Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessons

Yoga is considered one of the best ways to relieve stress, relax the body and concentrate thoughts. Many modern people use this method at home to learn how to relax and be distracted from everyday difficulties, to maintain the body in good shape.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsEven simple asanas for beginners will help get rid of stress, strengthen immunity and hormonal levels, which are often exposed to harmful external factors.

General guidelines for yoga

A large part of the world’s population is engaged in yoga exercises. Before classes, beginners should learn the basic rules of yoga and the recommendations of professionals:

  • exercises are performed in a room where there is good air circulation and lighting;
  • immediately before classes, you should wash the floor, as you have to walk barefoot and possibly go to bed;
  • the room must have a separate empty wall so that you can perform some exercises that require support;
  • the room should have enough space for jumping and stretching;
  • classes are done barefoot and in loose clothing;
  • for some exercises, prepare a rug or blanket;
  • in the used room it should not be cold;
  • classes should be abandoned for headache or toothache, as well as elevated body temperature;
  • After completing the exercises for beginners, you will have to complete the Shavasana complex.

Terms in yoga

The complex of relaxing and calming exercises includes some specific terms that you should know:

  1. Asanas – this term refers to all the exercises that are performed during yoga classes.
  2. Shavasana – as a rule, all complex classes end with rest. For its execution, you need to lie on the floor, spread your legs, and put your hands up.
  3. Tadasana – when performing this exercise, it is necessary to bend so that the thumbs of the palms touch the heels. This pose is also called the mountain pose.
  4. Balasana – also this pose has the name of the “child” pose. When performing it, you must sit on your heels, while leaning forward so that the forehead touches the floor, and the chest touches the hips.
  5. Namaste – this means the end of classes. If you perform a gallon translation, it means “bow to you.”
  6. Drishti is a designation of 9 different directions that yogis can look at when doing any exercise.
  7. Gangs – this term refers to the internal blocks that are used in various poses.

How to start practicing at home

Before you begin to perform classes, you need to prepare for this. To do this, consider everything you need:

  • Sports equipment and proper clothing . For classes you need ordinary light, loose and elastic clothes, as well as a rug, without which it is impossible to complete some classes. Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessons
  • Books and CDs, Internet access. To start classes, you will need a preliminary examination of the Assans with illustrative examples in order to prevent mistakes and not harm your health. Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessons
  • Scheduling. Without this, doing yoga is not advisable. In the initial stages should be given from 15 to 20 minutes. every day at the same time.

Stretching in front of the main complex

Yoga classes involve the implementation of many complex exercises, which, without prior appropriate stretching, can not only not bring benefits, but also harm health. Stretching in front of the main complex is performed as follows:

  1. The warm-up begins with stretching the legs. Here you need to perform a couple of basic exercises 10-20 times, depending on the fitness of your body. To stretch the legs, lunges are used and the body is alternately moved from one leg to the other to prepare the muscles in the groin. Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessons
  2. Next, the stretch is transferred to the back. Here you need to perform 2 exercises, namely the inclination in all directions, the rotation of the body. For stretching, it is enough to perform 10-20 repetitions of each of the exercises. Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessons
  3. After this, we proceed to stretching the arms and pectoral muscles. To do this, use sharp sweeps of the arms to the sides and alternate swings of arms up and down. Perform the exercises 10-20 times enough. Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessons
  4. In the end, we have to do a warm-up of the cervical muscles. For this, head rotations and its inclinations in different directions are used. Each of the exercises must be performed 10-20 times.

A set of basic simple exercises for beginners

For those who decide to start yoga classes on their own at home and start the course from scratch, a special complex has been developed that includes only 3 exercises. With it, you can learn how to properly perform asanas, master discipline, and also relieve stress and fatigue through relaxation.

It is recommended to start classes with this course, as it is most prepared for the subsequent more complex exercises.

Camel Pose (Ushtrasana)

Ushtrasana – or as they are used to call it, a camel’s pose is performed as follows: For maximum benefit, it is not recommended to carry body weight on your arms when bending backward.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsThe body should bend back smoothly, with the palms resting on the heels.

To perform the exercise, you have to kneel and spread your legs to the sides to the width of the shoulders. When bending, the head throws up. Performing the exercise, one cannot stretch and strain the shoulders; otherwise, the lower back can be injured.

