Exercises for the rear deltas of shoulders for girls with dumbbells, a barbell, in the gym

The beautiful shape of the shoulders is no less important for women than for men. However, it is difficult to pump up the rear deltas, not knowing how they are arranged. Before proceeding directly to shoulder exercises , you need to understand what a delta is, where it is and what function it performs.

The essence and basic principles of exercises on the back deltas

The deltoid muscle consists of 3 bundles:

  1. Front: starts from the starting edge of the clavicle. Thanks to him, you can raise the upper limb in front of you and take your elbows to the body.
  2. Medium: attaches to the shoulder blade. With it, you can raise and spread your arms to the sides.
  3. Rear: A small muscle located on the back of the shoulder. Its main function is to take your hand back, pull it toward you, lower it after lifting it down, and unbend your shoulder.

Exercises for the rear deltas of shoulders for girls with dumbbells, a barbell, in the gym

The simultaneous operation of 3 beams allows you to perform many movements. Thanks to them, the shoulder joint is the most mobile in the body. When the delta is very tense, it can deflect the shoulder in all directions.

The most inactive is the rear beam. For those who are professionally engaged in bodybuilding, it is 30% more than for people whose occupation is not related to sports.

There are the following reasons for this:

  1. The front deltas are involved in many types of exercises, while the rear loads are almost not experienced.
  2. Hind deltas are not as popular as biceps or pectoral muscles. They do not give much attention.
  3. The rear deltas are the smallest and not easy to use. For their pumping, a targeted load on them is necessary.

Exercises on the back deltas often do wrong, so the result is a lack of growth. Muscles do not increase even after intense training. To study them and the correct load requires special exercises, for example, breeding the upper limbs in an angle to the back delta.

Do not be afraid that the exercises will contribute to too much shoulder growth, on the contrary, they will add:

  • shoulders of bumps and sexuality;
  • silhouette – proportionality;
  • accentuated slim waist.

Exercises for the rear deltas of shoulders for girls with dumbbells, a barbell, in the gym

A special complex will strengthen the shoulder joints, contribute to increased strength indicators in movements where the load is directed to the muscles of the shoulder girdle. This applies to pull-ups and push-ups. For example, Jessica Putnam, in her early 20s, began to participate in various prestigious fitness tournaments. She claims that her body was created by her on her own.

Indications for starting exercise on the rear deltas

Exercises on the back deltas require training: first you need to stretch the shoulder joints. They have good mobility, so the upper limb can move in different directions. The extreme mobility of the shoulder joint can be seen by comparing it with the knee joint, which provides leg movement in only one plane.

Thanks to the shoulder joint, the hand can rotate in different directions and planes. However, this mobility has its drawbacks: the shoulders are often injured. Before the start of the main training, you should warm up and warm up the shoulder muscles, and during the training itself, control the performance technique.

For women, the developed brachial muscles are the basis of high-quality work on the body. If you properly train your shoulders, after doing a quality workout, they will be strong and attractive.

Contraindications to the exercise on the back deltas

For beginners to study the area of deltas, it is recommended to pick up light exercises. The program is designed so that strength exercises to pump them are carried out 2-3 times a week.

Exercises for the rear deltas of shoulders for girls with dumbbells, a barbell, in the gym

In working with the bar, the following contraindications to them should be considered:

  1. First experience.
  2. Back problems. The position of the body for working with the bar is anatomically unnatural: a load is placed on the lower back and intra-abdominal pressure increases.
  3. Umbilical hernia. Such an exercise is better to replace with a similar one, but with less stress.

Useful Tips

In work on the brachial muscles, the following recommendations should be guided:

  1. Have a barbell and dumbbell to practice. Their weight depends on physiological capabilities. You should choose options for the ability to do 10 or more repetitions. For 1 training should be carried out from 5 to 10 sets. A woman is not recommended to lift more than 11 pounds. If the goal is to pump up your shoulders, making them wider and more massive, then you can take shells harder. If the main task is to reduce the shoulders and narrow the back, then the weight is minimal. The emphasis should be on increasing the number of approaches.
  2. Occupation periods increase little by little. In women, muscle mass is average and with a sharp load, injuries can occur.
  3. Remember the risk of stretching, therefore, strictly adhere to the technology even when in good physical shape.
  4. First, the technique must be carefully worked out without dumbbells and barbells, after that – move on to movements with minimal weight.
  5. Do not forget about the warm-up. It is carried out before each training session.
    Exercises for the rear deltas of shoulders for girls with dumbbells, a barbell, in the gym
  6. Do not be afraid of muscle pain at first. This is normal: pain indicates the required load. A warm salt bath with lavender oil will help to eliminate it. After the bath, you need to thoroughly grind the muscles.
  7. For a noticeable increase in shoulders, it is better to work with heavy weight.
  8. The best number of repetitions is 8-12 times. The final 2 repetitions should be performed with the last effort.
  9. Do not overload the body with training.

