Diet Maggie curd. Menu for 2, 4 weeks, daily nutrition table. Reviews, Results

In order to lose extra pounds, 60% of women go on a diet – a nutrition system aimed at quickly burning fat. Having tried different types of rational food intake, many prefer the Maggi curd diet with a 4-week menu.

The diet does not provide for starvation, the products and the sequence of their use are selected specifically to create the correct metabolism and timely withdrawal of fluid from the body.

The essence of the cottage cheese diet “Maggie”

The diet provided from products with cottage cheese is identical to the egg diet. Here, the eggs are replaced with low-fat 3% cottage cheese – a more healthy product that contains enough calcium to strengthen bones. In addition to calcium, curd contains other trace elements (phosphorus), vitamin A.

The diet course is designed for 4 weeks (not a month, but exactly 28 days), divided into 4 phases – each for 7 days.

Diet "Maggie" curd. Menu for 2, 4 weeks, daily nutrition table. Reviews, Results
The Maggi curd diet consists of 4 weeks of strict nutrition.

The main principle of the diet is weight loss over a specified period. Swapping phases, the order of products taken during the day, the order of each individual day is strictly prohibited. All the rules of the diet must be strictly observed and refuse harmful products.

A specially created diet “Maggi” belongs to the category of diets rich in foods high in protein and very low in carbohydrates. It is designed for people with an excess of 44 -55 pounds.

Pros and Cons of Diet

Like any other diet, a developed Maggi diet has advantages and disadvantages. Before starting the course, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with them to make sure that this diet is necessary.


  • Easily digestible food composition.
  • Irrevocable weight loss after completing the course and switching to conventional products.
  • Simplicity and ease of preparation of products included in the menu.
  • The presence of products (apples, kiwi, cucumbers, green peppers, zucchini), taken without restriction due to the lack of toxicity, low calorie content.
    Diet "Maggie" curd. Menu for 2, 4 weeks, daily nutrition table. Reviews, Results
  • Saturation of the body with a large number of vitamins, various minerals.
  • Fast removal of toxins and breakdown of fats.
  • The economy of the curd diet (includes inexpensive, readily available products).
  • Gentle diet.

Diet “Maggi” curd (menu for 4 weeks) excludes fasting days, which contributes to a stable, uniform weight loss without feeling hunger. If you feel like eating, you can have a bite to eat foods that you can eat without restriction.


  • Strict adherence to the diet according to the diet menu.
  • The body rejects citrus fruits, products containing toxic substances (it is recommended to undergo a medical examination before starting a diet).
  • A categorical ban on the diet according to the Maggi system during pregnancy.
  • Monotony in the use of basic products (less patient people quickly get tired of the same food).

Diet "Maggie" curd. Menu for 2, 4 weeks, daily nutrition table. Reviews, Results

The main task of patients on a diet is the correct, accurate way out of it. If, after completing the course, take food without restrictions when you want, the former weight will return quickly and in excess.

Allowed Products

A cottage cheese based diet is suitable for people with a complete set. The diet includes a large number of acceptable products, which allows you to diversify the menu. A 4-week hard diet does not seem exhausting.

The diet menu includes:

  • dairy products (cottage cheese – fat content of 5%, cheese – maximum 25%), eggs. For the purpose of variety, one product may be replaced by another;
  • fruits: pears, apples, citruses, avocados, grapefruit, plums;
  • vegetable products: carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans (chilli), radish;
  • from meat products: rabbit meat, pork, beef meat, chicken, turkey meat, partridges. The portion should be without layers of fat;
  • all varieties of fish, other seafood . For a change, canned tuna is also allowed;
  • as drinks , decoctions from various medicinal plants (chamomile, mint, ginger), tea, coffee drinks are taken.
    Diet "Maggie" curd. Menu for 2, 4 weeks, daily nutrition table. Reviews, Results
  • bread: whole grain bread, dark toasts, bran. You can use no more than 2 thin pieces. If desired, instead of bread, food can be seasoned with bran.

The main products in the diet are cottage cheese, meat, grapefruit.

Prohibited Products

The Maggi curd diet with a 4-week menu does not include products containing:

  • fats
  • toxic compounds;
  • carcinogenic substances.