Snake Pose (Bhujangasana)

An exercise called Bhujangasana or snake pose is performed as follows: Lie down on the floor, with the arms acting as a support and bending at the elbows.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsThen, throwing his head back to the top, the maximum possible deflection of the back is made. When performing the exercise, it is not recommended to strain the shoulders and pull them up so as not to injure the spine.

Chair pose (Utkatasana)

For beginners in yoga, the Utkatasana exercise or stool pose will be helpful. Performing this exercise, it is necessary to sit on an imaginary chair, with the arms extended vertically upward, parallel to the body.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsAlso, when performing, it is recommended to keep your head level to avoid possible damage to the spine.

Pose to the feet (Uttanasana)

For people who begin independent yoga classes at home, a simple tilt position to the feet is recommended for performing. Uttanasana is one of the main yoga exercises that can relieve abdominal pain (including menstrual pain), tone up the digestive tract and improve the spinal nerves.

This asana is often recommended for people with a hot temper because Uttanasana calms the nervous system.

To perform, you need to stand in Tadasana, bend down with an exhale. The body should form in the hip joints, and the back should relax. After the above, you need to weave the forearms on the back of the head, let the arms and back hang down.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsAfter this position becomes comfortable, and the palms reach the floor, you need to put your hands behind your legs, putting them on the palms forward with your fingers. You need to pull your back behind your hands and strive to fully press your palms to the floor. When performing an asana, breathing should be calm and deep.

To stretch your back from the tailbone you need to part the heels and connect the big toes. In the normal position of the legs, the back is stretched only from the lower back.

If the body does not yet have not yet very flexible, then you can slightly ease the exercise. To do this, you need to cross your arms into the elbow lock on the back of the head.

If severe pain occurs during the performance of the asana, then it is allowed to bend the knees a little.

Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

To perform, you need to stand in Tadasana, inhale and widely spread your legs on the exhale. On inspiration, you need to extend your arms to the sides parallel to the floor, palms down. This pose is the starting position.

After exhaling, you should turn the feet to the right (left slightly and right 90 °), while the heels should be on one straight line. Then you need to tighten the muscles of the hips. The right thigh must be turned to the right so that the right knee is in line with the right ankle.

Next, you need to inhale and exhale slowly bend to the right, so that the line of the hands is perpendicular to the floor.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsIt is worth noting that the inclination should be performed from the hip, and not from the waist, so as not to compress the internal organs. Also, the body does not need to be turned to the right.

Leaning, you need to put your hand on the foot or on the floor. If stretching does not allow this, then it is also allowed to put a hand on the shin.

It takes at least one minute to be in a pose.

To correctly get out of the situation, you need to inhale and slowly rise, keeping your legs (especially knees) motionless.

Triconasana helps the leg muscles to strengthen. Tendons, pelvic and waist muscles are stretched, the work of the digestive tract improves.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the pose of the triangle eliminates pain in the back and neck, as well as the symptoms of menopause.

Plow Pose (Hal Asana)

In order to perform the exercise, you need to take sarvangasana. Next, you need to carefully raise your legs, holding your back, and put them behind your head on toes. The legs should be straightened at the knee joints. Hands should be lowered to the floor and locked into the lock. In this position, you need to reduce the shoulder blades and open the chest. The breath should be even.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsTo get out of a pose, you need to bend your knees and slowly lower yourself to the floor. Hal asana mainly affects the spine.

Candle pose (sarvangasana)

First you need to take a horizontal position and relax all the muscles of the body. Then you need to raise the legs, straightened in the knee joints, together with the pelvis.

Yoga for beginners at home
is mastered quite difficult , not everyone is able to complete this exercise correctly the first time. Therefore, when raising legs, you can hold your back with your hands.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsHaving taken the position of the Candle, it is necessary to stay in it for two minutes. If you can’t stand for such an amount of time, then you can start from 30 seconds. During Sarvangasana one needs to breathe using the diaphragm.

Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Rajkapotasana)

Starting position – stand on all fours. The hands should be located under the shoulder joints, knees – under the femoral. Next, you need to slowly advance one of the legs, bent to the knee, forward. The second leg needs to be straightened at the knee and stretched back. Keep your back straight.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsPigeon posture helps to develop and open the hip joints. This is necessary to perform more complex asanas. Eka Pada Rajkapotasana improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs and develops flexibility.

