Cream Evelyn for face and body with hyaluronic acid. Instructions for use, reviews

The manufacturer of Polish cosmetics Evelyn has been supplying products to almost all countries of the world and has been on the market for more than 30 years. Face creams, tonics, cosmetics, accessories – with this, Evelyn broke out into the international market.

Evelyn face care products: advantages and disadvantages

Evelyn products are positioned as a means for semi-professional face care. It includes a wide range of creams, serums and lotions.

The advantages of the products include:

  • affordable price;
  • wide range of goods;
  • nice design;
  • convenient packaging;
  • good quality.

Disadvantages of Evelyn products:

  • the effect of tightness and wax on the face after application;
  • some foods have an obsessive odor;
  • makes makeup harder.

Gold Lift Expert 40+, 50+, 60+ Series

The series includes:

  1. Exclusive Gold Eye Contour Cream with 24k Gold.
  2. Exclusive multi-nutrient cream serum with 24k gold.
  3. Exclusive anti-aging mask with 24k gold.

Evelyn face cream with 24k gold increases the density of the skin around the eyes and stimulates lifting around the eyes.

The action of the individual components is aimed at:

  • argatensyltm – increased skin density;
  • hyaluron 4D – reduces wrinkles at the intracellular level;
  • kelp algae – moisturizing and smoothing;
  • chestnut extract – improved metabolism in cells.
Cream Evelyn for face and body with hyaluronic acid. Instructions for use, reviews
Evelyn company produces creams, which include gold particles.

Unique components:

  • 24K gold particles;
  • caffeine;
  • oils and extracts of herbs.

Gold particles in the composition saturate the tissues with oxygen and rare trace elements. Exclusive anti-aging mask with 24k gold increases the density of the skin, smoothes wrinkles, restores skin elasticity and gives the features clarity.

A unique component in this cream are gold threads that correct skin tension, comparable to a 5-minute face-fitness exercise. This improves the oval of the face and tightens sagging skin.

Mode of application:

  1. Cleanse skin with tonic or lotion.
  2. Apply cream morning and evening. Cream Evelyn for face and body with hyaluronic acid. Instructions for use, reviews
  3. Allow to soak.

Exclusive multi-nutrient cream serum with 24 k gold for women from 50 years old significantly increases the density of the skin from the first application.

The anti-aging complex stimulates cell renewal and facial rejuvenation.

The action of the individual components is aimed at:

  • PRO-retinol A – reduction of depth, width of wrinkles;
  • Matrixyl® 3000 – increased skin density;
  • phytocelltectm – stimulation of skin cell renewal;
  • Collasurge LQTM – Replenishes the lack of collagen molecules.

Unique active ingredients:

  • 24K gold – saturates the skin with rare trace elements;
  • Argan oil – deeply nourishes and smoothes the skin;
  • macadamia oil – tones and soothes inflamed areas.

Aqua Hybrid Series

Intensively moisturizing anti-wrinkle cream for women from 40 years old, fights wrinkles and has a triple hybrid moisturizing effect.

The cream is aimed at:

  • wrinkle smoothing;
  • hydration;
  • protection against negative external factors. Cream Evelyn for face and body with hyaluronic acid. Instructions for use, reviews

With daily use in the morning and evening, the result will be visible after 2 weeks, to consolidate the effect, it is enough to use it 2 times a week in the morning.

An ultra-smoothing anti-wrinkle concealer cream around the eyes fights wrinkles and dry skin. It is intended to get rid of dark circles and swelling under the eyes, smoothes out fine facial wrinkles. Suitable for women from 40 years with dry skin type.

For the first result, you will need to use the cream for 2 weeks in the morning. The cream is suitable for home use.

Deep regenerating anti-wrinkle cream serum for women from 50 years:

  • gives the skin smoothness;
  • restores water balance;
  • increases elasticity.

It has the properties of several products:

  • restorative cream;
  • wrinkle corrector with highly concentrated hyaluronic acid;
  • smoothing serum.

The first result will be noticeable after the first application, as the skin will become softer. Resilience and elasticity will return after a month of regular use.