The main set of exercises for the rear deltas

The exercises on the back deltas should be selected so that all 3 beams can be worked out qualitatively.

Exercise Description
Bench press


  1. Take the initial position: turn your shoulders, legs slightly wider than your shoulders, lower your arms holding the dumbbells.
  2. To form a right angle with the arms bent at the elbows, dumbbells are located in the ear area.
  3. Stretch your arms, taking them in a parallel position, and squeeze the dumbbells up. Measure at the top for 3-4
  4. Give up.

Repeat 8 times, using a minimum of weight, then – the number should increase. This is a basic movement that exerts the correct load on the delta, triceps and trapezius muscles.

Mahi in front of you
  1. Legs set wider than shoulders.
  2. Bend your arms before the swing. At the top, the dumbbell is in the shoulder area.
  3. Machs are done without jerking. It will take 10-15 repetitions.

This type of movement is suitable for working out the front beams. You can perform it with both hands or alternately, changing them. The last option is recommended for women: it allows hands to rest and relax.

Breeding standing
  1. Stand straight, chin slightly raised, shoulders straightened.
  2. Slight bending of the arms at the elbows. Dumbbells should be lifted slightly above the shoulders. The main feature is that you need to hold the projectile as if it were not dumbbells, but water bottles that were slightly tilted down with their neck.
  3. Holding for 2-4 seconds at the top point, return to the beginning. The movements are smooth.

You need to do it 10-15 times. These movements are suitable for working out the middle beam

Breeding in the slope
  1. Tilt the body with dumbbells in hand. Bent knees are permissible, the back should not be rounded.
  2. Arms outstretched with a load down, to spread them apart. Other joints, except the shoulder, do not work.

Do 8 reps. The movement exerts a positive load on the rear beams

Dumbbell lift
  1. Take dumbbells, turn your shoulders and slightly raise your chin. Feet a little wider than shoulder width apart.
  2. Lower your arms, bending them at the elbow. The palms are turned to the body.
  3. The maximum point is dumbbells at the level of the chin. Hold for a couple of seconds.

Do 8 reps. With this movement, deltas, biceps and trapezius muscles will experience a payload

Reverse Butterfly on the simulator

Promotes the formation of the relief of the rear delta beam. It helps to make the muscle strong, the shoulders are rounded and resistant to stress, eliminate asymmetry.

Exercises for the rear deltas of shoulders for girls with dumbbells, a barbell, in the gym


  1. Adjust the simulator so that the distance between the handles is at shoulder width.
  2. Put a burden.
  3. Press your chest against the back of the simulator. The back is straight, the lower back is curved.
  4. Extend your arms and grab the handles, palms turned on top of each other.
  5. Take a breath and then – a pause.
  6. Dilute the arms for the body. Elbows at shoulder level.
  7. At the contraction point, pause and strain the back delta.
  8. Take a breath and return to the beginning.

Elbows should be included in the work, not hands. For greater efficiency, you can reverse the grip. The more the elbows are wound behind the back, the better it is for working out the muscles.

Sitting dumbbell bench press

It is popular with the fair sex. It works with the front and middle bundles and triceps. Her simulator is not recommended before performing the movement, otherwise the triceps will become weak, and the shoulders will not receive the desired load.

The sequence is as follows:

  1. Sit on a bench so that the shoulder blades are well pressed to its back. Then bend down in the lower back and take dumbbells.
  2. Bend your arms and point your elbows down, dumbbells – at shoulder level.
  3. Inhale and exhale raise your elbows bent up.
  4. Exhale and return to the beginning.

Barbell exercise

For movements, a bar is required. Basically, the load is directed to the middle beam of the delta, however, when the body is in a straight position, the front one is connected, and with a slight tilt (about 20 °) – the back one.

Exercises for the rear deltas of shoulders for girls with dumbbells, a barbell, in the gym

It is executed as follows:

  1. You should stand up straight, legs apart.
  2. Take the barbell, considering: the distance between the hands is slightly larger than the width of the pelvis.
  3. During exhalation, raise the bar to the chest.
  4. Exhaling, return to the beginning. Hands should fall smoothly. To some of the load was shifted to the rear deltas, you should slightly tilt the body forward, but so that the back does not bend.

Hand breeding

This movement is performed as follows:

  1. Stand straight with dumbbells in your hands.
  2. During exhalation, slowly raise your arms so that the shoulder forms a parallel with the floor. The elbow should retain a slight natural fold.
  3. Exhaling, you can slowly lower your hands. It is important to control movement and not allow the muscles to relax.