Half pose of the God of Pisces (Arlha matsienlrasana)

To perform, you need to take the initial sitting position. Then one leg should be bent at the knee and the foot should be placed behind the knee of the other leg. The elbow of one hand should be placed on the knee of the bent leg, and the other leg should be supported. You also need to rely on the buttocks and legs.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsWith Arlha Matsienlrasan, the spine should be twisted. Exercise should be done on both sides of the body.

The half pose of the God of Pisces helps to improve the flexibility of the spine, the work of the digestive tract and central nervous system.

Pose of a satisfied child (Balasana)

To perform Balasana, you need to kneel, connect the big toes and sit on your heels. Then you need to bend down and put your forehead on the floor between the knees. Next, you need to expand the of the sacrum, pressing the stomach to the inside of the legs. Then you need to straighten your arms along the body and relax your shoulders.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsThe pose of a happy child is a pose of rest, so you need to be in it for at least 30 seconds.

Dead pose

This pose is a horizontal position on a flat surface. Shavasana can be performed on the floor. The limbs should be as relaxed as possible, the neck also needs to be relaxed. To do this most effectively, a thin towel folded into a bundle can be placed under the neck. But you don’t need to put anything under your head.

Feet can be located evenly, can be slightly spread apart.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessons
The main task of the yoga performing this pose at home is to completely relax the body.

It takes at least a minute to be in the Dead pose. After the first seconds, a feeling of calm and tranquility appears. Then a feeling of warmth appears in the limbs. With prolonged practice, a person can learn to control this feeling of warmth.

Garland Pose (Malasana)

To perform the asana, you need to take the pose of the Mountain and squat. The feet should be placed on the width of the pelvis and slightly deployed outward. The tailbone needs to be sent to the floor. The elbows should be pressed to the inside of the knees and join hands in a welcome gesture.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsWhen pressing the elbows you need to resist knees – this will help to lengthen the front surface of the body. The chest should be raised, moving away from the navel, and expand the area of the clavicle.

You need to be in the Garland position for 8 respiratory cycles.

Closed Angle Pose (Baddhakonasana)

To take the closed angle pose, you need to sit on the floor and, bending your knees, combine the soles of the feet. In this position, the feet should be moved as close to the body as possible. The heels should touch the perineum. If the flexibility of the legs does not allow this, then you just need to position the legs as close to the trunk as possible.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsAfter all of the above, you should combine the palms of the hands and place them near the chest. Keep your back straight, do not tilt your head or lower it. The gaze should be directed either forward or at the tip of the nose. It takes at least 5 minutes to be in a pose.

To exit the pose, you need to press the elbow joints to the hips and lean forward after exhaling. The slope should be very deep, first you need to touch the floor with your forehead, and then the chin.

This position should be held for 30 s . After this period of time, you need to return to Baddhakonasana, then free your legs and relax.

Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana)

To take the pose of a Warrior, you need to stand in Tadasana, take a very wide step back. The foot of the front foot should be directed forward, and the foot of the foot, laid back, should be directed at an angle of 45 ° to the floor.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsThe knee of the front leg must be bent to a right angle, the arms should be extended to the sides on the same line, perpendicular to the line of the spine. The top of your head needs to reach up.

Stand in the position of Virabhadrasana for at least 30 seconds.

Pose of the Sphinx (Ardha Bhujangasana)

To take the pose of the sphinx, you need to lie face down on the floor. Then you need to bend your arms at the elbows and place your forearm close to the body. Palms should be directed forward. From this position you need to rise so that the elbows lie on the floor.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsArdha bhujangasana is widely used by people who have recently started yoga classes to replace the Cobra pose. The pose of the Sphinx does not require such a flexible back, as for the pose of Cobra, but also helps to develop flexibility. It takes at least 3 minutes to be in the asana.

Diamond pose (Vajrasana)

Vajrasana is one of the seated yoga poses. To take the Diamond pose, you need to kneel, crossing your big toes, sit on your heels. Then you should put your palms on your knees.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsKeep your back straight. The crown of the head, neck and tailbone should be on one straight line under each other. The chin should be lowered, just do not throw your head back.

Keep the pose for at least 5 minutes.

This asana helps to calm down, increase blood circulation in the pelvis and sacrum.

