Delta exercises in the gym for girls. How to pump complex

Exercises for deltas, which are performed in a gym, allow you to develop the muscles of the shoulder girdle, make them more prominent wide and strong. The training program and physical activity are selected individually depending on the expected effect and assigned tasks.

The essence and basic principles

Delta exercises , which are performed in the gym, are distinguished by their diversity, technique, and sports equipment used during the approaches. Regardless of which training program was chosen for the development of muscle fibers of the shoulder girdle, it is necessary to observe the basic principles of pumping deltas and the essence of each exercise.

Delta exercises in the gym for girls. How to pump complex

All of them are described in detail in the table below:

Basic principles The essence of the exercises
Using your own body weight Girls who are at the initial stage of development of the deltoid muscles and are just mastering the basic exercises need to use their own body weight. For pumping muscle fibers of the shoulder girdle, it is recommended to perform approaches on the horizontal bar and parallel bars. A training program with the use of these sports equipment will strengthen the tendons, connective tissue of the shoulder joint and prepare the body for more intense loads in the form of dumbbells, barbells, weight training equipment. Pumping the deltoid muscles with their own body weight makes all the contours of the shoulder girdle more attractive and aesthetic. Over time, when the deltas will be more developed, exercises on the horizontal bar and bars can be complicated by the use of weights. From 4 -11 pounds or more in the form of barbell pancakes or dumbbells are added to its own weight.
Performing exercises with a working weight In order to maintain the deltoid muscles in optimal shape, providing them with stable development, working weights are used. This is the mass of a sports apparatus that allows you to perform the exercise technically correct, do 8-10 repetitions for 3 approaches and avoid overworking the body. Training with working weights is shown to girls who do not want to build muscle mass of the shoulder girdle, but support the body in good physical shape.
Pumping deltas with minimal burden The use of minimum weights is recommended for overweight athletes. In this case, the task is not to increase the physical strength of the shoulder girdle and not to increase the volume of the deltas, but to make the body more attractive. During the use of minimum weights, an emphasis is placed on a large number of repetitions, due to this, the effect of drying the deltas and burning excess fat is achieved. The shoulders become more elegant and aesthetically pleasing.
Exercise with maximum weights This is a set of physical exercises, in the course of which dumbbells, barbells, weights and trainers are used. The emphasis is on the maximum weights, which rise by 3-5 repetitions in 3 sets. The main task of this type of training program is to increase the volume of the deltoid muscles, build up physical strength and power. Exercises with maximum weights should be supervised by a trainer or partner who can insure on time, prevent injury, and also indicate potential errors in the technique of the exercise.
Effective use of simulators The pumping of the deltoid muscles should not be based solely on the use of barbells, dumbbells, weights, horizontal bars and bars. It is necessary to actively use simulators. The best training effect is achieved with the use of the “butterfly” sports equipment, the V-shaped crossbar, which is pulled to the chest, as well as the T-shaped block. All these simulators can be found in any gym, which positions itself as a sports facility, where you can pump all muscle groups.
Localized load on a separate group of muscle fibers The deltoid muscles are made up of several groups. These are the front, middle and rear fibers. Together, they form a single shoulder girdle, protect the joint from injuries, excessive loads, premature wear, and also take part in the work of the musculoskeletal system. To achieve the maximum effect from pumping the deltoid muscles, during one training session, it is necessary to perform exercises on only one area. For example, pump only the front deltas. In the next workout, focus on the back of the shoulder girdle. This approach will allow you to create maximum physical activity and achieve the best result in the development of muscles of a particular group.
Comprehensive training In order to have a beautiful body with proportional development, it is necessary to form an individual training program in which all parts of the body will be involved. In this case, the principle of compatibility of training is taken into account. For example, the deltas are best pumped on the same day as the biceps and triceps, and the back muscles develop well if the load on the chest is simultaneously provided.
Combination of cardiac loads Athletes who are engaged in large weights, want to increase the physical mass of the deltoid muscles, or work on the relief and aesthetic attractiveness of the shoulder girdle, must take care of cardiological training. These are targeted loads that provide training for the cardiovascular system. They consist in the fact that 1-2 times a week a girl needs to run light jogging at a distance of at least 1 – 1 mile, ride a bike, go swimming or walking. The goal of cardiological loads is to maintain the health of the heart muscle and the great vessels, which experience tremendous overload at the time of lifting the barbell, dumbbell or weight.
The right exercise technique Not one exercise for the development of the deltoid muscles will not bring a positive effect if during its implementation a technical emphasis is not observed. Insufficient extension of the elbow joints, too fast lifting of the bar or the presence of jerks can lead to insufficient muscle congestion, and in some cases even cause injury.
Strength development The development of the physical strength of the deltoid muscles is one of the basic principles of playing sports in the gym. It is necessary in order to further increase weights and ensure constant progress in the development of deltas. The principle of conducting strength exercises is to use the largest weights that rise 1-3 times in 3 sets.
Mass building An increase in the volume and muscle mass of the deltas is possible only with a parallel development of strength. The principle of doing exercises is similar to the above principle. Heavy weights with a minimum of repetitions are used. The gym uses sports equipment su
ch as dumbbells, weights and barbells. Trainers act as an auxiliary element in the overall training program.
Achieving a bump effect Most of the girls who go to the gym start to rock the deltas and want to get beautiful shoulders with pronounced contours. To achieve this effect, small weights are used, but as many repetitions as possible. For example, the exercise of lifting the dumbbells up is performed with a weight of 7 pounds. The number of repetitions is up to 20 times. The muscle fibers of the shoulder girdle are dried, secreted in the subcutaneous layer and become maximally embossed.
A variety of sports equipment In the process of pumping the deltoid muscles, all sports equipment that are in the gym and are intended for systemic training of the shoulder girdle should be involved. This will allow you to regularly perform a variety of exercises that will positively affect the development of muscle fibers.
Heavy drink Building muscle, physical strength, endurance of the ligaments and tendons, as well as creating a beautiful contour of the shoulder girdle – is impossible without the receipt of a sufficient amount of fluid. During training, you must drink at least 0,3 gallon of clean drinking water.
Right breathing A prerequisite for maintaining the health of the heart system is proper breathing during exercise. The power jerk of the bar, the lifting of dumbbells, weights, weight on the simulator, should always be accompanied by a deep breath, and the completion of the repetition – the exhalation of carbon dioxide.