Intensively anti-wrinkle anti-wrinkle cream serum is recommended for women over 60. It aims to prevent dryness, sagging and simulates the shape of the face. For the first results, use daily in the morning for at least a month.

Concentrated cream 40 and 50+ SPF 8

The concentrated day and night cream (40+) SPF 8 is capable of:

  • give the skin a healthy and fresh look;
  • strengthen cells;
  • restore the water-lipid balance of the skin.

The effect is achieved after 30 days of daily use: wrinkles are smoothed out, the tone becomes healthy, and the skin is nourished and supple.

Concentrated Day and Night Cream (50+) SPF 8 is suitable for all skin types. The composition has an increased proportion of calcium, which allows to increase the strength and quality of the skin. Apple stem cells return youth and freshness by stimulating natural regeneration processes.

The use of the cream throughout the month 90% smooths deep and 100% small wrinkles.

A series of day and night creams bioHYALURON 4D

Concentrated moisturizing night cream increases the density of the skin, has anti-aging properties. The composition includes marine collagen, plant stem cells and argan oil. The uniqueness of the cream in its special regenerative properties and enhanced collagen synthesis. Cream Evelyn for face and body with hyaluronic acid. Instructions for use, reviews

Suitable for mature skin 60+. Skin at this age suffers from severe dryness and sagging. Apply for a month every day in the morning.
Concentrated moisturizing day cream against deep wrinkles suits women over 60, smoothes the deepest wrinkles and gives the skin a rested look.

A distinctive feature of the cream in calcium salts is amethyst dust in the composition, which return the skin’s natural tone and instantly brighten the skin. An intensely moisturizing night cream fills deep wrinkles in women from 55 years old.

Suitable for sensitive skin due to antioxidant and hypoallergenic properties. The cream fights dryness and a yellow tint of the skin, eliminating the cause of the problem with vitamins (E – aragan oil).

For visible wrinkle reduction, apply cream in the morning for 2 weeks.

A deeply
moisturizing night cream is indicated for women over 40:

  1. It moisturizes and regenerates damaged areas within the skin.
  2. Hyaluronic acid fills small wrinkles. Cream Evelyn for face and body with hyaluronic acid. Instructions for use, reviews
  3. Daily use will restore collagen fibers and improve skin elasticity.

A deeply moisturizing anti-wrinkle day cream suitable for all skin types. For women after 35, the cream is suitable for cell renewal, moisturizing several layers and increasing the level of collagen in the skin. Frequent use of the cream allows you to smooth the skin, give it elasticity, reduce wrinkles in a month.

Evelyn Stem Cell Series

The set of “plant stem cells” Evelyn is designed for women from 35 years. The manufacturer defines the purpose of the cream as anti-aging restorative. It is best suited for dry skin types and will not benefit oily.

The set consists of an expert day cream “Protection and Moisturizing” and a night “Nutrition and Recovery” for sensitive and dry skin.

In the composition of creams:

  • ginseng stem cells, preventing changes in the skin integument;
  • sea buckthorn stem cells saturate the skin with D-panthenol and trace elements;
  • nitrogen dries the inflamed areas and blocks cracks under them;
  • collagen restores intercellular fibers.

Brightening cream for oily, dry and combination skin

Evelyn face cream with parsley extract prevents the appearance of age spots and contributes to the disappearance of previously appeared spots. Cream Evelyn for face and body with hyaluronic acid. Instructions for use, reviews

The cream is suitable for all types of skin:

  • oily;
  • dry;
  • combined.

In addition to the brightening effect, it also restores the structure of the tissue and strengthens it. Method of application: apply a thin layer of 2 weeks in the morning and evening, then use the same amount in the evenings.

Concentrate cream against wrinkles around the eyes

Evelyn Anti-Wrinkle Facial Concentrate Eye Cream with SPF 15 protection is specially designed for mature skin (40+). The components of the cream pointly affect the skin and contribute to the lifting effect. This result is comparable with the result after the laser procedure.