Pose of the sage Marichi with extended legs (Marichiasana)

For beginners doing yoga at home, the pose of the sage Marichi with extended legs is often recommended by practicing yogis.

To take this asana, you need to sit on the floor, stretching your legs forward. Then you need to bend the left leg at the knee and place the foot of this leg at a minimum distance from the crotch. After that, you need to stretch the shoulder of the left hand forward so that the armpit touches the lower leg.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsWith your left hand you need to hug the shin and thigh of the left leg and, bending your arm at the elbow, put your forearm behind your back. Also, behind the back, you need to get the right hand and grasp the wrists. During the exercise, the back should be held evenly, turning the spine to the left.

In this position, you need to linger for 10-15 seconds, while breathing deeply and evenly. After exhaling, you need to lean forward, putting your forehead, nose, lips and chin on the right knee. It is necessary to linger in this position no more than 30 s.

Marichiasana recommends for performance in obesity and gastrointestinal disorders.

Yoga breathing exercises for beginners

One of the most important stages of yoga, without which it is impossible to control the psyche and emotions, is pranayama, which is translated from the Sanskrit language as “an increase in vital energy, strength.” This is the name of the breathing control technique that opens up access to qualitatively new levels of perception.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsWith the help of pranayama, control ov
er the breathing process is established, up to complete relaxation. Breathing becomes conscious, the pulse becomes stable, the body acquires flexibility, and consciousness becomes purity.

Without mastering the basic principles of pranayama, the effectiveness of yoga will be minimal, especially for beginners who master it at home. Their basis is the rhythm of breathing.

Three varieties of breathing

Basic recommendation for breathing exercises: they begin with a full exhalation. In yoga, there are 3 types of breathing: upper, middle and abdominal:

  • upper – carried out sitting, standing or lying, focusing on the upper parts of the lungs. After exhalation, inhalation is performed through the nose, revealing the clavicle and filling the upper part of the lungs. When exhaling – vice versa. It should be noted that in this exercise the abdomen and chest are motionless;
  • secondary – carried out in the same positions, focusing on the costal. After exhaling, inhale with stretching the ribs. Exhalation occurs through the nose in parallel with the compression of the costal part;
  • abdominal – carried out in similar positions. All attention is paid to the navel and kidneys. Exhalation is accompanied by retraction of the abdomen. Following him is a slow breath, with maximum attention to the abdominal wall, which is filled with air simultaneously with the lower part of the lungs. The raising of the chest does not occur.

This practice normalizes blood pressure, and blood from the areas of the spleen, liver and kidneys becomes fresher, heart load decreases.

Full breath of yogis

This practice is the basis of pranayama. It should be carried out in a single rhythm while standing, lying or sitting. The beginning of practice: inhalation – exhalation, carried out alternately, forcing the body to move in waves with a fixed spine. Then a long breath is carried out, with a count of 8, starting from the diaphragm, chest, and then the collarbone zone.

Exhalation is the same sequence, at the expense of 8 air is released through the sinuses, thus alternating and connecting the upper and lower breathing methods. It is useful to pause with holding your breath between inhalation – exhalation.

As a result of practice, there is a process of ventilation of the lungs, pressure returns to normal, the body is filled with energy and strength. There is also a restoration of metabolic processes and the endocrine system, purification of the blood and lymph system, and cure of many heart diseases. A sense of peace and harmony comes.


Bhastrika is a powerful breathing technique that is recommended to be practiced in the lotus position. Her technique consists in inhaling and exhaling, alternately performed for 10 times, after which a maximum breath is taken with the chest, followed by a holding of breath for 5-14 seconds.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsThe next step is to exhale slowly. This breathing complex is repeated 3 times. This practice is a great help for asthma, cough, runny nose, to enhance heat transfer of the body.


The practice is performed lying, sitting or standing, concentrating on the nasal passages and on the exhalation process. The exhalation is carried out actively, quickly, with strength and sound, with contraction of the abdominal muscles. Following is a slow breath in the lower and middle type.

Another technique involves performing this practice through each nostril.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessons
Kapalabhati is a good exercise for the lungs . At the same time, the passages of the nose are cleared, fatigue is relieved, the body gains a charge of vivacity and energy, and the ability to concentrate and make decisions increases.