Delta exercises in the gym can be performed independently, or use the services of a trainer or instructor. It is always necessary to remember that compliance with the above principles of the training process is mandatory. Otherwise, a positive result aimed at strengthening the deltoid muscles will not be achieved.

Delta exercises in the gym for girls. How to pump complex

In addition, injuries or the acquisition of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular system are not ruled out.

Indications for use

Delta exercises in the gym are shown for execution in the following cases:

  • overweight;
  • the need to strengthen the shoulder joint, tendons and ligaments;
  • pathological thinness associated with muscle deficiency;
  • a sedentary and inactive lifestyle;
  • too slow metabolism, which ultimately leads to the accumulation of adipose tissue;
  • prevention of injuries of the shoulder girdle;
  • concomitant exercise in power sports, which include the need to increase the physical strength of the deltoid muscles (boxing, kickboxing, freestyle or Greco-Roman wrestling, judo);
  • psychological and nervous strain, which must be relieved in a gym;
  • angular and ugly shoulders (regular training aimed at the development of the deltoid muscles makes the shoulder girdle more beautiful and attractive).

Delta exercises in the gym for girls. How to pump complex

Before starting the training process, it is recommended that you consult with a trainer or fitness instructor. The specialist will tell you with which exercises it is better to start pumping the deltas, and also form the basic set of physical activities.


Delta exercises in the gym are contraindicated for girls who have diseases or pathological conditions of internal organs and systems.

 For instance:

  • diabetes;
  • intervertebral hernia;
  • prolapse of the uterus;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • all types of heart diseases associated with a violation of its rhythmic activity (tachycardia, angina pectoris, bradycardia);
  • previous cerebral stroke;
  • inguinal hernia;
  • inflammation of the bone or connective tissue of the shoulder joint;
  • severe spinal injuries;
  • cerebrovascular accident;
  • hemorrhoidal disease (weight lifting can trigger an exacerbation of the disease).

Girls who are pregnant are not recommended to perform deltoid muscle exercises using heavy weights.

Delta exercises in the gym for girls. How to pump complex

The permissible mass of a sports apparatus must not exceed more than 7 pounds. During menstruation, prolonged and exhausting workouts should also be limited.

Useful Tips

Delta exercises in the gym should be performed only in sportswear, as well as using special equipment.

To start training you will need:

  • loose t-shirt, shirt or top;
  • shorts, leggings, or sweatpants;
  • sneakers, sneakers or moccasins;
  • gloves for fitness, so as not to usd corns and dropsy;
  • athletic belt for the prevention of trauma to the lumbar spine and the formation of an inguinal hernia;
  • a bottle for water, which should hold at least 0,4 gallon of liquid;
  • clean towel to remove sweat.

Delta exercises in the gym for girls. How to pump complex

Before going to the gym, it is recommended to determine for yourself the purpose of the training, as well as the desired result. The type of exercise, the number of approaches and the mass of sports equipment that will be used during the pumping of the deltoid muscles depends on this.

Main complex

Delta exercises can cover all segments of these muscles at once, or create physical activity only on their individual sections. The following is a basic training complex, which is performed in a gym, and allows for the effective development of front, middle and rear deltas.

Hand reduction on the Butterfly simulator

With the help of the simulator pumping of the front and middle deltas is provided.

The principle of the exercise consists in the following actions:

  1. You must sit on the simulator seat and press your back against its back.
  2. Fix the palms of the upper limbs on the handles of a sports apparatus.
  3. At the same time bring both hands towards the center of the chest.

Delta exercises in the gym for girls. How to pump complex

For 1 approach, you need to perform 8-10 repetitions. In total, you need to do at least 3 approaches. The weight is set individually depending on the physica
l strength of the athlete, and can vary from 11 -44 pounds and above.

