid. This will apply the shadows in a denser layer.
  4. Then, with a brush, shade the pencil.
  5. White matte shadows are applied to the inner corner of the eye.
  6. Light beige color is applied in a circular motion to the fold area of the eyelid and slightly lower.
  7. Beige-silver color cover the outer corner of the moving eyelid.
  8. Then proceed to the application of the primary color. Impose a bright purple tint on the outer corner of the eye.
    Makeup for blue eyes and light brown, blond hair for every day and a celebration. Step-by-step instruction with photo
    Makeup for blue eyes and light brown, fair hair is step by step performed in combination with various shades, from matte and peach to bright purple, green and black.
  9. Using a barrel-shaped brush, shade the shade. To achieve smoother shading, you need to use a larger brush.
  10. To make the color brighter, the same pigment is added to the center of the already applied color spot.
  11. Then, gently in a circular motion, add a small highlight to the fold area on the outer corner of the eye with indigo shadows. Color shade.
  12. Then add black shadows to the outer corner, closer to the eyelashes.
  13. Light shadows with a shimmer are applied under the eyebrow.
  14. Black eyeliner draw a thin line along the border of the growth of eyelashes along the upper eyelid.
  15. Slightly continue the line outside the eye.
  16. Apply mascara.

Smokeys for fair hair and blue eyes with step by step photos

How to do watercolor makeup for blue eyes and light brown, blond hair step by step using the Smokeys technique will be described below. Watercolor is a separate product that is applied to the eyelid with a wet brush. If there is no watercolor, then matte shadows of similar shades can be used instead. Makeup for blue eyes and light brown, blond hair for every day and a celebration. Step-by-step instruction with photo

Tools: brush “Louis” 18SC, brush “Louis” 39SC.


  1. A large brush is moistened and wiped. First, they put a white watercolor under her eyebrow.
  2. Then they pick up a shade of “ivory” and apply it as a transitional tone, just below the white to the inner corner of the eye. Watercolor makes it possible to gently shade the brown color, which will be the main one.
  3. The brush is washed, again wiped and shade the border of white and beige flowers. The shade “ivory” is applied to the moving of the eyelid, focusing on the outer edge of the pupil.
  4. With a clean smaller brush, they tint a beige tone and, starting from the outer edge, apply it to the lower eyelid, slightly departing from the ciliary edge. In the inner corner of the eye, indentation is no longer done.
  5. Then, with a ciliary contour, a brown watercolor is applied to the lower eyelid. Using a wet tool, a little shade the border of dark and light shades.
  6. The line of the lower brown arrow is drawn at an external angle of about 6/32 inch.
  7. Now you should apply brown watercolor to the moving part of the eyelid with a larger brush, without directly capturing the inner corner. The color border should be located diagonally, going to the outer edge.
  8. Using a small brush, blend the shade you just applied. Pre-gain brown color and make shading.
  9. Now take the shadows. Using a large eye shadow brush, they add a pearlescent shade of light beige color, apply it under the eyebrow. Cosmetics are applied to the inner corner and lower eyelid with a semicircular small eye shadow brush.
  10. Then they take bronze-brown shadows and apply them in a “barrel” on the brown area, on the moving eyelid, as much as possible pigmenting the area near the ciliary contour.
  11. Using a semicircular brush, a black tint is used to draw the outer corner, then they cast a tint on the barrel brush and apply it similarly to bronze-brown shades.
  12. Eyeliner black with a brush make the upper and lower contour.
  13. Then with a kayal pencil fill the mucous membrane. If the eyes are small in size, the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid should not be let down.


The next workshop will show you how to do wedding eye makeup in warm golden tones, and also add a few words about applying blush and lipstick. This makeup is ideal for blonde girls and the warm season. It will emphasize the blueness of the eyes and fair skin. Makeup for blue eyes and light brown, blond hair for every day and a celebration. Step-by-step instruction with photo


  1. The face must first be toned.
  2. Then with golden shadows completely cover the moving eyelid and shade them. The same thing is done from below. Then they take a shade darker, closer to the chocolate, but cast in gold, and darken the corner of the eye from the outside and the lower eyelid.
  3. Feather a dark shade along the border of the growth of eyelashes, gradually moving to the outer corner.
  4. Then make eyeliner with shiny oily brown eyeshadows. They emphasize the blue color of the eyes and give shine to the proteins.
  5. To make the look more expressive, it is necessary to use black mascara. Mascara is applied in 3 layers, thickly. If desired, false eyelashes can be glued at this stage.
  6. If necessary, correct makeup under the eyes.
  7. A rich chocolate shade of shadows emphasize the shape of the eyebrows.
  8. The face is powdered and emphasized by the contouring of the cheekbones and chin.
  9. A bronze shade of blush is applied to the cheekbones.
  10. Light pearlescent shadows make a highlight under the eyebrow.
  11. Peach-colored lipstick is applied to the lips.

Professional Tips


  1. Gentle shades of shadows, blush, lipstick are suitable for the blue color of the iris and light shade hair.
  2. The shade of cosmetics should not match the color of the eyes.
  3. It is best for fair-haired girls with eyes of the color of the sky contrasting shades of lilac, pastel, gray, brown gamma.
  4. Blue eyes can cast blue, gray, green. If you want to emphasize these shades, you need to choose cosmetics of the appropriate color.
  5. Pink shadows need to be supplemented with arrows, otherwise the eyes will look tearful.
  6. Makeup mascara is necessarily used to give expressiveness to the look, a pencil is also desirable, since eyelashes framing blue eyes, usually light brown, light like hair, and become invisible without staining.
  7. Eyebrows also need to be drawn using a special pencil or eye shadow, for example, light brown or gray shades.

Brown hair and blue eyes make it possible to attribute the type of their owners to a light col
or type. Accordingly, cosmetic products use mainly light shades. However, experiments with saturation of colors are allowed in evening makeup. It is important only to choose the right shades of makeup.

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