Anti-allergenic cream for the area around the eyes removes signs of fatigue, improves blood microcirculation, moisturizes and nourishes. With frequent use, you can eliminate crow’s feet.

Cream Evelyn for face and body with hyaluronic acid. Instructions for use, reviewsMethod of application: gently clean the skin around the eyes with a tonic, apply cream and allow to soak.
The cream can be used as a base for makeup – it is necessary to let it soak before applying cosmetics.

Dry Skin Regenerating Cream

For women with very dry and sensitive skin, Evelyn offers SOS Extra Soft Regenerating Cream. Cream Evelyn for face and body with hyaluronic acid. Instructions for use, reviews

It is based on a complex:

  • bioHyaluron Plus ComplexTM;
  • olive oil;
  • soy protein.

Hyaluronic acid, silk proteins in the composition, restoring the natural protective barrier, help maintain the proper level of nutrition and hydration. It in turn retains moisture and gives silky smoothness to the skin. The cream is well absorbed and does not leave greasy marks, the skin after application is moisturized for 24 hours.

A series of night creams for deep wrinkles

The products of a series of night creams for deep wrinkles are shown to women from 55 years of any type of skin. HYDRA EXPERT cream is developed on an increased dose of hyaluronic acid, which will allow a woman to feel freshness on her face 24 hours a day.

Using the cream in the complex will simultaneously provide hydration, reduce wrinkles and fill deep ones, as well as increase skin elasticity and moisturize.

Total Vitamin Composition:

  1. Hyaluronic acid – fills deep wrinkles and penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, in addition, it replenishes the moisture deficit, promotes the formation of new cells and gives the skin softness and smoothness.
  2. Duo Active Moist – a substance that moisturizes each layer of the skin, depending on the optimal moisture level in them, prevents a sharp loss of moisture.
  3. Molecular retinol is a substance that participates in the natural renewal of cells, as well as the restoration of damaged structures.
  4. Accacia collagen – a component that fills the cells with a nutrient that returns radiance and elasticity.

Mode of application:

  1. In the morning and evening, apply to the face after cleansing procedures with patting movements. Cream Evelyn for face and body with hyaluronic acid. Instructions for use, reviews
  2. Use as a base for makeup.

A series of deep wrinkle day creams

A series of day creams for deep wrinkles is recommended for women from 35 years old. The components in the creams include hyaluronic acid, which will moisturize the skin and fill deep wrinkles. Also, creams are aimed at filling the moisture deficit, maintaining the processes of skin regeneration and giving softness, silkiness.

The components of the cream lead to a result of at least 2 weeks:

  1. KombuchkaTM is a substance that slows down the aging of the skin and maintains its elasticity.
  2. MatrixylTM – Reduces deep wrinkles and gives elasticity to the skin.

Cream Evelyn for face and body with hyaluronic acid. Instructions for use, reviewsUsage Methods:

  1. Apply cream morning and evening after cleansing procedures.
  2. Use cream as a base for makeup.

Intensive Care Series

Evelyn face cream from the “intensive care” series is designed to restore weakened skin and its intense nutrition. The peculiarity of this type of creams in the nutrition of the deep layers of the epidermis with the natural components of cocoa and avocado oil.

In the cream, scientists combined modern technologies and natural elements, which allowed women to be able to smooth the skin, i
ncrease its elasticity and protect it from the effects of ultraviolet rays.


  1. Cocoa Extract is a rich vitamin-mineral complex. Which performs 4 main functions: moisturizing, full restoration, smoothing and cleansing of the skin.
  2. Avocado oil well strengthens the cell membrane, restores the structure of skin cells and retains moisture on all layers.
  3. Silk contains a highly concentrated protein that activates the renewal of epidermal cells, reduces irritation and retains moisture. Cream Evelyn for face and body with hyaluronic acid. Instructions for use, reviews
  4. D-panthenol maintains an optimal level of moisture at the intercellular level.
  5. UVA / UVB filters protect the skin from sunlight and other adverse external factors.