The listed exercises of pranayama are one of the basic. Even someone who is just starting to practice yoga at home can easily master it and use it to increase vitality, improve health and enhance the effect of practicing other areas of yoga.

Hatha Yoga Slimming Poses

In combination with pranayama, Hatha Yoga classes bring excellent results. In addition to the general undoubted health benefits, asanas of this direction also give a pleasant side effect – some postures stabilizing the body lead to weight loss.

Even a novice is able to master them, toning the muscles and starting the process of burning excess fat.

According to the recommendations of experienced yoga masters for beginners at home, they should begin with a set of stretching movements and warming up the muscles , after which you need to start performing asanas.

Dundasana (Planck)

The emphasis is on the open palms and toes. Hands are straightened, located vertically to the floor. The body is stretched like a string in a line. This position should be fixed for approximately 30 seconds, daily increasing the time spent in this position, up to one and a half to two minutes.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsThe plank strengthens the muscles of the body and the press. The muscles of the arms, back and legs work and are in good shape. An inverse position is also useful – an inverted Planck.

Adho mukha schwanasana (dog looking down)

The initial position is the emphasis lying, hands – shoulder width apart. Raise the buttocks to the maximum height, while the body takes the form of the letter L (slide). The toes and palms at this moment rest on the floor, the direction of the coccyx is vertically upward.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsIn this position, you need to stay for one minute and return to the starting position. This exercise is not difficult, but effective. It helps relieve fatigue, improves blood supply to the brain, tones the muscles of the arms, legs and abdomen, and also removes excess “apron” from it.

Sarvangasana (Birch)

All inverted asanas, except for great benefits for women’s health, contribute to weight loss. Birch is the most famous and effective of them.

The starting position is lying on your back. Pushing the legs up, we fix the back with arms vertically bent at the elbows, palms resting on the lower back. It is necessary to stay in this position for 3 minutes or longer, up to 15 minutes (whenever possible).

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessons
Important! Having completed the Birch, you need to relax and lie down without movement for several minutes.

By practicing regularly even these simple asanas, you can achieve a positive result on the issue of losing weight, and most importantly, significantly improve your health.

Uddiyana bandha abs exercises
(abdominal muscle contraction)

With the outward simplicity of Uddiyana bandha (abdominal castle), the exercise is quite complicated. One of the conditions for its implementation is a completely relaxed stomach.

It is performed as follows: starting position – standing on legs bent at the knees with slightly divorced feet. Rest your hands on the places above the knees, fingers of the hands look inward. Transfer weight from the back to the hands, the back is even. Next – perform a yogic breath and exhale sharply, squeezing the sphincter, while slightly raising the crotch.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsThe next step is to close the throat with the base of the tongue so that it is impossible to inhale, and then we perform the lifting of the diaphragm with the expansion of the chest (it is necessary to pay attention to the relaxation of the abdomen). Raising the chest and pulling the stomach, it is necessary to press the chin to the collarbones, previously raising the shoulders.

There is no breathing at this moment. This situation in the absence of breathing must be maintained until the first sensation of discomfort. After this, you need to open the throat, filling the lungs with air without inhaling.

To achieve the effect, it is recommended to perform this exercise first 3 times, gradually increasing to 10 times. This technique is performed at the end of the general pranayama complex and only on an empty stomach.

What does Uddiyana Bandha give First of all, it has a powerful effect on the circulatory system and endocrine glands, helps to cure diseases that require long-term treatment (hemorrhoids, diseases of the abdominal cavity, genitourinary system), but not in the acute stage.

Morning exercises for a beautiful body

In order to drive away sleep and feel alert as early as possible in the morning, yoga trainers recommend that you start exercises right in bed, but this is not always possible. But the inclusion of some simple asanas for beginners in their morning complex of physical exercises is a useful event.

One of the most famous and best morning yoga complexes is Surya Namaskar. Salutation to the Sun, as the name of this powerful practice is translated, consists of a series of asanas replacing each other. It not only awakens the body and spirit, but also promotes the rejuvenation of the body.

If there is no time for this whole complex, you can include in the morning exercise several simple asanas, not only awakening, but also forming a beautiful posture and helping to find harmony in the body.

Bidalasana (cat pose)

Take a starting position, standing on all fours. On inspiration – back down with simultaneous raising of the head. On exhalation, bend your back up with your head down. You need to breathe slowly.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsThe spine makes wave-like movements, the head follows it. During the exercise, the muscles of the back, neck, and arms are strengthened.

