Why does the stomach of women grow after 40, 50 years and how to remove it. Reasons and solutions

Visceral fat is clothed with human internal organs. Excessive increase in this fat mass in women threatens the development of various diseases. Do not take this problem lightly. To eliminate it, it is necessary to identify the reasons why the stomach grows in women, and how this problem can be eliminated.

Natural causes of the appearance of the abdomen in women

Correction of the figure is possible only after identifying factors leading to an increase in body fat in the abdomen.

The natural causes of abdominal growth include:

  1. Adverse effects on body weight eating habits. Improper distribution of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, excessive passion for fried, flour, sweets, carbonated drinks can lead to the appearance of fat in the waist. Artificial additives lead to metabolic disorders.
  2. Lack of physical activity. A sedentary lifestyle significantly slows down the flow of metabolic processes in the body and contributes to an increase in body weight.
  3. Bad habits. When ingested, alcohol is very rapidly absorbed into the walls of the stomach, interfering with the normal process of assimilation of food.
  4. Lack of sleep . A person should have at least 7-8 hours of rest. Otherwise, the body will not be able to function normally.

The causes of abdominal growth in women are most often the factors of health problems. The most dangerous place for fat accumulation is the stomach, because there it can be distributed not only superficially, but also near the internal organs.

What will help to remove the stomach

To eliminate an excessively voluminous abdomen, women should take into account all of the above factors, the presence or absence of which depends only on them.

The following recommendations will help normalize lifestyle:

  1. Correction of food mistakes. Fractional 5-6 meals a day is necessary for the proper functioning of the whole organism. The predominance of vegetables and fruits, the rejection or reduction in the number of fried, smoked, too salty or spicy dishes – a sure step on the path to getting rid of a big belly. Why does the stomach of women grow after 40, 50 years and how to remove it. Reasons and solutions
  2. Do not forget about the daily consumption of enough water. The lack of water in the body leads to its accumulation, since the body is prone to the accumulation of “reserves” for difficult times.
  3. Maintaining general muscle tone. Even with sedentary work, you can find time for light exercise. If there is not enough time to visit the gym, then you can arrange walks on the way home.
  4. Normalization of sleep. A person needs a good rest, so you should plan the day in such a way that you have the opportunity to sleep well.

Positive settings and an established diet, exercise and rest will improve the figure and remove excess fat on the stomach.

Violation of posture as a reason for an increase in the abdomen

With the absolute absence of excess weight, a woman can have a protruding belly, which does not add beauty to the overall appearance. Constant stoop leads to curvature of the spine, as a result of which organs in the abdominal cavity can be displaced.

The abdomen in women grows – the reasons for this may lie in improper posture : at the initial stage, stoop leads to overstrain of the back muscles, resulting in overstretching of the abdominal muscles. This phenomenon is typical for people leading a sedentary lifestyle, engaged in sedentary work.

Why does the stomach of women grow after 40, 50 years and how to remove it. Reasons and solutions
Improper posture is one of the reasons why a woman’s stomach grows.

In this case, the abdomen will increase involuntarily, and in the absence of proper physical activity, fat will accumulate in the abdomen quite quickly.

How to fix your posture

With good posture, the hips, trunk and head should be located at the same level. The abdomen is flat, and the chest is slightly advanced.

The recommendations for achieving a flat stomach include:

  1. Strengthening the spine with vitamins. Sometimes a calcium deficiency can weaken the bones of the spine. Approximately 80% of calcium needs can satisfy dairy products, which must necessarily be present in the diet.
  2. Moderate physical activity. The process of posture formation begins at an early age, but learning to keep your back straight is never too late. For this, exercises for arching and unbending the back, mixing the shoulder blades, circular movements of the hands, turning the head left-right and in a circle, pulling up and hanging on the horizontal bar, clutching the hands behind the back are suitable.
  3. Swimming favorably affects the alignment of posture and the maintenance of muscle tone in general. Why does the stomach of women grow after 40, 50 years and how to remove it. Reasons and solutions
  4. The surface for sleeping should be flat and firm, the pillow is not high.

The formation of proper posture will relieve back pain and will help improve the appearance – the stomach will tighten and will not bulge too much.