The diet allows you to get used to healthy food in the allotted time.

Categorically prohibited:

  • from fruit products: bananas, grapes;
  • from vegetables: potatoes, whole legumes, corn;
  • dates, hazelnuts, Indian walnuts, walnuts (they contain a large amount of fat);
  • from meat products: lamb, goose meat, ducks;
  • from drinks: all kinds of juices (eating fruits and vegetables is already enough for the body), lemonade, milkshakes;
    Diet "Maggie" curd. Menu for 2, 4 weeks, daily nutrition table. Reviews, Results
  • products containing sugar (all types of confectionery, ice cream);
  • cereals.

During the diet it is forbidden to take alcohol or smoke (it is advisable to follow this rule after the diet).

Contraindications to the diet

Rational nutrition from Maggi has a number of contraindications:

  • Pregnancy, lactation period.
  • Gastrointestinal tract dysfunction.
  • Metabolic disease.
  • Allergy to dairy products and citruses.
  • Taking medications that lower blood pressure.
  • Weak immune system.
  • The rehabilitation period after surgery.

Diet is not recommended in adolescence. A developing body needs foods not included in the diet.

Rules for preparing for a diet

Diet Maggi cottage cheese (a menu for 4 weeks will be indicated later) – a diet for people who do not have physical health problems. Only a strong, strong organism can withstand a radical change not only in nutrition, but also in lifestyle.

Before starting the course, it is recommended that you first fix the weight, body volume, then do the same at the end of the diet. Measureme
nts should be carried out without breakfast in the morning.

Diet "Maggie" curd. Menu for 2, 4 weeks, daily nutrition table. Reviews, Results

It is impossible to precisely determine the rate of weight loss, since each organism is individual, and accordingly the process of weight loss occurs at different times. You can not start a diet during colds.

How to create a menu for every day: general principles

The diet of Maggie refers to protein diets. Their peculiarity lies in the ability to maintain satiety throughout the day. The daily regimen is calculated so that there is no need to fight hunger, the desire to eat, give up a strict diet and return to the old way of eating.

The main goal of such weight loss is to stimulate the body to quickly break down, burn fat. Daily foods are combined and distributed in a specially designed way to speed up metabolism. The lack of hunger is the result of strict adherence to the rules without skipping even one serving of food.

To achieve the goal, you must adhere to some mandatory rules during the diet:

  • drink plenty of water (more than 0,5 gallon per day);
  • use only permitted foods;
  • adjust sleep time (8-9 hours);
  • strictly exclude foods not included in the diet.

Diet "Maggie" curd. Menu for 2, 4 weeks, daily nutrition table. Reviews, Results

It is recommended, along with compliance with the regimen, to also do gymnastics. This will accelerate the achievement of the desired result.

A detailed nutrition chart for the first week of diet

The Maggi curd diet (the menu for 4 weeks is calculated according to the basic plan) helps the body get used to a small amount of enough high-calorie, at the same time easily digestible food.

In the first week of the diet, the body is rebuilt, gets used to the regime, new products. It is recommended to strictly follow a specially selected diet. Proper nutrition for the first 7 days contributes to the achievement of positive results from the remaining 3 weeks of the diet. Attached is a diet chart for the first 6 days. For Sunday, the diet is identical to Monday.







Cottage cheese – 200, 2 oranges or 1 grapefruit Cheese – 200 g

Apples (possible 3 – 4 pcs.)

Cottage cheese – up to 200 g, 2 oranges Cottage cheese – 200 g, pears – 2 pcs. Cheese – 200 g, kiwi – 4 pcs.  200 g of cottage cheese, grapefruit – 1 pc.

Apples, chopped, in the form of salad Chicken (white meat only) 1 toast or 2 bread 200 g cottage cheese, 1 tomato Plums or kiwi, 4 – 5 pcs. 200 g of cottage cheese, 150 g of vegetables Pears or avocados – 2 pcs.

5-6 green lettuce leaves, 100 g pork 150 g of cottage cheese, 1 toast or 1-2 bread, 1 orange, vegetable salad 150-200 g not fatty beef 6-7 leaves of green salad, partridge meat – 150 g 6-7 leaves of green salad, 150 g of any fish, 1 grapefruit  Green lettuce – 6-7 pcs., 200 g pork

All vegetable and meat products included in the menu should be boiled or stewed with a small amount of water without vegetable or ghee. The menu contains products without specifying their exact amount, which can be eaten until fully saturated without stress on the stomach.

