Dry massage brush with natural bristles, cactus, anti-cellulite. Prices and reviews

Today in the cosmetic arsenal of every fashionista there is a massage brush for dry grinding of the body. The method of dry massage came from Ayurvedic medicine. The ancient scientist Hippocrates claimed that through dry massage procedures, the flesh is built and waste is removed from the body.

What is dry massage for

Thanks to regular dry massage procedures, the skin becomes smoother, acquires a uniform color. Many women note that the effects of using a massage brush exceed all the wildest expectations. The smoothness of the skin after massage is significantly increased, acquires a healthy shine, less dry.

In this case, the dry grinding procedure of the body contributes to:

  • cellulite elimination; Dry massage brush with natural bristles, cactus, anti-cellulite. Prices and reviews
  • smoothing sagging skin;
  • more effective work of all cosmetics applied after the procedure;
  • improve blood circulation, stimulate the immune system;
  • stress relief, especially when massaging the neck and shoulders;
  • reduce swelling;
  • elimination of tension in the joints;
  • increase skin firmness and elasticity.

Also, regular dry grinding of the bust in front of the shower, eliminates the lymphatic deposits that form when wearing a bra. Dry massage is a type of gentle peeling. The dead epidermis exfoliates, the skin becomes tight, supple and looks much better.

Varieties of massage brushes

Massage brushes are classified by the following types:

  • round and oval – are highly ergonomic. Massagers of this form compactly fit in your hand, do not have sharp angles, which helps to avoid injury when working on the skin;
  • with natural pile – in the manufacture of a nap covering of such models, pig hair or natural fiber from palm, cactus or agave is used. The main advantage of these materials is the delicacy when processing the skin, eliminating scratches, irritations, allergic reactions; Dry massage brush with natural bristles, cactus, anti-cellulite. Prices and reviews
  • with artificial bristles – nylon is used in their manufacture. Such brushes are hard. Therefore, they are intended for more intensive massage procedures. They are good because bacteria accumulate less in them;
  • with teeth – the working surface of such massagers is equipped with semicircular spikes made of silicone or wood. With dry massaging, they mostly improve blood circulation, enhance the tone of the muscle apparatus;
  • Japanese brushes – brushes with thick bristles of palm or agave fibers and an impromptu pen wrapped in coarse twine;
  • electric brushes – by means of a motor built into the handle of the massager, vibration of the fibers occurs. Such models are equipped with several operating speeds, inclusive, with a timer that regulates the duration of the procedures;
  • brush – a mitten . It has a rough surface with interwoven natural or synthetic fibers, providing effective lymphatic drainage massage of the body.

Which brush to choose

High price plus quality are not always key determining criteria.

The individual choice of a massager depends on the following factors:

  • dimensions. When massaging areas of the skin of the face, small items are used, and larger ones, large surfaces of the body are massaged;
  • kind of bristles. Sensitive or hypeallergenic skin is treated with soft brushes with natural bristles. Tougher models made of nylon bristles or silicone teeth – it is rational to use for those who are willing to sacrifice unpleasant sensations in favor of an effective fight against cellulite;
  • shape and size of the handle. Models with long handles help to work out hard-to-reach areas of the body. Tumblers with a fabric strap are easily fixed on the hands – they are convenient for massaging individual zones; Dry massage brush with natural bristles, cactus, anti-cellulite. Prices and reviews
  • case material. Wooden models are durable, environmentally friendly. Plastic products are more fragile, but not subject to the negative effects of moisture or bacterial microflora.

Before purchasing a brush, you must:

  • hold it in your hands to assess the weight of the accessory, ergonomics, durability of the body and handle;
  • to feel the stubble, testing its stiffness;
  • pull the hairs and make sure they do not fall out;
  • pay attention to smell: an unpleasant odor indicates a low quality of the source material of the product;
  • carefully inspect the housing so that it does not have cracks, burrs, sharp corners or other defects.

The best models

Before planning to purchase a massager for dry skin grinding, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the highest quality models on the market. Below are some popular samples from foreign and domestic manufacturers.


The Wishmore brand offers brushes with long handles, a body made of natural beech and wild boar hairs. Pile models are highly delicate. It is used to massage delicate skin types. Products from this manufacturer are perfect for those who are just starting to practice dry massage or trying to influence the most sensitive areas of the body.

Cactus gloys

This is an anti-cellulite brush with natural fibers from tampico cactus. It effectively removes dead skin, stimulates microcirculation of blood cells, and prevents clogging of the mouth of the sebaceous glands. Dry massage brush with natural bristles, cactus, anti-cellulite. Prices and reviews

Also this model has the following qualities:

  • makes the skin soft and supple;
  • cleanses the skin from the remains of the dead epidermis, removes lymphatic deposits;
  • helps relieve muscle tension, joint pain, reduce swelling;
  • optimizing blood circulation, helps strengthen immunity.