Tadasana (mountain pose)

The exercise is simple, suitable for morning exercises. The starting position is to stand right with arms down, distributing the center of gravity to the feet. Strain your leg muscles and straighten your knees.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsOpen the chest by moving the shoulder blades to the center of the back, towards the spine, place your hands opposite the middle of the thighs. The crown of the head looks at the ceiling. Holding up in this position, perform 5 deep breaths. Return to starting position.

Adho mukha schwanasana (dog looking down) and vrikshasana (tree pose)

Performing in the mornings the Adho mukha shwanasana described above can be found in many recommendations. After this exercise, a harmonious transition to the tree pose is recommended. To do this, you must take a vertical starting position. While breathing in, tighten your stomach, extend your arms at chest level or connect in namaste.

Press the left foot to the inside of the right thigh. Keep balance for a few seconds. Return to the starting position, lowering the sides of the hand, and perform a mirror position. Exercise helps to stretch the joints, strengthen the muscles of the legs and back, absorb energy.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsThe introduction of asanas in the morning exercise helps to speed up the metabolism, which allows you to burn more than usual calories. This effect from classes lasts all day. Performing them daily helps the body to become elastic and gain plasticity, to be filled with a charge of vital energy.

Yoga Nutrition

Nutrition rules are inextricably linked with the life position of people practicing yoga. The basis of these rules is Ayurveda, which gives recommendations regarding the benefits or harms of certain products to human health.

A practitioner of yoga gradually refuses in his diet from products of animal origin, switching to clean food from nature, able to cleanse the body of negative and fill it with positive energy.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessonsSpeaking about the principles of nutrition for yoga practitioners, it should be noted that the menu is recommended to be composed in this way: about 60% are natural products, and 40% are food after heat treatment.

Cooking must be carried out in a positive mood, with meditation, filling it with positive energy. Eating is important to carry out calmly, chewing slowly to a liquid state before it is swallowed.

Particular attention is paid to the use of water: it is recommended to drink it a lot and often, without haste, in small sips, trying to feel the taste.

The recommended frequency of food intake is 2-3 times a day, and only when there is a feeling of hunger. Saturation of the body comes from a small amount of eaten foods that benefit it, without overeating.

Contraindications to yoga

Not knowing why this or that asana is performed, which gives a concrete practice, there is a chance to get the opposite effect. Yoga classes on their own, without an experienced master, are possible, but require attention to the signals of your body, caution and selectivity in the selection of exercises.

In addition, there are certain limitations to practice:

  • serious problems with the spine;
  • oncological diseases;
  • the presence of infectious diseases;
  • serious joint problems
  • malfunction of the heart;
  • the presence of blood diseases;
  • the presence of injuries of all kinds.

There are also partial restrictions on the performance of the complexes. They suggest a discussion with the attending physician and the inclusion in the complex of asanas that are possible to perform without negative consequences (individual training scheme).

During pregnancy, a special yoga complex h
as an extremely beneficial effect on both the expectant mother and her baby. Partial restrictions also affect those who underwent surgery, is in the stage of exacerbation of chronic diseases. And of course you should not engage in a full stomach.

Yoga for beginners at home for weight loss and health. Video lessons
Even simple yoga poses for beginners should be done with care by pregnant women at home and after consulting a doctor

It is much easier to turn yoga into a habit if you constantly remind yourself of the benefits that it gives:

  • positively affects the state of health;
  • helps in the fight against excess weight (brings the body back to normal);
  • with stress and bad mood;
  • gives a calming mind;
  • fills with energy;
  • contributes to the formation of a new outlook on life.

For classes to be effective, regularity is needed. It is better for a beginner to devote 15 minutes to yoga, but every day. At home, for independent studies, it is recommended that they be performed under audio or video recordings.

Video tutorials with Louise Ciar and Rachel Zinman, Tatyana Borodaenko

Demonstration of simple yoga poses for beginners to perform at home by Louise Ciar  and Rachel Zinman :

The basic set of yoga poses for beginners that can be performed at home by Tatyana Borodaenko:

For a modern person living in conditions of minimal physical exertion, poor ecology and often consuming unnatural food, yoga classes are simply necessary.

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