Stomach grows due to hormonal disruptions

The interconnectedness of all systems in the body leads to the fact that if one of them is disturbed, changes can occur throughout the body. Changing the hormonal background can lead to weight gain, and as a result – to the growth of the abdomen.

Thyroid hormones are responsible for the breakdown of fatty acids. With an imbalance, fats will not be able to split, but will settle in the abdomen. With hormonal disruptions, there is a decrease in the production of female hormones and an increase in male hormones. This contributes to the distribution of fat on the android type.

What to do with hormone imbalance

In women, the growth of the abdomen can be directly related to the level of hormones that provide a balance of the internal state of the body. Hormonal disorders that can occur for various reasons have a significant effect on the figure as a whole.

To eliminate this problem, it is recommended to consult a specialist endocrinologist. The doctor will recommend the delivery of tests to study the hormonal background, after which treatment is prescribed. Hormonal drugs are selected exclusively by the doctor individually for each patient, self-medication is unacceptable due to possible contraindications.

Gynecological diseases affecting the size of the abdomen

The growth of the abdomen in a woman does not always occur due to an increase in the fat layer of the anterior abdominal wall.

Various gynecological diseases can lead to a change in the shape of the abdomen and its size:

  1. Uterine fibroids. An increase in the size of the abdomen is one of the most characteristic signs of th
    e presence of neoplasms in the uterus. The body weight and its volume may remain unchanged. The type of fibroids and its location affects the growth rate – from a few inch to several inch per year. In addition to an increase in the abdomen, pain may occur during urination, constipation, bleeding, lower back pain. Why does the stomach of women grow after 40, 50 years and how to remove it. Reasons and solutions
  2. Cyst. Temporary cysts can occur in young women of childbearing age, but in most cases they are not dangerous. The secondary degree of development of the cyst is more dangerous and requires surgical intervention. Symptoms of its presence are severe pain, bleeding, painful irregular periods, there may be a feeling of pressure from the inside.
  3. Oncological diseases. A constant feeling of a full stomach, bloating and pain in the lower abdomen can be a sign of serious ongoing diseases, in particular of an oncological nature. Pain can only be observed with urination and eating.

How to reduce the abdomen in the absence of pregnancy

The stomach grows in women, the reasons for which may not be covered in her pregnant state, in cases of gynecological diseases. Examination by a doctor is a necessary procedure in the life of every woman, which helps to prevent or timely detect the presence of various diseases at an early stage.

If the growth of the abdomen is caused precisely by these factors, then it will not be possible to get rid of it without determining the cause and not having undergone a course of treatment.

The doctor will offer to undergo a full examination:

  • gynecological examination;
  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs, which in addition to the examination will help to verify the absence of pregnancy; Why does the stomach of women grow after 40, 50 years and how to remove it. Reasons and solutions
  • smear cytology;
  • hysteroscopy;
  • dopplerography;
  • colposcopic diagnosis.

All studies will help to identify the presence and location of formations, if any. After the examination, the doctor will be able to draw up a competent treatment regimen with the medication, and in case of an advanced condition, with the help of surgical intervention.

How stress affects the size of the waist and what to do to reduce its volume

Very often, stress and extra inch in the abdomen are closely related concepts. In stressful situations and with prolonged nervous tension, the active production of the hormone cortisol occurs. A prolonged state of elevated levels of cortisol leads to the movement of stored body reserves into visceral fat cells, especially in the abdomen.

It is for this reason that an increase in waistline is called a cortisol stomach. In addition, cravings for certain foods increase and appetite increases.

The methods of getting rid of stressful fat include:

  1. Muscle involvement. It should be understood that a stressful situation cannot be resolved by overeating, and power loads will contribute to the release of negative emotions and balance a woman’s condition.
  2. Do not abuse coffee. A coffee drink promotes the production of cortisol, so it is advisable to drink it in dosage.
  3. Normalization of sleep. With nervous tension, a healthy sleep will help the body relax and increase the ability to withstand the effects of stressors. Why does the stomach of women grow after 40, 50 years and how to remove it. Reasons and solutions
  4. Avoid overeating. Learning to self-control is the main way to get rid of the habit of seizing stress with food.

Weight gain in stressful situations is the result of exposure to a number of factors that a woman can control.