Intensive Nutrition Series

Face creams from the Evelyn series “Intensive Nutrition” significantly increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin, normalize the metabolic process at the cellular level. The line is suitable for all skin types . The light texture allows the cream to be instantly absorbed into the skin, providing deep hydration and complete care.

Features of the creams of the “intensive nutrition” line:

  • reduction of skin irritations;
  • smoothing the tone;
  • increased elasticity of the epidermis.

The cream is quickly absorbed and begins nutritional therapy as soon as possible.

The composition of creams includes such useful components as:

  • olive oil, which relieves irritation and fills the skin with moisture; Cream Evelyn for face and body with hyaluronic acid. Instructions for use, reviews
  • olive leaves give the skin softness and velvety;
  • proteins in the composition of silk renew the epidermis recovery processes and retain moisture in the body;
  • D-panthenol as a well-known anti-inflammatory agent relieves irritation.
  • vitamin complex slows down the aging process and raises local immunity;
  • UVA / UVB filters are necessary to protect against any external adverse factors, also the sun.

Intensive Recovery Series

The Evelyn Intensive Recovery series is suitable for girls over 18 with sensitive or problematic skin . Creams nourish, tone and restore the structure of tissues. Moisturizing and softening effects consolidate the result.

Face cream from the intensive recovery series is suitable for any skin type. A special formula for combining components has expanded the capabilities of the cream and endowed it with powerful regenerative properties.

In the cream of Evelyn Cosmetics Swiss Recipe 48h SOS there are extracts:

  • shellac;
  • beeswax;
  • oils;
  • vitamins;
  • D-panthenol.

These components are:

  • fill the skin cells;
  • give a long lasting comfort effect;
  • relieve peeling and dryness;
  • restore the skin from the inside.

The product does not contain parabens, which makes it more valuable and useful.

The use of the cream involves applying it in the morning and evening with patting movements along the massage lines.

Intensive Moisture Series

The Intensive Hydration series is designed for girls over 18 years old and is designed to nourish and soften the skin. Each cream has a light, soft texture, is quickly absorbed and leaves no sticky residue. It will be most suitable for dry skin type. The texture of the cream resembles a thick and delicate balm.

The composition of which includes regenerating oils that perform the following functions:

  • hydration;
  • nutrition; Cream Evelyn for face and body with hyaluronic acid. Instructions for use, reviews
  • restoration of water balance of the skin;
  • protection against external negative factors.

A small amount of balm is applied with gentle massage movements rubbing into the skin of the face and body.

Attention should be paid to particularly dry areas. The light texture provides maximum absorption when applied to a slightly damp face.

Cream SPF8 with Hyaluronic Acid

Cream with sun protection SPF8 with hyaluronic acid is suitable for all skin types.

Day and night cream is intended for women over 40 years old. The formula contains elements that:

  • moisturize;
  • regenerate;
  • Protect cells from aging.

A triple dose of hyaluronic acid in the cream provides action at a deep level of cells, performing a rejuvenating function, as well as filling in expression and deep wrinkles. The effect after use occurs a month later. There are no side effects, because hyaluronic acid is one of the components of the skin.

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How to choose the perfect cream by skin type

The main recommendations of cosmetologists on the selection of cream by skin type:

  1. Dry, flaky face skin – a cream with high moisturizing properties; Cream Evelyn for face and body with hyaluronic acid. Instructions for use, reviews
  2. Oily, shiny skin – drying skin, tightening pores;
  3. Normal skin type is a nutritious vitamin cream that can saturate cells with trace elements at a deep level;
  4. Sensitive face skin – anti-allergenic cream that lowers the threshold of sensitivity;
  5. Problematic skin with a lot of blackheads, acne – anti-inflammatory cream-antiseptic.

In the line of creams from Evelyn there are products for every skin type and its features.

Face cream from Evelyn is presented in almost all supermarkets, as well as in cosmetics stores (Letual, Perfume leader, Magnet Cosmetics). Affordable price will allow you to purchase goods without a serious blow to the budget.

Video about Evelyn Creams

Overview of BB cream from Evelyn:

Evelyn Product Reviews:

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