This model is designed exclusively for dry massage. Therefore, you should avoid contact of the massager with water, due to the possible cracking of the whole wood of which its body is made. It is recommended to clean the bristles of the product no more than 1 time per week, using a carefully wrung rag or a damp cloth.

Iherb (Earth Therapeutics, Ecotools Dry Brush)

Massage brushes from the American cosmetics company Iherb are available in various versions.

The most popular of them are 2 types:

  • Earth Therapeutics. It is a multifunctional model with 4 levels of rigidity. The natural pile of the product is made of cactus fibers. On the reverse side, the massager is equipped with a pillow with r
    ubber balls that perform the function of a muscle-relaxing massage; Dry massage brush with natural bristles, cactus, anti-cellulite. Prices and reviews
  • Ecotools Dry Brush. Round brush with synthetic hairs. With the declared 4 level of rigidity, it is still softer than the previous one. Corrugated nylon fibers are slightly inclined. The model is equally effective for massaging the body and head.

Riche cosmetics

The founding date of the New York company Richet is 1996. She is widely known among manufacturers of cosmetic products.

Riche drainage brushes are large, have a long handle that allows you to work out the most inaccessible places on the body.

A product of this brand is made from natural materials.

The body of the product is made of beech, which determines its strength and resistance to mechanical damage. Mexican cactus fibers are used to make massager hairs. The villi of this sample are tough and it will not work for owners of too delicate skin.


The well-known American soap company is also famous for the production of excellent massage brushes, which have a number of significant advantages:

  • strong wooden case;
  • natural boar bristles with hypoallergenic qualities, providing lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite body massage;
  • ergonomic long handle with recesses for comfortable grip with your hand allowing you to massage the most distant parts of the body. Dry massage brush with natural bristles, cactus, anti-cellulite. Prices and reviews

The model of this manufacturer is designed exclusively for dry grinding. In their manufacture, untreated wood is used. Therefore, under the influence of cosmetics and moisture, the body of the sample may be deformed.

Avon Planet Spa

This is a special, miniature brush from the famous American company Avon, designed to massage the face. It has a dense, but soft synthetic bristle, which allows without effective injuries to effectively clean the surface layers of the skin from keratinized epidermis.

Given the high resistance of the material (from which the body of the massager is made) to the effects of bacteria, in combination with dry grinding – rubbing cosmetic creams and emulsions is permissible.

Dry massage brush Avon Planet Spa – has a unique – elaborate design, implemented in the form of an elegant glass. After use, the massager is placed on the foot of the base, allowing the upright brush to dry quickly. The top is covered with a lid that protects it from contamination.

Wooden Massager Brush

The Swedish holding company Oriflame has developed an oval-shaped ergonomic brush. The slightly narrowed part of the model’s body in the center makes it easier to hold the product in your hand, and its light weight eliminates any muscle tension when used. Dry massage brush with natural bristles, cactus, anti-cellulite. Prices and reviews

Dry Massage Brush Wooden Massager Brush – directed:

  • on the development of muscle fibers;
  • removal of stretch marks;
  • cellulite phenomena;
  • improved blood circulation;
  • positive lymphatic drainage effect, including the removal of excess accumulated fluid with the elimination of congestion.

For added comfort and safety, the wooden case of this model is perfectly processed, it does not have sharp edges, cracks, burrs. On a rubber insert of a working surface the rounded wooden teeth are fixed.

The opposite side of the sample is equipped with a woven thick thread pleasant to the touch strap. However, the strap is a drawback of the model, since it is too long it is more suitable for a wide hand, which leads to a decrease in its functionality when used.


The American company Ira – has developed a new brush of a peculiar shape. Its working plane is slightly curved. This design makes it easier to massage hard-to-reach areas.

The model is lightweight because it has synthetic bristles, and its body is made of plastic. Due to moisture-proof materials, a brush can make a dry massage or usd it in the shower.

The brush is convenient to use, but the small length of the model (only 7’9 inch) eliminates the possibility of massaging the back. For ease of storage, the handle of the product is equipped with a loop.


German-made dry massage brush with universal capabilities. The product has a long handle that allows you to work on the skin of the back. The handle is removed, and on the opposite side of the model there is a strap for fixing the hand and massaging less difficult places on the body. Dry massage brush with natural bristles, cactus, anti-cellulite. Prices and reviews

The model is effective in dry and wet exposure. The beech base tends to swell in water, thus strengthening the junction of the removable handle with the body.