Projectile lift

This movement is effective for the front delta. Women are advised to use dumbbells, since it is easier to regulate weight with them.

His priority is as follows:

  1. Get up straight with dumbbells in your hands.
  2. Raise your hands at the same time or alternately until the shoulder is parallel to the floor. Elbows should not strain.

Hand breeding

Exercise helps train your back deltas:

  1. Take the dumbbells in your hands, and then tilt the body forward at a right angle. To make the situation stable, you can rest your head against a bench or object that can play the role of a reliable horizontal support.
  2. While exhaling, raise your hands through the sides until they are parallel to the floor. Elbows can be bent a little. They should be directed up.
  3. Slowly return to the beginning, dropping his hands.

Gym workout

Women do not have to devote a separate day to training the deltoid muscles. Movement can be combined with back and chest muscle training.

Exercises for the rear deltas may be as follows:

Exercise Description
Dumbbell lifts
  • It should be performed in an inclined position while sitting. The body is
    parallel to the floor, arms are down. In order not to exert pressure on the lower back, it is better to rest the head against the bench. There is no need to keep your back straight, it is better, on the contrary, to bend it a little. Then the posterior deltoid muscles will experience a large load, which will contribute to their pumping.
  • During the rise, you need to try to strain the back shoulder muscles. At the highest point, you can turn the palm so that the elbow is pointing up.
Sitting ups
  • It is necessary to tilt forward with the body pressed to the hips. From this position, you can start to perform the lifts.
  • It should be remembered: the load on the rear deltas will be greater, the closer the body is to the floor.
Lifts behind
  • To perform, you can use both a barbell and dumbbells. You need to hold the projectile behind your back, then the load will be correct. These muscles will be involved in pulling the bar to the lower back.
  • It should be remembered that the trapezoid will take away some of the payload from the deltoid muscles, so you need to slightly tilt the body forward. The easiest way to do this is with dumbbells.
  • When performing for the first time, it will be difficult to feel the deltoid muscles. However, over time, with repeated repetition of the movement will be able to adapt.

To pump the rear beam, you can use a special device called the “back butterfly”.

Result fixing

Exercise is not the only thing that helps to develop the rear deltas. It is important to eat right. If work is underway for the masses, then it is better to follow a protein-carbohydrate diet and refuse fatty foods.

Exercises for the rear deltas of shoulders for girls with dumbbells, a barbell, in the gym


The best source of protein will be dairy and sour milk products, as well as eggs and chicken breasts. A large amount of carbohydrates is present in cereals and pasta. These foods contain complex carbohydrates needed by the body. It is recommended to refuse fast carbohydrates, which are present in large quantities in sweets.

It is recommended to take fish oil and Omega-3, which have a positive effect on the body and on all processes occurring in it. Meals should be divided 4-5 times a day, after a workout, stretch food intake for 40 minutes.

Opinions on rear delta exercises

Do not stop there. Exercises aimed at pumping up the deltoid muscles must be performed regularly. They will make the muscle mass sculpted, and the figure – slim, help to lose weight, effectively burning calories.

Beginners should keep in mind the following possible errors:

  • insufficient amplitude;
  • pauses between repeats are too long;
  • indirect back;
  • small angle of inclination and shift of load on the back;
  • insufficient workout;
  • too sharp or blurry movements.

When working on the rear deltas, you can choose a complex for the proportional development of the total mass of deltas:

Exercises for the rear deltas of shoulders for girls with dumbbells, a barbell, in the gym

  1. In a standing or sitting position, perform dumbbell breeding to the sides: 1 set – 10-15 times, 3 sets – 6-8 times.
  2. Thrust at the top block: 1 set – 10-15 times, 2 set – 6-8 times.
  3. In the standing position, the rod pulls to the chin: 1 set – 101-5 times, 2 sets – 6-8 times.
  4. In the crossover, standing leads the arms to the side at the lower block: 1 set – 15 times, 2 sets – 10 times.
  5. Machs with dumbbells: 1 set – 15 times, 2 sets – 10 times.

It is better to carry out the training on a specific day of the week, not to combine it with other workouts or the day after exercises for triceps and chest. Necessarily time for rest and regulation.

When to expect the effect of exercises on the rear deltas

The movements, when performed correctly, will help build up the shoulder muscles. Their effectiveness will be high if you adhere to the recommendations and competently prepare for implementation. However, do not forget: the rear beams consist mainly of slow fibers, which means that it takes a lot of time to pump them.

No need to wait for too fast results. For them to appear, you will have to perform exercises on the posterior deltoid muscles for more than one week and a month.

Shoulder Exercise Video

Shoulder exercises for girls in the gym:

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