Raising the hull on the bars

This is a basic exercise that involves using your own body weight. For its implementation, it is necessary to exit the body on the uneven bars and fully align the arms at the elbows. When inhaling, you need to bend the limbs and go down as deep as possible. On exhalation, the elbows are straightened and the body takes its original position.

For 1 approach, 5 to 15 repetitions should be done. It is recommended to perform from 2 to 3 approaches. This exercise allows you to develop the back and middle deltas. As your muscles strengthen, you can use extra weight.

Army bench press

Effective exercise on the back and front deltas.

It is carried out in compliance with the following technique:

  1. Put your feet shoulder width apart and align your back.
  2. Take a barbell with pancakes of working weight, and then with two hands bring its bar to the chin.
  3. On inspiration, the bar rises and the arms are fully aligned at the elbows.
    Delta exercises in the gym for girls. How to pump complex
  4. On exhalation, the headquarters returns to its original position to the surface of the chest.

In total, it is recommended to perform from 8 to 12 repetitions in 3 sets. The weight of a sports projectile can be 11 -44 pounds or more, depending on the physical development of the girl.

Side Dumbbell Breeding

Not a difficult exercise for the front and middle deltas.

It is performed as follows:

  1. The girl takes an upright position, and her legs are spread shoulder-width apart.
  2. Hands in which the dumbbells are squeezed are synchronously thrown apart. The elbows are slightly compressed at this point to reduce the load on the joints.
  3. On inspiration, the sports apparatus is lifted, and on exhalation, the arms drop down.
Delta exercises in the gym for girls. How to pump complex
Exercises on the deltas in the gym. Breeding dumbbells to the side.

For 1 approach, at least 10-13 repetitions should be performed. The optimal number of approaches is 3. At the initial stage of training, the weight of dumbbells can be 7 -11 pounds. As the deltas strengthen and develop, the weight can be gradually increased.

Dumbbell shoulder pull

This exercise is intended for localized pumping exclusively of the rear deltas.

To perform muscle training correctly, you must adhere to the following technique:

  1. In one hand, take a dumbbell with a working weight, and with your second free hand find the fulcrum. It is best if it will be a bench for a bench press. It is necessary to lean on it with the palm of your hand and the knee of your free hand.
  2. The limb in which the dumbbell is located is retracted behind the back so that a load is created exclusively on the back of the shoulder.
  3. At the time of inspiration, exercise is carried out with the maximum abduction of a sports apparatus.
  4. When you exhale, the elbow joint returns to its original position.
  5. After 8-12 repetitions are done on one arm, it is necessary to pump the rear deltas on the other shoulder.

Delta exercises in the gym for girls. How to pump complex

In total, it is recommended to do 3-4 approaches. The weight of the dumbbell can be from 7 -26 pounds. During this exercise, you must ensure that your back remains as even as possible. Otherwise, back injury may result.

Weight pull

The exercise is performed on the simulator. The girl sits down on a bench, and then fixes her hands on a special handle holder, which is located above her head. During inhalation, it is necessary to pull the handle to the chin, and on the exhale, relax your hands and return it to its original position. At the moment of power traction, the front and middle deltas are pumped.

The wider the arms are set, the stronger the physical load on the muscle fibers. This exercise not only effectively develops deltas, but also contributes to the growth of shoulders in width. For 1 approach, you need to do 10 to 15 repetitions. The optimal number of approaches is 3. The weight is individually regulated and averages from 11 -55 pounds.

Result fixing

To save the result that was achieved in the gym, the following rules must be observed:

  • refuse to use alcohol, tobacco and drugs;
  • eat fully, eating cereals, fish, meat, sour-milk products, fresh vegetables, fruits, greens;
  • avoid stress and psycho-emotional stress;
  • do not eat foods that contain preservatives and other chemical additives;
  • engage in the gym no more than 2-3 times a week, so that the deltas are fully restored (the time interval between training should be at least 24-48 hours);
  • drink as much water as possible daily.

Delta exercises in the gym for girls. How to pump complex

Even after the termination of classes in the gym, it is recommended to do exercises every morning, push up from the floor, pull yourself up on the horizontal bar. These simple rules will allow you to maintain the relief and physical strength of the front, middle and rear deltas.

When to expect an effect

The first positive results can be seen after 2-3 months. from the start of the training process. If the task was to achieve relief, then the muscles will look drier. During their tension, it will be possible to see each group of muscle fibers separately. Performing strength exercises will lead to a set of muscle mass and the growth of the shoulder girdle in width.

Delta exercises, which are performed in the gym, allow you to develop the front, middle and back of this muscle group. Regular training provides effective development of the shoulder girdle, creating its contours more aesthetic and visually attractive.

Delta exercises in the gym for girls. How to pump complex

Working with large weights allows you to build muscle mass, develop the physical strength of the shoulders, make them wider, and the body is sturdy. In the training process, simulators, dumbbells, barbells and the athlete’s own weight are used.

Shoulder Exercise Video

How to make beautiful shoulders for a girl:

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