Carboxytherapy – what is it in medicine and cosmetology, reviews, price

Carboxytherapy is a medical procedure, the meaning of which is the dosed introduction of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) under the skin , which is an analogue of the usual process in the human body of the formation of this substance in the tissues.

Carboxytherapy - what is it in medicine and cosmetology, reviews, priceCO 2 is formed in the tissues, enters the bloodstream and is excreted through the respiratory tract. But with age-related changes after 30 years, it slows down. Carboxytherapy imitates this process, stimulating the flow of oxygen to the skin tissue from the blood, the production of natural collagen.

Use it not only in aesthetic cosmetology, but also for medicinal purposes.

The increased oxygen level starts the metabolic process , which helps to eliminate toxic substances, establishes the outflow of apiaries (a colorless liquid responsible for the distribution of nutrients), and accelerates the breakdown of fats.

What is the carboxytherapy procedure prescribed for

Depending on medical problems, carboxytherapy is indicated for people with the following diseases:

  1. Dermatological diseases (psoriasis, eczema). Carbon dioxide injections are injected into the lesion foci 2-3 times a week. This method is used in addition to the main treatment.
  2. Rheumatological diseases (arthrosis, arthritis, osteonecrosis).
  3. Diseases of the spine (hernia, osteohodrosis, protrusion).
  4. Migraines, headache.
  5. Arteriopathy (diseases of arteries, veins).
  6. Postoperative recovery.
Carboxytherapy - what is it in medicine and cosmetology, reviews, price
Carboxytherapy effectively eliminates skin defects.

Purified carbon dioxide is introduced into the problem area. Carbon dioxide provokes the start of the biochemical process, which leads to an increase in capillaries and arterioles, an increase in microcirculation, a decrease in venous hyperemia and edema.

The smallest vessels expand, blood microcirculation, lymph exchange and tissue nutrition improve, long-term pain stops, muscle tension and spasms are relieved.

In aesthetic medicine, procedures are required for the following indications:

  1. Problems with pigmentation (insufficient coloring of the dermis).
  2. Cellulite
  3. Stretch marks, scars, small scars.
  4. Acne, acne.
  5. Blue circles under the eyes.
  6. Local varicose veins (spider veins).
  7. Slowing down recovery processes.
  8. Rehabilitation during the treatment of burns.
  9. Wrinkles (from small to deep).
  10. Recovery after plastic surgery.
  11. “Double chin.
  12. Decreased skin turgor on the neck and decollete.

Classification of carboxytherapy

According to the method of exposure, 2 types of procedure are distinguished: non-invasive and injection.

During the non-invasive procedure, a special mask is applied to the skin. This is a type of carboxytherapy that is indicated to customers with caution regarding needles.

The mask contains carbon dioxide molecules mixed with other ingredients. Due to its effect, the upper layer of the dermis is saturated with oxygen. To improve the effect, the skin is cleansed and steamed before the procedure.

“Superficial” carboxytherapy strengthens muscle tissue and facial skin , thereby smoothing small wrinkles, making deep folds less pronounced.

Carboxytherapy - what is it in medicine and cosmetology, reviews, price
Non-injection carboxytherapy does not cause pain, since it is carried out by applying a mask.

But this type of carboxytherapy is not as effective as injection, and therefore not so popular. In addition to peeling, microcurrents, cosmetic cleansing, carboxymask enhances the result and increases the duration of the effect.

Injection carboxytherapy is carried out using a diffuse gun connected to a container filled with medical sterile carbon dioxide.

Important to remember! Invasive carboxytherapy can only be performed by a certified cosmetologist!

Before starting the procedure, the skin area is disinfected and an anesthetic ointment is applied. The needles are used so thin that the puncture is almost painless. The gun is equipped with special nozzles to soften the injection.

During the session, a tingling sensation or burning sensation is possible, which disappears within 5-20 minutes after the completion of the procedure. Although experts say that a lot depends on the individual characteristics of each client.

Features of the procedure

CO 2 is an inert non-combustible gas that does not have color and odor. When carbon dioxide is injected under the skin, it is distributed along the muscle fibers and small vessels.

Carboxytherapy - what is it in medicine and cosmetology, reviews, price
Carboxytherapy is a cosmetic procedure based on the introduction of purified carbon dioxide into the skin. Such an effect provokes an abundant flow of blood, which helps to cleanse the cells.

The duration and depth of the injection depends on the specific indications for carboxytherapy.