Maggi Diet – Day One:

The diet of the second week is different from the first 7 days. The breakfast menu does not change all 7 days: cottage cheese – 200 g, grapefruit (as main products).

First day:

  1. Lunch time – 14.00: cottage cheese – 150 g, boiled vegetables (carrots, zucchini, tomatoes).
  2. Dinner-18.30: 200 g any kind of steamed fish, or 3-4 pieces of canned tuna, vegetable salad (2 tomatoes, cucumber, seasoned with green lettuce), citruses.

Second day:

  1. Lunch-14.00: 200 g of beef tenderloin, finely chopped cucumbers, tomatoes in the form of a juicy salad in unlimited quantities.
  2. Dinner-18.30: chopped apples, pears added to 150 g of cottage cheese (2 pcs each)

Third day: repeats the menu of the second day. You can replace apples with kiwi fruits.

Fourth day:

  1. Lunch: cottage cheese – 150 g, boiled or slightly fried zucchini, unlimited beans.
  2. Dinner: low-fat cooked pork or slightly fried fish – 200 g.

Diet "Maggie" curd. Menu for 2, 4 weeks, daily nutrition table. Reviews, Results

Fifth day:

  1. Lunch: boiled fish or shrimp – 200 g, green salad leaves (you can eat until fully saturated).
  2. Dinner: 2 finely chopped oranges in 150 g of cottage cheese.

Sixth day:

  1. Lunch: lightly fried white chicken meat –200 g with 2 tomatoes, 2 oranges.
  2. Dinner: a combination salad of finely chopped apples, plums, kiwi.

Seventh day:

  1. Lunch: lightly fr
    ied fish – 200 g, boiled vegetables seasoned with fresh tomato as a side dish, a large orange.
  2. Dinner: You must exactly repeat the lunch menu.

Diet for the third week

The third week of the diet differs from the rest by a free menu, the ability to receive an arbitrary amount of products included in the diet at a convenient time of the day.


  1. First day. Any fruit in large quantities, excluding bananas, grapes, mangoes, figs.
  2. Second day. Salad of green leaves, boiled or stewed vegetables, you can add broccoli.
  3. The third day. The products of the first two days are included in the menu together, distributed 4-5 times.
  4. Fourth day. Fish cooked in the oven or boiled shrimp. Various vegetables, including cabbage, with the exception of potatoes.
  5. Fifth day. Carefully boiled beef or pork, vegetables in large quantities. Toward the end of the day, eat 2 oranges or 1 grapefruit.
    Diet "Maggie" curd. Menu for 2, 4 weeks, daily nutrition table. Reviews, Results
  6. Sixth and seventh day. Fruits in large quantities, until the end of the day. In the morning, you can eat cottage cheese in the amount of 200 g.

The diet of the 4th week is identical to the previous one, with the difference that in the final week the products should be in a specific amount all 7 days. You can eat when the desire arises.

It is important to correctly distribute food for the whole day:

  1. First day. Chicken or partridge meat or beef – 150 g (divided into portions), 2 cucumbers, 4 medium tomatoes, any boiled fish or canned tuna, 1 piece of grain bread (can be replaced with bran), fruits of your choice, except for unacceptable diets.
  2. Second day. Pork or beef – 250-300 g, other products are repeated from the first day, only fish products are excluded.
  3. The third day. Cottage cheese – 350 g, a large number of boiled or stewed vegetables, a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers (2 pcs.), 1 toast, fruit to choose from. At the end of the day, it is recommended to eat 1 grapefruit.
  4. Fourth day. Chicken or partridge fillet – 200 g, Green lettuce leaves with 3 cucumbers, 2 tomatoes, 1 piece of grain bread or bran, a large selection of fruits, 2 oranges at the end of the day.
  5. Fifth day. Cottage cheese – 200 g, 2 cool boiled eggs, green salad leaves, combined with cucumbers and tomatoes (2 pieces each), fruits to choose from.
  6. Sixth day. Skinless chicken or beef – 200 g, cottage cheese – 150 g, fruits, except prohibited, 3 cucumbers and tomatoes.
  7. Seventh day. Cottage cheese – 350 g, canned tuna or other boiled fish, stewed or boiled vegetables to choose from, cucumbers, tomatoes, 2 pieces, 1 toast.