Why does the stomach begin to grow after childbirth

The natural desire of a woman after childbirth is a speedy return to the pre-pregnancy parameters of her body.

Abdominal growth after childbirth can occur for several reasons:

  • fetal growth leads to stretching of the walls of the abdomen. It is quite difficult for the muscles to return to their original state;
  • a change in the hormonal background, which leads to an increase in body weight and, as a result, an increase in waist volume;
  • the newly minted mother is busy with chores about the child, and there is simply not enough time to train herself. An improper diet in free time from a child does not affect the figure in the best way.

Changes in the figure are most often affected by women who, prior to pregnancy, did not pay due attention to physical exercises.

How to clean the stomach after childbirth

Recovery from childbirth can be quite difficult. Lack of time, breastfeeding, the inability to play sports – all this leaves an imprint on the psycho-emotional and physiological state of a woman.

To eliminate the problem of the big stomach, you should adhere to the recommendations:

  1. Make sure there is no discrepancy in the muscles of the abdominal cavity. With excessive muscle tension, they may not be able to return to their previous shape on their own. In this case, you need the help of a doctor.
  2. Walking with a stroller is a good way to get physical activity. Why does the stomach of women grow after 40, 50 years and how to remove it. Reasons and solutions
  3. Respiratory techniques, such as yoga and body flex, will strengthen the abdominal muscles.
  4. Balance nutrition. It is necessary to abandon diets and eating harmful foods.

To prevent worsening of the shape of the abdomen, it is necessary to use a special bandage during pregnancy , which will help reduce the load on the muscles of the abdominal cavity.

Other causes of abdominal enlargement in the stomach at 30, 40, 50 years

Many women experience an increase in volume in the lower abdomen with age.

The following factors influence this:

  • with age, the amount of estrogen decreases, as a result of which the activity of the thyroid gland decreases. In this case, the metabolism in the body slows down.
  • irritable bowel syndrome, which manifests itself in the form of bloating, increased gas formation and cramping.
  • ascites – accumulation of fluid, leading to stretching of the walls of the abdomen.
  • the development of diabetes. Without sugar-lowering drugs in this case can not do.
  • loss of elasticity of muscles and skin in the abdomen.
  • age-related changes of a gynecological nature.

Regardless of the reasons why a woman’s belly began to grow, it is important to monitor her health and consult a doctor in a timely manner when unexplained changes in her figure occur.

How to get rid of the stomach by arranging food: a table of allowed and prohibited products

Nutrition is the basis of the state of the human body. Diets have a temporary effect. For the long term, they are especially harmful in that,
during weight gain, fat will accumulate in the most problematic place – the stomach.

Daily intake of nutrients contributes to the rapid metabolism and has a beneficial effect on the figure of a woman. Therefore, to maintain a figure you need a daily balanced diet.

The table will help in distinguishing between useful and unhealthy products:

Useful food for weight loss belly
Title What products contain
  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • greenery
  • cereal and cereal cereals
  • bean
Protein food
  • the eggs
  • cheese
  • beef
  • fish
  • poultry meat
  • cottage cheese, milk
Prohibited Products
The drinks
  • sparkling water
  • sweet juices
  • alcohol
Flour products
  • rolls
  • bread
  • pasta
Harmful products
  • fast food
  • mayonnaise
  • smoked and salted products

A well-composed menu is not enough. In addition to eating foods rich in healthy vitamins and minerals, you should eat small fractional meals daily at approximately the same intervals.

When does an enlarged stomach require specialist attention

Sometimes a perfectly slender woman can observe abdominal growth in herself, but nutrition and exercise do not help get rid of him. In some cases, lifestyle correction does not bring any result.

In such situations, it is recommended to consult a doctor:

  • a sharp increase in the abdomen without gaining excess weight;
  • abdominal pain; Why does the stomach of women grow after 40, 50 years and how to remove it. Reasons and solutions
  • oppressive feeling, increased gas formation;
  • irregular menstruation;
  • unreasonable jumps in weight.

A growing belly in women, in addition to a lot of inconvenience and a not very attractive appearance, can be a consequence of health problems caused by various reasons.

Maintaining the rules of a healthy lifestyle, normalizing sleep and work patterns, proper and balanced nutrition, timely medical attention if necessary is the key to the absence of a growing stomach problem.

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