Indications for carboxytherapy Depth of injection Number of treatments
Rejuvenation and lifting 1/32 – 3/32 inch 5-6 sessions
Cellulite treatment, fat removal 4/32 – 13/32 inch 2 times a week for 2 months
Correction of scars, stretch marks 6/32 – 8/32 inch 8-12 treatments

Stages and features of the procedure

The preparatory phase includes consulting with a specialist, collecting an anamnesis and eliminating contraindications.

Carboxytherapy is a procedure that has some contraindications, such as:

  1. Pregnancy and lactation.
  2. Myocardial infarction.
  3. Heart failure.
  4. Arterial hypertension.
  5. Stroke.
  6. Renal failure.
  7. Acute thrombophlebitis.
  8. Epilepsy.
  9. Taking carbonic anhydrase inhibitors.
  10. Inflammation in the area preparing for the procedure.

After the consent of the attending physician, you can contact the cosmetologist, who will determine the dosage of carbon dioxide, the depth and zone of administration, the frequency of the procedure. The duration of the session can be 20-60 minutes, based on the cultivated area.

A skin patch is prepared
as follows. The cosmetologist conducts a deep cleansing of the face, steaming with the help of special tools. Next, it disinfects and applies an anesthetic cream.

Note! During the preparation and conduct of such invasive procedures as carboxytherapy, a cosmetologist or a doctor must always wear gloves! This rule is observed by any competent specialist.

Using a diffusion gun loaded with needles with a very small diameter, punctures are carried out. Injections are made on each inch of the treated surface to achieve maximum uniformity of effect.

Carboxytherapy - what is it in medicine and cosmetology, reviews, priceThe drug “Mediablock +”, which saturates skin cells with individual CO 2 molecules, is used more often than others .
During the procedure, slight discomfort may be felt. Pain as it is administered can arise from the gas flow rate and from the individual pain threshold of the patient.

Important to remember! If there are serious signs of malaise (dizziness, flickering flies before the eyes, fever), you need to inform the specialist and stop the session!

Introduced artificially, carbon dioxide is completely eliminated from the body upon exhalation (through the lungs), and the remainder through the kidneys within 30 minutes after the session.

Procedure Results

After the 1st procedure, the effect of carboxytherapy is visible. Depending on the problem, individual characteristics and age of the client, cosmetologists promise various results from reducing symptoms to completely eliminating the problem.

Face rejuvenation

The oval of the face acquires a more taut contour, the “second” chin disappears. Small wrinkles are smoothed out, the depth of large folds decreases.

Carboxytherapy - what is it in medicine and cosmetology, reviews, priceThe procedure helps to restore a fresh, rested appearance, reduce swelling under the eyes, blue circles disappear completely. Nasolabial folds do not stand out or disappear completely.

The use of carboxytherapy after 30 years slows down the aging process and gives a better result in the future, as the skin becomes younger, becoming more elastic.

Skin condition improvement

Medical carbon dioxide promotes the healing and healing of skin cells. The course of therapy helps get rid of the effects of acne and acne.

Old scars also undergo changes as the scarring process improves in a small number of sessions. Problems with blood vessels in the form of stars and age spots disappear altogether.

Stretch marks on the abdomen and hips acquire a natural skin color and become invisible, decreasing in size.

Carbon Diet Weight Loss

In the fight against overweight and cellulite, invasive carboxytherapy is an effective independent procedure, provided that the patient follows a number of rules.

These include the following:

  1. A healthy diet.
  2. Minimal physical activity.
  3. The percentage of fat in the body is low.

The artificial flow of oxygen caused by the introduction of carbon dioxide accelerates the breakdown of fats and the production of collagen. In the fight against obesity, a course of therapy enhances the result after lifting procedures and liposuction.

Joint and spinal problems

Carboxytherapy is one of the few methods that makes it possible to treat diseases such as osteochondrosis, protrusion of the intervertebral disc, hernia, arthritis of the joints, arthrosis without surgery.

Recovery becomes possible due to improved metabolism and blood flow to the cartilage in the problem area.

The body activates its regenerative functions, relieving pain. The course of carboxytherapy prevents further deposition of salts in the tissues.

Method cost

The cost of the procedure consists of several factors:

  1. The cost of the drugs used.
  2. The area of the treated surface of the skin.
  3. Pricing policy of a clinic or beauty salon.

On average, a carboxytherapy session in the area near the eye will cost $ 20 – $ 27. Tummy and thigh lift costs $ 68 – $ 95. in one procedure. It is worth considering the number of sessions, the number of which can be from 4 to 10.