However, after drying, the wood, without deforming, takes its original form.

Some models of this manufacturer are equipped with both work surfaces.

One is covered with medium hard bristles. The diametrical plane has a relief texture with wooden spikes.

When developing this model, manufacturers thought over every detail that increases comfort when using a massager.

The Body Shop (UK)

The cosmetic brand, founded in 1976 by Anita Rodrik, makes brushes with cactus bristles. The bristles of the fibers of this plant are elastic. When treating the skin, they cleanse and renew the skin layer, helping to improve blood circulation, lymph flow, and a surge of energy.

The product is available in a classic form, with a long handle that allows you to polish all parts of the body without problems. Users note a pleasant aroma emanating from the massager and a sensation of warmth. The ergonomic shape of the handle and streamlined body make the massage process extremely comfortable.


Dry massage brush with hard and elastic nylon bristles from a German manufacturer. The product is intended for massaging problem areas with layers of fat, especially in the proximal, gluteal, and shoulder.

The hairs of the sample perfectly clean the skin from the remnants of the dead epidermis and various impurities. Through massage on the opposite relief surface, blood and lymphoid fluid are dispersed.

In the manufacture of the massager, a transparent dense plastic is used, in which finger recesses are provided that do not allow the product to slide in the hand.

Another type of massage accessory of this manufacturer has a wooden case, a removable holder, natural sisal pile.

Dry massage brush with natural bristles, cactus, anti-cellulite. Prices and reviews

Ropes and nets are made from the coarse fibers of this plant. Therefore, the elasticity and durability of the hairs of the product can not be doubted. Those who are embarrassed by its stiffness should try using massage while bathing, after wetting the hairs with water.

Advance technology

This massage b
rush from the American cosmetic company Avon demonstrates high quality and modern design. When massaging the product extremely effectively copes with cellulite, puffiness, loose skin.

The main advantages of such a model include:

  • compact size . The small product without physical stress is comfortably held in the hand;
  • elastic base. The strong plastic case is flexible enough for deep study of fabrics;
  • long seamless strap. Allows you to adjust the massager for convenient fixation on the arm.

The working surface of this anti-cellulite massager is covered with thick silicone spikes of a cylindrical shape, which when massaged easily glide on dry skin, absolutely eliminating injury. In addition, the product is easy to clean and dries quickly.

Hydrea london

Hydrea London cosmetic brand offers a large selection of high-quality body care accessories, including dry massage brushes made from natural organic materials. Dry massage brush with natural bristles, cactus, anti-cellulite. Prices and reviews

The simplest model of this company Bristle Detox – made in a classic form, does not have extra elements and additions. The accessory has a wooden base, ergonomic contours.

Another original Hydrea London product is a two-sided short-body massager for body care. The working surface of the product is covered with natural bristles, and on the other hand with massage balls. This combination makes the accessory priceless for health. The hairy side cleanses the skin. Massaging the body with balls helps get rid of cellulite.

Model Housing Working surface Rigidity Average price (usd.)
Wishmore wood wild boar bristles low 1000
Cactus gloys wood Cactus fiber high 1100
Earth therapeutics wood Cactus fiber high 850
Ecotools Dry Brush wood synthetics high 400
Riche wood Cactus fiber low 600-1400
Spivak wood Boar Bristle low 600
Avon Planet Spa plastic synthetics high 100-150
Wooden Massager Brush wood wood spikes high 200-160
Aira plastic Synthetics high 200
Riffi wood wild boar bristles low 450
Advance technology plastic Silicone spikes high 1500-2000

Rules for dry body grinding with a brush

With a dry massage with a brush, it is necessary to carry out the body from the bottom up with long return movements. The upper movements should always go to the heart, that is, in accordance with the flow of lymph. At first, the massage may seem painful (this is a normal sensation), the skin should get used to it. Dry massage brush with natural bristles, cactus, anti-cellulite. Prices and reviews

Legs and hands are massaged by analogy, with sweeping, and the stomach and joints (shoulders, knees, hips, wrists, ankles) are rubbed in a circular motion. Pressure on a part of the body depends on the thickness of the skin in this place (the area of the decollete or armpits is softer than on the sole of the legs). For dry massag
e, lotions or oils are not used. Dry massage brush with natural bristles, cactus, anti-cellulite. Prices and reviews

It is best to carry out a dry massage with a brush before each bath, or at least 3 times a week. With the systematic conduct of such procedures, the effect of smoothing the skin appears after $ 0,04 – $ 0,05bing.

Dry brush massage video

How to massage with a dry brush:

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