The effectiveness of the diet: results, photos before and after

Diet “Maggi” curd (menu for 4 weeks was described above) promotes phased weight loss. The diet does not include restrictions in high-calorie foods. The developed regime is based on chemical reactions occurring in the body, due to which uniform weight loss is carried out.

Therefore, you need to strictly follow the daily diet. Any change leads to a shift in the regime, a decrease in the effectiveness of the diet.  The first 7 days are difficult due to changes in the usual composition of the menu. In the period of 1 week, adaptation to a new way of eating takes place. The incentive to continue the diet is a noticeable decrease in weight – 7 -9 pounds on the 7th day.

Diet "Maggie" curd. Menu for 2, 4 weeks, daily nutrition table. Reviews, Results

At the end of the second week, no changes were observed. Within 7 days, an intensive process of splitting fats, the removal of toxic substances begins. The body, facilitated after the first week, copes with the elimination of toxins faster, weight decreases by only 4 pounds.

Diet "Maggie" curd. Menu for 2, 4 weeks, daily nutrition table. Reviews, Results

In the period of the third and fourth week there is an increased loss of pounds. At the end of the diet, weight is reduced by 26 -31 pounds (including the first 2 weeks).

The right way out of diet

The first rule when leaving the diet is to keep a moderate diet. You can eat 4-5 times a day in small portions, eat a lot of fruits, do not abuse flour products. A large amount of pure water is necessary after the end of the diet. Water supports reduced weight, periodically freeing the body from toxins, fats.

You can gradually include your favorite food on the menu, while at the same time consuming dietary products.

It is not recommended to exclude from the diet:

  • cottage cheese;
  • grapefruits;
  • zucchini;
  • pork.

No need to eat after 6-7 pm. If hunger is very annoying, you can eat 2 oranges. To maintain weight, it is strongly recommended that you give your body a little exercise.

Examples of recipes for Maggi diet

So that diet food does not seem too fresh, you can prepare the “right” dishes from vegetables and meat products:

  1. Fragrant cutlets. Carrots (2 pcs.) Need to be boiled, grated on a coarse grater. Pre-cooked beef (200 g) pass through a meat grinder. Next, you need to combine 2 ingredients, add a raw egg, season 2-3 tablespoon. bran, a small amount of salt, stir it all thoroughly, shape the meatballs and steam them.
  2. Vegetable cutlets. You need 1 zucchini, carrots, inflorescence of broccoli, onion, grate, add a raw egg, 50 g of cottage cheese, 2 tablespoon. bran. Having mixed well, it is necessary to free the minced meat from the accumulated liquid, put on a baking sheet in the form of cutlets and send it to the oven for 15-20 minutes.
    Diet "Maggie" curd. Menu for 2, 4 weeks, daily nutrition table. Reviews, Results
  3. Fish roll. From the fillet of low-fat fish (200 g) with the addition of a raw egg 1 medium finely chopped onion, excellent minced meat is obtained. To make it fragrant, you can add 1 small carrot, 2 tablespoons of bran. Having thoroughly mixed, you need to cook small rolls and wrapping them in foil, send them to the oven for 15-20 minutes.

Reviews of doctors a
nd nutritionists

Specialists in diet nutrition give a positive assessment of the diet from Maggie. Practice has shown that you can lose weight in this mode. The main advantage of the diet is the lack of hunger. As a protein, it surpasses many diets in its merits. It is important to remember the need to take from 0,5 gallon of fluid per day.

The diet is tolerated relatively easily, given its duration. Nutritionists believe it is suitable for people who are not recommended to dramatically lose weight. Following the Maggi diet, women can, with interruptions over several courses, achieve a positive effect in losing weight.

A big plus of the curd diet from Maggi is a 100% chance to lose 22 -33 pounds, adhering to a strict menu for a 4-week period.

Maggi Curd Diet Video

Diet Maggi – menu for every day:

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