Possible side effects and their causes

Experts warn that after the procedure, you may experience: trembling, feeling of heaviness, burning sensation, heat attack, swelling, bruising and characteristic crunching in the treated area.

These symptoms disappear within a few minutes to 2 hours after the session. Even with subcutaneous and intraperitoneal administration of high doses of CO 2 , no toxic effects were detected. With a correctly collected history there can be no serious consequences.

Carboxytherapy - what is it in medicine and cosmetology, reviews, price
Carboxytherapy is an effective method to eliminate skin imperfections due to its deep cleansing.

The procedure does not require a special rehabilitation regime and does not lead to a change in the usual schedule of life. But experts advise to adhere to a number of rules after carboxytherapy.

These rules include the following:

  1. Do not wet the treated area for 6 hours after the session.
  2. Do not visit the bath; Do not take hot baths.
  3. After carboxytherapy “on the body” is to refrain from dragging underwear.

The opinion of doctors and cosmetologists

With age, due to weakened capillaries, blood circulation and oxygen saturation of the tissues are disturbed.

This affects the regenerative ability of cells, respectively, the skin loses its elasticity, the joints can’t cope with the amount of salts deposited, the hair follicles “go to sleep”.

According to doctors, carboxytherapy is one of the best procedures for solving problems such as stagnation of salts in tissues, relief of pain in chondrosis, and removal of edema from nerve roots.

This not only eliminates muscle-vascular spasm, restores a calm sleep, calms the nervous system, but also rejuvenates the body as a whole.

Doctors say that when large amounts of carbon dioxide get into the tissue of the dermis, the brain defines this process as a problem area and mobilizes its forces, accelerating the flow of blood, expanding the capillaries of the skin and increasing their number.

Venous outflow returns to normal, which affects the improvement of metabolism in tissues. This has a positive effect not only on appearance, but also on well-being.

Many cosmetologists believe that carboxytherapy is ahead of mesotherapy in the fight against age-related changes, not only in terms of effectiveness, but also in terms of harmlessness and painlessness. Due to fewer skin punctures, the likelihood of hematomas is reduced.

After a course of procedures, blood
circulation is established, improved lymphatic drainage affects the quality of the removal of toxins, the skin looks fresh due to improved color and fit, the face is younger.

Carboxytherapy is relevant at any age. The problem of adolescents is also solved in several sessions, carbon dioxide contributes to the treatment of acne and the disappearance of traces of acne, due to its bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects.

Beauticians advise carboxytherapy as a very effective procedure in the fight against cellulite and its causes, which are impaired blood and lymph circulation. CO 2 awakens fat cell receptors and activates the breakdown of fat .

Carboxytherapy - what is it in medicine and cosmetology, reviews, priceWithout directly affecting body fat, gas does not destroy cells. Reducing the manifestations of the “orange peel” can be noticed almost immediately, as soon as the swelling subsides. However, one should moderate one’s expectations, since not one of the specialists promises that after a course of procedures the client will become radically younger.

Carboxytherapy is not a magic procedure, but a very real way to improve the appearance and internal condition of the skin and body.

It is indispensable as a preventive anti-aging agent that restores age-weakened functions. The recovery period after liposuction is also an indication for carboxytherapy. Liposuction does not solve all the problems of losing weight, leaving the body bumpy.

Carbon dioxide, entering the body, provokes a “reset” of blood supply to organs and tissues, peripheral vessels expand, mobilize energy metabolism without oxygen, normal venous outflow, which leads to equalization of reliefs in problem areas.

The procedure has a beneficial effect on the whole organism , the metabolism in the brain is enhanced, the stress resistance of the nervous system is increased, and the performance, both mental and physical, is increased.

Also, redistributed blood flow stimulates the active work of the digestive tract, which consists in mixing food with gastric juice and its advancement to the duodenum.

Carboxytherapy is one of the most popular modern methods of tissue rejuvenation and bringing stagnant processes in the body to normal functioning.

To maintain the effect, the courses should be repeated with the frequency that the cosmetologist will advise.

The effect depends on the age and condition of the client. But even the most minimal results (rejuvenation, elasticity of the skin, the disappearance of scars, stretch marks, restoration of overdried skin) are noticeable upon arrival home from the beauty salon.

Useful videos about carboxytherapy that reveal the benefits and key features of the procedure

The procedure for non-injection carboxytherapy and the benefits of the procedure:

Carboxytherapy: what is it and what are the features of the procedure – in this video clip:

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